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  1. Apr 15, 2014
    This game is currently one of my favorite games. Combat is immensely fun, land or naval, and the open world setting is just fantastic. Story is pretty good too. Overall a must buy!
  2. Apr 13, 2014
    The Assassin´s Creed IV: Black Flag review

    Are ya ready kids! Aye aye Captain Kenway!
    Ow yeah.
    Well, as I went through this game there was no stopping my exploration needs. Every ten square meter island I saw and every shore with those badass flamingos flying around was an instant stop for my wave cruising ride called “The Jackdaw”. This curiosity that I had for the map was fueled by
    the enormous work that went into the creation and detail of the sea and its little islands as well as the inland jungle. Previous games had big cities as their main location but now, as well as having a few of these; the creators have gifted you with a whole ocean for traversing. The movement and the character that the sea shows are beautiful as well as dangerous as this bastard throws you some nasty storms some times. Another added feature aside from the open world sea exploring were the diving sequences which are actually quite a few. I had some trouble with these as the mechanics aren´t all that perfect and I kept going nose first into those damn sea urchins. But aside from the clumsiness (that is expected from any underwater levels) it manages to handle them with the awe of seeing the depth of the ocean, man! Goosebumps!
    Ship boarding and fort taking are some cool mechanics that the game also offers and they serve the fleshing out of the characters as well as random unscripted cinematic action sequences which make you feel like a badass.
    Speaking of cinematic sequences I loved the ones that Ubisoft created for us. Of course, they are scripted but nothing beats a pirate running across a swamp, with rain pouring on him and crocodiles snap at his legs. They give you some cool camera movements too!
    Before mentioning the awesome moment that completed my love for this game I will address some negatives about it. One being the free run mechanics which in some important mission points just decided that should just stop hang completely motionless from a rooftop and have a little chat with the local rooftop cat. These moments have been present since the dawn of the Assassin´s Creed games and it would be very pleasing if they could be corrected in the future. My other problem with it is that some cutscenes and story moments felt rushed at times. I can understand this as the game is more focused in ambience and exploration but some felt lacking some character.
    I think the negative argument from above would have been less noticeable had the other cutscenes not been so freaking awesome and gorgeously made. The takes are amazingly done (sometimes) and some dialogue in some the cutscenes really stood out for me, Blackbeard´s speech for example. But there is one cutscene, one that makes this game rule over every other AC games. SPOILER ALERT.
    The final cutscene isn´t something you see every day. And I say this because it could have ended with whatever short cutscene featuring Edward going away. But the way it managed to use all the weight of the things you experienced through this adventure and use that amazing shot of all the people that had an impact in your journey was magical. It didn´t matter if the relationships with some of them didn´t end well but they impacted the journey in a positive way, and that kind of nostalgia can only be achieved in a cutscene if it uses, like I mentioned, the weight of all those hours playing that game. That my friends, is masterful.
    Maybe it was the music or the nostalgia that swallowed me whole in that moment or seeing Edward smile as he sees his daughter, but that cutscene in general hit me pretty bad, in a good way because I wasn´t expecting something that heavy!
    In conclusion this game, while suffering from some technical issues, is amazing. It stands out in some many ways not previously explored by some AC games and it totally achieves greatness. This game deserves one special spot on your shelve. I am giving it an astounding 9 out of 10!

    Be sure to check my blog where I post reviews like this one:
  3. Apr 9, 2014
    I first played the first assasin's creed and never really got in to it. I found the game and story uninteresting. I took a chance on ACIV when I bought my PS4 and I'm very pleased that I did. I have been playing this on and off for around 5 months now and I still enjoy it, even without touching multiplayer. This is a great game with an engaging storyline and tons of side activities to do.
  4. Mar 31, 2014
    I am a fan of the AC series but Black Flag has left me questioning if I want to continue following. The playable map is just so.... massive, and not in a good way. In AC3 I had a solid feel for the Northeastern United States map but Black Flag just offers too much for me to simply wrap my head around. I also find the sea travel to be quite tedious. Crossing over the seas to follow along with the main story really started to become a chore. The transition from boat to land (areas without docking stations) was also a time consuming headache. The only thing I really looked forward to were my interactions with James Kidd. Now with news of two more AC this year alone I feel as if this game has become too much for me. It would be more enticing if it was the only game I played but being on limited time with my PS4 and wanting to play other games I think AC has became too epic on a scale for myself and similar gamers. Expand
  5. Mar 30, 2014
    First of all, this game looks fantastic. The controls, plot-line, and cut scenes are all pretty awkward, and the story is classic assassin's creed bad. But we're all really playing it for the take downs and exploration, of which are are plenty. If you've already got a ps4, I'd recommend this one, otherwise, wait til its less than $50.
  6. Mar 26, 2014
    Gameplay is much more fluid compared to AC3. Graphics are good, but not best for next gen. The world is very large and there's much to discover. The missions are sometimes a bit repetitive but overall fun. 8 out of 10
  7. Mar 24, 2014
    A serious return to form for Assassin's Creed. Black Flag brings a reptitive franchise back to life with a fresh, rewarding and stylish outing. If like me previous chapters have left you disappointed, then i'm glad to tell you this is an impressive redemption. Black Flag takes you to the high sea's with Captain Edward Kenway. Who is a far better, interesting and stronger character than Conor from Assassin's Creed III. Set in the early 18th century Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy and follows the notorious Kenway, grandfather of Conor, who becomes embroiled in conflict waged between the Assassin's and Templars. Gameplay has never been an issue. It's the fact it's become so repetitive and dull and thankfully the introduction of ship based exploring that's all changed. Allowing you to sail is a great addition to the franchise. You already know what your getting from the combat, melee system so there's no change. The setting makes the difference. I've never been a huge fan of Assassin's Creed multiplayer. There is a slight improvement but I still think they need to vastly better it if they hope to compete with the best online. It simply doesn't have that addictive factor that other games do and whilst it is playable, I wouldn't say it's the franchises selling point and certainly isn't as enjoyable as it could or should be in comparison to the single player campaign. All in all, Black Flag is a triumphant return to form for what seemed to be a franchise verging on going stale. The addition of sea exploration is exactly the fresh invigoration the series needed. Expand
  8. Mar 23, 2014
    Much improved gameplay since AC3 and is very nice looking. Whether you like this game will come down to one thing.... do you like going around for hours on end in a boat. I do not so therefore found this installment boring but lots of mates enjoyed the boating part so it really comes down to that. I just hope that i never see a boat in assassins creed ever again
  9. Mar 20, 2014
    This game is repetitive and boring. Having to sail hours of your life away is by no means fun. AC2 remains the only game I have enjoyed to the end in this series.
  10. Mar 20, 2014
    This is easily my favorite Assassin's Creed game. After the shockingly massive disappointment of Assassin's Creed III, I was worried that a pirate themed Assassin's Creed was going to relive the past disappointment. While still having some of the mind-numbingly repetitive task types of the entire series, this game is beautiful and fun to play.
  11. Mar 20, 2014
    Having played all of the Assassin's Creed games, I can certainly say this does not disappoint. However, I really miss the ability to upgrade parts of my armor separately; that would have fit this game excellently.
  12. Mar 19, 2014
    Brilliant game and brilliant story.

    Once again main criticism is around the trophies as a number are unachievable as I don't know many people with PS4 and none of them have Black Flag.
  13. Mar 18, 2014
    At first I wasn't that thrilled with the game, but after sitting and getting used to it I have played it for hours upon hours. The game is addicting and entertaining. This has to be my favorite AC of the series. I love the ship combat and game play. Great game. I can't wait to see what they do next!
  14. Mar 17, 2014
    EXCEPTIONAL - I play AC games primarily for story while visiting multiplayer on occasions. The single player story was interesting enough to make drive me to complete it. The vast world of the game is a big strong point and kept me engaged. I payed full retail price at launch (60 USD) and support my purchase.
  15. Mar 13, 2014
    I'm new and I know nothing of Assassin's Creed. My take:

    The game mostly assume's you are familiar with the AC games, you will find yourself wondering about the modern day desk job cutscene and sometimes wondering where to go and what to do. The sync thing isn't explained (where the map reveals itself slowly) among other things. So expect to wonder about things and how things work the
    first few hours of the game. I asked a friend to fill me in a bit and that helped.

    Basically its a pirate world with things to collect and things to kill. Not much else.

    The world is pretty but everything feels static. Nothing is really interactive. Its nice to have a colorful vibrant world but for me it didnt seem real or immersive. Mainly because I felt like I was a superhero running around in the city filled with automatons who did basically nothing. Nobody moves or acts like you so it makes the whole thing seem fake. It's hard to explain.

    Its fun at times but more often that not I got bored. If you love collecting things and killing things then this game is pretty good (or if you love pirates). Personally I found the enemiespeople rather stupid and easy to "assassinate". Basically walk right up to them and click the "assassinate" button and your done. Rinse, repeat. There's the occasion where you chase after some normal person who hops around roofs better than you do and also another side activity like waiting patiently to pounce upon or chase some flying musical note.

