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  • Summary: The year is 1715. Pirates rule the waters of the Caribbean and have established a lawless Republic. Among these outlaws is a lethal young captain named Edward Kenway. His notorious exploits earn the respect of legends like Blackbeard, but draw him into an ancient war that may destroy everything the pirates have built for themselves. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Dec 1, 2013
    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a game I enjoyed immensely. It controls and plays better than Assassin’s Creed III and its hard not to enjoy causing all sorts of mayhem on land and sea.
  2. Dec 9, 2013
    Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag is a damn good game that has little flaws attached to it, which is impressive for a launch title.
  3. Apr 20, 2014
    The PlayStation 4 version of the game is mechanically the same as the PlayStation 3 version, but the new engine is eye-poppingly awesome.
  4. Nov 5, 2013
    Beyond the underwhelming main campaign, Black Flag delivers a world brimming with gorgeous places to go, amazing secrets to discover, and nefarious pirates to stab.
  5. Oct 29, 2013
    Despite my issues with the paths that are laid out before you, Black Flag is great fun when you let your impulses guide you.
  6. Oct 29, 2013
    An energetic new protagonist, a focus on piracy and pillaging, excellent naval combat and a huge, beautiful open world make Black Flag an easy game to recommend, and a decent way to kick off the next generation.
  7. Oct 29, 2013
    There's only so many times, however, that you can tolerate the poorly-defined stealth and terrible AI.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 11 out of 159
  1. Nov 15, 2013
    much much improved than last year's edition,the vast open world and lush islands are marvels to watch upon and experience.Ubisoft should win next gen with its open world game imo Expand
  2. Mar 9, 2014
    Finally Asssassin's Creed releases a good game. Since the last game from the series that I actually enjoyed was Brotherhood, I was beginning to be a little depressed when it comes to Assassin's Creed. However, they managed to fix that with Black Flag.

    The graphics are outstanding, the story is solid, and the gameplay is fresh and interesting. I was not expecting such a big change from them, and it was a pleasant surprise. I'm actually looking forward for the next game now.
  3. Jul 21, 2014
    Really fun and engaging. Takes elements of all its predecessors and shapes it into something new and innovating. Glad to see the ship battles expanded and oh, so great. I devoured this game and the only two points of criticism I got is the way the end feels rushed ( okay I'll join the assassins, kill kill, the end ) and the level of repetitivity in its side missions.
    The legendary ships are amazing..
  4. Apr 17, 2014
    Ships, Pirates, and underwater treasure. This game is awesome! Battling on the seas feels so good and while it may take some time getting used to when you do, you feel like a boss. My only real complaint with this game is the combat feels a tad weak. The combos are pretty repetitive and doesn't keep me as engaged. All in all, a great port of a great game. Expand
  5. Jan 11, 2014
    What an amazing games the graphics and gameplay was unique. Although poorly placed checkpoints and a glitch where you can't quit contracts made me unable to play the story line...... I played it 2 times first time i got bored then restarted but then i accepted contract and could not do story line there was no way to cancel contract so i quit.. Sadly most of the best games are not here yet....

  6. Jan 17, 2014
    As an assassin's game it fails but as a pirate game is where it shines. The game has many many flaws that can make the game frustrating and annoying which makes me sad to see since most of these flaws are from prior assassin's games and you would expect them to fix that or make it better. Things like your character constantly doing what you don't want it to do. Fighting onboard a ship is pretty terrible since there are a lot of enemies and targeting sucks so you'll be hitting different people that you don't want to hit or worse, something you'll character will be out of combat when enemies are nearby so when you press circle to counter you'll actually put away your swords and get hit. The story is pretty terrible and it's sad to see how instead of the developers fixing what the game was about and improving being an assassin they instead just add something else to it to attract people and hope they ignore all the flaws it has when your doing your assassin thing.
    Essentally this is AC 3.2. Everything from AC3 is in this but with a few new stuff like diving and hunting sea animals and it greatly improves on the sailing part and what you can do with your ship. As a long fan of the AC series it pain me to see how the developers passion for the game is gone, as you can see from the bad story, and all they care about is making money. It's also evident when you play the game and hint at future installments they may make to further milk the franchise.
    Other than all negative I put the pirate side like I said is fun. You can upgrade your ship and ship battles are fun. There are also legendary ships you can tackle but unfortunately you get nothing good out of them other than bragging rights. I wish they would've just made this a stand alone pirate game and made a separate Assassin's creed game that's actually good than we would've gone two great games and the company would've made lost of money since there is a lot of potential when your acting as a pirate.
    Overall if you want a game that gives you plenty to do than this game might be for you if your into pirates. If you want a good story that continues the series then you'll be disapointed if you pick up this game.
  7. Dec 21, 2013
    This game is disguised under an epic illusion. It seems the map is very big, but where most elements repeat.
    Too many repetitive side
    missions. And the main missions are very repetitive as well. In addition, the environment is very repetitive. Anyway, every thing is repetitive, making the game fatiguing.
    I remembered AC II was so enjoyable, while You never expect an experience as assassin in AC IV. This franchise has lost the soul of assassin. The only left is a coat. When I was playing the game, I always ask myself: why I have to wear like an assassin?
    The pirate part is not bad for me, but I am soon bored with flat sea face, and you will soon be bored with The naval battle under same pattern.
    This is a game, lack of soul, full of repetitive mechanism and will be forgotten soon.
    Never compare AC IV even with GTA V which is still 10 times better than AC IV in quality.
    IMO, The AC III and IV shouldn't be in Assassin's Creed franchise.

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