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  1. dpc
    Jan 30, 2011
    First off, change the camera sensitivity to "1" and you're all set. The negative reviewer clearly doesn't have the smarts to customize the game - which is why I give this a 10. You really can customize your experience any way you like, more than many RPGs I've played. Plus, it's charming in a goofy sort of way. Yes, the voice acting is horrendous. Yes, the story is derivative. But the gameplay and the rest of it is a lot of fun. And I agree with the comment about the major game sites not reviewing this. I was eagerly awaiting reviews before I bought it, but they lamed out and raved over Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2. No one could have played for a couple hours and reviewed? Expand
  2. Jan 27, 2011
    Just because this little studio can't afford a big advertising blitz and the media payoffs for positive release day reviews (gamespot?,IGN?) doesn't mean they didn't put effort into the game. Two Worlds 2 is a HUGE improvement over the first game - better graphics, better interface, and better game play. It has tremendous depth in crafting and the magic system and has a giant open world to explore. Two Worlds 2 doesn't suffer from the horrible level matching system a la Oblivion. In Two Worlds 2 if you go somewhere your shouldn't you will get wacked - but come back a few levels later and that Cyclops isn't so tough. Its a great sense of growing and building a powerful character. It is a game that will grow on you. My advice don't judge the game by the professional review (or lack thereof), try it out and be patient it takes a while before it shine but shine it does! Expand
  3. Jan 28, 2011
    I was a little apprehensive getting this game mostly due to the fact that it's predecessor was absolutely awful. After the first five minutes my doubts were laid to rest. The camera and controls are drastically improved, along with the graphics and menu system. Three different armor sets make for an easy transistion from magic, archery and close combat. With the touch of a button you are frying someone with your magic and instantly changing to your sword to finish them off. Every mechanic is polished real well and never leaves a bad taste in your mouth. The graphics are awesome, and the locales are truly vast and well put together. The inventory is twenty measures more intuitive, and never frustrating to micro manage. Put that together with an easy alchemy, blacksmithing, and magic crafting system, this game stands apart from it's prequel on every level. One problem I have is being surrounded by managable opponents and one unencountered minion comes up and kills in one strike. The voice acting is unremarkable as well as the horse riding. Minor issues like these hardly keep the game from being immensely enjoyable. Load of quests, hostile npc's, loot and locations all add up to one damn game. The major critics will piss all over it as usual but don't let that dissuade you from at least renting it. Dedicate a weekend to this game and it will not dissapoint. A great distraction until Elder Scrolls 5. Expand
  4. Jan 27, 2011
    Its a tough decision as to whether this game deserves a 7 or an 8 for a rating but I think it is safe to say that it should be one or the other. This game does not seem overly impressive in many respects such as voice acting and subpar graphics and the menus seem to be a little strange and cumbersome but on the other hand the game is full of customization possiblilities that it would be very difficult to not find player value in the title. It seems to have a nice vibrant world with tons of ways to evolve your character and utilizes a beautifully designed crafting/alchemy system. Overall sometimes you have to say that not all games should be about visuals but rather gameplay and rpgs cater to that style of game design and there is nothing fundamentally wrong at all with this game in that respect. It definately steps up to the plate and offers that well. Overall though I eventually feel an RPG will eventually come out which has both sides well done. (Demons souls was very close but did lack an alchemy system). Two Worlds II is a very decent game and probably will overlooked and fly under the radar of a ton of people. There are not a lot of really good action roleplaying games around anymore and this one is definately one i want in my collection. Loosely, it has the feel of some of the more recent classic action rpgs like baldurs gate and bards tale and that alone is enough reason for me to recommend it to any action rpg fan. Those who play games outside this genre will likely not be impressed too much though as i mentioned already it does not have an initial wow factor about it. Probably the more time you spend with the game the more you will appreciate it. Expand
  5. Jan 29, 2011
    if you played two worlds 1, its time to let go of your hatred of topware and ill tell you why. the intro to this game is awesome, a cool battle between the orcs and saurumon erupts and takes a turn for the worst, when the game picks up, your not going to be blown away by anything. give the game about an hour, to get you out of the "tutorial" as i would call it, and you will be rewarded. this game is fantastic, the combat is fluid, the weapons are cool, the armor is incredibly detailed, the speels are really cool, and archery is fun as well. the controlls can be a little difficult, and youll have to give them a little practice, and as a suggestion i would turn your camera settings to a 1, this game is set so when you bump the right stick the camera does a 90 degree turn. But anyway, the story is decent, the combat is great, the customization is really good all in all this is a great game and thats just the single player. there is multiplayer, one mode is called duel, where its just a one on one match. then theres death match where its 8 players killin each other for bragging rights. another mode called adventure, is where you and 7 others team up to take on an online campaign thats seperate from the single player. this game has alot to offer, and it trully is a blast. Expand
  6. Feb 2, 2011
    I wanted to give it a 5, but I couldn't stomach it. While I'm going to continue to play the game, I don't feel like anyone should sink 60 bucks into it. I had high hopes for this game, but after the opening it was all downhill from there. First gripe: camera. To the guy who the said the other reviewer "didn't have the smarts customize the game" in reference to setting the camera to one: Everyone should have the right to customize settings to their liking, but there really shouldn't be a reason that you get sick unless you turn the camera to one. No reason at all. We pay money for a quality product. This is not a quality product, and that is one of the reasons why. Not only are there unnecessary hand gestures, but much of the character models look like they didnt put any time into it. The NPC's all suffer from what i call "lobster hand syndrome" which if you watch any of the conversations, you'll immediately know what I mean by that. It just really doesn't feel like it should be a finished product, which is sad, because the game could have been so much more. Like was said before: It is unreasonable to give a game like this a 10. Its not on the same level as Oblivion (with all of its issues), Dragon Age, Mass Effect, or many games for that matter. Expand
  7. Feb 15, 2011
    First off, I hate it when people don't adjust settings before they review a game. It's narrow-minded and petty to rate a game poorly before adjusting the settings to your preference. Some people may say the settings should be good to begin with, but guess what; people are different. Some people like Easy mode, some people like Hard mode, and in Two Worlds 2, some people prefer different camera sensitivity.