    The storyline and stealth game play leave much to be desired. Its absurd but I can see it being fun for some people, maybe just not for me.
  16. Mar 12, 2014
    Well here it is....ANOTHER AC game... that plays the same as it's predecessors , I mean god forbid you change anything up.. I just love when companies milk their franchises for everything they are worth and people eat it up. This is the same friggen game we have been playing since the 1st assassins creed with better graphics, nothing more..... Assassins Creed just just merge with call of duty since they do the same crap every year and people buy it... Expand
  17. Mar 9, 2014
    Finally Asssassin's Creed releases a good game. Since the last game from the series that I actually enjoyed was Brotherhood, I was beginning to be a little depressed when it comes to Assassin's Creed. However, they managed to fix that with Black Flag.

    The graphics are outstanding, the story is solid, and the gameplay is fresh and interesting. I was not expecting such a big change from
    them, and it was a pleasant surprise. I'm actually looking forward for the next game now. Expand
  18. Mar 8, 2014
    Take my advice and try not to get this on next generation. Its not worth paying extra. I found this out when I sank a ship, and it sank right through my ship. Also the graphics are just above average. Kenway's face moved like it was stuck in a irritating smirk. I found when I killed an enemy they fly a foot forwards when they have been struck by my hideously overpowered swords. Halfway through the game I knew none of my enemy's stood a chance against me when I gained two swords, four pistols, a dart shooter, two hidden blades, smoke bombs, throwing knives and money. All challenge was removed from the game at this point even when I wasn't even trying to accomplish anything. The story missions are the more repetitive than the resident evil series. Nearly all of them require you to tail or eavesdrop on the enemy. They are so easy I was just running on rooftops try to keep up with them. But one thing I noticed, WHERE ARE THE ASSASSINATION MISSIONS? They should have just called this game 'Pirates Creed'. There are only about three in the entire game. It trys to cover this up by having assassins side missions. These only require you to kill a target to get 1000 Reales. There can be a 500 bonus if you stay out of combat. This can be so easy, when I got the berserk darts I was trying to get my target killed by his guards. Sailing is fun as it gets with trying to get cargo from other ships to either sell or use to upgrade your ship. I tried to ignore the ships level, and just see how long it took for the ship to move another way other than the way I was going. Eventually we were just going in circles. Don't bother trying to board a ship unless you want to lower your wanted level or want to send it to 'Kenway's Fleet'. You still get the ships loot regardless of how you destroy it. Kenways fleet is just a small and unnecessary add-on to the game. Its just another way to get more money. The characters are boring and all have a similar personality. They all seem to be okay with Kenway risking his life for their gain. The franchise has got better since the disappointing third installment. The final overview of this is it is not worth getting skull edition or the season pass because you will get bored very quickly with this. Expand
  19. Mar 6, 2014
    First off I'm not an Assassin's Creed fanboy, and this was my first title I've played within the series. I bought this because of the massive underwhelming PS4 launch, and I expected this to be a solid game. The graphics were solid and comparable to the highest end of PS3 and the gameplay was definitely enjoyable. The only detractor I see from having this be an amazing game is the storyline, which seems to fizzle at the very end. Expand
  20. Feb 28, 2014
    I am a big fan of Assassin's Creed franchise: Assassin's Creed - awesome game,which everyone needs to play! Assassin's Creed 2 - even better,with better graphics,story(and subtitles) Brotherhood - great atmosphere and story,awesome as 2 Revelations - not so good as the others,but still it is awesome III - this is the biggest disappointment from Ubisoft I've ever saw - the story was boring most of the time,the characters weren't so good, the atmosphere was bad,only the combat system,the bigger world and the better graphics were good elements.
    IV - after III I was expecting a great game,because the Caribbean setting was good choice, and OMG - it is awesome like nothing before! Awesome graphics,awesome story,gigantic world to explore,smarter AI and many many other awesome things. After I saw the trailers and GamePlay videos,I was having great expectations. They weren't met - they were blown away from this awesome game. This is something,that you can't give less than 10/10!
  21. Feb 27, 2014
    I wasn't expecting much after playing 3 but holy **** was this an amazing game. The story and characters are absolutely amazing and the gameplay is nice and fluid. The game looks absolutely beautiful as well. It's bright and colorful. The navy combat is probably (for me at least) the best part of the game. In all honesty this should of GOTY 2013 instead of GTA V
  22. Feb 26, 2014
    I just can't imagine that assassin's creed 4 could be so awesome,The first time i saw the trailer,i say:oh pirates,is there any good to sail in the sea??not gonna lie,assassin's creed 3 is a huge disappointed for me,I love american revolution history but AC 3 is so not a sandbox game,more like a pure action game,which i hate it,but AC 4 ,thankfully,it's a real sandbox game!you can do whatever you want,sank the loyal ship,do the assassinate contract for money,as for money,you can use it to upgrade the ship! that's the most gorgeous thing for me!!! after all,I can't imagine that i love pirates life in AC 4 so so much! because i'm not a real pirates fun before!! and that's one of the reason that why i hesitate to pick it up at the beginning,but now i feel so lucky to have it,and i think it‘'s the best initial next-gen game! if you own a PS4 ,you like sandbox game,you are a history fun,don't hesitate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  23. Feb 26, 2014
    Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is the PS4 game that I have enjoyed the most. Everything about is is fun. From plundering unsuspecting ships, to jumping from rooftop to rooftop, taking out your assassin contracts. The sailing mechanics in this game are easily the best out there. Why? Because its simple and straightforward. The handling you have over your ship is completely determined by how fast your going, if you are just prowling the waters at a slow pace, you will have precision control over where you turn. But if your just sailing away at full speed, you will find yourself turning right, then left, then a little more right, and the a little left again to get to the trajectory you want to be at. Fighting other ships is another big part of the game. There are so many ways enemy ships will try and sink you, and so many defensive strategies you will need to develop. Smaller ships will try and shoot you down from an angel where you can't shoot them, where bigger ships will just try and ram into you at full speed. There are many ways to play as a pirate, and i guarantee you will enjoy all of them. One of the only complaints I have about this game is the voice acting. It just never seems to be right. The voices will often times merge to the point where you won't be able to hear who's talking, sometimes you will need to strain to hear the characters talk over the crash of waves, and other times there voices will come booming through your television way louder than usual. This, however, does not deteriorate from the actual game play at all. The combat is still balanced, with swords, pistols, and poisoned darts that you can use to overcome your enemies, and awesome stealthy assassinations that you can perform to take a single person out quietly. Overall, AC4 is a very good game, and is the one I have enjoyed the most on my PS4 so far. Expand
  24. Feb 24, 2014
    Assassin's Creed, the whole series, is lacking. If there was ever a gaming company that needed, NEEDED to listen to its customers and get feedback from gamers, its this one. There is NO difficulty setting and the fighting combat is so easy its boring. Circle to block and square to kill. Yawn. You can't enjoy upgrading or buying better equipment because the game starts out on ridiculously easy mode and if you upgrade anything you could hand your controller to a blind person and they would easily win every fight.

    You can't control what you see on your display. So if you don't want to see every enemy on the map in red, you can't use the display at all cause you can't turn off any of the display settings, its all or none. And by none, I mean you just don't look at the display, you can't turn it off either, its always there in the lower left. The game gives bonuses for stealth but doesn't have a crouch button. Crouching is automated and going from one bush to the next means standing up to get there, which often means getting spotted. Not that it matters, you can't die in combat unless you are disabled and have no arms and have to play with your toes.

    Every new AC is more of the same ol same ol. I keep waiting for them to make the combat more challenging and allowing you to crouch when YOU want to, but no. I keep waiting for some totally new environment, but all the AC's look basically the same. Trees, tall buildings with viewpoints, mountains, roads, blah blah blah....BORING. Seriously I think they take the same templates in every game for every tree, road, bush, city, person, body of water etc.

    TO play AC for the first time, you would probably really enjoy the game for awhile. But why keep playing the new AC's when they are all basically the same. No one is trying over there. I would fire the whole staff and bring in some fresh young minds to push the envelope. Someone needs to save this franchise from its inevitable descent into gaming boredom, before its too late.

    I love the concept, I love the WAY the side missions are presented. I love the open world, but for GOD sakes, when they release a NEW AC, I wish it felt like something new and not some recycled, lackluster effort of a game.
  25. Feb 23, 2014
    A wealth of content and nice colorful graphics and atmosphere (a nice contrast from earlier gen titles on PS3). The game isn't a true next gen game but the load times are relatively short, there's a wealth of content and occasionally there's a feel good sensation of successful play. Upgrades make a true sense of progression and new play toys.

    The downside is clunky controls that will
    often cause screw-ups. Run and climb are tied to one button and the character will often get stuck breaking momentum and climbing during a chase if they get too near a wall. Combat is reduced to waiting for enemies attack to make a parry-riposte which other enemies will wait for you to finish.

    Characters are likable even if the plot seems meandering. Overall a good game to play while you wait for more dedicated PS4 games.
  26. Feb 22, 2014
    When ubisoft boasted 70 unique locations in assassins creed black flag i couldn't help but feel a bit sceptical after the previous game in the series which did anything but impress, but this time they wernt lying, from uncharted islands to large cities, shipwrecks and forts there is so much to do in this game. You play as Edward Ken way a pirate exploring the Caribbean sea as you please, this sense of freedom along with the revised combat system and improved naval battles shows ubisofft can still make good assassins creed games. Plundering ships and hearing your crew sing authentic pirate shanties are highlights but this is still an assassins creed game and so eavesdropping and tailing is a common diversion this is why i could not give this game a higher score. Assasins creed 4 comes packing with a multilayer mode which is interesting at best but always filled with tense competitiveness. This game is a must buy on next gen with features such as touch pad interaction with maps exclusively for PS4 and improved graphics for both next gen devices compared to the ps3 and xbox 360 counterparts. Expand
  27. Feb 20, 2014
    This was my first ever AC game, and it was amazing.

