Mixed or average reviews - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 49
  2. Negative: 10 out of 49
  1. Dec 14, 2010
    Taken as a whole; Time Crisis: Razing Storm is a fairly good package.
  2. Oct 24, 2010
    There are two really solid games in this package, and Razing Storm has a couple fun modes. Compared to most light gun games you'll find lots of great content here. This is a better value than any other recent light gun shooter release.
  3. Dec 21, 2010
    Definitely worth picking up for the folks that already know they like these games, and if you have any worries about how the Move will control a title like this, I think this game will put those worries to rest.
  4. Move gamers may welcome a solid shooter title, while the Dualshock controller is clearly more suited for the story mode. Best played with a Lightgun in Arcade mode!
  5. Dec 14, 2010
    An interesting attempt to update the series, but it's the traditional bonus games that impress. [Issue#232, p.72]
  6. Dec 28, 2010
    It can be compelling, in short bursts at least. [Christmas 2010, p.89]
  7. Jan 12, 2011
    This game contains three games. First of all the new part, Razing Storm and also the Arcade mode from Time Crisis 4 and the game Deadstorm Pirates. All of them are fun and are working great with the PlayStation Move controller.
  8. Jan 24, 2011
    The poor controls of Razing Storm's story mode completely negate the chance of getting any enjoyment from it, and they make the rest of the game feel incomplete since the story doesn't get a recap in arcade mode.
  9. 70
    Classic on-rails shooter that sticks to its roots and does it well. The fact that Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates are included on the disc certainly doesn't hurt. Razing Storm has a Story Mode in which the game tries its hand at being a full-fledged FPS (meaning you control where you go), but fails abysmally. That doesn't detract from the on-rails games, and if you're looking for a classic arcade shooter, this is a very neat package.
  10. Dec 21, 2010
    The Time Crisis: Razing Storm compilation is a really mixed disc – for those seeking out a light gun game that implements the Move controller well, it will only be partially satisfying, given the weakness of Razing Storm's motion controls. Thankfully, the package is partially saved by the controls and fun factor of Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates especially.
  11. Dec 21, 2010
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm is a gaming packaging that brings together both ends of the quality spectrum. Two out of the three games are worth your time and money, and if you can fully ignore the third then you're laughing. If you already own a copy of Time Crisis 4 then don't bother with this - otherwise, this may well be the multiplayer shooter you've been looking for.
  12. Dec 20, 2010
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm is like a Hollywood block muster movie, it's great while you're there but ultimately forgettable the next day.
  13. Dec 14, 2010
    Simply put, Time Crisis: Razing Storm isn't going to win over the doubters.
  14. Dec 14, 2010
    This title isn't the worst Move title on the market, but it won't sell any hardware, either.
  15. Jan 3, 2011
    Save your quarters because this collection just can't touch the arcade experience. Not by a long shot.
  16. Dec 21, 2010
    Although Time Crisis 4 and Razing Storm are fun on their own, Deadstorm Pirates and the Move compatibility pushes this collection out of "pass" territory and into a firm "rent or buy on the cheap" recommendation.
  17. Dec 14, 2010
    If you're a fan of this type of game, there's definitely plenty here to keep you satisfied for quite a while.
  18. Time Crisis isn't exactly gaming's Hamlet, but Razing Storm is actually a lot more dumbed down than Time Crisis 4. Deadstorm Pirates is the third game and requires a big install. It's Time Crisis with pirates. Pirates armed with laser targeting fully-automatic flintlock pistols. We'll let that description hang [December 2010 p73]
  19. Jan 10, 2011
    You get 2 great classics and a new lame experience. If you love the saga, it's stil a great gift from the devs, but if you're not into it, you won't find much fun in this package.
  20. Jan 9, 2011
    Razing Storm is a good game if you're a fan of this old-fashioned genre.
  21. Jan 7, 2011
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm is one of those videogames you can enjoy a pair of days with friends, but it lacks some more depth.
  22. Jan 5, 2011
    Razing Storm looks terrible and does nothing we haven't seen before, and still its undeniably fun to play. You get exactly what you expect from this lightgun shooter.
  23. Dec 29, 2010
    Sure, it's the first Time Crisis with fully destructible environments and PlayStation Move support, but the awful controls in FPS mode fail to update an old brand.
  24. Dec 21, 2010
    If you just pretend the egregious FPS story mode doesn't exist there is a good amount of enjoyable content here and for those that have enjoyed previous Time Crisis games this is an obvious choice.
  25. 60
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm might not be the blockbuster shooter title that the PlayStation Move is waiting for, but if you're looking for a fun arcade shooter to play with a friend, this might be your cup of tea.
  26. Dec 21, 2010
    While Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates are old rail shooters that deliver enough fun to bring back all those old good light gun memories. It all just needs to stay on the rails.
  27. Dec 21, 2010
    Those previously unaware of Time Crisis will find the whole affair bafflingly cheesy, but devotees of the franchise will love Razing Storm as a package, although most will surely agree that it should have been billed as Deadstorm Pirates, with a free copy of Time Crisis: Razing Storm thrown in.
