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  1. Oct 23, 2010
    I don't understand why the reviews for this game are so low. Yes, the game is on the short side but so are many more games. To me the only problem with the game is that it was so good it left me wanting more. This is seen as the only major issue the game has, but still during the 6-7 hours the game takes to complete you will be in pure shooter nirvana. The great graphics, the welcomed difficulty and the overall sense of mayhem makes this game one of the years best games on the PS3. Expand
  2. Oct 19, 2010
    I'm in love with Vanquish. It mashes together everything a hardcore gamer could want: intuitive controls, mobility, balance, a competitive scoring system, and stylized action. Itâ
  3. Oct 21, 2010
    It may not have had the hype of some of the forthcoming big name games but, make no mistake Vanquish one of the most exciting PS3 action games this year. Challenging, innovative and when it's at it's best genuinely thrilling.
  4. Oct 20, 2010
    Vanquish is a stylish game with endless fun potential. Its a great change of pace from the everyday shooter clones on the market. It has none stop action and amazing graphics that never make the frame rate drop even with everything exploding all around you. I highly recommend this to anyone that just wants a fun none stop action shooter.
  5. Oct 21, 2010
    Vanquish is a one of a kind, its unique and is totally different from other third person shooting games. It never gets boring as the gameplay is fun because you feel so powerful and fast, and the game throws something big at you out of the blue which makes your heart pump. In the game, you take contol of Sam Gideon in the futuristic world, who wears a special suit called A.R.S, which has the ability to boost with amazing ecceleration and speed, slow mo to help you destory your robots enemies to pieces and you can also melee, but make sure not to over use these ability as your suit will overheat meaning you have to wait for it to recharge. You can hide behind objects to cover and shoot but thats not the fun way to play the game, JUST BOOOOOST!!! The game takes around 7 hours to complete.The game doesn't have multiplayer, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have replay value, after each act you unlock challenge mode which is one of the most addicting mode I have ever played, challenge mode will take you a while to complete as it is bloody hard! Expand
  6. Nov 5, 2010
    Vanquish reminds me of what it felt like as a kid to play the newest and coolest arcade games in the late 80's and early 90's that SEGA made. I'm talking about those big cabinet games that moved around like After Burner and cost $1 to play. Every second of this game is fun fun fun. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay addicting because the control mechanics are TOP NOTCH. I suggest going through the last couple tutorials before starting but after that, it's all second nature. The story behind the game is simple, but a lot of fun..again it's a throw back of the corny but cool characters in arcade games back in it's golden era before the home market caught up and became superior over the coin-ops. There are 2 demos on the PSN right now.. I played them for about an hour before grabbing my jacket to go to the store to pick this game up. Nowadays games have to be at least 10 hours of gameplay for some to bother but there is a lot more to offer here. The game makes you want to improve on all your stats because it's so addicting. Playing through it you start thinking, I bet I could get through this faster next time if I throw my grenades here first, wait to blow up the exploding barrel here, and take cover here. One of the demos is a timed challenge, this is what did it for me, besides the amazingly awesome WOW moments that's in the campaign. Think God of War with kick-ass guns, only you're not Kratos, you're a regular average good guy in an awesome accelerator suit from a bad movie. (GI JOE) Also if there are any Bayonetta fans out there, as I was, Vanquish is better. Expand
  7. Oct 20, 2010
    This game is simply amazing. It takes all the standards of cover based TPS and turns them on their head to create a new experience in a genre that is rapidly becoming driven into the ground. Sure, there is cover in this game but you will only spend mere seconds at a time in it to restore your power-suit's energy. The rest of the time will be spent using said energy to perform maneuvers that elevate Vanquish's "standard gameplay" to something that looks like a meticulously choreographed cut-scene of your own design. The two techniques that use suit energy are rocket sliding and slowing time (triggered primarily by dodge rolling into an aiming position), and the rapid juxtaposition of the two is highly encouraged. Both of these techniques are actually far more effective in preventing damage than cover is, and both are highly aggressive maneuvers. However, the suit doesn't carry much energy with a stiff penalty for ever exhausting it completely--but on the upside it does recharge very rapidly. Thus Vanquish's perfect **** of insane speeds, dodge rolls with jaw dropping head shots attached, and cover mechanics is born. Not to mention there are many maneuvers the game never tells you about that are guaranteed to raise a smile (IE the melee during a dash allows you to kick off an enemy's chest into an aerial slow-mo aim to head shot his friends, or that you can trigger slow-mo during a slide/vaulting over cover/flipkicking enemies into the air) that the player must discover through experimentation to keep you learning all the great things you can do with suit energy. Levels won't cease to amaze you until the game is over, with new set pieces that crop up everywhere. The game is short, but the replay value will come from the gameplay--like a Devil May Cry game this game is begging to be played harder, faster, and more stylishly as your skills increase. For anyone who is a fan of TPS or Japanese-style action gaming this is about as good as it gets. I will say the story is a wreck of B-movie self-indulgent dialogue and sometimes appears as self-parody, but I don't think that should stop any gamer from experiencing the amazing game play to be found in this title. Expand
  8. Oct 23, 2010
    yes its a tad short but this game is seriously good fun the action is fast and frantic the weapons are interesting.the boss fights are pretty cool too if you like third person shooters this will stave off the hunger for gears complaint no multiplayer.
  9. Oct 24, 2012
    Bought this game along time ago. I will just say that this game is underrated, I think this game sold under a million copies in which I doubt they will make another one. It's a shame because this game was unique and it seems that people just want mor of the same crap and then complain afterwards. If you guys want different games that are unique you will have to go out and buy games like this, if not we will be forced to play Call of Duty style games forever. That is another thing I don't understand, How can Call of Duty get a good score and how to people get manipulated into buying the most generic shooter ever created? Pretty soon you will buy a different game and Call of Duty will be in the box... you can't escape it. And you just know that the "pro" reviews are dirty because it's funny how they can give some games a bad review for being the same thing as the previous, but every year Call of Duty seems to get an awesome mark from them, and that game never changes and it sucks. I guess this is more of a rant on Call of
    Buy this game
  10. Nov 19, 2010
    amazing graphics and visuals, great characters and a nice story. but the real great thing about vanquish is the game play everything about it is good, one of the best shooters out there. the story might be short but with the scoring system and god hard mode unlocked after you beat the game it has more than enough replayability to be totally worth it.
  11. Mar 26, 2013
    I have been playing Vanquish for a little over two years. Such is the appeal of Shinji Mikami masterpiece, I just keep coming back to it.

