Mixed or average reviews - based on 58 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 58
  2. Negative: 1 out of 58
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    It's admirable that Raven Software recognized this with Wolfenstein, but you can't help but wish that they developed the kernel of the ideas in this game into something more. As it is, this new Wolfenstein comes off as an engaging, though otherwise forgettable, shooter.
  2. Speaking of strategy, Wolfenstein is in dire need of a new one. Grinding through waves of predictable enemies in corridors is no way to pay homage to the franchise’s unquestioned legacy in the genre.
  3. With only genre basics in its bag of tricks, and hobbled at every turn by clumsy implementation, in a gaming landscape that already offers Battlefield 1943 and Call of Duty: World at War's Nazi Zombies mode, Wolfenstein's bargain basement charms are of limited appeal.
  4. Along the way, a lot of the little touches keep this from being the complete package, a lack of blood going everywhere (like it should), and that whole bit of online play being unbalanced. But taking into account the top-notch single-player experience, this is a title good enough to hold the attention for the hours necessary to finish it.
  5. Wolfenstein is an average FPS, with main drawbacks like an excessive linearity (partially hidden by the town meta-level, unsuccessfully), a general lack of polish, and poor A.I. A good level design and great scripted fights will please who is looking for some easy fun, but ultimately this is really milking an historical license.
  6. Wolfenstein is a mediocre title from a franchise known to be innovative and exceptional in their offerings.
  7. For all its foibles, Raven's brand of brazen, aimless carnage is a gruesome thrill with just enough dynamism in each battle to keep its anachronistic heart beating. [Oct 2009, p.88]
  8. Wolfenstein is essentially a mediocre product, even under the technical point of view, a title whose qualities are unfortunately not sufficient to hide its many flaws. The quality standards of Return to Castle Wolfenstein are just a memory of the past and whoever is expecting an intense and entertaining experience will be deeply deluded.
  9. In the end this is a by the numbers shooter with slick graphics, and ample opportunity to shoot supercharged Nazis. It's not going to win any awards but it's worth checking out if you’re looking for a weekend to pass the time shooting everyone's favorite bad guys.
  10. 71
    Wolfenstein is absolutely not the greatest shooter of this year, therefore the game lacks at too many points. But on the other hand, the game offers you a nice combination of shooting with weapons and using the skills of the medallion. Reason enough to buy this game as a perfect snack, before the really big shooters will hit the stores later this year.
  11. Wolfenstein has two sides. Sometimes, there are an awful lot of Nazi’s and there’s bullets flying right past you all the time, immersing you in the game. Other times, you just wish you could blast a bullet through main character B.J. Blazkowicz’s own head after walking through another boring alley in Isenstadt. Nevertheless, the biggest part of Wolfenstein was played with a big grin on our face. It’s a decent addition to a classic franchise.
  12. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    A big, dumb, action movie blast. And that's fine by us. [Oct 2009, p.108]
  13. 70
    But is it worth paying full price for? Not in my books – give this one a rent instead.
  14. The German version of Wolfenstein is no Wolfenstein! The original English version would get a ranking about 80%, but the German one kills every kind of atmosphere from the beginning!
  15. Players who are attached to the franchise won't be burned if they happen to pick the game up, and most shooter fans will be able to squeeze some enjoyment out of it. It's hard to imagine the multiplayer mode keeping much traction as the game ages, though, so look at the game as a short term investment.
  16. It would be nice to have a few more types of enemy rather than ninety percent being standard soldiers but what there is comes thick and fast. It is certainly not the most accomplished example of the genre though and for those people who like an FPS but are on a limited budget it might not be worth the ticket price.
  17. Play UK
    A decent game, though nothing special. [Issue#183, p.76]
  18. Generic gameplay, poor multiplayer offerings, and below average visuals? This I can't even recommend when it hits the inevitable bargain bin.
  19. If anything, multiplayer feels tacked on. Ultimately, Wolfenstein is a decent shooter full of explosions, machine guns and plenty of drama. Just don't expect it to wow you.
  20. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Novelty and genius are not the same thing, and after a weekend with Wolfenstein you will most likely have seen enough. It’s fun, corny action, but it’s not a keeper. [Nov 2009, p.76]
  21. The story isn't really presented well at times, but thanks to numerous Wolfenstein staple elements, the game works.
  22. Wolfenstein is not a bad game, it just lacks that overall buzz factor to keep the disc in your tray.
  23. The multiplayer... feels jerky and unbalanced.
  24. My recommendation: let Wolfenstein stay in the other dimension and away from your Xbox 360 or PS3. There are other shooters this fall that can scratch your FPS itch a heck of a lot better.
  25. On a technical level, then, Wolfenstein is a game that swings wildly in quality on an almost minute-by-minute basis, and a rather vanilla multiplayer offering doesn’t do much to quicken the pulse.
  26. 73
    The return of one of the most legendary franchises isn’t perfect but pretty good. With unique elements and heavy shoot-outs a must have for the fans.
  27. But by no means is it a bad game, but on the other hand it’s not a particularly good game and as such falls into the doldrums or mediocrity.