    Only thing I dislike is the need to add a trophy that requires you to spend countless hours grinding online to lvl 55 or I would of given it a 10.
  28. Feb 20, 2014
    Simply put, this game is amazing but has some places where it can make this Amazing game even greater. The storyline is very immersive and lengthy and features a great and authientic cast of characters. The map is HUGE and the locations all based of real life areas. There are many things that add to the replayability of this game: harpooning, hunting, assassin contracts, exploring, hunting down ships,a unique multiplayer mode and many, MANY more.

    The ship you have under your command is called the Jackdaw and is an integral part of the game. It is almost like a 2nd main character. It can be upgraded with things such as better broadside cannons, mortars, swivel guns, rams, hull strength, harpooning equipment and more. It's looks can also be customized (the sails, figureheads, wheels,etc.) The ship feels realistic to sail over the beutiful waters (which over time become wavy and relaxed or stormy). The ship feels as though it has a realistic amount of weight. The water is also beutifully built and is highly realistic expecially during storms. The main character Edward Kenneway is likeable and also can be customized quite a bit (guns, outfits, swords, blowdarts,etc). You can sail the open seas and combat random ships (different areas of the map have varying ship strengths). And plunder their loot then you have 3 options.
    1. Repair the jackdaw
    2. Wanted level -1
    3. Add to fleet.

    The cities feel authentic and you can gamble, hire dancers, hire bodyguards, drink till your drunk and the cities feel lively such as people doing jobs talking walking around playing music and more.

    The fleets are amazing and the gameplay amazing.

    2 bad parts.

    Melee combat can be improved and i wish the ships had more varying loot (i.e. ships carrying oranges from Florida and tobacco, grain, corn,etc) it would make it more believable also i wish you could explore OUTSIDE of the cities when not on water.

    Should I buy? If you have patience and time to burn YES this game is very good though it is quite long so be prepared. Also the 1st few hours may feel uncaptivating but past that point it is a truly GREAT GEM.

    7.5/10- GRAPHICS
    9/10- Storyline
    8.5/10- Gameplay.
    10/10- Length & replayability
    10/10- Soundtrack
    9/10- Overall
  29. Feb 17, 2014
    Fun pirate simulator, not so great Assassins Creed game.

    Being a pirate in this game was a ton of fun, and if thats what the game was supposed to focus on, then this would easily be a 9 and not a 7. But the actual AC story in it was just awful compared to previous games. Edward isnt really an assassin and is about the worst protagonist in any of the games in that light. As a pirate, he
    works great. The story progression of AC as a franchise also stalled out a bit in this game and not much was added. Also, more of the same; this makes the 3rd AC game in 2 years set in the colonial North American setting and its getting old now.

    I hope to see the next AC do something new in regards to setting and period and I hope to see a true entry in the AC franchise story-wise.
  30. Feb 12, 2014
    I have played them all and I can say that - at least for me - although ACIV is more of the same it still manages to be a breath of fresh air. This game is sick! I absolutely love the pirate theme - which made me enjoy a game like Rise 2, for instance. Edward Kenway's story is very cool and interesting and he's the best assassin after Ezio; with a lot of charm and witty remarks, without mentioning his abilities as an unofficial assassin (would this be considered a spoiler?). And then there's the Caribbean sandbox... seriously, I could only play the naval part of the game and never conclude its story, really. It is that awesome. Fantastic graphics, soundtrack, gameplay, cast of characters and stuff to do. It is a perfect game of the the PS4 launch, since there are not many games available to play. You can stick with AC4 for months. It is a blast! Expand
  31. Feb 11, 2014
    Where can i start, the graphics are not the best this generation, but there are extremely smooth and realistic. The characters are so likable and give you a reason to watch all the cutscenes. the controls take a little while to get use to, but after that they are very tight and responsive. the map is huge and does have a lot to do within it, like optional naval battles, assassinations, treasure hunting, freeing slaves, whaling, fort battles etc. Plus you can also upgrade your ships offensive and defensive features. There are loads of main islands to find and each with their own treasures to seek, songs for you crew, money, And there are dozens of little islands again with their own little secrets. You can also upgrade your guns and swords, pouches, outfits by skinning certain animals. The missions are really varied, and each give your a option to go stealthy or guns blazing it's your choice. Again the story line is really in depth and brimming with a colourful cast. Just for the record i have never liked a single assassins creed game before this one, which makes this game all the more special. Expand
  32. Feb 11, 2014
    I don't know Why this is the 1st Assassins Creed game ive played but after this Im sure it wont be my last. This may have a bearing on my outlook to the game. From the moment I put the disk in the drive I was impressed with its presentation. The UI looks fantastic and the visuals throughout the whole game are impressive.
    As im new to the series the whole Abstergo Interludes are a bit lost
    on me and I find them pointless. I gather this part of the game ties in the previous ones? (im yet to complete the game too btw so im hoping these bits have some sort of story tie in by the end of the game)
    The controls are very intuitive and you soon get the hang of controlling your ship in battles as well as the hand to hand combat.
    One other thing Im impressed with, is the companion app. So while your not playing the game on the PS4 you can earn ingame cash using Kenways fleet. You can also use it as a map while playing which is very handy while looking for buried treasure!
  33. Feb 9, 2014
    Its fun, for a little bit. And then it gets boring. That is how I see AC4. The story missions barely have any actions. 70% of the time its tailing and eavesdropping, with some scripted chase missions thrown in. The combat is way too easy. But it does have a great world. You can hunt animals, do assassination missions, upgrade you're ship, blow up forts, the list goes on. I just want a more engaging narrative from the next Assassin's Creed, because this one isn't so great. Expand
  34. Feb 9, 2014
    PS4 version of Assassins Creed Black Flag.
    Graphics are PS3 quality for a start they are decent but still PS3 standard and this is the PS4 version.
    I really wanted to like this game but after the first hour or so I just found it so repetitive that it was a choir to play.
    I haven't played an Assassins Creed game since the first one and other than the step in graphics there was nothing
    new which really disappointed me.

    Poor game for the PS4.
  35. Feb 8, 2014
    Esta bien, pero no disfrutas a lo loco, con el dineral que se gastan podría estar mucho mejor, pero cumple. He jugado a todos los assassins creed y bueno, este en ps4 debo decir que noté mucho mas el salto grafico en el tres que en este... No puedo evitar fijarme en eso
  36. Feb 6, 2014
    I played the Xbox 360 version of AC4, and I just didn't get into it that much for some reason. but then I figured I'd give AC4 another go but this time on the PS4 and all I can say is that I'm blown away by the amount of details and realism the PS4 version threw at me. the PS4 version of AC4 didn't have single issue with frame rate drops or any other problems the last gen systems had. AC4 is played in native 1080p but i'm not sure how many frames it's getting. now if only Watchdogs would just come out. Expand
  37. Feb 6, 2014
    Do not be fooled.
    I hated AC3, it was a buggy mess. But the lure of this beautiful looking open world pulled me in to the series again.
    And for the first few hours of this game, it feels like something special. Very fun ship combat, great exploring and a lovely colorful world. But then you are reminded, its just ANOTHER Assassins Creed.

    As the game moves on, you are on foot more and
    more often, and this is where the game falls apart.
    The 5 game old combat, could be done blindfolded. The variety offered in the form of different shaped/dressed enemies is plain annoying. A fat guy who throws a grenade, one who cant be attacked, one you have to counter. Its just so blurgh.
    Weapons are again pretty limited considering the depth early games had.

    Then add on the climbing and running aspects, as usual you will spend countless hours running up the wrong wall, jumping when you didn't ask it to.
    I write this review on the back of one of the oh so fun trailing missions, 2 minutes of slow walking, i ascend to a rooftop to kill my target, only for the game to jump on to one of his guards 5 meters behind him. 3 times i've centered my screen on him, watched him flash and flicker as he becomes my target, only for the game to decide otherwise.

    That point also brings up the mission design. Ubisoft, please stop thinking we enjoy walking slowly behind people for 5 minutes, only to be seen at the end and have to restart the entire thing.
    Or to eavesdrop on a conversation, and have to follow our target through a camp full of enemy men.
    Even Assassinate missions/contracts have become so mundane, no longer do you need to work a position and take guards out. Now just stand back and shoot a berserk dart at them and walk away.

    It would also be nice if Ubisoft didn't treat me like an idiot. I left my ship alone, i go to the mission, and suddenly my quartermaster is beside me, i leave the cut scene and he has vanished.
    I silently kill a target as he stops off at the first of a few areas, two bodyguards and a few area guards. I kill him from a haystack, and in the cut scene am then putting his clothes on, what happened to his guards?

    How in the world this series moves on from here i have no idea. The series was flat lining until they brought in ship travel, that helped to gloss over the old lazy boring gameplay. If they do indeed bring out another game this year, or even two like has been rumored (one for each generation of console), it needs to take the game in a crazy new way. But please, just let Creed die. Give us a new Prince of Persia.