    Vanquish is a polished gem of a game. Everything is rock solid, no glitches, no bugs no crashes. The game inspires confidence as soon as you see these beautiful graphics. And they are beautiful. Real care and attention has been placed on all
    aspects bun none more so than the Battle Suit. There are so many moving parts and flashing lights, it is a treat to look at and often worth a camera spin to see just how good it looks. Weapons morph into existence as extensions of the suit and are generated so beautifully they deserve a special mention.

    The gameplay is solid. It feels very retro, in the style of Mega Man. You feel overpowered with the control you have over the character as the controls are that good, but it's not long before your control is tested to the max. Once you get past the learning curve it really does become second nature to operate the suit in a heartbeat.

    The difficulty of Vanquish is fantastic. Choose casual and it really is just that. The suit will look after you and the enemies go down like flies. Hard is the path to choose. Trophies are rewarded for completing each level and eventually the game by choosing hard mode. Each Boss has a trick to it just like great retro games of old one you uncover the trick it is a matter of execution. Like I said the difficulty if perfect.

    Scoring is done in the old Sega arcade style over Stages and Acts and scores are posted to an online leaderboard This constitutes the only online aspect of the game and Vanquish is better off for it.

    As you beat the game Tactical Challenges game mode will become unlocked. These are by far the most challenging aspects of the game. The sixth and final challenge is by far one of the most difficult aspects of any game I have played. Based on this challenge only, ramped the difficulty level for the Platinum to 9.5 out of 10. So again worth a special mention for those looking for a challenge.

