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  1. Nov 25, 2013
    Good game. BUT why would anybody buy this over the current gen iterations when this version is missing features?? the absence of tournament mode & online co-op is an absolute shameless money making ploy from EA, to play online co-op you can no longer just sign in as a guest, you need your own ps4, PSN account, and COPY OF FIFA 14 also tournament mode is so BLATANTLY and OBVIOUSLY omitted cause they will be pushing FIFA WORLD CUP next summer, and that will include it. This is another f**king disgrace and kick in the balls to the consumers courtesy of EA. Expand
  2. Dec 1, 2013
    Release a game that has features missing, what makes it worse this time is that they deliberately misled people into thinking this is a complete fifa. No mention of these features missing until after the issue was raised on forums. - Creation Center - Tournament Mode (Creating custom tournaments) - No Guest play in Seasons - No Co-Op seasons, just a few.. a next gen fifa game with no tournament mode has to be the stupidest. And the excuse for this is even worse. Expand
  3. Dec 5, 2013
    When a sequel comes out, you usually have a basic expectation that it will be better than the last. If I look solely at the Pro Clubs feature of the game. Albeit somewhat mproved from the previous gen version of Fifa 14, but the improvement is mostly in the smoothness of the running and the crowd looks a lot more realistic. The main problem though, with Pro Clubs, is every single game you have, against every time, its the same, all any team ever does is play a chipped through ball, every time they get the ball.
    It's curious reading the critics' reviews and how they are calling it more realistic than ever, as I can not say I often see chipped through balls in football often at all, let alone every single time a team gets the ball. The entirety of Pro Clubs is based on holding the X or Jockey button when you're not on the ball, and then when you get the ball, hitting chipped through ball to a runner on the counter. It's so repetitive it is quite incredible.
    Head to heads are ok, but I wouldn't say they were an improvement on Fifa 13.
    But the worst thing about Fifa 14 is Ultimate team. Ultimate team has been for the last couple of years my favourite part of the game, trading players, saving coins, building your team. EA have made a catastrophe and removed Formation cards, which has in turn flooded the market. Where on the last few years you could sell certain types of players for 1k or 2k a piece, they are now practically worthless, and earning coins has become so much harder to the point where I can not bring myself to play this version of the game. What a disappointment.
    The game is better than Fifa 14 on the 360 or ps3, so I will score it accordingly, but overall, still an overhyped, over rated, and mostly poor game.
  4. Jan 23, 2014
    Please do not buy this trash. The servers of this game are still inacceptable bad. The handicap , which allows bad players to win a game with 1 shot on target even though u fired 20 shots on target ,is still here like in fifa 13. Save your money this game is not about competition its about luck. The handicap / momentum kills this game for good. This is definetly my last fifa. Shame on you EA
  5. Nov 30, 2013
    If like me you love fifa 12 & 13 and your expecting it to build on that like they have ever since about 10 you will be very unpleasantly surprised theres 4 real problems with this game

    1. no lobbies you cant do any type of casual multiplayer if you want a 2v2 you have to do it in the new 2v2 season with a friend you cant just invite someone or set up a one off game with x number of
    people by creating a lobby room.

    2. passing: when you pass the ball 7/10 times+ the recipient will be static and unable to move ive heard people describing this as "its like there playing football running on custard" the other hand..

    3. through balls: are far too effective with little effort you will pass out through balls cutting defenses with ease

    4. ball heading: is also been greatly improved so its very easy to score goals in this way.

    the overall difference that these things have made particualry the passing it really slows the game down and forces you to play it in a certain way that you otherwise wouldnt the whole thing feels rigid like a breadstick.

    the good side?
    well FUT is still great, more than 2 people going for a single ball is more realistic the graphics are slight nicer tho from a distance you wont be able to tell the controls have been tinkered with and i think there slightly worse .

