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  1. Mar 5, 2014
    The PS4 release is my first experience with DN, and it's fantastic. Top-down perspective, dual stick action that still requires quite a bit of strategy. Interactive game streaming takes advantage of the PS4's capability.

    Diablo III + L4D2 + Stardust HD/Resogun == Dead Nation.
  2. Mar 4, 2014
    Such a great game! It has the retro feel to it, which I like, and even though it doesn't exceed with graphics nor gameplay (compared to the major PS4 titles), it proved to be a really, really fun time. Love it!
  3. Mar 5, 2014
    What's new about Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition? Well they've added the new Broadcast+ mode, Arcade mode, and Endless modes as well next gen polish....... On top of that, I really enjoyed the controls and this game is a blast with a friend; coop campaign or coop horde mode. Don't listen to people saying there's no reload or run buttons. There are both; there's a limited run/dash with L2 and click in the right analog stick and you have a reload button (can't understand people who who don't have time to read the loading screens or visit the options that explain the mechanics before shooting their mouth off in a review). What I've always loved about this game is the strategic nature of balancing out your inventory of distractions (flares, etc...) ammo scarcity, limited dash, and weapon upgrades. And yes this is technically a "survival horror" game (yes u have to survive and yes zombies fit into the genre of horror) but it was never meant to be compared to the likes of Resident Evil or the Last of Us. It was designed to be more like the old arcade game Smash TV. This version of Dead Nation is still a fun, frantic, retro, slightly strategic, top down shooter with some great leveling up mechanics. Expand
  4. Mar 4, 2014
    Good game just filled with bugs right now. I played the Ps3 version at launch and this does look better with some added game modes. The biggest problem is the game keeps crashing on the 2nd level and for some reason when making a private game It keeps joining me with random players hindering me from playing with a friend.

    Though we did eventually get into a game after a few minutes, It
    was just a shame to see a re-release of a 3 year old game didnt get fully tested and is having more problems than the original. Now that can all be patched and the game is a tough but very fun twin stick co op shooter but I cant go above a 8 with major problems like that at launch. Expand
  5. Mar 8, 2014
    Pretty much the same game as ps3, but I loved that one and now I have a whole list of trophies to get me going again. Small improvement on the graphics, still it does make everything clearer for me. Overall a fun game with good challenge.
  6. Mar 13, 2014
    This game took me by surprise as was expecting it to be mediocre at best, it was free via ps plus however so felt it was at least worth a go. I never played the original Dead Nation which I guess is a good thing as it made this a fresh experience for me. I was a bit sceptical to begin with as it seemed a little basic but in no time whatsoever I was powering up weapons and buying new guns in between being overwhelmed by huge hordes of the undead. The mechanics are indeed simple but timing is key with particular weapons as well as choosing when to use your limited dash ability and meagre explosives supplies. It all turns out to be high octane fun and with a multiplier system reminiscent of Resogun (it is made by the same guys after all) for the high score hunters its an enjoyable challenge. Throw in the co op which can be played online or via couch co op (with two controllers) and you have what really is a enjoyable little game with a slight retro feel to it but in all the right ways Expand
  7. Mar 8, 2014
    wasn't my type of game from what I seen, went into it with low expectations (but hey it was with ps plus), little did I know that I would spend endless hours competitively fighting zombies while trying to be the best in the ranks, a neat non linear game, which actually reminds me of the PS1 game Fully Loaded.
  8. Mar 9, 2014
    Really enjoyed this game and am still playing it. there is a lot to try and do on your own and then there is co-op with is going to be fun, hopefully people try and enjoy this game because it is fun wor what it is worth
  9. Mar 11, 2014
    One of the few games on ps4 right now worth playing online with your friends, too bad it was a ps3 title. never played the ps3 version, so it was all brand new for me and it was impressive. Basic stick shooter and zombie mayhem, not a lot to it, story not good enough, should have invested something in updating the story cut scenes.
  10. Mar 11, 2014
    How the heck did they get such an amazing game on the PS3 to be so fun and different on the PS4. Both games are amazing and get this now or I'll cut you
  11. Mar 12, 2014
    This game is simply a good game! I found it really fun and challenging. The game's difficulty goes up nice with each level at the exact right pace. You really need to check cars and other boxes for money so you can upgrade your weapons and equipment, because you'll need it! Scavenging all areas will also reward you with nice armor upgrades, which is really useful!
    Some people complain
    that they got Dead Nation for free after the PSN hack, but this version holds more value. All DLC comes with this edition, which is really nice. And then it's also free for all Playstation Plus members this month! Great! Expand
  12. Mar 17, 2014
    It is a really enjoyable game. It is only about 2.3 GB which is not a lot and it a overall good game. I would recommend this to anyone who has PS+ because it is free.