    I dislike lobster-hand, but in all honesty I dislike small games more. The extra time and money taken out of erasing lobster-hand no doubt was channelled into making more quests, and this is a tradeoff I'm glad to make.

    I'd compare this to a mix of Sacred 2 and Oblivion, both excellent games, but both with a few flaws that hold them from perfection. While Two Worlds 2 isn't perfect, nor quite as large as Oblivion it seems, it's still excellent.
  8. Feb 18, 2011
    I wasn't expecting too much from this game. I personally was not a big fan of Oblivion. I tried to be, but there were aspects of the game that really bothered me such as all the monster leveling up with you. Having said that, I still bought this game hoping it would entertain me. For the first two hours, I really was not impressed. I did not like the character models, the way they moved, and I didn't like the voice acting. But I decided to give it a longer chance because I read someone say it took them an hour to get into it.

    I am so happy I did. I love this game. Absolutely love it. I like it much better than Oblivion. I enjoy the combat much more as it feels more hack and slash. I like the fact that certain monsters will kill you with one or two blows. I have 9 1/2 hours logged into this game, and there is so much to do. The horse is difficult until you get used to it, once you do it is no problem. Remember that if you buy it and hate the horse.

    For me, this game reminds me of an improved Diablo with the fighting, rapid looting, selling equipment, spells. If you ignore the voice acting which becomes easy to do as the game progresses, you will find yourself immersed in this game wanting to play more, to make your character stronger, and to make your weapons and armor stronger. There are graphical glitches, you definitely should load it onto your harddrive, and there are minor bugs here and there but they do not reduce the amount of fun this game is. As everyone else has stated, map is huge and there are so many side quests to do. Even though the voice acting is poor, the dialog is great and the characters have believable quests for you to do which makes them that much more enjoyable. I have played World of Warcraft, Oblivion, Sacred II, and I like the quests much more on this game than those. These quests actually have a bit of thought into them, instead of just making you "kill that guy because he has wronged me." Instead, you will hear him talk to you and tell you (and I am somewhat telling one of the quests but changing it a bit)"I want you to take care of this guy. By take care of this guy, you know what I mean. The reason I want you to deal with this is because when the Orc war was going on, he offered safe passage to my family in exchange for 500 gold. We paid him. On the day we were supposed to meet him, he disappeared. We knew the route of the passage, so we went. Little did we know he had led us straight into an ambush. It seems that is his way of making money..." and there would be more but you get the picture. It gives you an actual reason to want to do the quest instead of simple two line words that scroll across the screen. Anyhow, great game. I am glad I bought it.
  9. Jul 14, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If oblivion didn't set the bar so high, this definitely would be a nine or ten. Like others have said, it takes 2 or 3 hours at least before you are through the "tutorial" and the game gets good. If you liked one you will definitely like two. It improved in many areas. The graphics are great and each area has a different feel to it, from Africa Savannah to samurai era Japan. The voice acting is much improved from the first game, but still not great. The only real problem I have with the game is that sometimes I am not sure what to do next and I have to wonder around until I find a person to give me a quest or I have to look on-line at what to do next. It may just be me, but I like the armor/weapon upgrade system of two worlds 1 better, but this is still nice and many people probably think it is better beings it doesn't take the exact same item to upgrade stuff. In this one you just break down equipment into raw material and use that to upgrade other equipment. Bottom line: if you like Oblivion and you are willing to wade through two+ hours of tutorial, then this game will be up your alley. It is definitely something to keep you busy until Skyrim comes out. Expand
  10. Feb 14, 2011
    As much as I disliked the first Two Worlds, you'd think I wouldn't have gotten so worked up over the constant delays and cancellations that its sequel was saddled with, yet for some reason each time its release was pushed back I became more and more aggravated. Though the first game wasn't exactly perfect it did have that authentic European CRPG feel that I've come to love and appreciate over the past decade, and it was this fact that made me anxious to play a re-tooled and properly play tested sequel. After breaking down and importing the international version through gogamer last month I finally managed to play the game that had been on European gamer's hard drives since last October...And I'm not sure the wait was really worth it.

    The first Two Worlds was initially pitched to gamers as an "online Oblivion" that coupled deep singleplayer with a very rewarding cooperative multiplayer experience that the fans of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series had been clamoring for during the past ten years. It promised so much and yet delivered so little that it's no wonder so few gamers speak positively about their experiences with it. Thanks to a very forgettable (and in my experience, mostly PvP-centered) online mode and a story that was as bland and devoid of class as a cup of tap water it was only the promise of 300 gamer points for defeating the last boss that kept me going until the end. I had hoped Two Worlds 2 would be better, and I was assured through marketing hype that it would be.

    While better than the first game in several ways, Two Worlds 2 still falls short of being what I consider to be a quality CRPG.

    To prove this you need look no further than the size of the game's world and compare it to the first. While the first game wasn't exceptionally large it was still big enough for me to leave large sections of it unexplored due to lack of time. This sequel, however, has a singleplayer landmass that is divided between three very small islands that when combined barely reach the same size of The Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind. Which is sad when you consider Morrowind is coming up on it's 9th birthday this spring.

    In the 40-50 hours it took me to clear the singleplayer portion of the game I had easily (and unintentionally) filled in half of the game world by the 10 hour mark. After completing the Island of Ashos it only took me only another few hours to finish the final few miles of the game's spartan landmass, resulting in a very disappointing final rush to the end that was spurred on more by me wanting to finish it rather than actually being curious as to what I'd find or how I'd conquer it.

    To say Two Worlds 2's singleplayer world is small is being extremely kind to it. The world is so small that it barely reaches early 2000 RPG standards and is about only half the size of Morrowind and about 1/10th the size of Oblivion. In today's crowded RPG marketplace it's not a good idea to be so "small".

    You might have noticed I put an unusual amount of emphasis on the word "single player" in the previous two paragraphs. If you wondered why, it's due to the brunt of the game world being locked off and only made available to players engaging in the online-only "MMO" style campaign. This large online-only island, which you cannot even glitch your way into during the single player (much less sail to legally) is four times the size of the singleplayer world and plays host to a much more diverse and interesting landscape than what you'll encounter in the offline version of the game. In short, the entirety of the game is wrapped up in this blocked off island and only those with a lot of patience for lag and a fair amount of friends that live in their time zone will get to properly enjoy.