  28. Oct 26, 2010
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm can be fun when it sticks to its arcade roots, but everything else in this shooter package misses the target completely.
  29. 60
    But if you're not a fan of this genre, don't be fooled by the hype – this is a solid rail shooter, but it's certainly not worth spending your money on, especially in this crowded and star-studded holiday shopping season.
  30. Dec 21, 2010
    If you are a fan of the arcade or not, doesn't care. Time Crisis: Razing Storm is a badly bundled collection. Aiming and shooting with the Move is simple and fun, but the three arcade titles would have been better if the game wasn't so permissive. The FPS mode in Razing Storm hasn't learned anything from the best shooters on the Wii, offering a slow, uncomfortable and very much rough combat system.
  31. Dec 21, 2010
    If you decide to by Time Crisis: Razing Storm, you will do so for the sole benefit of owning Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates, two excellent arcade titles structured around the concept of "fun for the sake of fun".
  32. Dec 14, 2010
    Three games for the price of one seems like a good deal, except that two of the games are pump. [Issue#199, p.92]
  33. Oct 27, 2010
    An intriguing set but one that is downplayed significantly due to the controls. Your tolerance may vary though, so it's not a bad idea to rent this one to get the full experience for yourself before buying.
  34. Dec 14, 2010
    The over-the-top arcade sights and sounds won't be for everyone, but if you want a fast-paced game to get some miles out of, this is a good option.
  35. Oct 25, 2010
    But the Story Mode is just plain broken; directing with the Move and actually moving with either the left analog stick of the wireless DS3 or the Nav controller doesn't work well at all. It's just unbelievably irritating.
  36. Dec 22, 2010
    Even throwing in all the other games on the Razing Storm disc you're not looking at more than an afternoon's worth of entertainment here, and that makes it poor value for money.
  37. Dec 14, 2010
    It's an average maiden voyage for the series on the PlayStation Move. When taken together as a whole package, however, the bad outweighs the good. It can be salvaged with a friend, but you have to cherry pick what to play to enjoy this title.
  38. Dec 14, 2010
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm is a short and disappointing collection. A majority of the fun is found in the two included titles: Time Crisis 4 and Deadstorm Pirates.
  39. Mar 17, 2011
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm is pretty lame, which is sad because this franchise is the cornerstone of light-gun gaming and Sony really has the tech available to make it work. Namco really dropped the ball on this release.
  40. Oct 29, 2010
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm's arcade gameplay lacks the challenge and variety needed to make it worth replaying. And rather than trying to advance the genre for a home audience, Namco has opted for a cheap imitation of Western FPS games that feels completely out of place.
  41. Dec 21, 2010
    Time Crisis Razing storm provides a brief throwaway thrill before its true colours are laid bare. It's not utterly terrible but it's not far off.
  42. Jan 11, 2011
    Three games in one it may be, but the sum total of Razing Storm is disappointment, and a reminder that the Time Crisis franchise lost its way a long time ago. [Christmas 2010, p.111]
  43. One of the worst lightgun titles ever. [Christmas 2010]
  44. Dec 21, 2010
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm does a splendid job of being a bit of throwaway fluff you might be able to pick up on the cheap a couple of months from now, but anyone expecting something more than yet another tired throwback will be sorely disappointed.
  45. Dec 21, 2010
    It's an experience without any personality and too much ridiculous to even think it was done purposely that way.
  46. Dec 21, 2010
    Three obscure lightgun games and the world's most unpopular online shooter do not exactly prove a great showcase for PlayStation Move.
  47. Oct 25, 2010
    Leave this one on the shelf, because no one should have to be this frustrated at something with Terror Bites in it.
  48. Jan 3, 2011
    Time Crisis: Razing Storm combines a bad story with even worse controls. This game is not worth your money, despite the fact that the two extra games are even more fun than Razing Storm itself.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 13 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 6
  3. Negative: 1 out of 6
  1. Jan 9, 2011
    for the type of game this is it is well worth it..... the move in the eagle 3 works great and it tracks well on the screen...... one of the flaws is that u have to press the move button to reload which while in the gun is a bit awkward... if the navigation controller worked in the game it would be better(in arcade mode) for the limited amount of games available for the move this is a decent package to own.... Full Review »
  2. Jan 3, 2011
    If you have a move controller this is a package you would be foolish to miss, 3 full arcade perfect conversions of 3 awsome arcade shooters. Not sure what people expect from games anymore, this is a game that you should know what your getting and if you do you get exactly what you were expecting. An absolute bargain.... a total blast.... to rate the game on value for money it has to be a 10... Full Review »
  3. Nov 30, 2010
    Overall Time Crisis Razing storm is better than the 4.8 user score, the move tracks very well and it is fun to play. But the game is very short, Guess that is way they packaged 3 games in one. I don't really like the machine gun type of rail shoots, it makes it a little to easy.
    but for the price I paid about $45 it a fun game.
    Full Review »