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  • Summary: [Playstation Network] The WipEout HD Fury expansion pack increases the content of your current game with 8 new tracks, 13 new ship models and 3 new game modes, 2 of which are available for online play. In addition there are new trophies to attain, a re-styled front-end and a selection of new & improved multiplayer functionality. The Eliminator game mode allows you to release all that pent-up aggression as you use the full arsenal of Wipeout weaponry to destroy your opponents. Forget those racing lines; this is all about destruction, with the victor being the first to reach the target score. Zone Battle is about risk and reward. Acceleration is automatic as you swoop over zone pads to fill your zone bar. Your choice is whether to use the bar to increase your speed and boost your ship ever closer to the target zone or absorb it to replenish vital lost energy. Warning, avoid the ‘zone barriers’, obstacles left on the track by your opponents as they boost towards the target zone, hitting these can literally destroy your hopes of victory. Detonator mode introduces a brand new ship model to the game that tests both your piloting skills and your shooting accuracy as you accelerate through as many as 14 stages. Score points by destroying the mines that have been strewn along the track and take out the bomb on each stage to earn additional points. The more accurate you are the more points and bonuses you will score. [SCEA] Expand
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  1. 100
    Fury feels like a standalone game as opposed to a piece of DLC. [Issue#183, p.82]
  2. The most complete and polished downloadable content yet released on Playstation 3. A nigh on flawless racing package.
  3. There really is no option, if you love Wipeout HD then Fury is a must have.
  4. This expansion completes what was already one of the most important games of PlayStation Network, and it should be in all racing fans hard drives. A must-buy for any player who have enjoyed Wipeout HD.
  5. Studio Liverpool delivers a great bang for you buck. When all new circuits, modes en versions of existing ships are taken in account you can do the math: the original games' content has doubled. Minor flaws can cause some annoyance, but are compensated by all the other things Fury delivers. Wipeout HD just got even better.
  6. Add-on can be compared to a superb original in all aspects – actually there is even more fun. New modes and tracks are perfect; generally Fury stands way above other DLC products. [Sept 2009]
  7. Sony's super-stylised future racer may still be download-only but this expansion is worth every penny.

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  1. Jun 19, 2011
    WipEout HD was awesome, this expansion is awesome too. I don't know, but this is great game to play. Although I still don't really know how to control the ship's manuevers, but it was like when I played Sonic Riders and SR: Zero Gravity with my brother. the gameplay is basically on futuristic tracks. So it's cool!! This is definitely one of the best PSN games ever!!! Expand
  2. Aug 12, 2010
    Wipeout HD Fury is the best version of Wipeout ever. I've been playing since the first version on the PSOne and this is how I dreamed the game to be in the future.

    Wipeout HD is amazing, but somehow it lacks some fury in it. The graphics are fast, but a bit dull, and so were the ship models. Fury has changed all this adding the dark twist this wonderful game needed. Not to mention all the ship upgrades, new circuits, new game modes and new music.

    Simply a must for any wipeout fan.
  3. Sep 30, 2010
    This a is a quality racer and a such a low price an absolute bargain both HD and FURY campaigns which is more than enough for players to get the hang of WOHD and when your done with single player theres a nice variety of online modes to keep you busy. Online up to 8 players can compete in races with or without weapons, eliminator mode for obliterating one another with the ability to flip and go in the opposite direction of other pilots for tactical effect, zone battle which leaves the open choice of boosting to further reach the zone target and moving a much greater speed or shields to regenerate shields lost from impact as well as temporary shielding from all damage. For the graphics fans among you you'll pleased to know that the game displays in 1080p at 60fps not bad for those with fancy tvs and even better with a 3D tv to boot! Expand
  4. KomradA
    Jul 31, 2009
    Whoa! Its like living in the Wip3out world! new updated vehicles... they're like the 09 vs the 08 models! love it. Thoroughly impressed, the new tracks are excellent, and the new fury presentation feels like a real progression of future thought and design. very pleased. why are you reading this still? go on and get it !! Expand
  5. Jun 22, 2012
    I was never a Wipeout fan but when I got round to giving HD & Fury a run for their money I couldn't help but have my mouth agape and smiling consistently through my experience. The visual effects are mind boggling, this is easily the best looking game I have ever played. The frame rate stays at a smooth 60FPS and the action is fast paced yet never becomes too hectic. The multiplayer is fun but a novelty at best, singleplayer is where Wipeout HD's loyalties lie and where the fun ensues. Expand
  6. Oct 6, 2010
    For me, Wipeout HD Fury is the best PS3 exclusive. Wipeout games consistently strive to deliver the same things, and Wipeout HD Fury succeeds with them all: clean, crisp and colourful visuals; tight, responsive controls; challenging courses and varied modes of play; great soundtrack and effects; and speed. Plus, it has an online mode which in my experience so far has never suffered from lag. Extra marks go to the feature that allows you to create your own soundtrack from any playlists stored on your PS3. This can really add to the intensity and enjoyment and helps to make Wipeout HD YOUR game. Even without the Fury expansion (although there's really no reason to only purchase the original version given that both are available on a single disc version), it's a cracking game. Expand
  7. Jun 3, 2011
    Not that I don't like the game, but they're are adds, like full on commercials before each race. I paid for it too, they're no excuse for adds in a paid game. DIsgraceful Expand

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