  28. There is still some Wolfenstein magic in the air. It's a good shooter, with an extra touch of veil magic. The story may be a bit too short, but it's so fun to vaporize Nazis!
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 76 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 23
  2. Negative: 3 out of 23
  1. Jul 9, 2012
    First of all this is a decent game but I feel like the FPS has evolved. Gone are the days of simple shooting mechanics in a decent enoughFirst of all this is a decent game but I feel like the FPS has evolved. Gone are the days of simple shooting mechanics in a decent enough story. Crysis, Bioshock, Snydicate, Deus Ex, The Darkness, and Halo have all shown that you need more than guns, grenades, and something to shoot to stand out.
    Even the Call of Duty and Battlefields of the world offer more variety and a large and deep multiplayer campaign. Wolfenstein feels ancient, almost like it belongs on the original XBOX. As for this version of Wolfenstein as a game?
    Well, It isn't the brilliant Return to Castle Wolfenstein on the original XBOX but it is a solid single player game. First of all shame on Activision. Raven Software is a great development team but Activision refuses to advertise their games. Quake 4, Soldier of Fortune, and Singularity had no advertisement and were set up to fail. Activision did the same thing to Bizarre Creations. It's a shame. As for Wolfenstein you again play B.J who is the last thing Nazi's wanna see. It is pretty obvious that Singularity was developed at the same time as Wolfenstein because both games involve going in and out of time. Even the green sheen from the veil looks just like Singularity. Basically you have to stop the Nazi's by going into the veil which is a parallel universe to stop the Nazi's from creating a weapon of mass destruction. And as always there is the Nazi backdrop where they are messing around with the super natural and doing more harm than good. But it gives Raven unlimited resources into creating a wide variety of enemies with several different powers. The game is set up in a small section of a town which is basically a hub. The problem is the hub is where you spend a third of the game and it is not really anything special. You are constantly going back and forth to find missions and fighting Nazi's. It all looks the same but at least the map is easy to navigate. Luckily once the mission starts there is a lot of variety and the game opens up a bit. The graphics which are based on the old ID engine hold up barely. There is nothing really special about the games look but it remains solid through out the game if a little bland. The environmental objects are surprisingly destructible and the lighting and textures are solid. It is a good looking game. One thing the game excels at in sound. The guns sound loud and powerful. Of course being a WWII setting all of the guns are familiar. Luckily the Nazi's have created a few gems to toy with later in the game. Most people know by now that shooters these days are around 5 to 8 hours long. However it took me about 10 hours on the normal settings. I guess it depends on the player. One thing you will not spend time with is the multiplayer. This was a disappointment. The great graphics from the single player are gone, the frame rate is suspect, the upgrade system takes way to long, and finding players on the PS3 is a choir. In fact the PS3 version suffers from glitches that have never been fixed. It is a waste of time. Here is the sad fact. Raven has made way to many games this gen with the Marvel and Wolverine games and three shooters. Singularity was in my opinion the game they really wanted to make. Even in Game Informer a while back a few of the guys even said Singularity was there most important title for them. Ironically Wolfenstein is the better single player campaign. Singularity ended up being delayed and I wonder if Activision cut them off and they had to go ahead and release it when they were not ready. So both Wolfenstein and Singularity suffered. Now Raven has basically vanished from the gaming scene and have been helping Infinity Ward with multiplayer maps. If they made one game at a time I positive both would of been better games. As it stands now Wolfenstein is a great bargain bin pick up because the single players story and missions are great. The multiplayer as disappointing as it is will not have anyone playing it anyways. Hopefully Raven will concentrate on one game at a time in the future. I good game that should of been great. Worth the $12 I spent for it but I am not sure I would spend any more
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  2. May 5, 2015
    A good old-school FPS (except for the life system that regenerate itself after a few seconds, not the good old health pack system) with aA good old-school FPS (except for the life system that regenerate itself after a few seconds, not the good old health pack system) with a handful of weapons, all with their own characteristics and upgradable and 3 powers (also upgradable) we've got a lot of ways to kill the nazis and their experiments which is very fun.
    The campaign is long enough for the genre (10 hours for me) if you do adjust the difficulty (for me I needed Uber difficulty to experience some challenge) and offers nice moments and epic bosses. Unfortunately the story is not up to the gameplay, and the characters have no charisma at all. It's a shame because the game is very fun, but fail to hook you up and making you wanting to play more and more.
    Technically the game was just okay when it was released, so if you have 2015 standards you'll be very disappointed, but it's still decent for a 2009 game, no framerate issues. The game runs just fine.
    So in conclusion Wolfenstein is very good to entertain you for a few days (and there is some replay value if you want to collect everything) but will not leave you a lifetime memory, I do recommend it if you like FPS as it's really cheap now.
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  3. Jul 23, 2011
    The original was the pioneer of all first person shooters and the latest addition is a worthy sequel and stands its own against any other fpsThe original was the pioneer of all first person shooters and the latest addition is a worthy sequel and stands its own against any other fps out on the market today. Fighting the naziâ Full Review »