• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Mar 9, 2010

Generally favorable reviews - based on 77 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 59 out of 77
  2. Negative: 0 out of 77
  1. 90
    It's tons of fun to play whether you're working to actively advance the story or just spending a few hours goofing off and running errands for others.
  2. If you can get over the fact that there was quite a bit of content removed from the North American version of the game, you'll find that Yakuza 3 is a very high-quality title.
  3. Its old-school design may turn some people off, but the more open-minded among you are in for one hell of a ride. Besides, any game that can make running an orphanage seem fun has got to be doing something very right.
  4. 91
    Let me reiterate: this is a fantastic game, with so much fun to throw your way you'd think you were playing wide receiver with Santa Claus as QB.
  5. A smart crime caper with incredible variety and slick fighting mechanics. [May 2010, p.66]
  6. Yakuza 3, in short, is worth every penny. It contains a compelling story, intense beat-em-up action and more fun than most games dream of providing.
  7. If its "only English" status is not a problem and you like Japanese culture, Yakuza 3 becomes a must-buy for a PlayStation 3 owner.
  8. Yakuza 3 combines visual splendour with superb sound design to create an unparalleled atmosphere.
  9. Whether shockingly real or fiercely dramatized, the experiences of Yakuza 3 are wholly Japanese, completely riveting, and absolutely worth the price of admission.
  10. While I hesitate to call Yakuza 3 a sandbox game, it certainly provides you with an open game where you can participate in a huge number of minigames and side quests. It also offers a fairly lengthy and intriguing main storyline.
  11. An impressively huge game. [Apr 2010, p.111]
  12. A deep, involving, endearing adventure with heart. And ?sts.
  13. If you're in the market for a sandbox game that's more RPG than GTA, but still want just a smidge of that GTA craziness, Yakuza 3 would be a great a choice, long as you can handle the slow beginning.
  14. Yakuza 3 is workmanlike and archaic in many ways, barely taxing the graphical horsepower of the PlayStation 3, but it's also unique. Most games make the big city a playground for the absurd. Yakuza 3 is only as absurd as an actual big city.
  15. As an action game it holds up very well, as an RPG it will keep the average quest junkie enthralled, and as a fishing/karoke/arcade sim, it also manages to tick each of those apparently mutually exclusive boxes with a defiant stroke. As a whole, and, more importantly, as a game, it works.
  16. Yakuza 3 is an astounding success in bringing the Japanese culture over in a great package of emotions and raw combat.
  17. Those who can look past such things and embrace Yakuza's very Japanese brand of oddity will find a game to make them laugh, make them cry.
  18. No other Japanese PS3 game to date provides quite such a vivid game-world in which to play. [JPN Import]
  19. Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3) is that place where games and films make sweet music together. Stick around for the climax to this outstanding cinematic adventure and you'll go away with a big smile. [JPN Import]
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 111 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 21
  2. Negative: 2 out of 21
  1. May 27, 2011
    Who would've thought being a message boy could be so fun? I didn't expect much from this game, but I have to say it held his own pretty well. The combat is intense and visceral, it may be clunky at first, but once you aquire more skills and moves it gets the depth you were waiting for. Never since the day of the final fight/double dragon era has a beat em up game given me such fun. The game starts incredibly slow, and in the first hours you just ache for something interesting to happen, story feels boring and cheesy, combat is lacking, and you can only wonder why do such banal sidemissions exist? (teaching a dog tricks? making banana juice? do shopping?). But before you know it, yakuza gets it's claws on you, you develop an addiction to finish sidequests, just for the sake of seing what will happen next; characters become charming and likable; story becomes interesting (although it remains cheesy); and the combat becomes the most rewarding skull bashing parade I've seen in years (with some minor annoyances). It has many rough edges, and many will hate it, but I can almost say that if you can get past the first few hours you won't be able to leave it before finishing it. Full Review »
  2. Aug 20, 2012
    If you manage to SURVIVE the oh-my-God-this-game-goes-nowhere-initial chapters you'll find a rich, deep and engaging story, with many special characteristics that make this franchise so unique. People tend to compare Yakuza to GTA - and that's a HUGE mistake. If I had to compare, I'd say it resembles Shenmue. This is not a sandbox game, where you can roam freely, doing whatever you feel like. There's a very linear structure of chapters and events with some sidequests in the middle. And a LOT of brawling. It's all about values, family and doing what it feels right. Great game, hidden gem. Full Review »
  3. Nov 12, 2011
    best game ever best story awesome combat a lot of stuff to do its so japanese that even japanese people say damn that game is japanese an all around fun game that I believe everyone should experience Full Review »