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  1. Jul 16, 2013
    Time and Eternity is not a good game. It is not worth renting, borrowing from a friend, and most of all, it's not worth buying. Time and Eternity is an example of high ambitions and a complete and utter inability to follow through.

    Let's start with the writing. T&E takes its character archetypes and dialogue from the very worst of any harem anime you'll see. Our "hero", Zack, is your
    typical perverted, stupid, hot-blooded protagonist who spends most of his time yelling about how much he wants to see the female cast naked. Shortly into the game he's forced into the body of the perverted animal mascot, and this becomes combined with a number of absurd slapstick animations. The heroines, Toki and Towa, are as bland an uninteresting as they get, with Toki being the plucky, hopeful standard heroine and Towa the tough, angry girl. The side characters range from one-dimensional jokes to what coming from any developer other than ImageEpoch I would assume to be satire. The story makes no attempt to be interesting even if the premise is just barely original, and the plot of the game quickly takes a back-seat to your harem's moe-moe antics.

    The "HD animation", the main draw of the game for many people, is quite simply terrible. A screenshot or two will look good, as the images themselves aren't bad quality, but the animations are very poorly done, more resembling an eighth-grade Powerpoint presentation than any anime made in the last several years. Animations are repeated incessantly at rapid-speed; characters folding and unfolding their arms and crossing and uncrossing their legs as though they desperately need a toilet trip or a straightjacket wrapped around them. The animations are also choppy, and there is no attempt at lip-synching made here, with characters simply flapping their mouths endlessly to important lines of spoken dialogue like "Huh?" and "...".

    The soundtrack has a few great tracks, such as the battle themes, but for the most part the music is downright annoying, giving the impression that Yuzo Koshiro simply couldn't be bothered anymore. The voice acting is outright bad; and I'm not even referring to NISA's dub of the game. Despite a great cast, the Japanese voice actors have delivered some of the most painfully uninspired and weak performances of their careers, and this isn't helped by the game's horrible, choppy presentation.

    Now, the gameplay. If anyone played ImageEpoch's earlier Black Rock Shooter on the PSP, T&E's battle system should seem familiar. Much like BRS, you stand in place while enemies move towards you or attack from afar. You can shoot them, jump closer and use a knife, dodge, or guard attacks, and use special skills and items in battle. In BRS, the battles were fast, fluid, and responsive. In T&E however, battles are slow, clunky, tedious and suffer from frequent slowdown and frame drops. Controls are frequently unresponsive, either in your character continuing to shoot after letting go of the button, or not dodging when you hit it. These issues are made even worse by the lack of any kind of cancel function present in the time I played, leaving battles a frustrating mess when most enemies will begin and end an attack animation in the time it takes Towa or Toki to shoot a single bullet. Add onto this a cluttered, ugly battle user interface and every enemy wearing out its welcome with a great deal more HP than any mook has any right to have, and there is nothing enjoyable about the battles.

    To top it off, the game is buggy, and lacks basic features, like a pause button. When in any cutscenes, dialogue advances automatically, and the game cannot be paused. There is no reason for this when the animation merely consists of a few stock scenes repeated over and over, but it's clearly too much for ImageEpoch to handle, as skipping any line of dialogue will cause the characters to start flying across the screen, glitching in and out of different animations while trying to remember where they were supposed to be placed. This is a feat easily achieved over and over with just a single skip, and it leaves one wondering if the game was ever tested at all.

    In closing, there is simply nothing of value to be found anywhere in Time & Eternity. The game is a complete mess, in every aspect, and it's a wonder why NISA ever decided to inflict this travesty upon the west in the first place.
  2. Jul 17, 2013
    So I bought this game without the highest hopes. Although most JRPG's aren't great games, they are usually quite entertaining. This game right here was atrocious. I tried to like it it, I really did but I just couldn't.
    The graphics look great, and that's probably the strongest point of the game. Although the animation in itself was jarring and felt awkward, especially when moving through
    an area, Toki/Towa's running animation was just terrible.

    Another major letdown was the voiceovers, they seemed bland with no emotion. And the lip syncing was way off with the mouth visibly moving even though the voiceovers had finished. The gameplay itself was also very clunky and hard to use, pressing the dodge button didn't work more often then not, leaving it a gamble to try and dodge the attacks.

    The story wasn't great, but I wasn't expecting some grand epic amazing story when I started the game.
    All in all I give this game a three, it's not broken and it works, and I think that's the only thing it has going for it right now, so if your reading this, buy it at your own risk.
  3. Sep 16, 2013
    Time and Eternity? More like Rehash & Tea Parties the Video Game. I mean wow, literally everything is a recolor. The protagonist, the bosses, the enemies, the fields and EVEN the plot is rehashed constantly. Oh and there's too many Tea Parties

    Oh and you would think "maybe the music might be good", nope, not even the amazing Yuzo Koshiro honestly gave a ****

    Avoid this game unless
    you love bad games or just have really low standards. Expand
  4. Jun 27, 2014
    After playing the game for a long time, I decided to drop the game.

