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  1. Dec 14, 2013
    If you have not yet played Telltale's fantastic "The Walking Dead" then this is a great way to do so. It includes the complete first season as well as the bonus episode "400 Days" all include on one disc, as well as some bonus digital content like the games soundtrack and a behind the scenes video. With an excellent story, fantastic characters, tense moments, and tough decisions to make this is a must play experience for all fans of Robert Kirkman's excellent comic book series or the TV show. The only real issue I have with this package is the price.

    It's only $29.99 new, but you can get the entire first season along with 400 Days cheaper off of PSN thanks to the online pass. Or you can just buy the firs retail release of it and then download 400 Days later and still probably get it cheaper. If you do you will be missing out on both the soundtrack and the behind the scenes video, but you'll still be able to pocket a few extra bucks in the end. However if you're not connected to PSN this is your best way to experience the game in it's entirety thanks to 400 Days being on the disc.

    Overall this is a great way to experience this masterpiece of a game. It's the only place you'll find 400 Days on a disc and the bonuses make it worth a purchase. Whether or not you decide the GOTY edition is the way you want to go will just depend on how much you want all of the episodes available in disc form, as well as if you think the bonuses are worth the extra cash. Like I said this is a must play for Walking Dead fans everywhere.