• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jul 23, 2009

Generally favorable reviews - based on 15 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 15
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 15
  3. Negative: 0 out of 15
  1. 100
    Fury feels like a standalone game as opposed to a piece of DLC. [Issue#183, p.82]
  2. There really is no option, if you love Wipeout HD then Fury is a must have.
  3. The most complete and polished downloadable content yet released on Playstation 3. A nigh on flawless racing package.
  4. 92
    The Fury pack is, without a doubt, one of the most significant additions to the franchise... well, ever.
  5. With a whole new 80-event campaign designed to showcase these new modes, along with a smattering of traditional races and fastest-lap challenges, Fury almost doubles the size of an already generous game and therefore thoroughly warrants its asking price. One of the best downloadable games available now has one of the best expansion packs.
  6. Wipeout HD alone is a superb game, but when paired with its Fury expansion it becomes a near perfect package. For a cheap bargain this is ridiculously essential which represents possibly the greatest value to be found on the PS3.
  7. The new tracks are excellent, but it's the game modes that offer the real value for money here - they're so good it's no surprise Sony Liverpool was keen to get them into gamers' hands in an expansion rather than having to wait until the release of a completely new game.
  8. Studio Liverpool delivers a great bang for you buck. When all new circuits, modes en versions of existing ships are taken in account you can do the math: the original games' content has doubled. Minor flaws can cause some annoyance, but are compensated by all the other things Fury delivers. Wipeout HD just got even better.
  9. Add-on can be compared to a superb original in all aspects – actually there is even more fun. New modes and tracks are perfect; generally Fury stands way above other DLC products. [Sept 2009]
  10. This expansion completes what was already one of the most important games of PlayStation Network, and it should be in all racing fans hard drives. A must-buy for any player who have enjoyed Wipeout HD.
  11. 88
    It's hard to be anything but overjoyed with WipEout HD Fury. The price seems miniscule for the amount of content on offer.
  12. Way more than a simple expansion – it’s practically a sequel. The three new game modes are excellent additions to the basic formula. Where are the classic tracks from the first WipEout, though? [Aug 2009]
  13. 87
    WipeOut HD was and still is a must have PSN-title, now this expansion is a must have for every WipeOut HD owner out there!
  14. The really exciting thing is the appearance of the new event types. [Oct 2009, p.120]
  15. Sony's super-stylised future racer may still be download-only but this expansion is worth every penny.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 94 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 13
  2. Negative: 1 out of 13
  1. Jun 19, 2011
    WipEout HD was awesome, this expansion is awesome too. I don't know, but this is great game to play. Although I still don't really know how to control the ship's manuevers, but it was like when I played Sonic Riders and SR: Zero Gravity with my brother. the gameplay is basically on futuristic tracks. So it's cool!! This is definitely one of the best PSN games ever!!! Full Review »
  2. Jun 3, 2011
    Not that I don't like the game, but they're are adds, like full on commercials before each race. I paid for it too, they're no excuse for adds in a paid game. DIsgraceful Full Review »
  3. Sep 30, 2010
    This a is a quality racer and a such a low price an absolute bargain both HD and FURY campaigns which is more than enough for players to get the hang of WOHD and when your done with single player theres a nice variety of online modes to keep you busy. Online up to 8 players can compete in races with or without weapons, eliminator mode for obliterating one another with the ability to flip and go in the opposite direction of other pilots for tactical effect, zone battle which leaves the open choice of boosting to further reach the zone target and moving a much greater speed or shields to regenerate shields lost from impact as well as temporary shielding from all damage. For the graphics fans among you you'll pleased to know that the game displays in 1080p at 60fps not bad for those with fancy tvs and even better with a 3D tv to boot! Full Review »