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  • Summary: WET is a seamless integration of intense gunplay, death-defying acrobatics and exciting swordplay. The game tells the story of Rubi, an acrobatic gun-for-hire. When she agrees to help a wealthy man find and bring back his wayward son, all hell breaks loose and the tables are turned, as the man who hired her isn't who he appeared to be. Now Rubi's on the run, needing to find the man who left her for dead and leaving a massive body count in her wake. Innovative 3rd person shooter gameplay: With her trusty twin custom made Colt Pythons, Rubi gracefully engages in amazing, cinematic high-body count gunplay against diverse and challenging enemies. Along with her guns, Rubi has an arsenal of death-defying acrobatic moves. Her incredible agility allows her to climb on ledges, slide under obstacles, swing on poles and run along walls. Rubi's sword is an instrument for deadly close-quarter proximity attacks. Rubi will unleash a flurry of multi-staged stylized attack sequences. [Sierra Entertainment] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 61
  2. Negative: 2 out of 61
  1. WET has taken the third person shooter genre and turned it completely on its head – not for everyone, but I loved every last second of it. Tarantino would be proud.
  2. Wet is a very good game that any fan of shooters will enjoy.
  3. It’s not polished enough to hang with the games that inspired it – the action gets messy to the point of frustration far too often, and the level designs are rudimentary to say the least – but if you’re looking for a weekend sugar-rush you could do much ­worse.
  4. The game hits its stride far too early, and then never really hits it again after that.
  5. By any other name, WET is Kill Bill: The Video Game. WET gives everything it has to offer in the first ten minutes. Nevertheless, the score/health system that lies at its core keeps it compelling with a strong dynamic that lends the urgency and pace third-person shooters desperately require.
  6. WET is attractive at first sight, but irritating if we decide to go deeper, just like Rubi, its main character.
  7. It's barely a game. [Nov 2009, p.130]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 12
  2. Negative: 3 out of 12
  1. Aug 15, 2011
    With a Tarantino-meets-Rodriguez style of Grindhouse and Inglorious Bastards, WET is so innovative and unique that even a gun-hiring badass and a cold beer might do the trick. It's a great experience, the controls were really incredible were you slash and kill your target on mission at a time. I gotta hand it to Eliza Dushku of Buffy fame and the short-lived Dollhouse, as Rubi Malone there's no stopping on whether she's in action or getting drunk, it doesn't matter. She's like in a reboot of American Pie or something. Great cast, nice soundtrack, and a must-own game. I heard they are making a sequel, but I don't know if it;s coming in 2011 or delayed until 2012. But I have to wait and see. Expand
  2. Mar 13, 2012
    I am MAJORLY surprised to see that the critics liked this game more than the users! On my You Tube Christian gaming channel, Gaming 4 Jesus ( ), I gave this game a 8.5. Being that Metacritic does not allow half scores, I think the game is worth a 9 on here. At the time, this game broke the mold as far as Quinton Tarantino-type wit, obnoxiousness, and rough charm. Plus, how could anyone NOT love Eliza Dushku's voice performance! It was a bit cliche, sure! But she pulled it all off BRILLIANTLY! By the way, I cordially invite anyone reading this to visit my channel (referral above). I hope you will sometime enjoy this game as much as I did! Expand
  3. Aug 13, 2013
    Although this game is a cheesy, basic hack 'n' slash and shoot everything that moves, I really enjoyed this game it's has a good Tarantino esque story with weird and interesting characters and enjoyable, funny and crazy gameplay. This game could have been better if it had more money and time invested in it but if you can find this game cheap (4 years on I'm sure you can find it very cheap) I suggest getting it. This is a game to fill a lazy weekend, but a good one at that. Expand
  4. Mar 14, 2014
    I don't see how anyone can hate this game. its seven hours of excitement and light-hearted fun. Yes, the graphics are not fantastic, but once you get about an hour in you really don't notice unless you're being too critical about it, and a game this fun doesn't need good graphics, they are perfectly sufficient.

    I love the mechanics of the gameplay. the sword-fighting/gun-firing/slow-mo/acrobatic action. there are a lot of dynamic abilities that work extremely well and feel rewarding when you do them. Free-running plays a massvie aspect in this game, not like in Brink when you never use it. The only game better than this in free running is Mirror's Edge. There are so many moves in this game: The Vertical Wall Run, Dive, Jump, Slide, Along-Wall Run, Wall Run Turn Jump, Jump at wall - jump off wall, wallrun up people, zipline, swing on poles, wallrun round corners. And you can shoot any weapon while doing any of these moves, in slow motion!!!! some more: slide backwards down ladders, Wall run flip, wall run jump. also, you can chain together moves to get more points!

    Seriously, this game is amazing, it has its issues such as some areas which can be frustrating to complete (The Skydive section, getting golds on some challenges, some rage sections are difficult) but to be honest once you complete the harder parts it's more rewarding and I've never actually rage quitted this game like I have others. Other faults include that sometimes Rubi doesn't grab onto stuff and you fall to your death, but this is a very rare occasion, maybe like once a level at most, but this happened to me alllllll the time in mirror's edge so no one can complain. Lastly, it feels slightly un-polished in some ways, like just a bit more work here and there and it would be truly outstanding. The music and the grainy film effect don't really do anything for me but its cool to be unique.

    This game has everything else you want from a game as well, collectables, challenges, upgrades, Points scores, various level types (Rage, Action/Adventure, "Dodging" sections (there are 2 levels where you jump from car to car and shoot guys and another where you are skydiving), Arena levels, Quick Time Scenes, Shooting Gallery Scenes, Training Levels), also you get new guns as you play-through, the achievements are quite easy but you still need to work to get them (most games have 2 or 3 achievements that are impossible to 99% of people, and most games I have barely 50% of the achievements because they might be multiplayer or just really annoying to get).

    In conclusion I highly recommend this game. Play it with a light-hearted attitude. I don't really pay much attention to the story, I usually stick on the Yog-Pod while playing and have a laugh at that while I'm massacring dozens of helpless bodyguards with my duel shotguns mid air doing a back flip after jumping off some man's face in slow motion.

    Just buy the damn thing, its tonnes of fun and it;s like £5 quid now so its not exactly a massive expense!
  5. Dec 28, 2010
    the game has alot of potential but is shot down abit do to bad platforming , dull level's , repetitive levels , boring story. you can tell the developers where big fans of kill bill and the game has abit of its feel . the game reminds me abit of max payn as well. the gun mechanics and sword play are pretty well done and are what mainly holds this game from falling into the toilet . there are also alot of bugs and glitches have had a freese up or two and got stuck in things or have the QTE not work . the game is at best a rental or if you can get it dirt cheap which i think now you pretty much can. Expand
  6. Dec 21, 2010
    Third person shooter that does a stellar job mimicking 70's trash movies and featuring one of the coolest heroines ever. Armed with dual revolvers, a katana, and bullet time whenever she performs acrobatic moves, Rubi Malone shoots and slices thugs like none other. Too bad she only does it for about seven hours and suffers from countless sudden deaths due to failed jumps, slides, or quicktime events. Expand
  7. Oct 4, 2010
    At the beginning, i thought i was playing a game but shortly afterwards, I saw a movie. A movie that was commonly interrupted by deaths and crashes. It had so many good ideas, but too many ideas, and not enough of putting them into action. The one thing that i really liked about this games was Rubi's blood rage moments. Very artistic and very original. Other then that, maybe worth a rent, but under no circumstances worth buying. Expand

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