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  1. 80
    EndWar offers something new, refreshing, and a little exciting for console players. It's sort of a coming of age when what could be seen as the last stalwart of the PC -- the RTS -- is made from the ground up with every classic convention put on the chopping block to please the couch player.
  2. At its core, EndWar is a bit too simple, but it does offer a unique voice command system and terrific production values.
  3. This is a solid RTS experience that will definitely appeal to newcomers to the fold. Battle-hardened veterans may find this a little too simplistic in design but kudos have to go to the development team for creating a solid title that is entertaining and brings something new to the genre.
  4. The new voice command system works flawlessly, and players should find it to be a mighty rewarding experience.
  5. The persistent army customization is a fun hook to maintain interest, the ebb and flow of battle is more dynamic (fighting the AI quickly becomes a tedious slog through its long stream of reinforcements), and the usual RTS pacing metagame becomes something of a remedy for the tepid nuts and bolts of battle.
  6. 90
    As a real-time strategy game, EndWar is an intimate and deeply nuanced experience.
  7. 90
    With its slick voice-command system, depth of strategy and frenetic action, EndWar is one game I'll still be playing after its evaluation. [Dec 2008, p.96]
  8. EndWar may not be the best RTS on the market, but it certainly breathes new life into the genre on consoles.
  9. However, as with the single-player game, there’s little personal investment in the persistent world.
  10. 50
    The voice command system in EndWar is terrific, and hopefully, future games will take advantage of a similar control scheme. It just isn't enough by itself to raise the game beyond "mediocre RTS." It's definitely worth checking out to see voice command done right, but overall, it lacks the depth and substance to bring anyone over from superior PC alternatives.
  11. EndWar is definitely a game that Ubisoft’s military simulation fans need to look at, as it is a natural extension of the gameplay that you (we) hold so dear. But EndWar is not for the faint of heart, and will ultimately only appeal to select console gamers.
  12. All in all, the entire gameplay experience is a recommended one.
  13. EndWar is a very hopeful beginning for the first strategic franchise of Ubisoft that is born for consoles. Unfortunately the lack of depth prevents the game from being a memorable title, but the great control and its powerful online mode are two really interesting options for those who like RTS games.
  14. Once you get over the fact that playing EndWar makes you look and sound like a bit of a twat, you start to have quite a lot of geek-fuelled fun ordering your army about the battlefield, but we can't help but feel that EndWar is more proof of concept technical showcase than fully fleshed out triple-A title.
  15. But EndWar's biggest flaw? Insane micromanagement. [Dec 2008, p.68]
  16. Tom Clancy’s End War is much like a supermodel; pretty and fun to play with, but ultimately lacking substance.
  17. EndWar is the supermodel of strategy games – it's nice to look at but won't present you with much of an intellectual challenge.
  18. Tom Clancy's End War tries to bring innovation into a gridlocked genre and succeeds! The mixture of new features and old concepts provides lots of entertainment for today’s player.
  19. If there's one reservation about Endwar it's that, offline and playing against AI opponents, victories will inevitably begin to feel a little hollow. Play against other people online, however, and Endwar's pleasures are only limited by teh callous deviousness of the human mind. [Dec 2008, p.108]
  20. 80
    The impressive voice controls is marred by a small number of annoying design decisions. The online modes are memorable, but the limited control over points of view leave a sour taste.
  21. EndWar is a real glimpse into the future of RTS titles on console, with an immersive experience thanks unquestionably to the voice command system.
  22. If you're looking for a good real-time strategy game, EndWar should fit your bill. It's got a fairly lengthy single-player campaign, despite having an absolutely hollow story, and it's also got a pretty epic online mode.
  23. Although the real-time strategy isn't for everyone, due to a lack of hands-on controls and tedious pacing, EndWar is well executed and fun.
