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  • Summary: n a dark and near future, a mysterious plague is once again turning the world's population into zombies.

    The main character named "K" awakens alone in a Mexican bar, after a night of "overindulging". All alone, dizzy and disoriented, he realizes that this hangover
    doesn't quite feel like ones he is used to. Indeed, he has been bitten by one of those nasty monsters and the virus inside him is gaining power. "K" will unintentionally discover that imbibing in beer is the only way to prevent it from taking over! Expand
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  1. 40
    Overall Zombeer has the potential to be much much better if the mechanics can be fine tweaked in a patch to make things smoother. The lack of story in a first person shooter isn’t the end of the world, zombie apocalypse or not, but how well you can move through the apocalypse could well be.
  2. Feb 12, 2014
    It's worth some laughs, but it's a very bad game, plagued by technical issues and poor execution.
  3. Feb 19, 2014
    Zombeer is a title in which nothing really works, starting from a repetitive gameplay to many tainted choices of game design. Last but not least, the game features a technical component that would've been criticized on the old PlayStation 2.
  4. Jan 29, 2014
    Unresponsive controls, dull combat, and obnoxious humour that even the most immature gamer would find difficult to smile at makes Zombeer a complete creative disaster.
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  1. Feb 13, 2014
    Funny fps with a lot of details regarding videogames or other modern subcultures. The execution is not perfect, but once you are inside the game it's easy to not take care of this details. I recommend the game to the same type of people that enjoys games like "Earth Defence Force", for example. Expand
  2. Feb 12, 2014
    Its important to know going in that this is an indie game, and as such would not compare to most triple A fps games very well. But as an indie game it does a number of things very very right.

    First off the humor is crude, so if marital aides offend stay away. In fact this seems to be where most reviews seem to trip up, guess what? If half naked zombie girls are that offensive this game isn't for you. The controls ar OK, I would prefer them to be tighter but they manage fine. The sound is again spotty, sometimes loud and others to quiet. Voice acting is OK, but the recording is a little low budget think static there are only 4 weapons, strangely that's more then we usually get these days.
    Then the things that got me. First off there are a couple of set pieces in which you make a tiny mistake, die, then have to reload and listen to some grunty dialogue and watch a dorky cut scene before you can retry, there was only 2 of these but they where frustration incarnate. A better retry or check point system would have helped.

    Now the big guy, this game is to damn short, for $15 you get a few hours of fun but it leaves you wanting more, a conclusion, a new weapon. You have to do multiple play through to get all the trophies, so that adds something.

    But honestly, an indie game that ISN'T pixel art retro sidescroller? A shooter that isn't a super serious multiplayer fiasco? A game in general that reminds us of why we play, to laugh tho remember good games passed, and to be hopeful for the future. For every flaw in this game it shows how its fighting against the things that is making gaming stale and boring. Why can't we have silly games? Because not every game is for every gamer.

    Bottom line, good game, its worth it if you miss old school single player fps games, if not pick it up on sale.