    Honestly if you are complaining about a free game you need to get out more. IT IS FREE you dont have to download if it, you dont like it
  13. Mar 15, 2014
    Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition is a fun game. I went in to it thinking it was going to be another shooter.But I was wrong. The infection cycle by nation is cool, and the fact that it comes with road to devastation is awesome. It is a great game overall.
  14. Mar 18, 2014
    Its good , good graphics and good control and very recomended to play cooperative with your friends so is moré funny and its free so its so recomended
  15. Mar 4, 2014
    It follows about the same formula as Housemarque's previous and present games, so if you enjoyed any Super Stardusts or Resogun then you'll find plenty here. They've added the DLC from the previous game, which does add on to the game. Plus when you're live streaming, you viewers can decide certain things in the game in real time, which is great as well. Other than that, this is the EXACT SAME game with a slightly better color palette and slightly upgraded visuals. You're so far away from the screen that you hardly notice any upgrades to any textures. But, it is free, and is still pretty fun. Expand
  16. Mar 21, 2014
    This free game is tough as nails but super addictive. The only knock I have is that it kept connecting me to players who kept leaving just because and what I assume that that they got chosen as the female character.
  17. Mar 18, 2014
    Surprisingly this game is addicting. I am not usually one for old school shooters as I have had plenty of them back in the day, however this game is fun. Can't beat the price for PS plus members either!
  18. Mar 6, 2014
    I was excited when this became available on the PS4. I had heard great things about it and was eager to try it out. Being a zombie fanatic, I immediately looked for similarities between my favorite zombie games.

    The checkpoints are a nice relief when you're getting bombarded by zombies and I found myself running towards them to escape. I used the recommended brightness settings initial
    and had to up my brightness to avoid not seeing zombies or why I was suddenly taking damage. Overall it's a great game, especially for free (for the time being). Expand
  19. Mar 7, 2014
    I know eventually the PS4 will be a worthy purchase, and the start of a consoles life is always ropey. But PSN giving subscribers games like Dead Nation is an absolute insult. This game was already offered free (which I declined for better games such as Infamous). And after giving us week after week of terrible games 'Don't Starve' and finally giving us the great Outlast they resort back to cheap old last gen (megadrive style) games.

    Dead Nation plays like Smash TV or Alien Breed (really old games) and the Easter egg top down zombie shooter from Black Ops (not Zombies, the one you unlock on the computer screen in the menu room). Basically there is nothing more to this game than going from one pitch black generic arena to the next shooting what I think (because the pixels are so small, dark and badly animated) are the walking dead. I think anyway, it may just be hordes of annoyed PS4 gamers tying to kill the idiot who thought they would fob us off with this rubbish in the month of March!

    Oh, I forgot, you can upgrade weapons. And… that’s it. I having nothing more to say. You just go from one dimly lit area to the next, no variety, no change no great set pieces, just a long dull boring repetitive drone through dark black horrible arenas. So to sum it up, we have bought a 400.00 brand new console (next gen) and we pay our 40.00 subscription for PSN and we are given… wait for it…. A game which could have been amazing on the commodore 64 in the 80s.

