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  • Summary: Enjoy all the official contents from the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship, including all the main teams, cars, locations and a myriad of exclusive contents, like the “Rallye Monte-Carlo” and Volkswagen Polo R WRC test car.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 16
  2. Negative: 1 out of 16
  1. Oct 24, 2012
    WRC 3 is a big step forward when compared to previous games. Milestone uses the WRC license very well - every new game looks considerably better. Better graphics is on par with better driving experience. The game is overall much better but some fans can be put off by a DiRT-y career mode. Still - it is the best rally game out there right now.
  2. Apr 1, 2013
    It's commendable that WRC 3 aims to give a full rally experience – complete with the need to repair cars between stages - and not dilute it with other forms of off-road racing. Despite this commitment to the sport and the fact that the game has some fun moments, its middling execution only goes so far.
  3. Nov 30, 2012
    Reliable, simple comfort food. [Issue#225, p.82]
  4. Oct 22, 2012
    WRC 3: FIA World Rally Championship has more than enough content to keep you busy with its 83 tracks, 50 drivers, and 37 cars. But, despite being the official game of the World Rally Championship, it has many issues that strip away its authenticity – the most problematic of which being poor track feedback. The title's more than competent as a casual off-road racer, but unfortunately for developer Milestone, Codemasters already has that genre locked up with its exceptional DiRT series.
  5. Like much of WRC 3, the driving isn't bad, just ordinary. [Dec 2012, p.105]
  6. Apr 8, 2013
    WRC 3 may have a professional sounding name, but the game is more of a disappointment across the board. The amount of content is both impressive and disappointing at the same time. Nothing here will drag players away from better experiences elsewhere, and the sheer lack of modes just makes it feel like a rushed effort. I really wanted to like WRC 3 much more than I did, due to the fact that I am a sucker for the genre, but sadly it is nearly impossible to recommend to anyone without mentioning competitors in the process.
  7. May 10, 2013
    The bottom line is that I play games to have fun. While I found the handling and tracks fun, I have no desire to play a game whose difficulty curve turns it into a second job because it demands near-perfection from the outset. Chances are, if this game is for you, you've already bought it.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 6
  2. Negative: 1 out of 6
  1. Dec 16, 2012
    This is the best game ever. Period. Ever look for tight racing controls? Fantastic single and multiplayer experience? Infinite replayability? WRC 3 is your game, neigh, your right as a human being. Expand
  2. Apr 3, 2013
    Next to the Dirt games this is the best rally racing game available. Where the Dirt games have spun off into other themed racing events, this game purely focuses on rally racing.

    Beware you will not like this game if you are looking for an arcade style racer. The driving is fantastic if you are a fan of games like Dirt series, Gran Turismo, Forza, etc.
  3. Sep 27, 2013
    Just picked this up and was suprised after middling reviews. Much Purer rally than Dirt and the handling is good. Tough for new players? Maybe but I guess that what practise is for. It's not a bad game because it presents a challenge. Expand
  4. Jan 17, 2014
    If you like rally and you like sim-like racers, this game is actually quite good. The physics are fairly good: decently realistic, never too frustrating, and quite rewarding when you get it right. It's fun to go from tarmac to gravel and "feel" the difference. I wish it had longer stages and more of them, but whatever. I got Dirt 3 and this at the same time and I'm spending much more time on this. You can sit down, spend 35 minutes and do an entire rally of 7 stages, which is pretty enjoyable. Collapse
  5. Sep 28, 2014
    The game is all right for me a love rally a lot but this was totally different. WRC 2 is way better than this but if you want to play rally game so diffrent but make sure you get a good look at the price. Expand
  6. Age
    Jun 26, 2013
    Totally AWFUL.

    Just bought this game and the car engine sounds don't work in game, even once the patch is installed. Cars feel slow and
    pants, really disappointing. DIRT3 is utterly superior. Expand