  24. Immediate and engaging, it's a great intro to real time strategy. [Christmas 2008, p.78]
  25. Compared to other creative RTS titles End War is your plain Jane, if you exclude the voice command feature.
  26. The only real “achievement” of EndWar is its voice command system.
  27. You can use your controller to issue every command, but the real draw is using your headset for vocal order-shouting. [Holiday 2008, p.68]
  28. As visions of the future go, EndWar is stuck in the '80s. [Christmas 2008, p.96]
  29. EndWar is fun, fast-paced and will likely swoon even a few jaded shooter fans to the RTS fold.
  30. Voice commands make it worthwhile but it does have its share of flaws.
  31. The voice control is almost perfect and absolutely trend-setting. But three gameplay-wise almost identical groups and similar missions are too little to captivate in the long term.
  32. If you're looking for an RTS that is cut from a slightly different cloth then EndWar is definitely the way to go.
  33. It's the voice command function that makes Tom Clancy's EndWar really shine, and it brings a fluidity and ease-of-use that will hopefully become the standard for console RTS games in the future.
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  1. kevint
    Jan 6, 2010
    the voice command aspect of the game is great, but way too much micro-management on screen it takes away from some of the experience. The the voice command aspect of the game is great, but way too much micro-management on screen it takes away from some of the experience. The game is lacking in some areas that make it a little less intersting as you play the game in its entirety Full Review »
  2. Oct 28, 2012
    A pretty big learning curve, lots of micro-management make for a hard-to-get-into game, but stick with it; it'll grow on you. Voice commandsA pretty big learning curve, lots of micro-management make for a hard-to-get-into game, but stick with it; it'll grow on you. Voice commands are a neat gimmick, but overall, that's commenalistic. Overall, looks good, plays- well, it functions unlike some other titles *cough*Sonic Free Riders*unconvincing cough*, and after you get into it, it'll hook you in. Full Review »
  3. Feb 10, 2011
    Tom Clancy's EndWar from UbiSoft Shanghai is a nice addition to the RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre which takes place in the future. TheTom Clancy's EndWar from UbiSoft Shanghai is a nice addition to the RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre which takes place in the future. The graphics are decent and some vast environments to battle in but the detail of these environments are a little to flat and dull. The game play is a typical RTS where you command a bunch of units and issue orders to them to attack the enemy on a battlefield. There are a few types of units that you can deploy and use like riflemen, gunners, tanks, artillery and choppers. All of these units have their strong points and weak points in combat. Despite having fewer buttons than a PC, the controls of this game while playing on a PS3 are not complex to get to grips with. It's pretty simple to command your units to go where you want them to go with a push of a button. The combat and encounters with the enemy plays out like a "rock, paper scissors" gimmick where one unit will defeat another but will be vulnerable to another. Basically, as I said before, the units that you can deploy all have their weak points and strengths like riflemen aren"t very good with dispatching heavily armoured tanks but are good for securing uplinks and shooting down gunners, tanks are vulnerable to artillery fire but are strong against transports and choppers are not good against transports but are great for dispatching tanks. Choose wisely on what type of unit you send to fight an enemy group of units. The combat is simple but the "rock, paper scissors" approach to the way battles between your group of units and the enemy's group of units works well in a game like this. The perspective of how you view the battlefield and command your units make it easy to see what you're doing and with one press of the square button, you can warp to any unit and issue new orders easily. The camera can be rotated 360 degrees helpfully but annoyingly, you aren't able to freely move the camera around the landscape. The single player is quite enjoyable to play and it will take you a while to beat. The sound effects are nothing special to shout about but they are decent with some nice radio chatter and weapon effects. There's a good selection of modes to play like conquest, assault, raid and siege. My personal favourite is conquest where you have to secure uplinks (it's like a domination type of game mode) and defend them from the enemy. There's a really cool way of commanding your troops using your voice instead of using the control. By saying commands through a microphone, you can issue orders to your units and tell them what to do. I say this is a really cool touch and it makes you feel like an actual commander giving orders to your army. It can get a little bit too much when you have to continuously switch between loads of units to issue new orders but I say that this RTS is a great game for the casual gamer. This is still an RTS you have to continuously change your plans and how you encounter the enemy but I'd say this is a fun, simple little RTS game that people who want to command an army should get! Full Review »