    PS, i havent mentioned the story cause frankly, i have no idea what it is, and i dont care. The game is made in a way that you very rarely actually do story missions, you get distracted with collectibles and side missions and travelling so often.
  38. Feb 4, 2014
    A truly impressive amount of content in one game. An interesting story line and a new approach to playing at current time as an Abstergo employee. I won't go into spoilers, so don't worry.

    The fighting style is pretty comparable to all the other AC titles, hit square and triangle over and over, but the animation keeps it interesting. The ability to aim a gun is an absolute revolution
    in this title and a great improvement. Fast-travelling does become somewhat of a nightmare when your trying to get all the assassin and naval contracts and the end of the game, as well as finding all fragments and chests that were loaded into a shotgun and fired at the map.
    I DO NOT like the number of uncharted islands with chests and Animus fragments, they are NOT enjoyable and consume a lot of time. (OK everyone! Let's sail to the 200 small islands individually, jumping off and on your boat each time just to get 300 reales or a fragment! Sound fun?)
    I would have liked a better sailing speed and turning system, something more in depth with actual sailing, but the aiming of cannons, ship weapon variety, and numerous upgrades keep it interesting.
    The storyline is...well, long. I'll admit I love the First Civ references and sailing the Queen Anne and a Man o' War was AMAZING. Unfortunately, they reminded me that i would have preferred being able to choose any ship, not just one. Each could have had an upgrade set, abilities, advantages, disadvantages...oh well.
    I recommend this game for someone who enjoys playing before they finish the story. DO NOT WAIT TO GET COLLECTIBLES AT THE END. It gets boring.

  39. Feb 2, 2014
    I would like to first point out that the graphics of Assassin's Creed IV for the PS4 is mediocre. My first edition PS3 has about the same graphics. Now I know that these starter games do not incorporate the whole visual display I expected some improvement. The campaign is somewhat lengthy like all AC games but the multiplayer experience has been degraded. The locking mechanism is awful, the game servers are useless, and the gaming mechanics went downhill. Aside from the story in campaign mode this new Assassin's Creed has been a huge disappointment. Expand
  40. Feb 1, 2014
    Not only this games looks very very good but also they've got incredibly close to a pillar of Assassin's Creed franchise: Assassin's Creed II. And I did definitely enjoy that developers not only had taken best part of AC3 -- sailing it is -- but also vastly improved it.
  41. Jan 30, 2014
    After AC3 i had really low expectations for this game but as it turns out the gameplay is actually pretty damn solid!
    But as in AC3 the story is terrible! especially outside the animus!
  42. Jan 30, 2014
    boycott this franchise please! All assasin's creed has done is just recycle, recycle, recyle. If you compare the characters and maps etc from the previous titles in the franchise, they just take the same stuff and repackage it. I used to be a huge fan of MP of the series, but just got bored after they just repackage the same stuff repeatedly.
    Now I tried out MP in blackflag I can spot
    characters recycled from brotherhood, revelations etc...
    It's just terrible! guys, boycott the franchise so they will actually put some energy into creating new titles instead of recycling old ones!
    don't buy this game if you played previous title/titles!
  43. Jan 29, 2014
    I have played the first Assassin's Creed and it was pretty good. I played the second one and I couldn't get into it. Didn't even try the third one. When I got the PS4 I bought a couple games and one of them was this one. I am so happy I chose this game, it is so good. I like being a pirate and like that it's based in the Caribbean. The missions are pretty fun and the graphics are pretty good. I'm surprised the total score is only 7.8 it's worth more then that! Expand
  44. Jan 23, 2014
    Es un buen juego con respecto a assassins creed 3, pero como el 3, tiene bugs. todavia no es posbile realizar los "eventos" para el trofeo y al parecer ubisoft se olvido de esto.
  45. Jan 22, 2014
    Había decidido abandonar la saga Assassin Creed por tediosa y repetitiva, pero esta ultima me ha vuelto a enganchar, un juegazo del que he disfrutado como hacia tiempo que no disfrutaba.
  46. Jan 22, 2014
    Never liked assassins creed untill now, thought I would get it so I had something else to play with my PS4.
    Never new I could have so much fun in a multiplayer match, Thats all I enjoyed from this game, the multiplayer. The story was ok but some of the mission got boring, everyone should try this out if not for the story then the multiplayer
  47. Jan 20, 2014
    At first this seemed like a game that could really be fun, but then after leaving the first city of the game the gameplay became boring and stale immediately. I rarely play it anymore because I get bored of it so quickly. I wouldn't recommend this to my friends either because the multiplayer, although seemed like it would be fun ended up being more repetitive gameplay over and over again. Naval gameplay isn't as big as I thought it would be and free roam out sea is just the same thing, shoot cannon(s) until your enemy is weakened enough to board their ship or finish them off. While free roam on land is a bit better because of how you can approach different tasks, so much of the game asks you to sail that it makes me not want to play anymore. As for the graphics, the game looks suprisingly good for a cross-gen title with a few hiccups with character models and textures. But no matter how good this game looks it can't overcome the repetitive gameplay. Expand
  48. Jan 19, 2014
    The game itself was good. But the story line was way off of previous Assassin Creed games. The game wasn't a true Assassin Creed it was a pirate game more then anything if one was to throw Jack Sparrow into it as the main captain it would be a great Pirate game, but either way it wasn't Assassin Creed. Ubisoft Almost failed with the game completely
  49. Jan 17, 2014
    As an assassin's game it fails but as a pirate game is where it shines. The game has many many flaws that can make the game frustrating and annoying which makes me sad to see since most of these flaws are from prior assassin's games and you would expect them to fix that or make it better. Things like your character constantly doing what you don't want it to do. Fighting onboard a ship is pretty terrible since there are a lot of enemies and targeting sucks so you'll be hitting different people that you don't want to hit or worse, something you'll character will be out of combat when enemies are nearby so when you press circle to counter you'll actually put away your swords and get hit. The story is pretty terrible and it's sad to see how instead of the developers fixing what the game was about and improving being an assassin they instead just add something else to it to attract people and hope they ignore all the flaws it has when your doing your assassin thing.
    Essentally this is AC 3.2. Everything from AC3 is in this but with a few new stuff like diving and hunting sea animals and it greatly improves on the sailing part and what you can do with your ship. As a long fan of the AC series it pain me to see how the developers passion for the game is gone, as you can see from the bad story, and all they care about is making money. It's also evident when you play the game and hint at future installments they may make to further milk the franchise.
    Other than all negative I put the pirate side like I said is fun. You can upgrade your ship and ship battles are fun. There are also legendary ships you can tackle but unfortunately you get nothing good out of them other than bragging rights. I wish they would've just made this a stand alone pirate game and made a separate Assassin's creed game that's actually good than we would've gone two great games and the company would've made lost of money since there is a lot of potential when your acting as a pirate.
    Overall if you want a game that gives you plenty to do than this game might be for you if your into pirates. If you want a good story that continues the series then you'll be disapointed if you pick up this game.
  50. Jan 15, 2014
    If You Didnt Like Assassins Creed 3's Naval Missions You Might Think To Yourself , Why Buy This Game ? Well Here Is Why A) They Made The Naval Missions A Lot Easier And Simpler To Adapt To B) Playing As A Chris Hemsworth Look-A-Like Pirate Is Awesome C) The Graphics Look Absolutely Stunning Closest To PC You'll Get On A Home Console D) You Get Some Extra DLC For The PS4 Like Playing As Aveline From Assassins Creed Liberation , the list goes on , overall the game plays the same as the other games in the series but just looks superior and more polished it will also keep you busy long after you finish the main quest , with lots of side quests , treasures and collectibles to find , i been at it for a week and i can say it 100% upgraded on the 3rd One Expand
  51. Jan 14, 2014
    Το παιχνιδι ειναι υπεροχο απλα, ευτυχως δεν ειχε καμια σχεση με το απαισιο 3 και καταφεραν να μας μεταφερουν με τον καλυτερο τροπο τους πειρατες στο σπιτι μας !
  52. Jan 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I definetly think it tops AClll. It's graphics look more colorful and shiny. The ships have been improved from AClll and it's a massive world to explore, find chest, challenges, letters, weapons,cargo, animal hides and much more. I did not like the story. Spoiler alert!!! What happens after the end where Edward stands with his kids because there is no part after that in the Animus where you could kill the boss finish all the hacking it dissapoints my and why is it Edward joins the Assassins at the end? Why not in the middle of the story? Expand
  53. Jan 11, 2014
    Definitely better than AC3 but still has some similar issues of redundancy and too much open world resulting in a lot of empty space. Fast Travel, as was the case with the previous game, is a Godsend because I could not possibly imagine having to sail 10,000m back and forth between destinations. The story is almost an afterthought for me. Probably 9 of the first 10 hours that I spent playing this game were spent doing side missions; capturing ships, synchronizing viewpoints, taking down Naval Forts etc. with minimal time being put into progressing the story. The fact that the game is not linear is definitely a plus, here. You can literally spend hours enjoying quests on the side and not have to advance the storyline. This adds tremendous replay value without even factoring in the multiplayer element.

    I usually play this game in 2 hour increments just to keep the gameplay elements fresh. If you're a marathon player that can sit in front of a TV for hours and hours on end then this game might bore you because it's a lot of the same things being done over and over again with slightly progressing difficulty. However it's one of those games where you will get out of it only as much effort as you put into it. If you spend time upgrading your ship and finding treasure chests for some extra gold, you'll find the boundaries of this game to be almost limitless. Overall Black Flag is a hit in my book, definitely better than last year's version.
  54. Jan 11, 2014
    What an amazing games the graphics and gameplay was unique. Although poorly placed checkpoints and a glitch where you can't quit contracts made me unable to play the story line...... I played it 2 times first time i got bored then restarted but then i accepted contract and could not do story line there was no way to cancel contract so i quit.. Sadly most of the best games are not here yet....