    This is less fifa 14 more like 'fifa lite' the last fifa was brimming with game modes and lobbies, FUT aside this is just an expensive bare husk and an experiment more than a continuation of what has continually got better from the last 4 or so installments, I am dismayed by all the professional reviews saying its 9+/10 you will undoubtedly still buy it as whats the alternative? but believe me when i tell you: EA broke fifa next gen? this isnt even as good as last gen
  6. Dec 30, 2013
    Terrible game, very shallow and void of any skill requirement. The inherent scripting makes it largely a random outcome, either it's for you or against you. True footy fans will not like this but it might work for the casual gamer/ those that have never seen a game of footy before.
  7. Dec 31, 2013
    This game is absolutely garbage. I mean its so bad that you would return it the next day. The only good thing about this game is...nothing. Since its plain and utter rubbish. Players just too dumb for the ball. Overpowered players with amazing stats in game but no where near irl performance. Also UT is broken as glass, I have never seen so many informs in Division 6&7 ever. Its just impossible to compete with little kids spending their parents money on UT coins. Last words DO NO BUY THIS GAME. DONT SUPPORT EA. Expand
  8. Jan 8, 2014
    This isn't a game meant for entertainment, or simulation for that matter. This is a game meant for frustration. The users have little impact on the game because the ball rarely goes to the player you are attempting to pass the ball to. This is due to the fact that the joy stick used to move the player is also the joystick used to aim the passes at the player you are passing it to. This doesn't make any sense as there are times when the user is running down the field and attempts to pass to the right or left while still running down the field and the ball will simply not go where you want it to and end up being intercepted.

    The lobbed through balls are incredibly frustrating on defense because the players on the back line just freeze and watch the streaking defender get the ball and separate from the defense for an easy goal, especially Renaldo as 90% of players online use Real Madrid.

    The Stupidity of the A.I. In real life when a ball is loose in the box, and at least 1 or 2 players around it, they don't just turn around and run back to their defensive positions. On defense, the back line is constantly getting out of position in the most ridiculous ways.

    The fouls or lack there of, is also incredible. You get away with raping the opposing players and then they stop play for phantom fouls that almost seem like glitches.

    The goalies make incredible plays as if the ball is goalie seeking missile that can't miss them and yet make the most ridiculous mistakes at critical times.

    EA needs competition, look at what NB2K did to them. They single handedly destroyed NBA LIVE and I can see why. I've heard good things about PES and i'm switching over next year to give it a shot. I know they have some things that hinder them, like licensing issues, but I refuse to give EA anymore of my money after yet another product put out by them. They destroyed MADDEN and now they have destroyed FIFA.

    What Garbage.
  9. Jan 13, 2014
    I have been playing fifa for years now and this is by far the worst its far to slow real football is played at high pace the touchs are terrible even while holding control button most times plus the fact scoring is far to easy then you have the old L1
  10. Mar 2, 2014
    FIFA 14 changes the way the game plays, it's a bit slower and arguably more realistic, but my oh my - it's like being put through an emotional roller-coaster just to get any sense of delight out of the game.

    The game looks good, sounds good but plays - awful. I'm a veteran FIFA player.. and I have never been so frustrated at a game. The problem is is that at Professional difficulty the
    game is a breeze, too easy, but the next level up, World Class - makes you want to throw your controller at a wall and beat into the wall with pure anger. Usually when I'm having trouble with a game, I adapt and learn how the game plays, so in turn I get better at playing. But FIFA does everything in it's power to screw you over - you are literally being cheated by changing that difficulty setting, and it just isn't right, at all. Let me explain - your players go from brilliant passing, movement and dribbling ability to a team of wandering retards. I mean it. Players feel as flimsy as pieces of paper due to the overpowering and unrealistic strength and pressing of the opposition (I don't care what anybody says, scripting and momentum exist, and in FIFA 14 it's as obvious as ever), you can't get near the opposing players or else you will loose the ball - which makes wing play almost impossible. Furthermore, you know Walcott? Yeah he's a pretty fast dude, but not when it comes to FIFA and can't out pace Terry after getting in behind the defensive line. Countless times I've been in behind the defence baring down on goal - just to be tackled by a CB who all of a sudden had some new found pace. I think you're getting the picture. They're overpowered in every single way. Passing, dribbling, keeping possession, defending, goalkeeping - everything is overpowered to the point where a draw feels like a win, and a clean sheet? Feels more like a cup final victory. The AI is ridiculously overpowered, I do not know what EA was thinking, they said the game was 'challenging yet fun' - they couldn't be any more delusional. On higher difficulty settings - this game is appalling to stick to for longer periods of time, it's not fun, even when I win. The problem isn't that I loose, It's that there's much bullsh*t in the game that leads to goals (players running away from the ball, goalkeepers being retarded, misplaced passes of ridiculous proportions and so on) - it zaps any fun I had playing this game straight out.

