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  • Summary: The newest installment in the popular action-shooter series propels the franchise into the next generation, with an in-depth First Person Shooter mode, High-Definition graphics and a newly designed Guncon to complete the total Time Crisis experience. Players are given the task of preventing a top secret weapon from falling into the hands of international terrorists. With 4 modes of gameplay delivered in true HD, players have a vast gaming experience to enjoy. Featuring a new dual analog stick design, the next-gen Guncon 3 is capable of delivering entertainment to any home theater setup, supporting both High Definition displays and Standard Definition displays. New to the Time Crisis franchise, the FPS mode allows players to move freely through stages. In addition to basic game controls such as switching weapons, changing camera angles and character movement, a full feature set of gameplay actions including crouching, jumping, sniping provide a completely immersive FPS gameplay experience. A vast assortment of upgradeable weapons, unlockable bonus weapons and the ability to capture enemy machine guns mounts, make Time Crisis 4 the most in-depth and expansive Time Crisis title yet. [Namco Bandai Games] Collapse
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 52
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  1. If you are a light-gunslinger, if you're in it for the fun of realistic point-and-shoot, perhaps inviting a few friends over for taking turns at high-score challenges — the game also supports a second Guncon 3 controller, not included in the bundle, for two-player arcade-mode games — you'll almost certainly enjoy Time Crisis 4. And you'll save wads of dollar bills you'd otherwise feed into arcade token exchangers.
  2. Although there are some rather negative elements of Time Crisis 4, it's still the only game on the PS3 that currently uses any form of light gun technology, and that alone makes it worth while.
  3. If you’re into arcade TC4, you’ll really dig this.
  4. If you love the Time Crisis games, you'll likely love Time Crisis 4. If you were never a fan of the series or never really played one before, save your money. It's more of the same, and more hit-or-miss than ever.
  5. Time Crisis has always looked out of place on consoles and this just doesn't work. [Feb 2008, p.76]
  6. 50
    Time Crisis 4 feels like a 10 year old game, the franchise needs to advance and Time Crisis 4 is easily the worst title yet in the series.
  7. It’s just a bland shooter with a flimsy toy gun and a big spoonful of “we-know-better” arrogance.

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Score distribution:
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  1. HarryS.
    Dec 1, 2007
    Anyone who's forked over a Buck for a Time Crisis game in an arcade an enjoiyed themself, even if just for a second, will have a blast with this on their PS3. High-def graphics, and your very own lightweight GunCon3, as well as tonnes of system exclusives, are just icing on the Time Crisis cake. Expand
  2. JohnK.
    Dec 21, 2007
    This game rocks! Its exactly like the arcade plus so much more. You get the arcade version, a FPS missions, 20+ party shooting games, and the guncon which has 6 buttions and 2 analog sticks-it can be used for future games if developers support it. The reason its splitscreen for 2 players is b/c both players need to independantly duck and cover and shoot. If you liked this game is the arcade, then its a must have on the PS3. Don't buy it if you want a great story or you've never played the game in the arcades like these idiot critics that have trashed it. Expand
  3. RoR
    Jan 25, 2009
    I love this game, shooting terrorists out by International Airport, California is a very satisfying experience. The mini games are a lot of fun to play with other people, and the first person is really cool and different. The Guncon3 also works pretty well, the calibration system works on my 65" tv even though its not supposed to work on tvs abovve 55". Expand
  4. Creation2012
    Dec 17, 2007
    The game isn't great like most of the other PS3 exclusives. But, it has its appeal to Time Crisis fans. I am one of those fans. I can imagine this game being a dud to people who don't appreciate the genre or the series. The characters are pretty cliche as is the story. But, as I said thats part of the appeal. With the new first person mode it adds another layer of replay to the title. Overall, its hard to judge for yourself if you cant pony up the nearly $100.00 that this title cost. But, if you like classic arcade style shooting you will wet yourself with this one. I like it alot. Its not one of those games I play all the time. However, I do enjoy about 2-3 hours per week. I really hope more Guncon games are released to soften the $100.00 blow. Graphics are top notch for this type of game, action is terrific, characters are cheesy as well as the voice acting. But, I think thats part of the appeal. Expand
  5. B.M.
    Dec 21, 2007
    It is what it is. Light gun games have never been long, and they don't have deep game play. It is a nice upgrade to the serise from the PS and PS2, and a lot of fun to play. Finally, a light gun game that works with my 61" high def TV. Also, The price for the game with the gun just dropped significantly from the original $90 price tag. Well worth the $50. Expand
  6. SYC
    Feb 4, 2008
    Classic Time Crisis. TC4 is the same thing seen in past iterations of the series and with the same class. It's fairly replayable and has loads of minigame extras to play but the main extra, a first person shooter style gun game, comes out as a poor and cheaply done imitation that is quickly ignored. It would have been far better to add a new rail shooter scenario to blast through as has been done in past titles but because of this and the dubious 'bug' enemies it contains, TC4 comes off as a good gun game but not a great one. Expand
  7. WillB.
    Dec 4, 2007
    Very average, arcade mode is fun but will last about an hour. Mission mode is done in first person and is simply a bit poor Mini games again good All in all an Ok lightgun shooter, but it doesn't play better than something like house of the dead 2, and if i'm brutally honest the graphics arent much better than house of the dead 2 (but there is lots more going on). Expand

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