  55. Jan 5, 2014
    i had hopes fore ac4 but this is not what i expectid wow.
    finally a great pirate game a great charecthers and good music.
    a realy great story and ship gameplay just taking down ships is amezing.
    the only thing is they need a new combat then this game wil be even better.
  56. Jan 5, 2014
    Best game I've ever played, and for sure, with Captain Kenway, Ezio could finally go away. I didnt like Connor and Aveline much like Ezio, but Kenway is the best. Great game.
  57. Jan 4, 2014
    I have never really been an Assassins Creed fan partly because I was addicted to COD for so many years until now. Black Flag has got me hooked and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The graphics are beautiful and the world created feels authentic. Sunny towns, beaches and deep oceans all look magnificent on the ps4. The pirate theme adds a particular charm to the game and makes the world fun to be a part of while playing.

    The ship sections are particular impressive and add a whole new style of gameplay keeping the player excited and refreshed throughout. Sometimes just sailing around listening to the crew singing sea shanties and admiring the views is enough to fill a relaxed game session. The story is intriguing and characters feel fleshed out. The protagonist Edward is fun to play as and has a big personality and good story.

    The controls are fluent and work well for the most part except they can sometimes frustrate on a timed chase mission when you end up climbing down a ladder instead of scaling a roof! But these are tiny complaints. Combat is tight and works really well, learning to counter and break attacks adds skill making fights more enjoyable than just button mashing. Missions are varied and the rating system allowing you to submit a 1-5 star rating at the end of a mission seems a great way to submit feedback for Ubisoft to make future changes and improve gameplay.

    The game is long and the map is massive with lots of places to explore. There is also an app I downloaded to complement the game which I would recommend to get the most from the game. I haven’t completed it yet so I’m not sure how good the ending is but I am excited to find out what happens.

    This is a ps4 launch title you need in your collection.
  58. Jan 4, 2014
    A good game, but could be better. Visuals: the sea, ships, towns and animals look great. The resolution and frame-rate are both impeccable. Although the character models are sharp and move great, I find the skin textures are too shiny to be believable. (Maybe I've been spoilt by Heavy Rain The Last of Us?) Audio: music is spot on, sound effects are great. Sailing the seas and listening to your crew sing sea shanties heightens the experience.

    Gameplay: At first I just wanted to get on a ship and sail to new islands, to explore on my own... But I found the game shepherding me too much and I had to fulfill its tasks, which was annoying. After a while the game opened up and I could explore as I wanted, but the thrill had kind of passed by then. (I'm probably being too harsh here.) Another thing is that big blue unbelievable walls (Animus style) appear telling you that you can't proceed in certain directions while in the current mission. I hate that. In fact, the whole Animus idea really destroys the illusion of the game (and previous Assassin Creed games). All Animus sections are boring... I just want to be a pirate. Anyway, you eventually find the strength to ignore all this nonsense.

    Summary: a lovely game, marred by some annoyances, but well worth a playthrough. The companion app (for your phone/tablet) is also brilliant.
  59. Jan 3, 2014
    It's difficult to describe this game, if you look at it from the pirate aspect then no doubt you can see why this game is fun but when you look at it from the Assassin's Creed aspect, then this game is just a downright train-wreck, Where is the stealth? Why has this franchise suddenly become obsessed with pirates? Not to mention the poorly written storyline that they scribbled together for this game, I personally think Ubisoft is just desperately trying to make this franchise all that and more and they are failing at it, but then again I gave it a 3 because when you play this game and forget the other Assassin's Creed games and their plots, then yes the game can be some-what enjoyable but to all the die-hard Assassin's Creed fans, like myself, I strongly recommend that you DON'T buy this game, it has become clear Assassin's Creed is turning into Call of Duty, expect another similar or below-average sequel next year from Ubisoft for the same 60 dollars you keep wishing you had back............ Expand
  60. Jan 3, 2014
    Overall, very pleased with AC4, BF. This is a sandwich review. The naval combat was very fun and I enjoyed my pirating activities. The closed combat mechanic was maybe a tad too automated at some times (-0.5). The modern part of the story was useless and I did not enjoy that part (-0.5). I had the uPlay passport activation issue (and still have), so there are a few things that I could not play with (-1). Ubisoft, get your game together, don't put such thing in future titles. As always in the series I was amazed by the amount of historical work done by Ubisoft to support some characters, architecture styles, languages, etc. Expand
  61. Jan 1, 2014
    Single Player:
    Gameplay: While the core features are still there the actual feeling of Assassins Creed, at least for me, is not there. The combat is simple, but a bit too easy. In the earlier Assassins Creed games when you were fighting a target you at least had a challenge in open combat, but here you take them out by countering once or twice and doing a quick slash, or stab to finish
    him. Naval combat is a blast and where this game really shines, it's innovative system where random events at sea, such as storms or a convoy, can infuriate you with wanting those 132 Kegs or so of Rum in the British Frigate, but you know you really can't take it at that strength. You really can't get any new ships, you pretty much just upgrade the Jackdaw (Your personal Brig) with more Broadside Guns, Hull Resistance, and etc. The story had some shocking moments and really touching character scenes that I won't spoil, overall the Single Player for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag was really good, especially the story.

    Multiplayer: While I really didn't dive far in to the Multiplayer I played enough to get the gist of at least what most people will be doing on the game. Missing a HUGE opportunity the game didn't add a Navy Battle game mode to the Multiplayer, the retical didn't seem to function very properly seemingly going a little to the right, but of course this could just be my skill level in the Multiplayer. The level editor I couldn't get to work for me but it seems most people could. Overall the Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Multiplayer was kind of disappointing.
    A Great Story, with great characters, and writing.
    Naval Combat was really innovative for the franchise.
    Ship Customization.
    Random Events

  62. Jan 1, 2014
    Well this one is definitely better than ACIII. Still got few annoying bugs and the free run and combat aren't as fluid as previous titles. Blocking is extremely annoying in this one.
    Sailing is fascinating visuas are stunning. I likedthe story and Edward character.collectables aren't that much interesting except for Mayan and Templar hunt. Naval combats are great too.
    Multiplayer sucks
    big time absolutely nothing new here is played other ac games. Another annoying this is the social events in single player mood. Too rare and impossible to find. Ubi support didn't provide feedback about this so far.
    There is nothing to do after completing the game so replay isn't really that much fun. This is 7 for mr
  63. Dec 30, 2013
    Great game. Specifically seeing how to does strain away from the series quite a bit. Though the story sometimes left me confused and outside the animus game play seemed unappealing to me. The ship combat systems is very rewarding and enjoyable. Hunting is not as tedious as in assassins creed 3.
  64. Dec 29, 2013
    The PS4 graphics are beautiful, both when your in 1715 sailing the seas and exploring island and when your in present day overlooking the city.

    The story is great and this is one of my favorite games of 2013, surprising considering I played and never liked Assassins Creed. The pirate them is amazing for the game.
  65. Dec 27, 2013
    I'll admit that the new Assassin's Creed game is brilliant, but it's not what I wanted.
    Firstly, the world is far larger, and great, you can explore the Caribbean via ship whenever you want, there's no loading between going onto the ship and onto land, however, larger settlements do require a bit of loading (Nassau, Kingston/Port Royal, Havana). It's by far the best game of the series and
    has a number of side-actives.

    However; the game's storyline is like a mix of set mini-games. For me, I expected multiple endings but no just like assassin's creed III, you have to do all the set objectives and optional objectives if you are aiming for 100% completion. I would accept this if the game was actually COMPLETELY historically accurate, and yet you can go around taking huge forts with one ship which is pretty dire.

    I also felt slightly let down by the modern day storyline, which feels like some sad, boring video you are forced to watch, where you do nothing. Little is actually accomplished in this segment of the game.

    The multiplayer is the exact same as AC3, apart from "Game Lab", which allows players to make their own games. However, it's almost impossible to find ones previously played on ie. Frantic mode ?
    Uplay doesn't even work right, it constantly asks for the redemption code and I can't get ANY ac3 exclusives despite signing up for ACinitiates.

    The side-actives are more like collectibles, which you can no longer do upon completing and run out pretty quickly.

    I was also annoyed with the "Freedom Cry" DLC you play as another pirate and visit Port-au-Prince, which is good. However, Edward cannot access this area? Why is this I feel that this is awkward as it doesn't allow me to explore the area as him (which I would have preferred).

    It's a great game which I highly recommend, but the areas which I wanted to change didn't...
    I am most annoyed with Uplay which is just terrible.
  66. Dec 26, 2013
    Graphics: Amazing, some of the best on next gen, but still not. 9.5.

    Sound: Amazing soundtrack, great voice acting. 10.