    Those are my only issue with this game in terms of game-play. Those of you who play primarily online UT, probably won't run into these problems as much, but for those of you who are looking forward to a 'challenging yet fun' and realistic offline experience, forget about it.

    Away from game-play - it's no major overhaul from FIFA 13. It's basically the previous game with a few small additions thrown in to try and get people excited. Same modes, same UT experience bar a few new features - none of which warrant the full price tag. It's a poor poor effort from EA - they're lucky that PES is as bad a game as it is. I get the feeling I only play FIFA because there is no other game better rather than because FIFA itself is a good game. It really isn't. There has been little innovation since FIFA 12 and I don't expect things to change. The next-gen versions do improve on certain aspects, most notably load times, and lag within menus. Visually the game looks impressive on PS4/XBO - but it's not mind-blowing - although I would recommend to upgrade to the next gen versions.

    Overall, I'm disappointed. But what I'm disappointed in in FIFA 14 has been around for a couple of years now, I guess I was looking forward to the game-play being improved, and I'm sorry but in my eyes, it's taken several steps back. I wish EA would stop giving us the same piece of crap, and actually do something to give the loyal fan base who love FIFA, the game we all want. It's gotten to a point where, when someone asks what's wrong with it, the number one response is 'it's just FIFA'. FIFA is quickly becoming synonymous with crap - but I doubt EA will ever change that so long as they get their money.
  11. Dec 23, 2013
    Flabbergasted at the positive reviews I am seeing for this game. Firstly I have played every fifa title since fifa international on the mega drive so I consider that i know what I am talking about when it comes to these games. The presentation of this game is top notch, graphics, atmosphere etc. However the game play is garbage on every level. Where do I start? Players control the ball horribly, a simple pass and control can lead to the ball squirming yards away from a player and the opposition gaining control. Passes seem to lack pace and accuracy even when using world class playmaking midfielders. when you pass to a player that player will stand pedestrian and wait for a slow ball to arrive whilst a defender can move towards the ball and easily intercept. Players dont feel individual enough compared to previous fifas. Fifa has always kept a short leash on world class players so as not to make one or two teams viable but aside from a bit of extra pace or strength from ronaldo for example you don't get that sense that a world class player is in control.
    People are mentioning the fact that chipped through balls are broken and the only viable way of scoring and this is true, however i don't feel like this is the problem. the attacking side of the game is so gimped that it makes this tactic feel broken but thats only because the other elements of attacking are broken in my opinion. The control issues i mentioned are heightened while in the final third. Its as though when you reach the final third you reach a zone of death and quick touches are impossible. To pass to a striker, find a window of space and shoot is almost impossible because by the time you have controlled the ball a defender will have taken the ball off your toe.
    shooting itself is an absolute joke, clean through on goal used to be a 95% chance of scoring for a good player (as it should be) if the keeper isnt rushed out to leave an easy chip then i would say the keeper still has a very good chance of saving any shot. Keepers in this game are supermen and its a joke.
    That being said they will do strange stuff like making a catch from a corner and then dropping the ball in front of a striker for an easy tap in, just weird!
    There is one other exception where a striker is overpowered and thats headers from corners. I would say one in 4 corners goes in and the defending player can do nothing about this. Seems completeley random and no skill involved at all.
    Fouls are a joke also, just general unavoidable contact will result in a trip animation most of the time you have no control over this. This also happens in the penalty area somtimes and is extremely frustrating.

    One issue which might seem minor for some players are throw ins, THEY TAKE AGES. If a ball has come back onto a pitch or been lost a ball boy has to retrieve the ball before play can continue. realistic? yes. Do we want to wait for 30 seconds while the game clock ticks down to see a ball boy retrieve the ball? ABOLUTELY NOT!

    Another example of a lazy clone from EA, I was expecting fireworks from fifa in the next generation but this has left me very disappointed. Seems like a next gen cashgrab thats been rushed. I do somtimes wonder if they roll out poor software just so they can boast at how good a product is three years down the line when they've finally fixed the original game.
  12. Mar 22, 2014
    Hi Peeps,

    I have read many posts now about FIFA 14, many negative, and would like to start a non insulting thread. I have played FIFA all my life since FIFA 96 and I feel that FIFA 14 is sooo bad to actually take 'to the boards'.

