Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 PlayStation 3


Generally favorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 30
  2. Negative: 0 out of 30
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  1. 90
    GamerNet is a game within the game, but it ends up being so overwhelming in your mind when you play that you start looking for unique opportunities to come up with shots that maybe nobody else has ever thought of.
  2. AceGamez
    If you're a serious member of the videogame Pringle club then, with all its options, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is definitely worth a purchase. If you're more of a Sunday morning hacker, however, then the game's difficult beginning may mean that you never reach the entertainment that lies beyond it.
  3. The introduction of hooks and slices results in shots that veer off too easily to the left or right, even for the steadiest hand. That's too bad, because the rest of the game lines up nicely.
  4. Even with the option to use the Clap Hanz three-tap method to swing the club, EA just seems happy to continue to build on top of the existing foundations each year rather than pull the whole thing down and start again.
  5. Sometimes when you’re golfing you nail a hole because you bail yourself out with a superb putt, chip, or tee shot. But this game is instead like masterfully shot hole, where each stroke feels just right.
  6. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is the most complete and refined version of the series yet. Overall, it is very similar to last year's Tiger, but the refinements are cool.
  7. 85
    Tiger 08 boils down to a few additions, but not much change overall. It's still a great game, but the new additions, other than Shot Confidence to a degree, really don't alter the core game.
  8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is the best Tiger Woods yet but really feels like an incremental upgrade over last year’s game.
  9. Excellent next-gen sports gaming, several new features, hours of challenging gameplay – if you don’t have a golf game for PlayStation 3, this is the one to get.
  10. I say there's a point at which suspension of buying by default the latest Tiger Woods game makes sense: It's a close call, but I favor stopping here at PGA Tour 08 over sitting pat on last year's version.
  11. The physics are excellent as always, it's the best-looking entry yet, the options are insane, and most importantly, definitely appeals to just about any golf fan. It's got everything you could want and even a little more, even if the execution of the enhancements isn't always spot-on.
  12. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 is the same Tiger from years past. If you don't already own a previous version then it's certainly worth a look. Those that already have a copy from the past few years would be better off passing until something dramatic happens to the series.
  13. 71
    What changes you do find in Tiger Woods 08 are positive; however, it’s just the fact that there is more polish needed to make this title really stand out.
  14. Tiger Woods 08 is a good game, but it stumbles a bit this year thanks to some unnecessary changes and some new features that don't work well or don't work at all.
  15. 90
    Just like in real life, Tiger continues to impress.
  16. Gameplay is top notch this year catering to all walks of life. Whether you are a newbie or veteran, there are many levels of difficulty and settings that will challenge any golfing fan.
  17. I was a bit underwhelmed when I first got into Tiger Woods 08, I just didn't feel like there was enough new in the game to make it worthwhile. And then I kept playing, I got into the Gamer Net and was addicted, and then played more into the Career and once again was hooked.
  18. Between the addictive character building and the online community features, there's tons of links action. All you'll need is just a little patience.
  19. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    It's far from groundbreaking, but it is a simple golf sim with impressive longevitiy, and that makes it the best golfer around. [Nov 2007, p.94]
  20. PSM Magazine
    The improved online features should add significant legs to an already full-featured product. [Nov 2007, p.78]
  21. The lack of initial on-screen prompts aside, it’s entirely possible for anyone to throw themselves into Tiger’s 2008 outing and have both a rewarding and entertaining time, be they a golf fan or not.
  22. Games Master UK
    A definite improvement over the last PS3 Tiger. [Oct 2007, p.80]
  23. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Do you have the patience to work through the frequent shot frustration? If so, you'll enjoy the almost ridiculous amount of content shoehorned in here. [Oct 2007, p.91]
  24. Tiger Woods 08 will definitely give you your money’s worth when it comes to sheer play options.
  25. Whilst there is not a tonne of content to set it above last year's release on the 360, it is a significant improvement on the previous PS3 version.
  26. 75
    But looming over everything is the fact that the most fundamental gameplay element of Tiger Woods 08 -- the swing -- is essentially flawed. And so in spite of the solid competence of most of the rest of the game, I'd recommend you rent the game before purchasing. Just to make sure you've got the patience for it.
  27. Tiger Woods 08 is a solid game, but not great. It also doesn't offer enough new features to justify purchase.
  28. Play UK
    Far too difficult for its own good. Rendered fair, only by a decade-old mechanism. [Issue#158, p.92]
  29. PSM3 Magazine UK
    A quality golf sim, but "Everybody's Golf 5" takes the major this year. [Nov 2007, p.83]
  30. Lack of innovative new features or truly ‘next-gen’ visuals makes this a decidedly average game on the PS3.

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