    But it’s kind of free (ish). So can we complain? Make the decision your self, but to me it was a waste of hard drive space and it feels like this month PSN didn’t give us anything. But there’s always next month, maybe we will get Space Invaders 2014 or Pack man 12. SORT IT OUT SONY, because the idea of an xbox one and Titanfall is getting more and more desirable!
  20. Mar 5, 2014
    The original game is pretty fun. But this " Apocalypse Edition " has absolutely nothing new. So,Sure,this is a nice game,but this PS4 re-release is pointless.
  21. Mar 16, 2014
    I've now updated my review, after playing a decent amount more of Dead Nation, and I can happily say that the game is better than I thought it was.The significant issues are still there with the Aiming being too sensitive, the gameplay being fairly dull, and the levels not being open enough, but the mechanics work better than I first thought, and it is more entertaining than I first expected.
  22. Mar 4, 2014
    What is so different about this game? This is coming from me a huge Dead Nation fan, but this is just the PS3 version on your ps4 console nothing added to the graphics, no gameplay mechanic is improved, and nothing else is added. This is horrible for me who has played the whole game on ps3, but nothing is different, showing that PS4 is extremely desperate to have games on its console, but failing miserably. I give this game a 0 because this is not acceptable, stop with this **** and make actual games for ps4, just like Xbox one is making more games than you! idiots Expand
  23. Mar 13, 2014
    This game is the retarded and ugly cousin of Super Stardust And Resogun. Dead Nation was a game on the PS3 and now it has got a remake on the PS4. This was the first time playing Dead Nation so i came in with a open mind, The game does not take advantage of the PS4 it looks like i was playing the original game on the PS3. The controls are the worst, every time i went to throw a grenade or flare i sprinted across the screen. The Game is dark and hared to see and the some zombies just stood there as i walked passed them instead of following me like a normal zombie. the game is free for PS+ Members and thats were i got it from and its not worth the download. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition gets 0/10 an epic fail Expand
  24. Mar 21, 2014
    Great game, but would have liked to see more improvements over the PS3 version. The best experience is reached when played with a friend, online or locally.
  25. Mar 7, 2014
    They already gave me this game as compensation for handing all my personal information and credit card data to Eastern European hackers. Over time I was able to forgive them and upon taking them back with the stipulation that I agree to help pay for a better, safer online experience they rewarded me with the same boring top down shooter.
  26. Mar 29, 2014
    The game is pretty fun, the controls took me a little while to get used to but if you are a completionist like my self you're gonna have a hard time the game is hard as hell on the hardest difficulty but well worth it
  27. Mar 21, 2014
    How this game has got as many positive reviews is a mystery to me.

    In fairness im not a fan of top down view games and for this reason alone I wont give it the 0 I want to, but there is just no fun here. Just walk, shoot, run, shoot, do the same and then repeat until the end.

    This wouldn't be so so bad I guess, I mean that's what games like COD and Halo have made millions from doing
    but at least with them you get the graphics and some interesting characters from time to time.

    Stay away unless you like mindless shooters without the thrills.
  28. Apr 27, 2014
    Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is the console version of Dead Trigger in iOS, only from a third-person perspective. I didn't like this game too much. I don't find it fun, the streaming options are way complicated, and while the framerate is excellent, there is way too much stuff at the screen at once to know what is happening. Guess that if you have PS+ and get it for free, there's no much to loose. If you pay for this game, then you're just bananas. Expand
  29. May 12, 2014
    Excellent top down shooter. Great layers on the gameplay. I have played its successor (Resogun) and loved the way that every detail matters and creates the balance of the gameplay.

    It has its spikes in difficulty and probably you won't recognize which level is which. Also, sometimes it's hard to see where your character is with all that is happening on screen.

    Excellent action,
    excellent coop that relies much on tactics as it is on skill. Hardcore stuff, this one surprised me. Expand
  30. Apr 22, 2014
    Housemarque just make fun and addictive games plain and simple. If you've played Super Stardust or Resogun you'll already know this. Dead Nation Apocalypse is a remastered edition of the PS3 game Dead Nation. It's a top down shoot em up that's based on scores, trophies and reflexes. It's a twin stick shooter in which you are either a man or a women who's in a world overrun by zombies and you have to survive by blasting your way through hordes of different kinds of zombies to reach checkpoints.. You can upgrade your weapons and armor along the way. You can gain new weapons and armor throughout the game also. It's just pure gameplay.

    Players are awarded score multipliers and money when zombies are killed. Money is used to purchase and upgrade weapons at checkpoints, and multipliers to grant better scores. Each time players are hit, they lose multipliers and health. Players fight their way through ten levels, using weapon shops that allow weapon upgrading and armor swapping ( all in game money which is good ). Throughout the levels, players can find boxes that hold ammunition, multipliers, money, or armor pieces, and also loot cars and trunks for money. If a car is blown up before being looted, though, the loot is lost. At times the players are trapped in areas where they must survive until they have accomplished a certain goal (e.g. wait for an elevator while fighting zombies or kill all zombies in the area). Armor sets influence strength, endurance and agility.