    EA has made may great versions of FIFA and in modern times notably 10,12 and at a large pinch 13. 14 however, what on Earth went wrong? There are so many
    flaws but the worst for me are; 1. The speed of the game. It is near impossible to out pass anyone as it is so slow. Your opponent can see what you are going to do two passes before you do it. 2. The diagnol through ball. 60 yard diagnol through balls that Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic etc chest past any defender to be through on goal. 3. Crazy long shots. We all know what happenes when most footballers shoot from 35 yards. In this game your almost assured a corner at least. 4. The AI. Dreadful. Defending is a chore that takes so much concentration you feel like you need a lie down after each game. 5. Free kicks close to the box. 60-90% of the time an easy header on goal. 6. Corners. Pull a player close. Quick pass. Cross in. Most the time an easy header on goal. Too easy. 7. Over rated players. Ibrahimovic is my prime example. He is good but why is he sooo fast and why can he be almost impossible to tackle? Banging goals in in France doesn't make you 92/100. 8. The connection online. Dreadful, woeful, abysmal etc. I have a 100mgb connection in Edinburgh city centre, 50 yards from an exchange. I have an excellent connection. 9. The build up. So congested. 10. Tackling. The game is soo slow that when you tackle, your opponant has time AS you tackle to correct and re-tackle. That actually infuriates me because when (occasionally) the connection is good and the game is quicker this is near impossible. 11. Selecting the player you need*. This is a biggy. E.G. Ball goes down the wing, you miss the tackle as the winger cuts in towards the goal. You press select new player. You press again. Again. One more time....too late. He's passed, shot, whatever. Too many times the game cannot give you the player you need. 12. Fouls. Too many fouls given away from the follow through that the AI commits i.e Your opponent crosses, camara has gone with the ball, opponent misses header, foul. Crosser has been 'fouled' 13. Match up. If I use England for example, why am I being matched against Real Madrid. The problem with having the setting 'moderate' is I get matched against someone in outer China... poor latency. 14. Defenders. How do slow centre backs catch quicker players...some I may have even subbed on lol?? 15. The Push/Pull/. Excellent idea from EA as it is a very real part of football. BUT it is so overpowered at the moment. When you pass, people can pull you back and almost stop you running before you're even near the ball. 16. Obstruction. How many passes fall incomplete by blocking. I know this isn't FIFA 14 ghosts but there are limits. Players can move round players. 17. Passing. You see a lovely through ball, but the pass goes to the wrong player. This happens a lot. 18. Goalkeepers. Palm the ball away better please. Too many rebound goals. 19. The Push/Pull again. I am tired of having to press this button constantly while positioning defenders. When the connection is poor the motion is beyond difficult. 20. Throw ins. There should ALWAYS be a way of getting the ball back in safely. E.G Last minute, 1 nil up, No one to throw to, lose the ball, disaster. 21. Goalkeepers. Come and get the ball when it's loose, don't just wait on your line and let them get a rebound. 22. First Touch* You get the ball in acres of space. Iniesta takes a touch like a Sunday League player. Another bad touch, one more... He is now surrounded. 23. Offsides. I don't think I need to say how bad this is this year. 24. Goalkeepers. Come and get the ball when it is obviously yours to pick up, why do I have to hold the button? 25. Cut Scenes. Cut them out a little. 27. Microphones. May I please have a quick option to mute annoying rude people. 28. Passing. It can me impossible sometimes to know what the player is actual going to do when you press Just a word guys and girls, I play most the time in Div 1 and 2, occasionally 3 if I have a bad run. Point is I am no bitter fool who loses and wants to blame everything but himself. Sometimes I lose because my opponent is better. It happens. But too many times I lose for the reasons I mentioned and coupled with my NUMBER 1; You are hammering an inferior player, he breaks, 3 on 2 ?? He loft through balls, perfect ball (like Beckham) easy chance on goal. Expand
  13. Jan 28, 2014
    This game is just **** terrible, like every single fifa ever made. IT'S THE SAME. **** THING. EVERY DAMN TIME. NO VARIETY AT ALL. The only changes are graphics, like 1 game mode, and if anyone moved teams, then they would switch them around, and maybe like a few new physics **** and that's it. IT'S STILL THE EXACT SAME THING. I DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Just buy one fifa, and you'll be set for life. EA are also a **** company. They pay IGN and all those big wig game reviewers to give games massive ratings. It's such **** bull****.