    Further blemishing the game is its rather bland and unimaginative combat. While the monsters themselves can sometimes be challenging and therefore fun to do battle with, the vast majority of the game's battles can be won by "spamming" a few key moves while hitting the left mouse button during their cool-down time. Though it isn't as bad as Two Worlds 1 and its "Hit, dodge, hit, dodge" exploit that enabled even under-leveled characters to beat the last two bosses without getting hit, it is still a significant degree below what I consider standard for modern CRPGs. Granted, even most "modern" CRPGs like Fable and Oblivion fail at this but that doesn't give Two Worlds 2 permission to be shallow.
  11. Apr 5, 2011
    this game can take a while to love. but ultimately it does reward perserverance with some great fun.
    there are areas to improve such as the voices and the sprinting can give you a headache.
    but overall the gameplay is well done and there are TOO many quests you often drown in decisions.
    overall i strongly recommend two world 2 as one of the most under-rated games of all time.
  12. May 2, 2011
    I would like to write before, but this game is like good wine: you should wait a little to appreciate all aspect. After more than 30 hours spent to reach nearly the half of the game I'll explain why a 10.0 is reasonable score.

    Fighting: you can personalize your fighting technique very easily; sneak like Assassin creed, fight like a good old school hack and slash, sniper enemy with bow,
    override the enemy attaking'em with a band of necris and a powerful helbard...

    Spell making: I can create my own spells, and they work well; the same for alchemy ( but I prefer a warrior mage )

    Wonderful world: you can explore everithing also if you have no active quest, you'll find always something.

    God mode: is not a cheat, but if you spend some time on spell making and crafting you can became truly powerful.

    Custom class: why the hell a mage can't be a good swordsmen ? In many games you have to choose: brain or muscle, muscle or dextrity ecc. here you can have a mage that hit hard with swords.

    Statistics: belive me playing using an heavy sword with 0,8 mt of range is different that use a wooden stick ( not a magic rod ) whith 1,7 mt. of range; and belive me sometimes the best choiche is not so obvious.

    Shops: try to stand in front of a shop during the night until the morning ( game time ) when the sun is high enough you'll see the shoptender arrive to open the shop.

    Old school game: a classic PC RPG on a japan console, this is something new and something that could add a lot of lifecycle to PS3 it's from the first summoner on ps2 that I didn't see anything similar.

    Bug: yes is not bug free, but actually I've so much things to do that I can bearly notice'em.

    So If you are a fanatic of technical issues you might not agree with my score, but if you are looking for a good game after spending a lot of time on it you will appreciate all aspect of this game.

