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  • Summary: With Virtua Tennis 3, the series returns with enhanced photo-realistic graphics and advanced player animations that perfectly match the behavior and mannerisms of individual professional athletes. In Career Mode, gamers travel the world and take on the biggest stars of the tennis world. Improvements to the Player Creation Mode allow gamers to customize their own tennis star with a wealth of licensed tennis equipment and increased detail. No Virtua Tennis title would be complete without the popular and addictive mini-games, and Virtua Tennis 3 is no exception. In addition to the popular mini-games from previous titles used to sharpen players' skills, there are a host of brand new games to keep players in top form. [Sega] Collapse
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  1. 92
    Although past versions of Virtua Tennis have always exhibited a finely tuned but "arcadey" feel, VT3 is a full bodied simulation. This new outing from Sega AM3's ever appealing sports series is a deeper, more demanding and serious beast than ever before and yet easily manages to maintain the 'fun' factor that is synonymous with the series.
  2. When a game is this well presented, fluid to play and with such a well-balanced learning curve enabling anyone to pick up and play in just a few seconds, even those not that keen on tennis can't help but appreciate such finesse. [Mar 2007, p.47]
  3. While Virtua Tennis 3 is undoubtedly a relatively mild updating of what has gone before, which is particularly surprising when the length of time that’s passed since the last full instalment is considered, it still manages to convincingly retain its crown as the king of the tennis roost.
  4. The multiplayer stuff is so good that without it, the game simply wouldn't be as enjoyable. World Tour is immensely entertaining, but played solo it eventually becomes a slightly lonely, hollow experience. [Apr 2007, p.98]
  5. If you want a taste of the same old Virtua Tennis or have yet to experience the best Tennis game mechanics ever created, then youll be fine with VT3. Although if youre a veteran of the series this is a rental at best. [JPN Import]
  6. This game needed online play. I've already spent a bazillion hours with the first two games, and what would have made this feel truly fresh would have been playing against other vets. Consider me bummed.
  7. The game is surprisingly fun for a non-tennis fan, but it's overly simple at times. It's worth a try for most gamers, though, as it provides at least a few hours of entertainment.

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  1. Toni
    Mar 22, 2007
    Seems better than Top Spin, great game.
  2. O.M.
    May 2, 2007
    3 minutes VT3 is like 3 hours in real life - Wow! Cool Gameplay, cool atmosphere, cool graphics.
  3. LeonL.
    Mar 19, 2008
    One of the best sport game. There is nothing Wii sport Tennis can compete with this game. Re-play value is high. It is one of the games I'm highly recommended to keep. Expand
  4. MohammadAl-Abbasi
    Mar 9, 2009
    My apartment is where all my friends chill after a long day at the office, thus I always seek out good 4 or at least two player games on either PS3 or 360. COD4, Army of Two, Pro Evo Soccer, Tekken etc. I decided to get a Tennis game and compared this title with Top Spin then decided to get Vertua Tennis PS3. AWSOME!! we all got super hooked to the game. Me (a hardcore gamer) all the guys and even guys that never join in and play! Its a good game. easy controls and involves a lot of strategy when your 4 players. Didnt play it "single player" though. Expand
  5. KevinM.
    May 1, 2007
    I'd agree with 1up on this one - diving is a pain, rallies are too long, net play isn't efficient, and there are 'should have been winners' galore. Fun, realistic looking (movements are amazing, mimmicks the players almost exactly) but the game isn't sharp enough. I'll stick with Mario tennis for GC. Expand
  6. SandSpiderII
    Oct 3, 2007
    This game isn't a game that you get hooked on for months. It's a filler for when you need a break from other games.