    Vanquish is a truly sensational game and one that you will keep coming back to. Most people I know are put off by the frantic nature of it but believe me it is so smooth and solid that once you get used to the overload it is a thing of beauty. The best game from developers Platinum Games in this reviewers opinion. And it features the single best credits screen of any game.
  12. Aug 1, 2011
    Really good fun. Awesome shooting mechanics, slow motion works really well and the animation for changing guns is the coolest I've ever seen. The only problem is that it gets a bit repetitive. However, don't let that put you off buying this amazing game.
  13. Jul 9, 2012
    Amazing gameplay, good graphics, believable character models and expressions, extra challenges for those who want more ... Where is my goddamn sequel?!
  14. Mar 15, 2011
    The great forgotten game of 2010, switch the language to Japanese to get rid of the poor voice acting, exercise your trigger finger to avoid frustration then dive into a shooter that is willing to do something a little bit different. I just hope there is a sequel with a multiplayer focus because the way this game was put together and the polish of everything including the visuals is astounding.
  15. Aug 1, 2014
    Wow....Ok, I heard this game was short and so I didn't consider it when it first came out...but then I bought it dirt cheap later on after it became a bit stale to the market. There it sat in my hoard of games to get around to eventually....I mean another shooter on the pile to be saved for a rainy day to be played and then quickly sell the sucker for a couple bucks trade in right ? We all know that routine right? Wrong! Whoa.....did this game ever take me by suprise. Its a keeper and due to its perfect length of 6 or so hours its a game that begs you to take it on again. What you say??? Yep, 6 hrs but those 6 hrs are crack cocaine and adrenaline. The interesting thing about this 6 hours is that you are told at the start of the story the mission time of the story line is 8 hrs so really this adds a real time drama to the game on top of its nature - i guess they expect the game to take most players 8 hrs,and this story tidbit really tricked me to become even more immersed in the story and drama of the games story. Another fun aspect of this game was you don't just play this game you rack up a score and at the end of the game you have a score just like this was a 6 to 8 hour arcade game but right there in your house. The other thing that peeked my interest in this game was the weapon swaps and depending which you took and which you used you ranked them up so you have a lot of role playing strategy in this shooter. You see you are part of a commando so you choose your role by which weapons you take and how aggresive you go ahead or stay behing you AI allies. If you want to be the sniper who takes out nastys before they arrive you can, you can snipe explosive barrels....or you can go all in with assault rifles and be the frontline hero. There are tons of ways to strategize this game and make each replay different. This is an incredible idea...having just a 6 hour game and to amass as much score as possible. So what in reality is a 6 hour game is more so a 6 hour game that will not bore you to play again, and again and again. I think I will at least try this game 3 or 4 times before it becomes a bit stale and whatever to me. But for now its short and sweet enough to repeat and long enough to savor a story. Its a very reasonable way to minimize player commitment and at the same time provide the same value as a 20 hr plus game without creating a drag on. Definately a game to keep and I don't really do that with shooters, they are so common. Wow again. This was a blast. I highly recommend. So many shooters seem to be linearized tutorials aimed to train you for online action, this one is just a fantastic standalone shooter that you can call your quilty pleasure. Expand
  16. Nov 10, 2010
    This game is unbelievably on steroids. I am a big fan of mecha/gundam/guyver and robotech. I was skeptical thinking that this is another mediocre game but I am very surprised with the presentation of Vanquish. Nonstop shootin' guns blazin' challengin' enemies is what makes this game memorable.
    Second transformation of boss mechas after a hideous battle really pushed my overdrive mode to
    "rape that big boss in the a**!" I am out of

    Vanquish 10/10

    Buy this game and make sure to bring extra sodas cuz u r in for a thrill ride. Bring sum weed too. Peace out!
  17. Dec 4, 2010
    Vanquish is simply amazing. This game is a genuine classic. Its the devil may cry of third person shooters, with fast and stylish gameplay. Although the game is short enough and the plot wont win any awards, it doesn't matter. Platinum games are the best game developers of all time and have cemented that place with this game. Fingers crossed for a sequel.
  18. May 4, 2013
    The only thing that knocks this game down from a ten was the first couple of hours of the story. A bit too cheesy and derivative, but I did warm up to it as I played. As for the action, level design, and enemy design... Just wow. I played this game through on Hard and died over and over and over again. But I kept coming back to it. Because when you die, you feel like, if I just did that instead, maybe I wouldn't have. It makes Gears of War and Halo seem down right sluggish. This game is available for free right now on Playstation Plus, a great way to play this game if you haven't. Expand
  19. Jan 25, 2011
    I do not understand people who claim they can play this game on the hardest setting in under four hours. Clearly they haven't tried playing on it. It's mental.
    In any case, this game is great! It's got excellent graphics, gameplay that doesn't bore even after two playthroughs, lots of references to other games and a killer difficulty (at least on Hard/ God Hard. Damn that ending boss).
    Though the storyline is pretty mediocre, it doesn't bother too much since you just want to keep playing.