    At last the main story is not so important ( so far ) but is more important the story itself or the way it is written: take the Divina Commedia is a masterpiece not a SCI-FI paperback also if the story can fit to both gendres.
  13. Feb 3, 2012
    Great Ingenius Game too bad my PS3 lags when it loads the levels, Can be annoying on Horse Back. Other than that It's one of the Best Games to date and since I picked my copy for a Steal at 16 bucks it's a great investment I'm gonna stop what I'm doing and play this. Please see my Honest Review on Skyrim cause that game was Garbage and Overrated. The fact you can be Medieval Guitar Hero on this Game is Epic. I like the Customizing/Crafting Engine in this game and the Abilities are a great Addition. Besides the Annoying Lag and maybe even some Freezes if you well epically own someone and they fall into a wall or something. If that happens don't be mad just be happy this company made a great game with a decent story it was totally unexpected. This is not a Mediocre Game like the rest it's truely a unique adventure. I give it a 9-10ish. Let's go with a 10. XD Cause it's a great game and it's Mutiplayer as well. Screw you Bethesda, Guys I took back Skyrim to buy this game. XD I preordered and waited for Skyrim only to be true dissapointed in a Broken Unfinished Halfass Game. TW2 is an excellent Game and the first one was good as well. My only gripe so far is the fact you can't kill the citizens they are immortal you can kill the guards and flee from the building they leave you alone. So the game allows you some opportunity to steal from villagers and townies and such. Which is awesomeness. I'm a LV18 so far...Whos the Idiot that said Oblivion was a PS2 Game, What an assclown. Oblivion was on PS3/PC/XBOX360. Not the *%#@(%* PS2. Douchebag! Expand
  14. Aug 18, 2012
    One of the best games i've playied on PS3.It just needed an open world online like part one had but offline it ranks with Baulder's Gate,Skyrim and Fallout the spell system is like none other i've ever seen the freedom to customize your spells and potions and upgrade armor,helmets,gloves,boots and all weapons use of rings,amulets made me almost feel like i was in a souped up 3D Baulder's this game just lacks with no open world in online mode.It was great to be able to chat freely with everyone on PS3 in more games like this one as well offline its a 10 but online its a 8 so i give it 9 overall can't wait for TWO WORLDS III Expand
  15. Dec 14, 2013
    Great Game, cheap and lengthy is may have a long intro and annoying combat at first but is still amazing. Similar to the elder scrolls games, closer to oblivion than the others and has a good multiplier feature.
  16. Jan 31, 2011
    i have to admit that my original review of this game (a zero) was a little harsh. this game make a horrible first impression. the camera is broken no matter how you set it, the dialog is horrible, inventory management is cumbersome at best, and switching between weapon sets mid combat is useless. at first glance this game will piss you off if you just spent $60 on it. however, if you give it a couple of hours it will really start to grow on you. i have spent approximately 12 hours playing this since i couldn't bring myself to lose money on a return, and i have to say i am pleasantly surprised. it has an interesting since of humor. the map is enormous and the quest ive completed so far have been fun enough. all i can say is give this game a chance, it does get considerably better after the fist couple of hours. Expand
  17. Feb 10, 2011
    Two worlds II is a major improvement from the first two worlds game which for some reason was still kind of fun despite all of its horrendous flaws. Regardless I still found myself psyched for this game for some reason after first reading about it last year. After many delays and gamestop deciding they didn't want to send my copy, that I paid for might I add, of the two worlds 2 royal edition version to my area. I had finally gotten to play this game by going out and renting it from a local rental place. I quickly found myself hooked from the get go. I really have only a few negative things to say about this game first off I think there should have been fully customizable controls. I've never been a huge fan of using the R2 to attack/shoot pending on the game on the ps3 controller as it feels more natural by using R1. Not a huge deal as you get used to the controls eventually. The menus seem a little cluttered as well but that's also not really a huge deal as you get used to it. Voice acting if you compared to the first TW is awesome. Comparing it to any other game. It's just okay. Some of the VA sound terrible at times and the main character doesn't really pop the annoying random sentences as much. Graphics and environment look generally good. Towns seem to have frequent frame rate drops but look good as well. Character models aside from the main character.. Don't look very good and it thoroughly shows in the cutscenes which look very last gen and horrendous. I would have also liked to see more towns, areas and quests in the game as it seems very short and there really aren't a lot of out of the way areas.. On a good note playing 30+ hours I've found myself hooked on playing as a magic type character. The spell system is very fun and probably one of the best I've seen in an open world RPG type game. Loads of customization make it more fun as well. All in all this game this game is not bad I was going to give it an 8 but then I remembered how bad the cutscenes look. I would say for fans of open world type RPG's like the it's definitely one to at least try. Expand
