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  1. Jun 17, 2014
    As soon as I saw this game at e3 of last year, I was pretty impressed by it. Now, after playing it for a while, I was disappointed and frustrated. The control scheme is very hard to get used to, the visuals are good, but the players' motions and physics look and feel like crap. The commentary is piss poor as well, just to add on to this bad game. EA needs to rethink this one over and understand what they need to do next year to prevent this game from playing like complete crap. Expand
  2. Jun 17, 2014
    Wow graphics may look a little good but the gameplay is really lacking and very mediocre. I should have not given EA another chance they ruined NBA live and they ruined this game.
  3. Jun 18, 2014
    First of all, let me say this game isn't a good game . It is really average if not worse . Graphiscs are good yes , but with barely 30 fps constant on current gen (ps4) it is pretty bad.And yes , barely because fps drops are not that unusual with this one . Controls are shaky as hell(smash dat' button ) , most of the moves feels unnatural and too soft ( Yes soft , for a fighting game . Please EA. ) Well, 4 . Expand
  4. Jun 21, 2014
    Graphics are good hits feelsmore or less real BUT ffs controls in clinch or at land are not explained that well. For example there are positions like if you're pressed against cage with clinch you can't get out. Ffs if you make a game about fighting explain things for good
  5. Jun 18, 2014
    Two is the only number i can fairly rate this game. From its horrible disregard for creating a real UFC event experience to the botcher it calls game play this game is a sad attempt to please the "casual" mma fan. Instead of putting itself best foot forward this game offers a complete arcade fighter experience against humans, and AI fully equipped with static manufactured drama with its sudden and most time random flash knockdowns, to strikes that deal significant damage not causing the fighter to show any visual que that it was effective. Of course everyone loves to get hit with a head kick from belly to belly close range due to no proximity striking while landing a tight hook directly on the oppositions jaw, and get knocked out by it due to this "As Real As It Get" scenario only available from in the monumental EA Sports UFC. Maybe you like "parring" strikes but being popped out of range for a follow up attack because of the games pre canned character placements shifting your fighter not only unrealistically but completely unfavorably.This games is a complete and utter failure from top to bottom grappling is a mess, striking is pathetic, clinch game wait never mind lets not go into that Popeye vs. Bruno situation this game deemed a clinch battle. I mean i love blocking take downs while throwing kicks because there is no actual tactic evolved in game play. Quite honestly all of the "Yes Men" out there rating, and praising this mess your only sending the message to developers of this poor designed game that it is satisfactory, and that they don't have to improve the title because people are gonna love it and buy it anyways. So to all the supposed mma fans, and studio plants falsely rating this wildly terrible albeit comical misrepresentation of the UFC, and Mixed Martial Arts as a whole do some serious soul searching, and ask yourself if you had a chance to make the best possible mma fighting game to ever come out wouldn't you do everything in your power to forced the developers to do better? Cause this game currently is just not fun from the moment you start to moment you give up. I could literally write a book on this games short coming but ill leave you with this how often does an amateur fighter start there career with zero fights, just straight into the biggest company in the world's world wide aired reality Tv tournament, and advance though to the ufc with no incantation bouts on their record? Expand
  6. Jun 18, 2014
    EA Sports UFC hoped to resurrect the series previously owned by THQ, but ended up being highly disappointing. The roster is the least diverse I've ever seen, and you will barely ever find anyone lower than an overall of 86, letting undeserving fighters win championships in career mode. In career mode, which is unimaginative, and just has you training and fighting the whole time, the first few fights are easy, incredibly easy, before you get on the main card. At that point, the game suddenly becomes punishingly difficult. Along with that, you have little to no choices. Instead of being given the chance to fight others, you are forced to, but that doesn't come to a surprise. Expand
  7. Jun 20, 2014
    I had written a good review after playing the game for a few hours, but now after playing it a lot more, I can say with confidence that this game is absolutely horrible.

    The 2 positives about this awful game are the graphics and the game face feature, the rest is a laughing stock.

