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Mixed or average reviews - based on 61 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 61
  2. Negative: 2 out of 61
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  1. 74
    It's sad, then, that Wet never really comes together nearly as well as it could've.
  2. Wet was a difficult project from the start, and that has undoubtedly affected it, in spite of Bethesda’s intervention. The hectic gameplay and the nice “Tarantino” atmosphere are not enough to cover up the poor texture and animation quality.
  3. 74
    WET is a action adventure you won’t find very often. The acrobatics are cool, but it’s something you need to do constantly. It breaks the pace of the game and aiming isn’t very fluent. Still, you’re getting plenty of diversity. You get quick-time events requiring focus and a Rage Mode that gives a different feel to the gameplay. It’s game you have to appreciate or it’s best to leave it.
  4. WET has some fantastic moments, but is plagued by some annoying deficiencies. It’s really cool to swing through the levels with the well formed Ruby and at the same time shoot some nasty enemies to oblivion. But after a while playing this game, you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, and the controls aren’t that precise. It’s a fun game you should get when it’s budget priced.
  5. Fighting through crowds of enemies is only appealing for so long until a sense of confusion sets; a confusion that asks, “What else does WET offer besides the same fights over and over again?” The answer to that rhetorical question is not much.
  6. So the game is fun, but ultimately flawed. It'll definitely appeal to those who like over-the-top, action-heavy titles, but the low graphical quality and somewhat repetitive nature of the titles will likely turn others away.
  7. A game released in the wrong time. With so many new and innovative games around, a game relying on blood and slow motion action will struggle.
  8. Rubi Malone stars a title with good ideas but irregular results.
  9. 71
    Ruby Malone is a hot chick and her job is to clean up everyone’s mess. Gameplay that will remind you of Stranglehold with a little influence of MadWorld. WET: a nice title, but it could have been better.
  10. The game hits its stride far too early, and then never really hits it again after that.
  11. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Energetic but shallow. [Nov 2009, p.88]
  12. 70
    WET's sassy style and minimalistic gameplay give it a tasty enough flavor that you won't find anywhere else, but like movie theater popcorn, you can only consume so much of it before you're hungry for something with a bit more substance.
  13. By any other name, WET is Kill Bill: The Video Game. WET gives everything it has to offer in the first ten minutes. Nevertheless, the score/health system that lies at its core keeps it compelling with a strong dynamic that lends the urgency and pace third-person shooters desperately require.
  14. The gameplay is sometimes clunky, and there's not much replay value, save for a couple of additional modes like Points Count and one-hit kill Golden Bullets. However, with its slick presentation and blood-spilling carnage, Wet is a fun action romp.
  15. Is WET a must buy? Nope, but it could be a good choice at the moment, without impressive releases and if you need an easy game to spend some hours with fun. The only rule is that you have to like Tarantino of course!
  16. Some parts of Wet are pretty decent, but the game clearly lacks highlights. There are way too many quick time events, especially during the final bossfight. To be accurate, the whole bossfight is a quick time event. However, everyone who enjoyed Stranglehold will have fun with Rubi too.
  17. 70
    In the end the game gives you a dirty sense of satisfaction and some cheap thrills.
  18. Games Master UK
    There's a developer's mucky pride shining through Wet, but thanks to its hamfisted execution, it just seems like arrogance. [Nov 2009, p.79]
  19. 67
    While it's not the most fantastic thing ever, a couple of its components -- namely the stylish presentation and the battle arenas -- are brilliant. Wet has the makings of a universe I'd like to revisit, but I'd want to see the same amount of polish that's been afforded to the wrappings in a follow-up.
  20. Wet is definitely enjoyable for those of us who like our action games with plenty of hack and extra slash, but like most of these titles, it’s not going to break the mold.
  21. 66
    Come for the blood, bullets, crude language, seedy characters piles of dead bodies, but don't expect to find any lasting kind of satisfaction.
  22. 65
    WET isn't really an original game. Several ingredients are taken from other good titles. Nevertheless, WET is amusing for a couple of hours and therefore it's just a good B-title.
  23. Wet is a stylish game, with a fair share of Tarantino and Stranglehold as inspirations. Sadly it doesn’t matches nor the genius of the former neither the fun gunplay of the latter, leaving just a repetitive action to be played over and over, with not much fun left.
  24. WET is attractive at first sight, but irritating if we decide to go deeper, just like Rubi, its main character.
  25. WET isn't a bad action game after all. Ruby's acrobatics quite meet the frantic gameplay while the smart design of some locations allows players to give vent to their killing fancy. But WET is actually just a boring sequence of repetitive environments and situations. The game itself lasts just a few hours, no online mode is available and the content to unlock is plain and useless. We would like to talk about neat ideas but truth is that Ruby got WET just because she failed a jump and fell in the water.
  26. Despite looking how a B-movie should and acting like a ridiculous over the top action shooter should act, WET has absolutely nothing to make you stick around.
  27. Some will enjoy this, but for most the game won't keep their attention long enough to justify forking out full price. WET is good fun for a couple of hours but ultimately it's a classic case of style over substance.
  28. The story of double-crosses and revenge feels pretty inconsequential over the course of Wet, but it manages to get the game's sharp dialogue across, so it certainly has its place. But that's probably the best thing that can be said about Wet, because the rest of its interesting moments get driven into the ground through repetition over the course of its 12 chapters.
  29. Expected more of WET, which could be a good action game, which eventually becomes stressful and boring. The order leaves open a sequel, so hopefully in a more coordinated Rubi, speaking and visual aspect more detailed.
  30. Wet is off to a great start. The Grind house-movie-flavor works and the music is upbeat. The first four hours fly by thanks to the gameplay and a very nice looking Ruby. But after that, it gets repetitive. There's a lack of variation and challenge. When you die, you don't get the feeling it's your fault. And at the end, you get into a boss fight that's a real disappointment. Wet is a game that really entertains for a while and after that doesn't offer enough. This makes the game ideal to pick up when the price drops, to complete it on a rainy Sunday.
  31. It offers diversity for Bethesda, definitely. But at the same time, the gamble is that it's coming from an unproven developer, and as an all new I.P., it has a very small chance of selling well enough for Bethesda to consider it a good pick-up from Activision's table scraps.
  32. Wet had the potential to be a hit, but despite its high quality appearance and well-crafted settings the game fails to engage the player, mainly due to the hideous controls.
  33. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    It doesn't always work. [Dec 2009, p.77]
  34. Style over substance rings true once again.
  35. Wet is, as a production, great but as a game it’s not that great. The main problem is the lack of soul and heart. Combining ”cool” features, mixing them up with a ”cool” lady killer just isn’t ”cool” if you don’t do it properly
  36. A short-lived, occasionally exciting but overall shallow experience.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 54 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 5 out of 15
  1. Jan 21, 2016
    Wet was always appealing to me, due to its grindhouse's style that could belong in a Tarantino movie. Unfortunately I'll quickly explain whyWet was always appealing to me, due to its grindhouse's style that could belong in a Tarantino movie. Unfortunately I'll quickly explain why this game has been a deception.