    The ending scene hints for a sequel? Let's hope.
  20. May 2, 2011
    This game has a slightly embarrassing, overly-macho plot. It's pretty short. It's a good thing every second of gameplay is sheer adrenaline and fun.

    Basically, Vanquish is a second-person cover shooter, where you can dash at incredible speeds to find new cover (which is constantly being destroyed), and enter bullet-time to dodge the ridiculous hail of gunfire. There is no padding, just
    lots of amazing gameplay. Don't listen to the haters here. I much preferred this game to Gears of War, and I liked Gears of War. If you've ever liked a shooter, pick up Vanquish. It's available for a good price, and every set-piece is memorable. Expand
  21. Jun 10, 2011
    Party like it's 1999! At least that is what you think you may be playing. An old Sega Dreamcast game with Next-Gen graphics. Vanquish is one of those rare games they don't make anymore. It is one of those games that you most likely will either love, or trade in for Call of Duty titles. It is definetly not for weak hearted, short-spanned gamer out there. Trophy hunters need not apply. You're going to have a blast playing Vanquish. It is a great mix of Bayonetta, Lost Planet, and Virtual-On. So, if you did not like any of those, turn away right now. Graphics are fairly solid. Framerate keeps up pretty good 90% of the time, and the gameplay is just as smooth. It has crazy amount of action on screen, and it leaves you no room to breathe. Boss battles are awesome and challenging. The sound is good, but music is your typical ambient arcade music. Typical SEGA. Also this is not a long game. Less than average but on par with Call of Duty playtime of 4-6 hours. I would love to have seen some DLC for this game. It is one of those rare games you actually want to buy DLC for, but do not have it. Also no MP hurts replayability. CO-OP would have been a bug plus. Overall a must buy for hardcore gamers, and fans of Shinji Mikami's titles. Lack of replayability is the only downside to an overall classic that is of the dying breed. Expand
  22. Oct 17, 2011
    Its only fault is being so much on the short side... Game is just so much fun! The action is really engaging, the weapons are satisfying to shoot, it's a joy to simply move around the scenery making use of the crazy amour. The voice acting is quite good as well, it's a shame that the lines itself are pure cheese. The story is generic and somewhat substandard, but it's not intrusive to game-play: cut-scenes are pretty short and can be skipped. Overall, excellent game where its only drawback is that there is not more of it. But there comes the replay value, I guess. You will want to play it more. Expand
  23. Nov 3, 2011
    My favourite game of 2010, hands down. After first dismissing early vague screenshots, I quickly realised the error of my ways. Shinji Mikami. Platinum Games. This game wasn't just a Dark Void-esque Gears throwback, it was a cleverly packaged homage to Probotector, Space Harrier et al; merciless shooters of yesteryear. The game BLEEDS style. The Guyver crossed with Iron Man tearing up some anime surplus mech warehouse in space. Presentation is slick, with bold sharp graphics and an eye for detail. A great soundtrack accompanies the tightest 3rd-person shooter controls available, providing intense skilful gameplay. The story is short and uninspired, but that's ok; you only came for the fireworks anyway. Expand
  24. Jan 19, 2012
    This is a pretty good and interesting action game. The artistic design is kind of nice, graphics are good technically. What is important about this game, what makes it stand out from the rest of the shooters are several mechanics kidn of unique to it, at least in this combination and usage. Three of them are these: (1) Slow-Motion â
  25. Mar 26, 2012
    an extraordinary game, full of frenetic action and speed. Japanese´s product and the clear signal that they too know how to do shooters up to the top.
  26. Apr 5, 2012
    Shinji Mikami proves to be a genius once more. This is the best 3rd person shooter of all time. It doesn't have a good story and you can finish it in 6 to 8 hours, but the controls are so smooth, the action is simply breathtaking, and it looks very polished. Not worth a full price, but pick this up. This is, or at least should be, the next generation of shooters.
  27. Mar 18, 2013