    Career mode gets boring extremely quick. All the fighters do the same moves LOL. There is nowhere near
    enough customisation like there was in THQ's UFC games. Once you've had about 20 career fights everyone has retired so you just have to fight the made-up fighters which is unbelievably boring, not just this but you have to fight some of them 5 f***ing times, WHO GETS 5 TITLE SHOTS?????? WTF???

    Online is atrociously bad, whoever the dominant player is will get KO'd about 8 times out of 10... in my last 4 fights I was destroying my opponent, then all of a sudden I take a punch and I'm rocked then KO'd even though its their first punch/kick or whatever. ARE YOU SERIOUS EA?????? I thought online on FIFA was bad but this is absolutely horrendous in comparison. If you don't get KO'd with 1 hit, your opponent will abuse the massively OP takedowns continuously, theres no way to stop them, its f***ing ridiculous. Once you're on the ground, in some situations there is literally no way to escape... YOU HAVE TO F***ING WAIT FOR THE ROUND TO END UNLESS YOU GET BEATEN BEFORE THAT DUE TO BEING TOTALLY HELPLESS ON THE FLOOR.

    To sum up, this game rewards awful players who use the cheap exploits, handicapping is existent in this garbage game just like it is in FIFA. I will literally destroy my opponents face for them to not get KO'd and then hit me with 1 shot and it's all over... LMAO!!!! Uninstalled, thank christ i only paid £24 for this trash, and that was off Ebay so EA got none of my money :)

    1/10 is being generous to be honest.
  8. Jun 20, 2014
    The graphics are very impressive, with great character designs and build for the octagon and in the fighters animations. Having played the previous 2 incarnations from THQ, they were nothing if not easy to get into, but more difficult to master. This incarnation is the opposite, it aims for simplicity but misses the mark, changing the ideas and rules in enough ways to leave you frustrated while playing.

    The control of the characters themselves also feel forced and clunky, what you press does not always concur with the outcome on the screen, the ease of feel from the THQ incarnations is also absent. It feels slow and misses the required fluidity for a game such as this.

    It would seem that EA have taken some of the ideas from previous incarnations but have missed out on the vital part, the usability. The career mode, although cumbersome but thorough previously (again in the THQ generation), this time takes a lot to get through, very linear with little option to begin and worryingly frustrating and time consuming, not in the good way. The video cut scenes are to begin with a good segway of introduction, for main pieces that is but they are used to frequently throughout gameplay i.e. a video of Dana saying it is two 5 minutes rounds or the Ultimate Fighter sign in video format. Together leaving the feel disjointed and empty.

    In conclusion it is undoubtedly a beautiful game to look at but, be prepared for a lot of frustration and many many video scenes to look through.
  9. Jun 19, 2014
    I really wanted to like this game, but in the end it just made me realize how much work THQ put into their product. It's unfortunate that after the let down annualized Undisputed 2010 not many people were willing to splurge for the absolutely (nearly flawless compared to this) Undisputed 3, because this game makes it clear that with THQ decommissioned it will be a LONG time if ever we get another engaging UFC/MMA game dedicated to the true fans. I really didn't want this to turn into a review of Undisputed 3 vs EA Sports UFC, but THQ's offering destroys this game in every category with exception of some online launch issues. This game is all looks and no soul, the moves are so limited, the way everything from stamina to damage to more subtle things like cage control are just completely lacking here. My advise: if you want to experience the true reward of climbing through the ranks of the UFC without stepping into the octagon, do yourself a favor and pickup Undisputed 3 and play career mode. That game features 4 different MMA factions and has much, much, much, more depth.. EA (and Dana White) you should be ashamed in selling out MMA fans for the casual gamers and children. Expand
  10. Jun 20, 2014
    It's quite rare for a game to actually be worse in almost all aspects than the previous similar releases. THQ's UFC games were pretty much better in both design, game play and realism etc. The ONLY obvious thing that EA Sports UFC has improved is the graphics, but it's not really breath taking in any sense. Compared to e.g. 2K's NBA game to next gen it's very dull looking.

    If you only
    play games for the graphic, go ahead and buy this. However, if you like me want good gameplay, realistic sports and overall a fun game; DO NOT BUY THIS!

