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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 77
  2. Negative: 3 out of 77
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  1. White Knight Chronicles is not a bad game at all, but it lacks of spirit because of its gameplay flaws and unimpressive combat system.
  2. Perhaps White Knight Chronicles is trying to accomplish too much and ends up spreading itself thin.
  3. Given the short main game length, a lower price point seems like it would have been more appropriate. If you're on the fence, I'd recommend a rental first. This may not be what you're expecting.
  4. White Knight Chronicles is better than most people are giving it credit for, but it does come up short in some key areas. I think that folks looking for a huge RPG experience may want to rent this before buying.
  5. Edge Magazine
    White Knight Chronicles is competent and solid without ever being beautiful or, you'll find yourself realising with a scratch of the head 15 hours in, particularly enjoyable. [Apr 2010, p.99]
  6. Despite their relative strength, the disparate halves of White Knight Chronicles fail to gel in meaningful ways.
  7. White Knight Chronicles RPG is far from being recommendable to all fans of the genre and only some with a certain predisposition will be able to like what the game has to offer.
  8. It looks like your average JRPG, but it's more like a MMORPG. White Knight Chronicles is fun, but it lacks some spark and could have been much better.
  9. Ultimately, White Knight Chronicles is a major disappointment for any fans that have played any of Level 5’s previous games, or for anyone looking for a top tier role-playing experience.
  10. White Knight Chronicles was a disappointment for me, especially coming from a quality developer like Level-5. Some of the studio’s trademark customization helps to give the game some legs, as does its hefty multiplayer component. However, for interesting combat, deep characters, and an engaging fantasy, I’d look elsewhere.
  11. While Level 5 certainly has some must-have games in their dossier, White Knight Chronicles isn’t one of them. Its blend of JRPG and MMORPG mechanics may be innovative, but it isn’t very fun, and its plot isn’t good enough to outweigh the many glaring problems with its gameplay.
  12. On the whole, it's a great-looking game with an impressive amount of territory to explore, and it's largely free of the suffocating pomposity that seems part and parcel of so many Japanese-influenced RPGs.
  13. Thankfully, with their powers combined, the sister modes of the game conspire to lift it above its shortcomings and transform it into a worthwhile, if scatterbrained, experience.
  14. So when Level 5 takes these cumbersome elements and drops them into a single game, we end up playing something that feels half-hearted.
  15. Level 5 has chosen to follow a tried and true formula, rather than risking anything radically different. We can safely say White Knight Chronicles will appeal more to JRPG fans than mainstream gamers.
  16. A capable j-rpg with some interesting ideas that would've benefited from a more even overall quality.
  17. 70
    White Knight Chronicles is definitely hit-or-miss at times, and while it finds itself occasionally hampered by a stale single-player campaign and wonky combat system, the overall experience brings just enough fresh content and online innovations to the table to make it a worthwhile purchase for hardcore JRPG fans.
  18. While one or two of the many elements of White Knight Chronicles might provide some enjoyment, the overall experience stands as one of the most disappointing RPGs in years.
  19. White Knight Chronicles feels too old. That’s not without reason: the game appeared in Japan a year and a half before the European release. The end result isn’t worthy of the Level 5-name, even though the hardcore RPG-fanatic will gain some satisfaction from the gameplay.
  20. The world that Level 5 invites you to explore is predictable and typical in a way that feels almost irritating. Still the music is amazing and the battle system intense.
  21. I hate to say it, but White Knight Chronicles is a huge letdown. Aside from some of the environments, everything in the game is merely average or, in some cases, below that. The broken, boring combat stands as the game's biggest problem, but I can't help but feel that even if it was more exciting, the game would still be sub par.
  22. In making White Knight Chronicles, Level-5 created a vast, sprawling world, and then failed to fill it with anything original.
  23. Games Master UK
    There's very little here to appeal to even the most traditionalist of Japanese RPG fans. [Apr 2010, p.70]
  24. games(TM)
    There's every chance White Knight Chronicles will start to shine in co-op. As a single-player experience, however, which is surely the main reason for anyone to invest, it's distinctly average, suffering from problems that are genuinely a surprise considering the brains behind it. [Apr 2010, p.124]
  25. The monsters may look interesting, but slaying beasts is way too easy in this forgettable role-playing game.
  26. 60
    Though the game features several imaginative environments, the same can't be said for its pedestrian, trope-riddled story.
  27. White Knight Chronicles is a game that isn’t quite the sum of its parts. The parts actually add up together pretty well on paper, but in reality the MMO and single player Japanese RPG styles don’t merge too well, and what you’re left with is a fun combat system with a cluttered HUD, generic storyline and design and a multiplayer component that is a side-component at best.
  28. I'd love to say White Knight Chronicles was the RPG that we've all been waiting for. Unfortunately it's nothing like the RPG I've been waiting for since that first gameplay trailer.
  29. White Knight Chronicles is a decent attempt at making a hybrid RPG, creating something for offline and online players. However, the emphasis on both has made the game somewhat half-baked.
  30. There’s a lot to like about White Knight Chronicles but there’s also a lot of problems with the title. For those who haven’t been following the game since its announcement you’re not losing much by skipping over this title for other, better, PS3 exclusives.
  31. White Knight Chronicles is simply an enthusiastic game that falls short of what it could have been.
  32. 51
    White Knight Chronicles is a disappointment. Besides the unimpressive visuals and poorly-told story, the game suffers from a flawed battle system and inconsistent gameplay rules.
