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  2. Negative: 6 out of 24

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  1. Jan 7, 2011
    Let me start my multiplayer rant with this message: PSN: sutherland604 add me, lets battle on The Grid.

    After reading/watching most of the reviews online for Tron: Evolution I have noticed they barely mention the multiplayer aspects of the game. The game by no means re-created the wheel with their online modes, but I find it to be a welcomed change from the overload of 1st person shooters
    online. As much fun as rolling into cover behind an abandoned Hummer on the war torn streets of Cuba with a loaded automatic rifle is, I fully enjoyed grabbing my light disc and going into The Grid.

    By now you have probably already read a review or two that talks about how the game is a chapter in the TRON saga that takes place somewhere between the events of the 1982 TRON film and the 2010 release of Tron: Legacy. With parkour inspired mobility and combat, full 3D support on the PS3 as well as support for the Playstaion Move on light cycle levels. My review isnâ
  2. Mar 1, 2012
    Hate me now, but i haven't seen the first movie. I saw Tron Legacy in theaters and i did like that movie, it seemed a great idea and playing it as a video is a fool proof idea. How can you mess up a movie tie-in game when the movie itself is about a video game? I'm not saying this is a terrible game, but this just isn't what i expected. I'll start with what it got right, the core gameplay. The fast combat that has u flipping around and attacking enemies with you disc is enjoyable and feels good to get in a strong combo is multiple moves that you learned. If i were to compare it to another game, it would have to be God of War or Dantes Inferno, with light, heavy and special moves that you can flow together. After that though, there isn't anything that Tron Evolution really gets right, or at least doesn't do to the fullest extent. The visuals are fine, but if you have seen one glowing blue wall, you have seen the rest. They spice it up once in a while with green and orange, but it's all very simplistic and i feel that if they had made it to a bigger scale it would have felt more like the movie, instead of showing us all the big set pieces in cut scenes only. Enemies also are bland. Some will have you using new skills you learned to take them out, but that is the only way TO kill them. You just have to spam that attack over and over again in order to kill them. At some points in the game it feels like they threw it in there as an after thought just to extend the play time, with some entire chapters being room after room with the same enemy type just to slow you down. You also find little attachment to anything in this game story wise. Yes, some of the actors from the movies voice their characters here, but they just seem like a cameo, even if they are a part of the story, they will leave you to fend for yourself and you wont see them again for quite some time. Your character also is silly in all reason. You are an AI of the Tron universe that somehow escaped a virus and everyone trusts you because you don't have any emotions, but that leaves you not caring for him either. Why can't i play as Clu or something? Id even be happy if it was just a small mission where you could play as an actual character of the movies, but you don't. Finally there is the multiplayer, which is probably the most fun you can have with this package, if you can find a match. Once you do though, the nostalgia that fans of the movies will be worth the price of the game, with fast paced deathmatches on lightbikes and arena matches that can be chaotic fun. Even for those, like myself, who wouldn't have the same nostalgia rush as some, these are still alot of fun. The experience you earn in the multiplayer also help you out in the main story, which is something i think is amazing to see. In all, Tron Evolution isn't a bad game, it also isn't a very good game. You can have some fun in the single player, but it won't last long, but in multiplayer the game shines and I loved my time with it. Sadly the multiplayer (at least on the PS3 version) isn't very populated and finding a match that is full isn't easy. I say this is good if you are a die hard fan of Tron, but if you want fast gameplay and a good story, there are other games that can do better than Tron Evolution. Expand
  3. May 22, 2011
    Firstly, you can add me if you want, but my copy of Tron is a rental. I'll buy my own copy as soon as I can, because this game is awesome online!

    The single player is somewhat 'meh' so far, but it's great practice (and XP) for multiplayer, and it really does have some memorable battles. The entire game is focused around acrobatic parkour mixed with equally coordinated skirmishes, and
    although it's possible to fall off high places and die a little too often in the single player, checkpoints are plentiful, so a fall won't set you back more than a minute. As an added feature, the character that you upgrade in single player can be taken into online multiplayer sessions!