  18. Feb 2, 2011
    It's sad that I no longer feel that I can trust game reviews. I don't understand how anyone in their right minds could give this game a 9 or 10 (putting it in the same league as Mass Effect 2, Demon's Souls etc). The gameplay is awkward, the interfaces are a pain to navigate and the graphics are about 4 years behind. Unless you have way to much time on your hands, and have already played every other RPG out there, I'd say Two Worlds II is one you could pass on. Expand
  19. Feb 27, 2011
    wo Worlds 2 published by Topware is an Action RPG, The game starts with your character being rescued from a dungeon by a band of Orcs and from here on in you embark upon your quest to save your sister from an evil being known as lord Gandohar. The back story and info on characters in quite in-depth and there's plenty of options to customise your characters appearance. When you start playing you'll be greeted with some impressive vista's that include detailed grass and tree's that span right into the distance..
    Once you get into some action you notice that your character is not class based unlike a few other RPG's, instead you apply skill points to your abilities such as mage, warrior, assassin, and ranger. Combine this with quick weapon and armour switching, and you'll be able to play as one of three classes at any one time. The weapons and armour selection is via a crafting system where all items are broken down into basic components such as a shield into wood, a helmet into leather and a sword into iron etc.. These components can then be used to upgrade your existing items and make them vastly more powerful. As with most RPG's you'll need to save you're progress often to avoid having to redo things if you get killed, so make sure you set the auto-save time to a fairly frequent time,
    If your character is mainly magic focused then there's another section of the crafting system that deals with spells. This spell system is based on cards that carry attributes. For instance, you may have a fire card, if you were to combine this with a projectile card you'll get a fireball, add in a ricochet card and you'll have a fireball that bounces between enemies. There's a whole range of different modifiers and base types for you to play with and experiment with so that you can create spells to suit your gaming style, added to the card system are modifiers based on elements such as earth, water, fire, air, life and death, these spells go into an amulet, and you can have three amulets active at any one time. If that's not enough customisation for you there's also an alchemy system, that you can top up by taking raw elements from corpses, these include wolf-claw and baboon tongue etc with which you can use to create potions. Youâ
  20. Mar 24, 2011
    It's Oblivion with PS2 graphics and sound. Seriously, I was having flashbacks to the Oblivion game I played for 100 of hours over four years ago. Weapons can be broken down and upgraded, you're not limited to any class for your skills but by the effort you put into practicing those skills, you need to find books to open up more and different skills. The mechanics on this game can be god awful when your fighting multiple enemies with different weapons. The plotline is ambigous and the side quests seem trite. Overall, this game has all the elements of a classic RPG game but it's about seven years behind every other company that makes these games. This game is perfect to tide RPGers over until november when Skyrim comes out. Expand
  21. May 18, 2011
    This game has flaws. However, anyone who plays it and only sees the flaws is missing the game. This is an engaging, interesting, and fun game to play. Some of the game mechanics are wonderful most especially the crafting magic and alchemy systems that combines western & jrpg elements into a fusion that is both exiting to play with. The map is large and expansive and most of it can be roamed, swam, and climbed at will. What is bad? The controls and camera need tweaking if not drastically improved. The menu system is complex at first and I honestly think some attributes and skills need to be compressed and simplified. In my opinion, the story was not engaging at the start, and the animations and voice acting can be at times distracting because it stutters.