    The game has many flaws that become apparent once you start playing. While everything seems new and with great ideas, it is poorly done. Enemies take way too long to beat and follow a certain pattern. By no means that makes the battle easy, as a slight recolored enemy means another pattern to discover.

    Story is
    original and very well done, there's character growth and the animation in general is good. But, that's it. Maps are huge, but, you will never see either enemies on map or npc's. it's just the character "running" to some place. And here is where the game seems rather rushed, enganging battles should not take more than 5 minutes, or the game will feel rather bland.

    Scenarios aren't that good, if there was some more interaction, it would be better. Music isn't good and there's no option for Japanese voices, plus, the lip sync wasn't done good enough, as some characters keep moving the lips but there's no sound.

    Some characters follow the norm and are somewhat interesting, but, after a while, there's no motivation to continue playing, as events become foreseeable.

    all in all, the game feels both rushed and lacking
  5. Jul 31, 2014
    I was curious about this game, the story sounded like it could have potential so I picked it up and good god I regretted it. It was supposed to be all hand drawn so I hoped for something that would be just gorgeous but apparently they meant only the characters were drawn and everything else was made on the PS1. When you FINALLY get to the playing part, your character looks like a paper pasted onto the background moving around. However, as I've said in previous reviews I don't base my entire liking of a game on how it looks. So.... here are the problems:

    The worst part of the game though is infact and sadly, the story and the characters in it. There was hope for it, I tried to like it but I just couldn't.... I had high hopes for this and it was a huge let down. There's so much talking during the exposition most of which dosn't even matter or add to the story you just get tired of listening to them or reading what they're saying and you just want to skip through it all because it doesn't even matter in regards to what you need to do. There is TOO much exposition puked out at you as an attempt to try and get you involved or make the story original... which it is only barely. The spewed exposition vomit makes all of the following story-line feel choppy and uninspired which gives you little reason to continue on so by this point you're basically just annoyed with the game and probably feeling tormented since you've yet to play at all. (My fiancee only made it through 15 minutes before wanting to shoot himself). However, if you finally manage to get through the opening scene(s) the beginning is slow and pointless in relation to your overall quest. It tries to make sense of time but with how blatently obvious your character is about having gone back in time the other people in the world must be mentally retarded not to figure it out. In addition, the story seems to get rehashed and you get reminded constantly of your main goal (as if you don't know already, or maybe you're dumb too!).

    The controls themselves aren't bad when you move around or fight but the music is generally obnoxious and in addition to the character voices you should basically play the game with everything muted. However there are still bugs in the controls like.... a pause button. This includes in cutscenes where the dialogue advances automatically whether you've read it or not. There is absolutely no reason for this since animations of the characters consists of a few awkward scenes repeated over and over. Also... skipping any line of dialogue will cause the characters to start flying across the screen, glitching in and out of different animations (crossing arms, legs, whatever) while you're stuck trying to remember where they were supposed to be placed. This sort of thing makes you wonder if the game was ever tested at all since it's an easy fix. The voices lack emotion and seem even a bit forced as they attempt to not be bland and uninteresting. The voice actors must have been horribly uninspired by the script as well, japanese and english alike because as far as the content of what is being said.... I'd rather listen to a group of stereotypical dumb-blonde valley girls....they're probably more interesting and possibly smarter. These people have also apparently never heard of lip synching (I read lips a bit so it's particularly annoying to me).

    The side characters are annoying in all respects with how they treat your characters to how they speak/act in general (ex: calling Zack (main character) a scumbag for wanting to kiss his fiance before the wedding). The main characters are very unoriginal as the male Zack is your typical perverted, stupid, hot-blooded, wants-to-see-the-females-naked kind of guy and the two females Toki and Towa are also very stereotypical. Toki is the happy, positive hopeful girl and Towa is the tough angry girl.

    The animation is choppy and irritating ESPECIALLY with how much talking seems to be involved with the game as they fidget around from one awkward position into the next and repeat such in an endless cycle of unnecessary ugly clunky-ness. A big draw to this game is the "HD animation" I'm sure as I had hoped it would look nice as well but it's a lie.... screen shots, being still might be fine but when you're actually moving or playing, like I said earlier, the PS1 had better quality in the actual animations and graphics of its games. The animations repetitive and unnecessary, choppy, derpy and distracting (thank god--I'd rather look at their awkward movements than listen to them talk FOREVER). The graphics are blurry and undetailed even on HD so it's kinda worthless in the 'pretty' department which was potentially the main draw.

    Overall, there is absolutely no reason to get this game.... not to rent, not to borrow from someone, and not to buy. It's a complete travesty in gaming in all senses....every aspect is a mess and there are ZERO redeeming qualities

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 40
  2. Negative: 26 out of 40
  1. Nov 11, 2013
    Its story amounts to little more than misfired jokes about an obnoxious perv trying to look up as many skirts as possible.
  2. Looking at just some still images from the game, you would have to be blind, not to call it beautiful. However once you see it in motion, you realize that producing manga or anime is not the same as making a game. The lively animations do not match with the static backgrounds. [September p.86]
  3. Sep 19, 2013
    Time equals money, and Time and Eternity is not worth either.