    The part of the game I really enjoy is the multiplayer. There aren't a ton of maps, but you don't even really notice. The fluid, lightening fast duels and lightcycle battles are the real focus, not the maps. These battles are very fast-paced, with multiple combos that are usually short and easy to remember. Backflips, melee, and ranged combat are all integrated seamlessly into the fights, and it's very common for players to resemble choreographed combatants in a movie, rather than just people holding dualshock controllers.

    As impressive as the on-foot combat is, the lightcycle battles are even more unique, and just as fun. I'm sure most people reading this know what lightcycles are and how you kill things with them, so I'll skip the analysis and go straight to gameplay mechanics. You can choose from a variable 'close' or 'far' camera, depending on your preference. In these lightcycle battles, you can choose to ride your lightcycle, or go on foot at any time. Much of the steering is controlled with the analogs, but for sharp 90 degree turns you can also use R1 and L1. The lightcycle arenas are quite large, and take a while to traverse even going mind-bendingly fast, and the teams can struggle for control of a single tank in the map, adding a wild card.

    Both on foot and while riding lightcycles, combat is a lot of fun, and the art style doesn't disappoint. It's very clearly a Tron game. In fact, I wouldn't hesitate to call this one of the best movie games I've ever played, maybe even the absolute best.

    In general, Tron Evolution is an interesting journey into the grid, mixed with fast, hard-hitting combat, and one of the most innovative online components I've seen in years. In a market flooded with cloned, drab shooters, Tron really stands out for its willingness to turn the online multiplayer market on its head, and redefines what team deathmatches can be. At least rent this game. You should know within three or four hours of play (including multiplayer), if you like the game, or if you'd prefer to microwave it.
  4. Jul 2, 2011
    a very good game from my opinion because it has a good story line and the online play is one of the best of all. could have a better reasoning for being rated T and could have you play on both sides of the story. Also more weapons during online would be cool but for me i'd give this game a 9/10 score. (Or 99/100.)
  5. Oct 6, 2014
    Tron evolution... where do I begin? I was given this by a friend on Christmas of 2011. CHECK. I played for a few minutes before realizing it was a very MEH game. CHECK. This game had an interesting concept, make a tie-in game to 2010's tron legacy (which was panned by critics unfortunately). However, as with most tie-in games, they're flawed, and this is just an example at a flawed one.
    First problem I have right off is the story. For a prequel, the story is the heart,
    but the story is not anything we haven't seen before, considering this is
    1 out of 3 prequels for tron legacy? THREE? yes, three.
    1 is this game,
    the other one is some werid comic book,
    and the last is that TV show on that disney channel.
    Next is the gameplay itself.
    Now where do I start with the gameplay?
    It's very much prince of Persia, with a god awful camera,
    and a sh*t ton of wall jumping and etc.
    That's it.
    Sure, multiplayer is okay and lets you ride on a light cycle
    much like the movie, but that is only OKAY and a feature
    that felt like it was put in at the last second for fan service.
    Okay, I do admit it is fun when it works, but just like prince of Persia,
    the wall jumping controls are very sticky, so sticky indeed that you'll be screaming
    As for the 3D, I am wordless, even though I own a 3D TV.
    I saw that they just released this on steam, but considering
    what most PC ports are nowadays, and that it's 20 bucks and has no community
    reviews yet, I'm backing away.
    5 out of 10.
    It's fun when it works, but it's frustrating and the story suffers because (in terms of the prequels we've
    seen to the movie's story so far) it's not really original.
    Overall I would think that this game really had potential, but it suffers from what I call "rushed game syndrome".

Mixed or average reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 47
  2. Negative: 8 out of 47
  1. May 24, 2011
    The game is too hard and many parts of it are too frustrating. The controls in Tron: Evolution are a total mess. Why is there a multiplayer in this game?
  2. Feb 23, 2011
    When you have seen the TRON movie, than you'll will appreciate this game. It got a few pretty strong and nice elements, but besides of that there is also a lot of frustrating elements. It isn't really bad, but it could have been a lot better.
  3. Feb 7, 2011
    Tron: Evolution is a game that has so much going for it, but lets itself down at the last hurdle. With average combat and poorly designed free running, the game ultimately redeems itself in the story.