    I am giving it a 7 overall, but I think parts of it deserve an 8. If someone is a western RPG fan, they should pick up this game.
  22. May 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Like Napoleon Dynamite, Two Worlds II is a somewhat awkward conversationalist, and not quite the ninja warrior it dreams of being, but it grows on you after spending time with it, despite it's quirks.

    The game simultaneously shines and are good enough, but tend to pop in, the open-ended manner of tailoring your character, and ability to switch on the fly between sets is fantastic, but the combat itself is rather clunky and the controls aren't as smooth as they could be, voice acting is serviceable for the most part, but dips into the absurd occasionaly; the crafting, alchemy and spell creation systems are deep and rich, but not explained terribly well.

    These small bumps in the road permeate nearly every aspect of the game..(even the manual, amusingly had the odd German word in it that got missed here and there.)

    Still, one senses the great game trying desperately to burst forth..the world is large, the art style is more unique than your standard fantasy-fare, there is a lot of side activities to do, and for every "fetch and kill" quest, there is an original one.
    There are good many hours to be spent here, which is appreciated in an age when games are getting shorter and shorter, and release day DLC is becoming common.

    If the developers can fix the major flaw, and bring the combat up to the level of a Demon's Souls, (or even a Fable 3), and polish up all the minor hiccups the game is festooned with, then a potential sequel could easily contend with the RPG big boys. This game however, is a 7.5/'s endearing in it's way, but the flaws can't be ignored.
  23. Aug 7, 2013
    First of all, I understand this game was made by a small studio, and that it's not really a triple A game or anything of the sort; I admire them for improving so much in their first effort and delivering a functional game........ that said, after playing the soul's series, Dragon's dogma, Elder scrolls, a little bit of The Witcher, etc, etc, it just can't compete. You have 4 setups: magical, archery, stealth and melee. Archery and stealth are decent, magical really shines with the card system and the ability to personalize your spells, but melee, oh boy, it's a train wreck. Controls are imprecise, action is dull, hit detection doesn't feel very good, lock on is really bad, and in the end it all feels really clunky. Had this been released at the beggining of the generation, it may have had a place in the action/RPG foodchain as the first "prototype" of the genre (on this generation at least); but as it stands now, it just feels outdated, I could not bring myself to advance even halfway through the game.