    Now this is what i call gaming entertainment. It's not a great story i give you that. In fact i din't took the trouble to try to follow it to be honest. But the action, my God, the action. It feels, looks and sounds amazing and every bit it's just exhilarating!!
  28. Oct 30, 2012
    This game doesn't have the best story or the best graphics but it achieves something way better. It is just plainly fun and you'll keep wanting for more. Also, the controls and the weapons are great. The game isn't that long (maybe around 7-8 hours, don't remember exactly) but you'll have no problem starting another game and doing it again.
  29. Jul 25, 2014
    One of the first games I picked up in the bargain bin after I got my PS3. Absolutely underrated as far as the attention it got when it came out. It probably made $30. I don't even know anybody in person that heard of this game. Probably the best 3rd person shooter out there as far as I'm concerned, and I'm always right about stuff as far as you know. Fast and furious with a story that won't want to make you go beat a homeless person. Seriously, though... check it out. And DON'T beat a homeless person. Not having a home already sucks bad enough. Expand
  30. Mar 6, 2013
    This is a sold shooter! Exactly what I want from this type of game story was perfect length not too long and not too short, with bonus content and online rankings to keep you playing if you loved the combat system. Got it for free with my playstation plus membership very glad I downloaded it! Tight controls, fast paced combat, with what I would call" Bullet time" very close to how it worked in Max Payne 3. The only reason its not a 9 is the voice acting scratchy war vet scratchy main character voices seemed to close. The difficulty on normal is great you will most likely die quite a few times. Expand
  31. Feb 17, 2013
    Vanquish is the definition of a great video game--fun, frantic, and challenging. No, it does not have great depth in its exaggerated (and admittedly fun) characters or the story they tell. No, you can't customize your weapons or armor how you like. No, unfortunately it is not very long. It does, however, give you over-the-top action that doesn't cease from start to finish. The levels are diverse in their design and approach. The gameplay is perfected in its tight controls and furious mechanics. You will love it from the first minute to the last. Quality over quantity: Vanquish delivers that. Expand
  32. Feb 28, 2013
    This is definitely a great game for third-person shooter fans. The game is short but there are a good number of challenge missions to keep you occupied. The story is a little predictable but all the flashing lights and gunfire will keep your attention if not make you have a seizure. Great sci-fi action, shooting, game mechanics. Is certainly worth playing and having in your collection. A+!
  33. Mar 8, 2014
    This game literally has one of the most amazing concepts I have seen in a game. The controls are fluid and responsive, the suit looks and is, amazing. The slow-mo moments are perfect and the game deserves to be given more credit where it's due, the game literally does everything right in terms of game-play, in the story however, that's it's weakest point, but the story essentially doesn't matter when the game-play literally drowns it out. Expand
  34. Oct 19, 2010
    I'm in love with Vanquish. It mashes together everything a hardcore gamer could want: intuitive controls, mobility, balance, a competitive scoring system, and stylized action. Itâ

Generally favorable reviews - based on 61 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 55 out of 61
  2. Negative: 0 out of 61
  1. Feb 9, 2011
    Vanquish manages in many ways to be quite literally awesome though; from the bombastic battles you partake in, through its outstanding technical performance, brilliantly ridiculous cutscenes and superb twists on an established genre.
  2. Jan 31, 2011
    If you're still itching to waste a few hours on Vanquish, here's some advice: wait until the inevitable price reduction.
  3. There's really been nothing else quite like it this generation, which makes comparison difficult, and its one misstep is the fact that its only online component is a paltry ranking system. In truth, having multiplayer inside the chaotic sphere of Vanquish would have made Mikami's latest baby the prodigal son of third-person shooters. There's always next time though. [December 2010 p78]