    Worst preorder of my life to be honest.
  11. Jul 3, 2014
    For a game that held so much potential and with such a great license to work with, EA failed to make the most of it with what is essentially a basic, over simplified game. I'm not referring to controls when I use "over simplified". The controls are complex which is fine but they are also confusing in their design.

    The game is just bare. There is not a lot to do in it. Beyond the
    tutorials EA Sports UFC offers up only 3 modes: Career (basic and repetitive - train/fight/allocate points/repeat) Fight Now (Player vs Player/Player vs CPU/CPU vs CPU) Online (Lag/limited options/spammers/quitters/connection issues).

    There is no mode, online or offline, that allows you to create events or fight cards or tournaments. Even if the excuse is used that it's EA's first kick at the can with an MMA game, so to speak, they are smart competent people and should have known better than to develop and produce such a bare bones game. In my opinion there is no excuse for building a competitive style sports game like EA Sports UFC and not including basic competitive elements such as Tournament and Event modes like numerous other sports titles offer.

    Visual and audio glitches, programming bugs, ridiculous AI or lack thereof, lack of depth and an all around lack of polish all add up to one thing. Leave this game alone! If you must have it, wait for a sale or price reduction or until someone gives their copy away!

    Real MMA is less painful and more rewarding than playing this game!
  12. Jul 2, 2014
    this game has all the character models right. Their movement when they come into the ring to when they get checked by the ref. From there when the fight actually begins this game is a love hate relationship. the graphics are great but the fighting is not as responsive, when you press jab on control to when the movement goes. Online is a laggy mess, my record is 37-23. Alot of those fights i lost because of horrible controls and response time of it. the stamina makes no sense, i dont know how my guy gets tired ffrom being on top dominate control, not doing anything, but it happens. Expand
  13. Jul 19, 2014
    I've been trying very hard to fall in love with this game. I'll start with the good. The graphics, the sound. Those are good. The online play is decent. The build your own fighter options for customization is ok.

    The career mode is a sad sad thing. The loading times are irritating. (Not as much as the previous though)

    Positive: You fight as if on the Ultimate Fighter Show.
    Negative: If you lose... you just keep fighting until you win. Lame... Give me a minor league or something.

    Positive: Working your way up the rankings. Cool.
    Negative: "Press X to see your fight offer" One option, "Accept" You can not decline. it's not an offer.

    Positive: Commentary Rogan and the doofus Goldberg
    Negative: A knock out kick to the stomach: "The ref had to jump in there, look at the replay as he took blow after blow, the ref had to jump in and stop the fight." IT WAS ONE KICK TO THE STOMACH!

    Positive: Well rounded game play. Boxing, wrestling, thai clinch, submissions.
    Negative: WAY too many random "KO's" from stomach kicks. (for and against)

    Positive: Best submission mini game system so far.
    Negative: Graphics glitches frequently when grappling, ground n pound. Punches that don't line up with faces hitting etc.

    I don't understand why I can't play through a career mode with my favourite UFC fighters either. Just pick someone for a one on one or RACE to pick the best guy in online mode.

    Positive: Lots of clothing options for my fighter for those who like to play dressup
    Negative: What's the point of sponsorship?? More money? Wait there is no money. More fans? I've had no problems gaining fans with no sponsors. What's the point?

    I almost forgot! Tale of the Tape only when it's the main event??? I need to know reach advantages! Also... how about a decent fight history. I like to know who I've fought and how many times and who they beat. Not just. (you have 22 ko's and 4 submissions and 1 decisions) Seriously...

    Lastly... WHY NO WOMEN??? I can't do a woman in career mode?

    This game is a disappointment and I'm sad I did the online download purchase, as I have ZERO resell ability out of this. I'll buy the next one... but it won't be digital download.

