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  1. Unfortunately for PS3 fans, the SIXAXIS controller is vastly underused.
  2. No longer can you "Happy Gilmore" your way onto the tour, you have to earn it with patience and skill. Golf fans rejoice, your virtual messiah has arrived and it is the UCAP version of Tiger Woods.
  3. Coupled with loads of online features, Tiger Woods 07 is a challenge that fans of the game should enjoy rising to, while real golfers should appreciate this for its accurate take on the real thing too.
  4. The best game in the series. Although it doesn’t have the same number of courses or golfers as the current-generation games, the graphics and gameplay make it the definitive Tiger Woods experience.
  5. 88
    Excellent gameplay, a variety of courses and multiple modes. How does he keep doing it? It's great to see an EA update that delivers in all the key areas. [Issue #151, p.78]
  6. With loads of extra content, great licensed courses and an inventive use of the SIXAXIS controller, this Tiger Woods feels right at home on Sony’s shiny new console.
  7. The game features terrific controls, graphics and plenty to do both online and off.
  8. Minor flaws, such as issues with putting and a reduction in unlockable items are boggling, but overall the game is solid. Tee up—Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is easily a winner on PlayStation 3.
  9. Rights many of 06's previous wrongs to produce a cracker. [Apr 2007, p.66]
  10. 83
    A great deal of fun. True Aiming means that you'll have to play more like a real golfer - gone are the days where you can pin-point a shot again and again.
  11. An improved aiming system, awesome create-a-character options, and top-notch gameplay help the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series get off to a great start on the PlayStation 3.
  12. Finally. Instead of piling on the modes and features, we get a visibly superior Tiger. Great work. [Jan 2007, p.64]
  13. They didn't manage to fix a couple age-old problems and we're still not quite there yet in terms of next-gen-quality visuals, but none of that hurts the game too much.
  14. Tiger makes his debut on Sony's new next-gen console, with the same solid gameplay and virtually unchanged visuals from the 360 version.
  15. This is easily the best-playing version of Tiger this year. It's just a shame that so much content had to be left out of the bag in order to land this year's shot on the green.
  16. So there it is - another below-par (in the golf-based, positive sense) round for PlayStation's undisputed king of the pin. Next time we expect a little more by way of innovation. Until then, this beautifully executed next-next-gen update will do just fine.
  17. It just plays a really nice round of golf and for the first time in ages poses a real challenge.
  18. This is easily the best-playing Tiger this year. It's just a shame that so much content had to be left out of the bag in order to land this year's shot on the green. [Jan. 2007, p.81]
  19. It's certainly solid enough, and easily the better of EA's sports offerings at launch, but again, the polarizing nature of the controls will directly influence how you feel about the game as a whole.
  20. A fine golf game but there's little “next-gen” going on here.
  21. And while this new version still lacks a lot of the content (courses) you can still get playing on last-gen systems, the integrated ESPN, amazing GameFace features for your characters and UCAP technology for the pros, and an enhanced True Swing and True Aiming system all combine to make this the best and most advanced professional golf simulation available.
  22. A solid first entry for the Tiger Woods series on PS3, but it lacks innovation to set itself apart from its doppelganger on the Xbox 360.
  23. Stands out as one of the PS3's best sports games, and [though] EA failed to capitalize on the PS3's processing power, this first attempt serves as a solid foundation to build from.
  24. Solid golf title that fixes a few problems from the Xbox 360 outing, but still leaves some unanswered and makes online even worse.
  25. It's a second round of hardware launches for Tiger Woods PGA Tour and the results of Tiger's Playstation 3 debut are much more respectable than those of his last outing. [Jan. 2007, p.71]
  26. 75
    It's no better and it's no worse than what you will find on Microsoft's side of the console space. It may not be much of a showcase for what the Playstation 3 can do. But for golf, you can't go wrong with Tiger.
  27. 75
    Graphically, it's difficult to find any real differences between the two versions- in other words, they both look pretty good- but overall, I'd have to give the win to the Xbox 360, which comes out slightly on top with visuals that were a wee bit crisper.
  28. Our biggest concern is the putting. The analogue control that's so effective for approach shots lacks sensitivity on the greens. [Apr 2007, p.110]
  29. As enjoyable as the game is, as my roommate can attest to, watching someone else play is about as exciting as watching the real thing.
  30. 70
    The very soul of an annual update, this Tiger is all tweaks -- but none of these are new to the PS3 version, 360 fans. This was one title that really could have shown the power of the Sixaxis and the PS3, but fails. Instead, it's arguably worse than its current-gen versions and is no better than the competition on the 360.
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  1. BruceBadgley
    Apr 1, 2008
    It's more of the same old, same old. If you have played one of the Tiger offerings, you have played them all as far as the game play. Putting is still way too easy once you get the hang of it. Still alot of unlockables and still alot of fun to play, just don't expect anything overwelmingly new if you are a vertern Tiger player. Full Review »
  2. AndyP.
    Apr 2, 2007
    I recommend to all golf and Tiger fans. Would be a 10 but the lack of unlockables and challenges is the only disappointing thing. Overall though a must! Full Review »