    **** FIFA. **** EA. END OF STORY
  14. Mar 24, 2014
    Although at first the games appear to be great package with enhance next-gen graphics after playing 20+ games you soon notice that the game is not only incomplete, but along with some horrendous bugs and glitches is actually falsely advertised as a competitive game where you can build your own team. The reality is, there is a scripting/handicap algorithm which basically means that 50-80% of games depending on how many packs you buy are pre-determined by the engine. Weird things start happening like your players just won't respond/react in the same way they used to; there is countless information on this including a 2,000+ petition for this to be removed; however EA still denies this exists and even bans discussion on their forum. There is however mounting evidence even from past titles and their own manuals.. All I can say is that if you want a competitive game, this is NOT it. This is a noob friendly glitch fest and buying different players/teams will NOT result in a better team. Expand
  15. Jan 14, 2014
    The graphics and presentation are all of the highest order but alas that seems to be all smoke and mirrors masking a sub-standard game. The series peaked at FIFA 12 and since taking a more realistic approach has become increasingly sluggish and less enjoyable. This years product has crossed the line for me, I'm considering the unthinkable and switching to PES. If you play games for enjoyment and fun this is not the game for you: however if you're a fan of shouting at the T.V and hitting inanimate objects, enjoy! Expand
  16. Jan 19, 2014
    The disrespect that this company has in all the south american is absurd!
    The version of FIFA 14 is completely ridiculous, its impossible to play against European clubs with all Latin clubs, servers are low, STEALING play for European teams EVER!
    The L1 + Triangle is disgusting.
    I want to play a game and not ALWAYS read the annoying message that the files do not match the squadron with
    the opponent that appears all the time.
    I've always been a fan of fifa, but that version 14 for PS4 is really disgusting, I rate as 0/10. What happened to innovation? The game is boring, everyone plays with L1 + Triangle, it really sucks! Maybe the fact that there is no competition yet in PS4, let EA made this game so bad for the new console. Hopefully some updates and patches may savem the game, but I doubt it.
  17. Mar 2, 2014
    The game is disgusting. Everytime when you want to enjoy this game- you have problems with servers. The game was published 3 months ago and servers are eternal unworkable. EA, where is your conscience? I am fan of FIFA, i bought 12, 13, 14 but i will never buy fifa anymore. I love football, but i hate EA.
  18. Jan 18, 2014
    Don't really understand the positive reviews for this game! By far the worst game ever I've ever played on the previous FIFA versions, let alone compared this to PES 2014. You can't search players based on their skills and attributes and the scouts were practically useless! The passing modes were left much to be desired as well. Come on EA! You should do better than this!
  19. Mar 14, 2014
    Mesma coisa que todos os fifas, nunca apresentam uma inovação, os graficos ? não melhoraram tanto perto do antigo, realmente só quem é fan deve comprar que não é fan não gaste dinheiro com isso.
  20. Jun 14, 2014
    by far one of the worst games of all time. even when you launch the game it says fifa 11, they didn't even bother to remove that. i swear to god EASPORTS payd the reviewers to give this game such a high score. it's a **** disaster. seriously players becdome invisible, players teleport. corners are soo OP to the point that you want to take a knife and throw it at EASPORTS, players teleport randomly when you watch replays of the celebrating, corners are soo dumb that its litterely insane. modric catched up to me whit no stat card and i have biabiany. seriously the stats are **** its like the speed on the players cards don't even matter. penalties are pure luck. in fact everything in this game is pure luck. not to mention that it looks absolutely disasterous, especially the crowd, it looks like something from like 2001, and the corwd looks like 1996. seriously. i can't tell if the game is riddled with hackers or just pure aids. the PC version is even more buggy than the other versions. i hate how these sports games always gets away soo **** cheap, seriously id rather play big rigs: over the road racing, because at least that is fun. this is just whoever has the more aids wins. and you can have a bronze player with like all 90's physical stats high/low workrate and 80 ballcontrol and 50 dribling and like 70+ positioning and like 80+ finishing and shot power and like 70 heading accuracy and then he will litterely be the best player in the game. and i swear to god some players are just plain stupidly buggy. like benteke for instance, when you look at his card stats you would think he would be decent but no he is just plain broken, better than messi and ronaldo ingame Expand
  21. Mar 29, 2014
    A game made for Ultimate Team and not much else. The game i was most hopeful for when it came to launch for my new PS4, preordered the game. GOT NOTHING! meanwhile If I preordered the ps3 version they would have given me the dumb 24 pack deal. Then they sent out the buy fifa 14 for ps3 now and get 12 rare players bonus (20$ ut pack)