    @DanaWhite !!! Make EA do better!
  14. Jun 25, 2014
    Striking is decent and the submission system is great but that's it. The grappling system is very dissapointing. The undisputed series had a much more reliable system. For some reason doin the same stick rotation in certain positions does not always do the same transition. Sometimes my fighter get stuck mid transition as if the animation is frozen and I have to rotate the stick again to finish the transition where it left off. The blocking mechanic is also a problem due to the game having one block button to guard high and low while using other face buttons for heavy high/low blocks. This isn't much of a problem while striking but it absolutely breaks the cage clinch system. Having your opponent against the cage in the Thai clinch is almost useless due the the block mechanic as the can stop ALL strikes without losing stamina. There are other problems with this game but those are the ones that bother me the most. Hopefully. EA can get it right next time. Expand
  15. Jun 23, 2014
    Where to begin lets start with the campaign. EA does a good job of making you feel like you are entering the ultimate fighter TV series. Depending on what difficulty you choose to play on the experience differs, and the computers seem to get an advantage in blocking and overall game play. There is also a huge difference between hard difficulty and pro difficulty, but both are rewarding. Now the reason this game does so poorly, the online portion. The system setup is nice every day or so there is a tournament going on, where you have to win fights to advance through the belts to participate in the tiers of the tournament. The issue most are experiencing with the game are the broken mechanics. Moves such as the Muay Thai clinch are a favorite for those who I would assume fail at the game otherwise. Basically a person gets you in a Muay Thai clinch and repeatedly puts knees to the head, While the game is slow to respond and this can result in a knockout after a few knees. You can block and transition, although the player in control of the clinch can cling you around, to throw you off balance and start the grueling task of kneeing you in the face over and over again. The second let down online which is a new trend is preforming a take down, getting up, rinse repeat. The purpose of this action is to waste 5 minutes of game play just to win by decision. Once again you can defend against this action, although you would be spending 15 minutes doing so. When people play the game correctly with some dignity it is a blast using all forms of MMA and actually pitting skill against skill. Although the 1 in 10 chance you get someone who actually wants to play the game, the way the developers intended or the way it is fought in real life, is rare and does not make up for constant exploiting. Overall the idea of the game is good the single player is amazing, if you are buying this game and would like to play online, to pit your skills against others prepare to be let down. I would suggest borrowing it from a friend or renting it, spend an hour or two online (if you can bare it), and make your decision from there. Expand
  16. Jun 28, 2014
    This game has the most retarded online I've ever experienced completely unbalanced. everyone has the same moves essentially... Will be rocking some1 to the face with their head glowing red kick after kick to the chin and they stay up then get one kick on me and im out.... Only worth playing career mode... thats sad to say
  17. Jun 28, 2014
    Good graphics,_ and that's about it..
    The games control system is a button smack fest insted of a stick controlled system. But the worst thing about this game is the multiplayer part. It's so so bad!! First of all, u need to pick a existence fighter. No career possibilities, no nothing. Pick a fighter and off u go. So if u pick one of the best fighters, u probably gonna end up in a fight
    against the same fighter u chose. Next, EA have copy/paste the FIFA menus into UFC and with that, the season system where u have to win points to either stay in your diversion or get promoted. 10 levels in total. 10 matches in every season. No fights for belts or fame, no possibilities to make any personal input on your fighter such as starting from scratch and work yourself up by getting better, get more skills in the way you want to shape your own fighter etc. Nothing... You might as well just play "fight now" instead of seasons. I personal like something to stripe for in a game, a goal of some sort. UFC provides nothing. Expand
  18. Jul 16, 2014
    I'm from Brazil, so sorry in advance. I'm from Brazil, so apologies for the future. The game is just regular, or even bad. If u played UFC undisputed gonna hate the game. The old series was much more detailed. You could adjust the level of difficulty aa learning curve was bigger.
    The current game is made for casual gamers and does not portray the complexity of MMA.
    Furthermore, there are
    few game modes. The career mode is very bad and has major flaws. The workouts are tiring and repetitive. you can train boxing and put points to enhance their submission rate. The scams are limited. All wrestlers have the same moves.
    It would be much better if EA kept the structure of the former UFC Undisputed.
    Only the graphics are good ...
  19. Jul 21, 2014
    Graphics 10- This game LOOKS phenomenal..from the lighting to the sounds
    GamePlay - if your are NOT a hardcore UFC fan and only know Bonez Jones or Silva...then you probably like the game..but fans of the UFC and MMA in general will not be pleased after playing EA's version of UFC..
    1. All of the fighters fight EXACTLY the same
    . example...when u fight Frank Mir he dosent try to submit
    u anymore than when your fighting a striker like Ben Henderson..when your fighting Machida whom in real life has the LEAST amount of strikes per match in the UFC he's gonna throw 200 punches ..instead of being a defensive counter striker like in real life.. Everyone does the Pettis showtime kick even guys like Big Country..SUPER unrealistic..