    First technically the game is pretty bad with outdated graphics for a 2009 game, very long loading time and even some framerate drops.The IA of the enemies is okay but won't be much of a challenge neither The art direction of the game deserved better,

    Now concerning the gameplay the first minutes are very fun, you're introduce to different moves, sword fight, etc... But you get nothing new during the rest of the game, well yes you'll have new skills and weapons, but they really are not useful and you'll finish the game using only your pistols, your sword and the same 3 moves (killing enemies without moves is just boring) and the game is still very easy, it's almost impossible to die because of the enemies, no the most probable ways to die during the game is during jumps and that's mostly because the camera is faulty and the jumps will fail if you jump one foot too soon or late you die. The "bosses" are all the same and once again very easy. There's a few enjoyable moment like "rage mode" or some QTE sequence, but they are too scarce to prevailed over the rest of the game.

    The story is, like you'd expected, pretty over the top with B-rank dialogues that you might love or hate depending on your tastes. However it will only last 6 hours which was way too short and the ending is obviously rushed (there's even one lieutenant of the bad guy that disappeared), they clearly cut some part of the game to get it out on scheduled.

    In conclusion the game fails in its game design it should have either work more on its looks and add more QTE's and sequences other than arena's fight. Or having a top notch gameplay that requires skills and less repetitive. In both case they should have at least finish the game properly. The six hours that the game last weren't bad and I liked the first half of it, but the repetitiveness of the gameplay killed this fun and at the end it was boring. Advisable only to grindhouse fans at a very low price.
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  2. Dec 21, 2010
    Third person shooter that does a stellar job mimicking 70's trash movies and featuring one of the coolest heroines ever. Armed with dualThird person shooter that does a stellar job mimicking 70's trash movies and featuring one of the coolest heroines ever. Armed with dual revolvers, a katana, and bullet time whenever she performs acrobatic moves, Rubi Malone shoots and slices thugs like none other. Too bad she only does it for about seven hours and suffers from countless sudden deaths due to failed jumps, slides, or quicktime events. Full Review »
  3. Mar 13, 2012
    I am MAJORLY surprised to see that the critics liked this game more than the users! On my You Tube Christian gaming channel, Gaming 4 Jesus (I am MAJORLY surprised to see that the critics liked this game more than the users! On my You Tube Christian gaming channel, Gaming 4 Jesus ( http://www.youtube.com/Gaming4Jesus ), I gave this game a 8.5. Being that Metacritic does not allow half scores, I think the game is worth a 9 on here. At the time, this game broke the mold as far as Quinton Tarantino-type wit, obnoxiousness, and rough charm. Plus, how could anyone NOT love Eliza Dushku's voice performance! It was a bit cliche, sure! But she pulled it all off BRILLIANTLY! By the way, I cordially invite anyone reading this to visit my channel (referral above). I hope you will sometime enjoy this game as much as I did! Full Review »