  33. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Another piece from the endless line of Japanese RPGs which fails to fulfill the high expectations of its fans. [Issue#189]
  34. This is very much the tried and true j-rpg formula we've experienced for the better part of a decade. Had it not been for the ability to experience the adventure with friends online there would be nothing unique about this package at all. That said, when experienced via the online features this is definitely a game worth checking out.
  35. White Knight Chronicles is a letdown, far away from the promises that Level 5 -the team behind Rogue Galaxy or Dragon Quest VIII, among many others- made at the very beginning of its development. The story's too simple and plain to be taken seriously, just like the battle system. It's a good game on technical terms, thought, with an interesting graphic engine and funny designs for the monsters we hunt during our adventure. It's a worthy buy for the followers of the genre, but for the rest, it's best to look -or wait- for other chances on the JRPG world.
  36. White Knight Chronicles isn't the best JRPG of current consoles generation, especially because it does not have a great graphical impact or a very original story line. Anyway, thanks to a fair online play mode and a good gameplay that mixes MMORPG and classic role play games elements it's still a decent game.
  37. 60
    White Knight Chronicles may provide some joy for the JRPG faithful, but it feels tired, bland and uneven in almost all aspects.
  38. Play UK
    A boring waste. [Issue#190, p.74]
  39. 50
    Pretty visuals and in-depth character evolution fail to gloss over the disappointment caused by a hackneyed story, an annoyingly flawed real-time battle system, and a shocking lack of difficulty.
  40. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    You can go online and play with your mates, but it doesn’t do enough to be exciting or even pretty to look at. Diagnosis: take one dose of Final Fantasy XIII and start another of Valkyria Chronicles. [May 2010 p.79]
  41. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Solid fun, and enough to generate interest in the already-confirmed sequel, but little else. [Apr 2010, p.106]
  42. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Never quite delivered. [Mar 2010, p.74]
  43. White Knight Chronicles: International Edition is a solid role playing game, and the battle system hardly even feels like it's turn based. All the item collecting parts really helps the offline part, but it's the village building and the online gaming that really makes the game fun.
  44. Simple characters and dated presentation tell a bland tale.
  45. All in all, this is a mixed package and as I said at the beginning I found it hard to get into. It is an RPG that taken on its own merit is an interesting experiment of combining elements of MMORPG into a console game.
  46. 50
    This foundation is shaky at best, so White Knight Chronicles needs some work.
  47. The long delay in reaching EU territories should have been spent by Level-5 to smooth the many edges of their production. Unfortunately this has not happened and the result is a pleasant JRPG, but far from the quality that Japanese developers have us accustomed to.
  48. It’s totally super awesome. And stuff.
  49. Without the online part of things, this would be an utterly irredeemable experience, one that gets old well before you'd even realize nothing has actually happened. There are some interesting building blocks here, but they're better left for the sequel.
  50. 70
    It is still a recommended game for Japanese RPG lover, but the strange gameplay and some of its aspects should make experienced players think twice this acquisition.
  51. White Knight Chronicles isn't a bad game; there's a decent amount of content on offer and some interesting innovations, but – and returning to this ongoing theme of expectation - it should have been something better.
  52. 60
    Despite having a good multiplayer component, this game never convinces as a game worth remembering due to it's many shortcomings.
  53. 70
    The online component was definitely more entertaining than the single-player game, but it also comes with its own set of setbacks that keep it from being as user-friendly as I would have hoped for. Still PS3 fans looking for a solid JRPG experience will not be disappointed as long as they know what they are getting into.
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  2. Negative: 7 out of 21
  1. Oct 6, 2010
    I really like this game. It looks to me like MMO experience, but without MMO subscription price. I get party of 4 to manage, so I can playI really like this game. It looks to me like MMO experience, but without MMO subscription price. I get party of 4 to manage, so I can play around with different types of builds. I have armor and weapons to buy. I can play with my friends online. The graphics is good and world is interesting. It is not gray like many FPS today, but a full color palette. I like the basic game play, which I consider to be semi-turn based. The story started well. There is really not much to complain about. It might be a bit on easy side, but considering that I may want to experiment with my builds I need some room for mistakes. Full Review »
  2. Jan 25, 2011
    I had to wrestle to get through the 3 hours I put in this game. I don't understand any appeal to it. The graphics are pretty mediocre, if notI had to wrestle to get through the 3 hours I put in this game. I don't understand any appeal to it. The graphics are pretty mediocre, if not bad for a next-gen game, the price tag is horrible (it's still at 69 euro in the stores here), the gameplay is boring and unclear (you get moves that cost less than later moves but are more powerful? They should have some way to show how strong your individual moves are). Furthermore, you get to create a character and it turns out not to be the main character? You have to manually skip to your character if you want to play it, every single time and then it turns out it doesn't even get it's own suit-thingy. The only thing that stands out for this RPG is the fact that you can go online and do quests and go on this online forum thingy that's filled with people that can't write if their lives depended on it and are looking for online dates, honestly. Okay, I guess the graphics could be considered funny if you're realllly doing your best and the music isn't very annoying, but that's about the best you could say for this game and really, it wouldn't even deserve the 4 I'd give it. Full Review »
  3. Sep 10, 2010
    Now this game may have received a lot of mixed reviews and even bad ones. But if you're a Level-5 and JRPG fan, this is a game you couldNow this game may have received a lot of mixed reviews and even bad ones. But if you're a Level-5 and JRPG fan, this is a game you could enjoy. The visual graphics aren't the best but it does have beautiful scenery to enjoy. There are some flaws to the game such as being able to get hit from a distance but other than that game play is fun and enjoyable for RPG fans, music is GREAT, story has a good twist and plot, great cast of characters and a good 50 hour game. Full Review »