    2. There is NO since in height or weight.
    .i can use Jones against a shorter guy like Cormier and u cannot use the jab to stay away from him EVER..infact if u walk and punch it turns into a overhand or uppercut depending on the direction of the punch..if i tackle you with Big Country it should be hard to get up from under him but its JUST as easy as it is anyone else in that class.

    3. the ground game is the same for almost everyone-
    meaning if your a wrestler ..every wrestler will have same transitions on the ground..guys like Souza feel just like Wiedman in the clinch and ground game..BTW every takedown witht he modifiers are super body slams which in real life u see 3-5 times a yr mostly by Cormier

    4. lack of fighters and options -
    Dillashaw Woodley and alot .lot more..i understand they are doing DLC for those BUT..why should they have to..i mean Dillashaw has been a contender for 3 yrs..Woodley was a BIG signing for UFC last yr..
    NO pride rings....the depth of create a figher is minimal at best..the online fighting wt classes are a mess u contantly have fights with guys in differ wt classes and cant see who u are fighting before to make changes hows it possible that a NEWER game had less fighters than ANY of the older games..crazy..

    5. new game missing older game's features I dont get it?
    gone are grabbing a kick on defense or a punch..gone are transitions in the submission game .ie...u cant go from a armbar to a triangle choke as you could in undisputed..gone is HERB DEAN everyones fav ref...gone is the ref pulling you OFF a fighter..gone is fights being stopped due to cuts or leg kicks...gone is ability to fight against the cage unless u count pushing against cage in muey clinch...gone are standing submissions INFACT there is only ONE submission from the back period ..rear naked choke..gone are the ref breakups beating a guy unconscious all u hear is its all over and u walk back to your corner..gone is the touch of the gloves option that was minor BUT it actually added to the presentation and we all loved it..gone is the blood that STAYS on the mat till the match is over..GONE is create a PPV which everyone liked..

    graffix..and i actually am a fan of the submission mini game with the analog sticks..not a fan of the actual submissions themselves cus there are few AND no submission transitions...
    1. how bout making BETTER submission fighters have less directions to use on the analog sticks when submitting..for example MIR only has a right left and down option..thus easier for him to submit u than say machida whould have to use all 4..and make the meter slower vs that person so its harder to break out...also ADD transitions on submissions AND the older games
    2. make fighters fight like themselves..i dont want EVERY fighter doing showtime kick only pettis has done that successfully..or cartwheel kick only Ebersole should have that move..(is he even in the game) Mir should try to take u down..Ronda whould clinch judo throw armbar at every opportunity...Machida should be hard to catch and hit..Cain should ground and pound u out! Ben Henderson should leg kick the hell out of you will u submit.. Cormier should throw u against the gage and punish your body..
    3.Refs should interfere realistically...Commentary should be more...COMMON...try teaching us some MMA terms during it or talk about the fighters more weaknesses strengths..

Mixed or average reviews - based on 53 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 53
  2. Negative: 1 out of 53
  1. Jul 24, 2014
    For now, this is one for the hardcore. [Issue#246, p.68]
  2. Jul 23, 2014
    At a first glance EA Sports UFC looks amazing but after playing the game for a couple of hours it turns out to be something else. The Career Mode is repetitive and the controls are too complicated. The clinch and ground game don’t work nearly as well as fighting from a standing position. As a result EA Sports UFC fails at delivering the complexity of MMA-fighting.
  3. Jul 21, 2014
    As an entire package UFC is definitely a step forward for the video game representation of the sport, there are obvious missteps but largely everything is progressive.