    Fifa 11 i played UT, 12 i played be a pro, 13 UT but
    seriously that time, spent around $100 over the course of the year and had a 500 - 35 - 98 record, played on Ultimate, with the occassional online game (i hate the jerks online but still) cashed out for around 700 000k. Bought packs around and best i got was 1 thiago silva, up until that point I only ever got 1 TOTW and it was a crappy romanian striker worth discard value.

    That being said, they made a big deal about strength and hold up play and chemistry styles and whatever else, and that all proved to be horse s h i t. I used the app and grinded out a good BPL team with 100 chem and thought out chem styles for each player, then used a good amount of my 10dollar bonus money from the ps4 purchase on ut packs. Bought about five packs, best i got was Gary Cahill (who i actually was happy to get because he went right into my team) but sadly i noticed that EA's need for greed has really increased, out of 15 plus rare i ended up with 2 player rares. The gameplay is worse than 13. There are bugs. I have this audio bug that i couldnt get rid of just terrible.

    You can't choose who takes throw ins, REALLY

    the big innovation in UT is that you can choose who is captain and who takes set plays, and the numbers on the jerseys, and you don't have to discard consumables because they realized that slows some people down on flushing money on packs. WOW this should have been the case from the get go. I approve of getting rid of the aweful formation cards which punished players for trying to experient try things, but chem styles is a joke.

    everyone plays the same for the computer. it cheats you on anything higher than semi pro which i suspect is the max anyone reviewing it in the media plays on.

    It is a soulless moneypress that ea uses to cheat millions of players out of millions of dollars. Taking the love of fantasy football and making it into a gold mine with no real fair transaction for the consumer. Hundreds of dollars to rent cards for a version. What a system, and the fact that we all buy that crap means that it will only get worse and worse.

    I am done with EA and their souless game that does not capture anything more than the veneer of football. The gameplay is souless, the tactics are bankrupt, and the so called innovations are lies.

    would you like to leave this screen and go to UT now? NO i will not be donating money to EA. Pes sadly is abysmal and with the licencing as such it will always be EA as the winner by default.

    I'd rather buy a jersey, and play real soccer than waste another dime on UT 14 which is all it is to EA.
  22. May 12, 2014
    Well, as different as many reviewers, this is the first fifa 14 I've played. I'm not into soccer games, but it was one of the best reviewed games for PS4 so I bought it.

    After playing for two months I'm finally quitting the game. I played a lot and got a very interesting Serie A team in UT but the game is very frustrating and very distance from real soccer. This are the main problems I

    1. Pasive receiver of the pass: This is a total joke. Most of the time you do a pass you are going to lose the ball as the receiver stands as he is nailed on the grass and your contender can quickly go to the ball and take it.

    2. High Pressure. How can it be that you don't have any free player to pass the ball in throw ins and goalkeepers kick? You can have ALL your players marked. making a pass with your goalkeeper gives more chances to your opponent to score than to you, how is that?

    3. "Protect the ball": very good idea, but how this works, really? I have Ballotelli, Pogba and Ibarbo in my team and they have loose the ball agaist weak players Hamsik! Players are pushed and grabbed, they fall down and there is no Foul!

    4. Control of the ball: I appreciate that the player doesn't have the ball sticked to his feet, but to leave the ball after you have controlled it is very strange, no?.

    5. Boring single player: I'm not so good in multiplayer, so I want to play single player. Professional is no very difficult, but to play in any difficult over Word Class is just boooring. You can not take the ball as as soon you push a button the computer reacts. Do a goal and in 2 seconds you will have three goals against with passes you will not see ever in reality or playing online. Sometimes I cannot make a goalkeepers free kick as ALL my players are marked, even players in the small area. And as your receiver is passive, you will loose the ball.