    Zombies are attracted by flares, car alarms, grenades, mines, and vending machines. Zombies can be killed by environmental hazards which the player can use to their advantage. Players will encounter a variety of zombies. Players can use a melee and rush attack against zombies, as well as a variety of weaponry like rocket launchers, flamethrowers and electric weapons.

    It can get a little repetitive at times and the story is kind of weak and so is the main character. To be honest though you will be playing this purely for the gameplay alone because it's fun, fast paced and addictive.
  31. May 14, 2014
    I never played the original nor did I have the PS3. When I heard it was announced for the PS4 I was excited. I like my top down shooters. Anyway when it arrived I was blown away by the visuals and the sheer detail in the graphics. The co-op is probably the best yet on the PS4 console next to Reso Gun. Anyway long story short, great graphics, great gameplay, lots of great action, plenty of zombie killing and what a blast to play, 7 play through's and I'm still hooked. BUY THIS NOW! Expand
  32. Mar 24, 2014
    Another great PS4 port Pros: -Great Graphic -Has that Retro Gameplay feel without being so Generic -No troubles with the Camera Angles (Unlike in other Twin Stick Shooters) -It's not some Left 4 Dead clone -Great Mechanics Cons: -If you don't have PS+ you'll have to pay $10 for it -Lack of Gun Variety Recommendation: Anyone who's tired of Left 4 Dead clones AND whoever has a PS+ Subscription Expand
  33. Apr 6, 2014
    This game is a little bit overrated because it's free. It's fun for a little bit, but the gameplay gets stale. It's just too slow. There's lots there to play, though, if you really do like it. Personally, after a mission or two it feels like a chore to keep playing, and among the other titles in my library, I only feel like playing it once a week.

    What I really like about this game
    isn't its gameplay, it's the huge amount of stat tracking and community involvement and leaderboards. Expand
  34. Apr 8, 2014
    This is my favorite ps+ game so far, the graphics are great, gameplay is really good, most importantly its a cooperative horror survival, online or off. They did a good job with everything, weapons and upgrades, enemies and levels are great, this is my first experience with DN good job
  35. Apr 24, 2014
    Muy bueno, Excelente coop. Una mejora de graficas, imagenes y sonido de la version de ps3. Obviamente un coop de 4 jugadores hubiese sido mejor. Si no lo pudiste tener gratis en un buen buy, Todos los bugs q tenia al principio los arreglaron.
  36. May 25, 2014
    Für, ne gelegentliche Runde im Koop ist es ganz nett. Trotzdem nix dolles und eher mittelmäßig. Wer auf Zombies und isometrischer Perspektive steht, kann ruhig zugreifen.
  37. May 31, 2014
    I'm not really a fan of these games so my review is biased but this game was STUPID. Not a bad game graphically or game-play wise by any matter... but the story and art style are horrendous. It looks just bland and uninteresting, not appealing at all. As for story... its on par with Minecraft. There really is no story, but there can be if you create one yourself. I can see the appeal to a different demographic but find this game impossible to play. Expand
  38. Jun 29, 2014
    Much better than I expected for yet another zombie game. Good controls, plenty of weapons, easy to pick up and play, nice graphics, very eerie, well detailed and fairly large levels, fun bonuses, and the worldwide virus stats at the end of each level generate a need to keep playing. One of my top 3 PS4 games so far.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. May 11, 2014
    As the Dead Nation moves from PS3 to PS4, only little has changed. The textures are a notch sharper and there's a new game mode, that demonstrates the streaming capabilities of the PS4, but other than that, the game is the same four year-olds old top-down zombie shooter. It's still a solid shooter, but nowadays the zombies are literally EVERYWHERE. [Apr 2014]
  2. Is (currently) free, looks better, and you can now be messed with by stream-watching gamers. What's not to love? [May 2014, p76]
  3. Dead Nation's plot is as substantial as a slice of Bernard Matthews turkey ham. [May 2014, p.86]