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  • Summary: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 builds off of the events in the first game and places gamers in control of the U.S. military's elite fighting unit, the Ghosts. In the year 2014, the rising conflict between Mexican loyalists and insurgent rebel forces has thrown Mexico into full-scale civil war. Under the command of Captain Scott Mitchell, the Ghosts are called upon to face an imminent threat to the United States. The fate of two countries now lies in the hands of the Ghosts as they fend off an attack on U.S. soil. Equipped with the most cutting-edge weaponry and technology, the Ghosts must battle on both sides of the border to neutralize the escalating rebel threat. The Ghosts will battle enemies in mountain terrains, barren deserts and even on their home turf in El Paso, Texas. Each environment presents its own benefits and challenges and will call for fresh tactical approaches. Vastly Improved Artificial Intelligence (AI): Watch your back as rebels send their own team members to flank your position or gain vantage points by utilizing vertical gameplay to pick you off from the rooftops above. Improved squad-mate AI will now feed you more of the information you need with descriptive commands. The revolutionary new Cross-Com 2.0 will give the player more information than ever before. You will be able to see what your friendly forces see in the top left display and the click of a button will expand that to full-screen view for a clearer and more precise picture. Command lethal air strikes with jet fighters, gain mobile cover for otherwise impassable situations and replenish armaments on the battlefield using an unmanned artillery MULE. Players can now heal their team on the battlefield, including squad leader Scott Mitchell, with an all-new Medic class of soldier. [Ubisoft] Collapse
Score distribution:
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  1. 100
    With astounding graphics (especially for the all-important and terrifyingly frequent explosions), a sweeping symphonic soundtrack, a surprisingly deep story and a smooth multiplayer experience, GRAW 2 proves that the PS3 can perform just as well as the 360 any day of the week.
  2. Nonetheless, value proposition questions aside, it’s hard to ignore that this is one the best-looking and most fun games on the PlayStation 3.
  3. GRAW 2 is unquestionably a huge success. A short campaign aside, it does everything GRAW fans would want from a sequel and once again confirms Ubisoft as one of the leading next-gen publishers.
  4. GRAW 2 is highly recommended for any tactical shooter fan.
  5. GRAW2 may be a few months late but the wait was definitely worth it and patient PS3 owners have been rewarded with one of the best titles for the console yet.
  6. The single-player campaign ends way too quickly, but the multiplayer campaign more than makes up for it with several co-op and competitive missions.
  7. Out of the two Tom Clancy games for the PS3 I'd take a look at Rainbow Six first, but both are impressive shooters for all of your military needs.

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Score distribution:
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  1. joshs
    Jun 29, 2009
    This is a great sequel to GRAW this game has great graphics, the explosions are very real your squad AI is much improved from the first you dont have to worry about your squad doing anything stupid like running in front of the crossfire this is Tom Clancy's best game the only problem is that the story moves so smoothly that you might not realize how far you've gotten and might beat it before you know it, oh and the online play is not that bad either. Expand
  2. OzzyK.
    Nov 25, 2007
    This game has captured me! It really kicks butt over the other shooter games. It has good graphics, moreso the movements of the character are soo life like. The 3rd person play style i would say is one of the main reasons i love this game. One problem though is that the game end quite quickly. Expand
  3. [Anonymous]
    Aug 25, 2007
    Just read the reviews on the 360 version for the single player review both versions are basically identical. Now for the online side; being a veteran of both Rainbow Six and Resistance; Graw 2 is a superior online experience. The difference between the PS3 and the 360 version are very minimal, both have there pluses and minuses. The PS3 version looks slighter darker then the 360 version but has better graphics in my opinion. As usual, being a UBISOFT game , there are some glitches. Occasionally you cannot here one of your teammates mic for a whole round, and people do drop off a match from time to time. But all in all it is an excellent online experience, it is a must buy for anyone who owns a PS3 or 360. Expand
  4. JayN.
    Aug 26, 2007
    What makes the game great are already mentioned in the reviews and user comments. Could have been perfect but I hate the fact that you must wait for the multiplayer match to end before you can join or at least spectate. A lot of time is wasted by just waiting and looking at the lobby. Expand
  5. Nov 20, 2014
    Ghost Recon as always been an outsider for the more popular licences that are Call Of Duty or Battlefield, targeting the most hardcore gamers that seeks realism over Rambo's games (personally i like both styles). Advanced warfighter 2 is to Ghost Recon what Modern Warfare 1 is to Call of Duty an almost perfect tactical shooter that will serves as reference for all the future Ghost Recon. The graphics were great (at the time), a compelling story, and everything players were wishing for a tactical shooter (from team management to the way your character moves).
    And it is a bit funny that as Call of Duty 4, the only cons are the difficulty (too easy even in the hardest mode) and a too short campaign (5-6 hours).
  6. DazL
    Jun 24, 2008
    Its a good game but lays deep in the shadow of CoD4.
  7. Apr 4, 2011
    for some reason i am never able to get into tom clancy games not sure why i just cant. that being said just looking at this as a normal game i did not enjoy it at all and am glad i got it for free because if i paid for it that would have been a waste of money. the graphics are pretty good but the controls are very clunky and confusing and what is the point of a silencer if all the ennemies are allerted to your presence after every shot not exactly ghost recon now is it. stay away from this unless you are a tom clancy freak Expand

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