    Gameplay: The game mixes in elements from the old AC games but adds in a ton of “sea gameplay”. In this game you get to sail the seas as a pirate plunder ships for treature/materials, the ship gameplay has been advanced from AC3. The majority of the game
    takes place on the sea and the game is actually made difficult. For example you need to plunder ships to upgrade your jackdaw ship to continue on the sequences so they’re not as tough. The games multiplayer is similar to the previous games, but it is still very fun and addicting, although I felt AC3 wasn't as glitchy. The singleplayer also has issues connecting to uplay servers, making it a pain for those that want to access the in-game fleet, or those hoping to get annoying trophies like sharing is caring. Typical UBI-Glitch for ya. The game is good the features are glitchy. 9.

    Story: The story is great, and the new character Edward is likeable more than Connor to most, he will feel like the character with charm, and gives the game the right balance it needed for a while. The story unfolds in a predictable way, but also this game does not feel like an AC game and could have been a standalone pirate game. The out of animus story never really progresses, leaving more cliffhangers and disappointments. Average story. 7

    Replay Value: Tons of stuff no doubt. The game itself can take from 12-20 hours to complete plus there’s multiplayer, and tons of collectibles/side missions. 10.

    Overall Score: 9.1 out of 10.
  67. Dec 23, 2013
    Overall, this game was an okay game. Its average graphics, average combat style, and monotonous ship battles and traveling make the game only mediocre and make it less fun then the other games in the series. Although, Assassins Creed 4 is slightly repetitive, certain weapons and missions make it a lot better. One aspect of the game that I really enjoyed was the new weapons such as the berserk darts which caused people to attack anyone in sight. Another thing I liked was the fact that you and your crew have the ability to take over forts and plunder them. In conclusion I think that this was a good addition to the series, and Ubisoft could expand on this idea in future games to come. Expand
  68. Dec 23, 2013
    I wanted to wait until I finished this game before writing anything, and so I have. It took me from launch day until late December, but I have collected every animus fragment and finished the story. And It. Was. Glllllorious. A nearly perfect open world sandbox pirate game, with everything you liked about Assassin's Creed games, with the best character and best story so far.
  69. Dec 23, 2013
    ACIV: Black Flag is by far my favorite entry in the franchise, and I'm looking forward to continuing the game withe DLC. The game was stunning to look at and the story was great. The only drawbacks I felt the game had were the redundancy of certain missions, and no variety of options to obtain items needed for upgrades.

    Overall ACIV is a fantastic game.
  70. Dec 23, 2013
    To my surprise, I am enjoying this game. I held off purchasing this before launch like I normally have done for other AC games. I thought I was finally burnt out on the series. Did not finish Revelations and was not impressed by AC3 (disappointed in Ubisoft's character development for Connor).

    But I finally caved in and bought this. I can't stop playing it. It has renewed my
    interest in Assassin's Creed. More than that, I am having fun. 20hrs in, I have barely progressed in the main story because I am doing so many other things in open world. I barely touched naval combat in AC3 but in AC4 I can't stop. I purposely am avoiding fast travel to far off places just so I have an excuse to travel in my ship.

    Game mechanics are the same but somehow seem smoother than previous games. I bought this on PS4 to assess improvements and maybe that is one of them.

    If you love the AC series, pick this one up. If you have never played an AC game, try this out if you like open world and always wanted to be a pirate.
  71. Dec 21, 2013
    This game is disguised under an epic illusion. It seems the map is very big, but where most elements repeat.
    Too many repetitive side missions. And the main missions are very repetitive as well. In addition, the environment is very repetitive. Anyway, every thing is repetitive, making the game fatiguing.
    I remembered AC II was so enjoyable, while You never expect an experience as
    assassin in AC IV. This franchise has lost the soul of assassin. The only left is a coat. When I was playing the game, I always ask myself: why I have to wear like an assassin?
    The pirate part is not bad for me, but I am soon bored with flat sea face, and you will soon be bored with The naval battle under same pattern.
    This is a game, lack of soul, full of repetitive mechanism and will be forgotten soon.
    Never compare AC IV even with GTA V which is still 10 times better than AC IV in quality.
    IMO, The AC III and IV shouldn't be in Assassin's Creed franchise.
  72. Dec 20, 2013
    I was less than overwhelmed with Assassin's Creed III, as my review indicates. Nevertheless, AC IV was my top choice for a PS4 launch title. From the moment I washed up on the game's first island, I instantly found this version more compelling. The new protagonist, Edward Kenway, lives some time before Connor. He's a pirate, rather than an assassin, and a slightly unsavory character. He's convinced he can make his fortune, chasing one far-fetching dream after another. He's more interesting than either protagonist from AC3, but more over, the game is just more fun. The scenes are broken down into a number of small locations, and when you get everything in one, it turns gold on your map. Which basically meant I ran around trying to turn as many locations gold as possible. For the first time in a long, long time, I found myself interested in accomplishing everything in game. In the end I didn't, not quite. The game was a bit larger than I would have liked for doing everything, and while I loved the exploration, by the end, I was ready for it to be over.

    The beautiful Caribbean setting pops, especially on PS4. This is by far the prettiest game in the franchise, making simply running around and climbing stuff fun in a way that hasn't been since about AC 2 (the first one).

    Edward Kenway is a protagonist out for himself--selfish and short-sighted. But despite seeing his self-destructive path, I still felt for him. And seeing him slowly grow as a character was a pleasure. The story is mostly fun and free-spirited, but tinged with a hint of regret, as the age of piracy is dying and Edward begins to realize that his style of living does have a cost.

    In the present, a new, unnamed protagonist takes Desmond's place. The new guy or gal--you never know--is working for Abstergo Entertainment, who is making a virtual reality experience for retail from the memories of Desmond ancestors. Of course, that's a cover, but your hero isn't in on the real loop. It's all kind of tongue-in-cheek. Honestly, since the Desmond sections of AC3 were the best part, I found these sections here a bit of a let down. They mainly consist of hacking mini-games, most of which grew tedious long before I uncovered all the secrets.

    The overall play experience is similar to AC 3, but refined in almost every way. Gone are annoying lock picking mini games, that made me actually walk past checks in that game. Now, I go out of my way to collect all the treasures--because, hey, pirate treasure! The game places a lot of emphasis on naval battles, but fortunately, the battles themselves, and upgrading your ship, are actually pretty fun.

    In fact, the only tedium I really faced was the real-world hacking mini games, and feeling like a few too many eavesdropping missions cropped up. Don't get me wrong--the occasional eavesdropping or tail-the-guy mission breaks up the gameplay, but it becomes frustrating if you fail and are repeatedly forced to reload. I would have liked it better if, more like AC 1, there were alternatives and the game didn't just reload when things went awry.
  73. Dec 19, 2013
    Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is a very well made game. I enjoyed it very much and would rank it in my personal top 10 games of all time.
    Being from Devon, England where Sir Francis Drake was born the whole pirate/privateer culture is really appealing to me. I think Ubisoft has done a tremendously good job at incorporating so many controls on one controller. The storyline is pretty good
    despite *you* not being Desmond Miles. There are some moving moments too, not something you would expect from a pirate game.

    Some veterans of the series would complain that it isn't true to what Assassin's Creed *is*. While yes there is a huge focus on naval combat, there still is the good old climbing, assassinations, relic/collectible hunting, stalking and hand-to-hand combat.
  74. Dec 17, 2013
    Nearly perfect, one of the funnest AC's yet! Definitely worth looking into. It sure has felt like an up and down roller coaster ride with these games, but this one hit a high note. Well made and super fun to play!
  75. Dec 17, 2013
    Let me start by saying I've never really been a huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series mainly because the repetition I have experienced. You always know what to expect from an Assassin's Creed game. You will hide, vanish, assassinate, wash, rinse, repeat. I purchased this game because there were limited options of games I wanted for the Playstation 4. With that said, I've really enjoyed this game. It really taps into the power of the Playstation 4 and shows it well. The graphics are extremely impressive! Whether it be in a settlement or a deserted island, it appears to be very realistic in many different ways. The way the water moves, storms that you can get caught in, weather changes, it's all very surreal to watch. The combat system is basically the same as the previous version, it works very well. I highly recommend this to any Assassin's Creed fan or if you're looking to play an open world game that shows off the power of the PS4. Expand
  76. Dec 15, 2013
    AC4 for the PS4 (and, I'm assuming, this would probably hold true for all versions) is a RARE kind of awesome. One of my top ten games of all time. If you enjoy sophisticated plots and characters, world exploration, diverse gameplay mechanics, excellent production values, and a lengthy gameplay experience, AC4 is very highly recommended. Highest possible recommendation. I don't know what Ubisoft is going to do to top this. Expand
  77. Dec 14, 2013
    I liked the first one and hated 2, Brotherhood and 3. But wow Black Flag is an awesome adventure. For being a next gen launch title I am really impressed with the graphic. It is about medium high on a gaming pc. The story is fun and the ship battles are great. The overall sound and music is top notch. This is what AC should have always been.
  78. Dec 14, 2013
    Amazing game, a great re-boot the the Assassins Creed franchise. The game still has many frustrating bits in it like poorly placed checkpoints in missions, or the lack of for that matter but taking all aspects of the game into consideration this game is amazing. The graphics look stunning in comparison to the last generation PS3/xbox. The storyline is far better than that of AC3, which as everyone knows this game is a prequel too, the game removes the majority of problems AC3 suffered from but it leavces behind many that have to be addressed by next November.

