Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 41
  2. Negative: 4 out of 41
  1. Revenge of the Fallen has some serious flaws, but so did the film. It's hard to blame a licensed game for failing so badly when its creative source was so dreadful.
  2. 41
    Not enough to warrant the asking price. [Issue#182, p.75]
  3. Stop buying this crap and eventually they'll either cease making it, or make it better. [Sept 2009, p.104]
  4. It's monotonous during all the adventure, and has lots of bad gameplay decisions that make it very repetitive and dull.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 18 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 7
  2. Negative: 3 out of 7
  1. Nov 12, 2010
    I am a huge transformer fan and it pains me to give this game such a low score, that being said the timer destroys any ability to have fun with this game.... the only fun i had was inputting the cheats and playing this game that one day since you cant save with cheats activated.... i would absolutely not recommend this game...... Full Review »
  2. Jun 25, 2014
    If anyone of you guys don't like the movie this game is based on even though i do like it, then this is like a better version of it. I highly recommend this game to anyone, especially those who do like Revenge of the Fallen. Full Review »
  3. May 25, 2013
    I got this game hoping that I could relive the fantastic action spectacles off the movie. How wrong I was, I've always liked transformers but this game doesn't do a very good job with them. Sure its cool that you get to play as your favourite characters like Optimus, bumblebee and Megatron but with combat thats finnicky to use and levels that always feel to crammed, especially if your using an airial character this game just falls. The plot is also very stale and doesn't let you replay the most epic bits of the movie or in the case of the devastator fight, handles them so poorly that there isn't much point. The multiplayer is ok but to get good you have to put more time into this game than it deserves. Full Review »