    Other nuissances worth mentioning: voice acting is really bad, graphics aren't very good, animations are stiff and even weird sometimes, among others. It''s all forgivable, but the thing that ruined the game for me was the close quarters combat, since it's my favourite gameplay style in these games. I know I may be biased, since a guy who likes magic may get tons of fun from the spellcasting aspect, but if you're anything like me and always go for a Knight/fighter/barbarian, don't bother with this game.............. only recommended if you're in withdrawal syndrome until Dark souls II comes along
  24. Aug 2, 2011
    If you're into open-world games and character customisation then I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give Two Worlds II a try, just don't expect it to be another Oblivion or Fallout game. During my 30+ hours of gameplay (excluding some sidequests and multiplayer) I must say this game is far from perfect but I did in some way enjoyed the ride. And it's the little things along the way that will make you want to play it and get through the awfully weak plot. So let's begin with the good.
    1) Character appearance / customisation - You get to change your character appearance (which is a big plus for me). And like any other RPGs, your character's stats and specialisation.
    2) Graphics - For an RPG the graphics are not bad in this game. The landscape , the vibrant cities, water are all beautiful. Besides the poor NPCs textures, I'd say Two Worls II's graphics is way better than RPGs like Dragon Age II and Alpha Protocol.
    3) Range of amour and wepon sets - And they actually look good. Pike, spear, twin axes, katana, u name it.
    4) Music - the music is epic. There's even a mini game that allows you to play instruments.
    5) Funny dialogue - Though many conversations can be very boring, some are somewhat hilarious. 6) Open-world with lots to do. Visit cities, gambling, sailing, horse-racing, stealling, crafting, arena matches, tons of guilds and sidequests etcs. 7) Multiplayer - You have adventure mode, capture crystals, village mode (build your own village) among others.

    But as I said, the game isn't perfect. And for me, what bothered me most were:
    1) The main character - I dislike his stereotypical voice (he sounds like the guy in InFamous), and he is always talking.... when you encounter an enemy, when looting, when entering a cave, when defeating an enemy..... Please... just stay quiet, will ya!!
    2) The plot - it is very weak. I wasn't that interested in the story and couldn't care less about danger of your character is facing.
    3) Characters (NPCs) - Forgettable. None of them truly stood out. Just dull and boring. What's worst, you can't attack or kill them if you don't like them. The animation is very poor. Some of them are not even looking at you when you speak to them. And all they do is stand still and wave their arms up and down. I can't feel their sorrow or any other emotions that theyre feeling.
    4) Horseriding is poor and pointless. The controls are bad and you can pretty much teleport anywhere using your teleporter.
    5) Too many bugs. Pretty frustrating amount. Hopefully this will be addressed through a patch soon.

    Anyway, there you have it, my take on the main good and bads of Two Worlds II. My problems with this game is few and far between, and I did kinda enjoy the game while it lasted. That said, I am eager to see what Two Worlds III has to offer when it releases next year!!
  25. Dec 19, 2013
    The graphics are bad, the camera is not very good and the controls and gameplay aren't very good either. There are also a lot of technical glitches. Then why a 6? Because the world does have it's charm and something inexplicable always made me come back to Two Worlds II
  26. Feb 12, 2012
    I played the game in FRENCH and the overdubbed is ABSOLUTELY atrocious. I never heard such amateurish actors that made that game unplayable ! I changed to English. Same thing, just very slightly better. For a RPG, poor dialogue just kills the game which seemed interesting none the less.
  27. Jun 6, 2013
    Two Worlds II has one of the best fantasy game settings that i've ever seen! but that being said it's really hard to enjoy when it has so many glitches and technical problems. Given a while longer in development, there's no telling how good this game could have been.
  28. Jul 29, 2014
    Fond memories. I had so much fun playing this funky game. I beat it twice. The bow and arrow mod is the way to go. I'm not big on the magic or melee system though. This game doesn't "hold your hand" like many of the newer games out there. Enemies don't level with your character. People complain about the interface but it can actually be made more manageable in the menu options. The crafting system then becomes tenable and quite enjoyable. The story has a great sense of humor and the story actually does end up becoming very tragic and enjoyable in the end of the game. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 28
  2. Negative: 2 out of 28
  1. There's not enough room here to say how much I hate this game. I could write a novel about why Two Worlds II is the worst thing to happen to the fantasy RPG genre since encumbrance systems. [Apr 2011, p.114]
  2. Mar 21, 2011
    A bit of a technical mess. [Issue#203, p.86]
  3. Mar 7, 2011
    Is Two Worlds II better than the original? Sure, but there's still a lot of room for improvement.