    The DLC is great and I am hoping for one they keep adding single player content as the mutliplayer content, isn't worth my time as it sets impossible goals for players to reach in order to get the trophies needed, which for beginners in online mode isn't fair as you are usually paired with people much higher than you (In my case 3x higher) Multiplayer to me is were they game loses my interest as it is much the same, I would prefer them to allow players to filter matches to be placed with equally skilled players to level the playing field.

    The story seems to short for me and side quests to repetitive.

    Anti Aliasing is still a problem for this game like most PS4 games, which I am very disappointed with as at this stage that should be 100% eliminated.
  79. Dec 14, 2013
    I've tried every Assassin's Creed game, and generally walk away very disappointed by the poor mission structures and repetitiveness of what's asked of you. I've never been able to push myself to finish a single one.
    That said, this game is a real love/hate for me. I hate most of the campaign missions, where you sneak along behind someone to listen to their conversation, or chase someone
    through the game's glitchy and often infuriating "parkour" system. But I love the high seas bits. The sea shanties sung by your crew, the intense battles, the feeling of wanderlust. I wish this amazing pirate adventure wasn't stapled to yet another boring Assassin's Creed game. I had a lot of fun with this game, but didn't get past the fourth or so campaign mission before trading it in. Expand
  80. Dec 12, 2013
    In a small summary: BEST sea game ever, hands down. a very AVERAGE assassins creed game, absolutely nothing special other than what is in the sailing and WORST pirate game I've ever played. The absolute worst and most disappointing thing about this game is they will never be able to redo this. I understand that the whole open world sailing was an ENORMOUS accomplishment, that aspect was absolutely fabulous. In no way am I knocking that, but I have to say there were three things about this game that in my opinion made it go from what could have been a 10 to a 6.5.

    The assassins story was way too rushed and way too little. There is almost 0 character building, I'm not saying characters dont develop, but there is no building up to it, suddenly with no story things vastly change. (compared to ac3, id give 5/5 for story and this 3/5)
    The Pirate story was the real death of this game in my opinion. Kenway is clearly more of a pirate than a templar, yet his wardobe is assassin, which..I understand, but give it a pirate kick to it, for god's sake at least give the man a captains hat when your in his status. Then the fact that all of the pirates are friends...that was a knife to the heart. I know how disappointed i was at the lack of drunkards running around, of other pirates trying to steal from you; of gun shots in the streets of tortuga or ANYTHING piratey. It was pretty much just like any other ac game except sailing ships, and seeing other famous pirates. I at least really can't explain enough how entirely I was disappointed by the pirate story. There should have been two main stories going on side by side, his two lives being shown instead of craming them together in an extremely half assed way.
    Lastly, the grpahics were great, sure. In my opinion though that doesnt mean much when they cant include such simple and small things such as when I wear armor that doesnt have a hood, dont have the cut and paste action of him pulling his hood up. That the way that blackbeard talks about you in the intro you would think that people would treat you the way they fear, children and women should run, the guards should know who you are all the time with no way from relieving you of that other than staying in pirate territory.

    All in all, i would play ac3 for the fourth time before ac4 the second. Solely because of how disappointing how short and small the game was after all the hype, and how horrible they did with the pirate side.
  81. Dec 12, 2013
    If you were to directly compare this to AC 3, then this is a huge improvement over what was easily the worst game in the series. If you compare the game to the entire series, then it probably ranks as the 2nd or 3rd best game to come out so far. The biggest thing here is the emphasis on the ships in this game. If you didn't like it in the last game, then you'll hate it here and it'll turn you off so bad that you are forced into playing it, unlike the last game. This game is about 50% old AC stuff and 50% ship battling/exploration. You have to know that going into the game because it'll be a huge disappointment if you're expecting more like AC 2. The issue is that the story is not very good and if you don't like the ship mechanic, then don't play it because that's all you do all the time and the story is not good enough to carry the game through something like that. As a PS4 game, it's essentially one of the few games that is halfway decent on the system right now. If for only the fact that the game is better than most of the other stuff out there, pick this up if you're interested in it on a new system. But I would probably not recommend someone pick this up on the last gen consoles as there are tons of other things that they can play that will far and away better than this. Expand
  82. Dec 12, 2013
    This is the most fun I've had playing an Assassin's Creed game, but like the other titles, the absurd and heavy-handed narrative get's in the way of all the fun. The combat is mindless and boring, and the occasional dramatic woosh & slow-motion finishing move is a needless distraction to the obscene unilateral violence I'm dolling out. The story missions are tedious, the difficulty birthed out of attempts to navigate the somewhat wonky free-running and stealth mechanics (both feel terribly outdated).

    But naval battles are fun! An upgradeable ship with scaling boarding mechanics really steals the show, but doesn't feel fleshed out enough as 'black flag' sounds like a game that would focus on naval combat Your ship occupies a moderate category not too big, not too small going up against various size ships, but after your begin to upgrade, your small ship feels invincible boarding becomes an annoying array of strategies to blow up barrels, kill officers, cut down flags, and massacre an arbitrary number of red-shirt-like crew members. It feels like an afterthought, and I would've liked more flexibility in ship size and firepower, allowing players to play dart like schooners against man o' wars. Sure it doesn't really fit the whole 'playing through history' idea the series has been based on, but to be fair: the restrictions of playing through history are conveniently employed: mostly for blocking players out of areas so they'll progress the story.

    Although the world is big, large islands rarely have more than a sand bar or two to explore for collectables, all are surrounded by a homogenous cliff- with-jungle texture.

    I did enjoy myself but AC has begun to feel stale on delivery. Combat is too simple, story is garbage grandiose pseudo-religious futurist schmaltz, open-world if open-world is long pretty stretches of road between prefab cities. It loses in the details and that's the only reason I love big company productions like these details afforded by huge sums of money and large development teams.
  83. Dec 9, 2013
    An absolute blast to play, but you'll have to decide how to split your time between playing Assassins Creed on land, and playing pirate at sea. I seem to wind up spending a lot of time at sea just messing around. But you wind up switching back and forth enough that things take a lot longer to get stale.
  84. Dec 9, 2013
    no Abstergo mumbo jumbo, and a few repetitive missions striped away and this game is a masterpiece as a pirate game on it's own! definitely my favourite from the whole AC franchise.
  85. Dec 7, 2013
    Assassins Creed IV is developed for current generations of console, so dont expect to see a life like graphics, its just expanded for Next Gen console.
    ACIV does a good job in forming an open world game, wonderful world and nice to explore the environments and it does feel different other than other AC series, gameplays is awesome....although some parts are little boring due to the lack
    of detail in story or being too cliché at times. but overall gameplay is really fun.
    in terms of graphics it does look better on PS4, firstly that it runs on native 1080p, its a solid 30FPS, better texture work, nice plantation also in terms of physics they are much better, a more wonderful sea, better rain effects, improved perspectives and finally a really nice Rain effect and more smoke effects are some of the next gen improvements.
    if you are thinking should you pick up this for your PS3 or PS4 i would say it is a really good choice to pick it up fro ps4 and you will not be disappointed.
  86. Dec 7, 2013
    I some how manage to always play the yearly iteration of Assassins Creed games (gifts, bargain bin, borrow from friends etc.) and never find myself particular impressed by them solid 7/10 experiences.

    Black Flag, however, is not only an amazing AC game, it's an amazing game in general and strong contender for game of the year. One of the best open-world games I've played and simply a
    fantastic Pirate game.

    I bought GTA5 and Black Flag at the same time and have been playing Black Flag exclusively. So far, my top games of the year are Last of Us and Black Flag. It even feels odd putting an Assassins Creed game in my top games of the year, but it really is a fantastic game all the gameplay mechanics are improved, the story is far more cohesive, and the world is vast and beautiful. Sure, your still doing a lot of the same tasks and side missions, but they somehow aren't drudge-fest like previous games due to the minor gameplay tightening. Even fighting carries the risk of dying this time around (if you don't upgrade your health).
  87. Dec 6, 2013
    This was my first Assassin's Creed game and I loved it. There is a noticeable difference in the visuals between the PS3 and PS4 versions. The PS4 version is more crisp and the open world looks much more beautiful than it does on the PS3. The world is massive and you can honestly find yourself getting lost in it and putting off the main story. The main story is alright; nothing special but not terrible either, which isn't a bad thing since most people will probably enjoy exploring and naval battles more anyways. The only few problems I had were with the parkour system. Having played both inFamous games I was interested in seeing how it works in Assassin's Creed. The system works, but it is flawed. There are times when you climb you don't want to and after a while it can get annoying. Regardless of this though, the game is great and probably the one next gen launch everyone should pick up. Expand
  88. Dec 6, 2013
    I've always been a bit ambivalent about the Assassins Creed series, the PC ports have been pretty bad and I always thought it over ambitious on the PS3 (and I suck at climbing walls). This time the game is rendered as smooth as can be and running through Havana a joy (although I still suck at climbing).

    I'm not a fan of the race to collect the shanties (see suckyness above) and those
    missions where you need to tail someone can get tedious but other than that I'm having a blast with the combat and exploration both on land and sea.

    A finely, ahem, executed game on the PS 4
  89. Dec 5, 2013
    First off, I must admit I am not much a fan of the Assassin's Creed series. After playing the first game, that I didn't enjoy, I thought I would be done. However I gave Black Flag a try and was very happy with the decision. From the collectibles, the missions, and sailing, there is plenty of content to enjoy that never feels like busy work. There are some things that do get in the way from enjoying the game but those are features from the original game. Accidentally taking the rope up to the crows nest on my ship was too often of an occurrence to forgive it. Missions expectations being delayed until after I failed to complete them was also another hindrance to my enjoyment.

    However those are minor enough still give it an 8/10. The sailing, ship to ship combat, and fighting a rogue wave were so enjoyable that I will play it again just experience the excitement again. Nothing is more satisfying in that game than the moment when you realize that when you set sail for the first time, you are in total control.
  90. Dec 4, 2013
    Cracking pirating adventure that had me singing along with the shantys and really enjoying the plundering and battling. Amazingly good fun, however some gripes as follows: Paying for the "next gen" version sticks in the craw for only next gen foliage after boarding a boat the FMV is always seems to be the same, gets a bit tedious Not every island is accessible, and you cannot traverse the whole place feels "enclosed"
    Free running seems to have gone back to the crazy monkey of AC2 where you are running along and suddenly try mounting a wall

    Other than this the game is solid and great fun. Grow your beard, get your other half to make you an eye patch (I love my girl for walking in with mine) and have a rip roaring time!
  91. Dec 3, 2013
    Probably one of the best Assassin's Creed games since 2, and looks gorgeous on the PS4. Great fun overall, and lots to do. However, while bringing some great new additions on the gameplay side, it still carries many of the flaws of its predecessors.
    Also, in my opinion, Ubisoft should have taken the naval part and made it a new IP, focused on the Pirates mythology, rather than try to
    force the Assassin's Creed lore into the pirate fantasy. Expand
  92. Dec 2, 2013
    The mixed reviews belie a very impressive game. It's open world is among the very best out there and the shear volume of side quests will keep you busy for months. Definitely worth picking up...
  93. Dec 1, 2013
    I Really enjoyed AC4. Its not a perfect game but it grabs your attention and doesnt let go. For a next gen game it looks georgous. Draw distance and the level of detail on such a large map really shows the developers dedication. The contols are still an issue but its a fun ride so stop reading this review and go grab yourself a copy!
  94. Dec 1, 2013
    Story is weak and hard to follow at times, too many ship and tailing missions, but other than that it easily improves vastly from the other games and does everything other than the story much better.
  95. Nov 30, 2013
    Because this series has been pumping out so many consecutive installments, I was worried that AC4 was going to be a flop. I'm couldn't be happier in being proved wrong. This title brings all that you love about AC back with the brilliance of naval warfare accompanied by a fresh and clever storyline. Gone is dull Connor and in is a slick pirate with swagger who's likeable and fun as hell. The sandbox is massive and gorgeous onthe PS4! Easily the best launch title for the console and one of the series best. If only we could get Ubisoft to stop reminding us that they're French Canadian during every animus cut scene.. Expand
  96. Nov 28, 2013
    AC IV is definitely an improvement from ACIII. ACIII was terrible! I care about Edward and I love the fact that he's not dull. I don't care much for the story, but I love the gameplay, the gameplay definitely makes that up for me. Battling other ships is amazing! I didn't think I would care for it, but I'm glad I was wrong. Guess what? There's actually STEALTH! There was no stealth whatsoever in ACIII and I'm glad that Ubisoft was smart enough to put it back in you'll really need it in this game. You're not a killing machine compared to Conner you're an actual ASSASSIN. Now the cons to the game are regenerating health and, again, only one button for free running. I hate regenerating health. I hate having to run away from battle just regain my health back, I prefer to have potions so I can heal right then and there. Free running.....I still don't like the one button, but since this game is nowhere near as buggy as ACIII I can tolerate it. Thank you Ubisoft for fixing most of the problems. Expand
  97. Nov 28, 2013
    I have typically been a fan of all Assassin's Creed Games, and this installment did not fail to live up to standards. This game had a surprisingly difficult naval warfare system, which was extra rewarding as you plundered an enemy ship. Sadly though, as it was difficult, there were some moments where the mechanic became so difficult I had to get off the game for a while because of how frustrated I got. Nonetheless, It was enjoyable for it's rewarding loot and weapon upgrades. As the game was very fun, I would not like to see Naval Warfare, Hunting, or guns in Assassin's Creeds in the future. They need to go back to Assassins like Altair and Ezio, in my opinion.
    Living to expectations
    Interesting and Intense Story line
    Surprisingly Difficult Naval warfare, unlike the last installment
    Frustrating Naval Warfare
    Same, counter-revolved combat system
  98. Nov 28, 2013
    Possibly the greatest singleplayer game that I've played in a VERY long time. I've been a PC gamer for quite a while, and bought into the PS4 hype. Although, this game does look very pretty on the PS4 considering the low specs.

    This is my first Assassin's Creed game, and probably NOT my last!
  99. Nov 27, 2013
    Though the story may not be as epic Assassins Creed 4 has very very good game play and still a strong story to completely immerse you in its beautiful environment
  100. Nov 27, 2013
    okay, let's get some things out of the way first...
    I am NO console fan-boy, not a cheerleader for PlayStation, nor for XBoX!

    I am a PC-gamer and a proud one, too... for that, my review is focussing on the differences between this "next Gen" and the good ole' PC.
    I'll write something about the game first in this part I and later in part II I'll say something about this PS4 version.

    I. (the game itself):

    I played ALL parts of the AC franchise and while I didn't like them all, I didn't hate all either.
    "Black Flag" is in my opinion the best AC yet!
    This is so, because they took what I loved about ACIII the most, sea-fights, and built their game around that, plus I absolutely adore pirates since I was a kid.
    The setting in the carribean is just great and while the islands are pretty small, this has the upside of the islands not overwhelming you with their sheer size.
    On the other hand, when in a sea-fight, it can be annoying when you crash with your ship into a sandbank, for there's yet another island in your way... ;)
    Anyway, LOVE the seafights and the "boat-play" and I LOVE how the world looks in this installment, with bright colors and a turquoise sea. Just beautiful!
    Normal combat is as dull as it has always been it's just always the same. Swing sword, wait for a chance to counter, then counter and kill your enemy that's it. But then again, hasn't it always been as dull as it is now? I think yes, it was always like this.
    Storyline is nice, from what I've seen until now I'm not yet through atm. Missions are, again, more of the same, which can be dull at some points and they should come up with more new ideas, IMO...
    But, on the gameplay itself, "AC Black Flag" is a solid game and I'd give it 8/10 points.

    Part II: the PS4 version...

    I own the game on my PC and now I visited a friend, who proudly wanted to brag with his new PS4, asking me, with a stupidly arrogant grin on his face, whether I'd had seen any game as beautiful as this ever before in my life.... unfortunately, I HAD TO tell him straight-out "YES!" OMG, yes! He wouldn't believe me that my version on PC looked better than his PS4 version not enough that I didn't even have a top-of-the-line graphics-card, for mine was mid-range and is almost 3 years old...
    So we kept on playing for an hour more and I took him to my home, where he could witness proof of the PCs advantage over his PS4.
    He didn't want to believe me, but when he actually saw proof of my not lieing, he almost teared-up! Yes, he really was about to cry.
    And as I had mentioned, I use a "Radeon HD 5850 Xtreme", an 2 year old reboot of an almost 4 years old GPU that runs OC, but lacks some functions of the newest GPUs and, as I said, it isn't even an expensive top-of-the-line graphics-card...

    Nevertheless, the graphics on PC even a mid-range PC, mind you!, the graphics look just better on PC!
    Everything is clearer, more crisp AND I run a game in AT LEAST 30 FPS, many games even in constantly 60 FPS...

    Apart from graphics, I didn't notice that many differences between PC and PS4 controls on PS4 were equally great on both systems, which leaves the PC on the throne of "great gaming experience", IMO.
    I honestly have hoped for this "next Gen" of consoles to finally become better than a decent PC (not top-of-tzhe-line, I must remind you!that consoles will NEVER achieve!), but, unfortunately, this "next Gen" is not quite there yet and even my "3 years old mid-range rig"(!) is still kicking this consoles ass!
    I hope that this has only been the case for the games aren't quite there yet, but then again, even if it really were for "AC BF" being one of the very first PS4 games that it could NOT beat my PC YET, I have to remind everybody sharing this hope that, in December I'm gonna buy an "enthusiasts" GPU (GFX 780 Ti), the best there is out there at the moment and with that, I don't think ANY of the next 3 years PS4 games could beat my PC then!

    on this particular PS4 version, I have to rate "AS: BF" only 4/10

    which leaves us with:

    game itself: 8/10
    PS4 version: 4/10

    OVERALL: 6/10
  101. Nov 17, 2013
    This game looks absolutely amazing and excels with the sheer sense of scope. Giving this a 10 to counter some of the frankly absurd 0s that I have been seeing. To rate this a 0 takes a troll of the highest caliber and likely someone who has never actually played the game. If you do not like this game fine, but to say its not a well crafted and enjoyable game seems bizarre to me. My favorite setting of all Assassin's creed games hands down. They have captured the Caribbean in a way that I wouldn't have thought possible and the share feature of the PS4 has been put to great use with one stunning vista after another. Collapse

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  1. Ubisoft significantly improved the multiplayer side of things. Also, story takes you places.
  2. Jan 4, 2014
    It’s difficult to imagine Assassin’s Creed ever leaving the sea behind.
  3. Jan 2, 2014
    With a great cast of characters and a huge world to explore, this next-generation sequel is the best installment since Assassin's Creed II.