    So, I finally decided to be happy and there is no more Fifa 14 for me. I have too much stress in my life to fight against this broken game.
  23. May 20, 2014
    While the game is more innovative than the other fifas it is a fake next-gen game. They say that a lot have changed, but the only thing I notice is that many languges are gone. The game is full of annoying animations, that look cool at first, but after a while it gets really annoying. And the worst thing must be ultimate team. It is a way of getting as much money from you as possible. The packs are not worth anything at all. If you dont buy fifa points there is no way you can get good at it. Expand
  24. May 20, 2014
    The worst fifa ever!lack of game modes,bad gameplay and generally in many more ways bad like losing connection all the time,the defence sleeps all the time and when you switch player it wont bring you the most suited for the occasion!hope EA learns from their mistakes cuz i know am not the only one complaining!
  25. Jun 29, 2014
    “If you are a fan of FIFA games you tend to be quite philosophical, because they tend to build you up then let you down.” FIFA should be a benchmark-setting soccer game with great gameplay and years of thoughtful development & refinement. Currently, it is a husk of latent unfulfilled potential, and is a treated as a blatant cash cow for a lumbering shambles of a company. They also treat their customers with disgrace. If you go to EA Sports forums, they have “vent” treads and any criticism you voice about the game is considered heresy pending a banned account and confinement in the Tower of London. What EA Sports had achieved in the past 10 years would have been easily surpassed by any another studio with more ambition and commitment like Bethesda. When buying a Fifa-EA product, I find myself paying through the nose for their monopoly on licensing & copyright rather than for entertainment. They drip feed 1 or 2 untested “improvements” per year, most of which undermine smooth and consistent gameplay; their flagship features such as randomness, first touch passing and UFC style tackle/collision systems have totally lost the plot. This would be fine if it had been done correctly, but there is no consistency to the implementation here. The game lacks refinement and adding “randomness” to already poor gameplay makes for an extremely frustrating experience. The whole result seems like a rip-off of Madden or UFC. These professional “critical” reviews seem to glorify each FIFA game in isolation of the 10 previous iterations before it, marketing each release as some sort of ground breaking & innovative affair; when in fact there is much less to like. According to EA, “It doesn't matter if you call it soccer or football, in the end all you need to know is that FIFA is the only way to play” or so they hope! More work is done by EA Sports in each iteration of FIFA by patches & fixes, than the original game itself. IMHO the lack of innovation, absence of improvement and dreadful gameplay does not marry well with the high asking price. Expand
  26. Jun 20, 2014
    The Scripting, Handicap and Momentum ruins the experience too much. It seems like everyone online match is predetermined, as a lot of friends and me noticed that on Season the game is trying to force a 4-2-4 record. Those 4 wins you feel a momentum boost and you can also score easy. Those 2 draws is most likely the game where my opponents and my keeper are overpowered, which makes us unable to score, or when the game keeps creating chances for one party, everytime the other one scores.

    This game seems online so fake on so many levels, yet people fail to see it.

    Sincerely Rocko.
  27. Jul 1, 2014
    Worst football game I have ever played. You can feel the AI is trying to manipulate the game result in a constant pattern. The player movements are so wired and unreal. Also you can't play world cup because EA wants you to pay more money to buy their world cup version. Not a big fan of FIFA and this game makes me never want to buy FIFA again.
  28. Jul 13, 2014
    This game is literally **** soccer sucks. I can't believe people actually pay 70$ to get tortured by this stupid fkn game that deserves to be in hell. Thank-you, and DO NOT buy the game & wait for nhl15 to come out. Also I would like the creators to die in a hole alone. :)
  29. Jul 14, 2014
    I can see that a few people mesmerized by a "dynamic" crowd are writing reviews here. You'll see that any positive review on this game has no depth what so ever. Ill give you some depth in why this game is horrible.

    I do not play a lot offline, I buy games to play them with my mates, something EA has problems understanding more and more lately. This is 2014, and I am not going to be
    playing FUT, ever. EAs money cow. The only thing that interests me about a football game is the modes where you can coop play with your mates against other people doing the same things, this is what is fun, and its called Pro Clubs. Pro Clubs is the most underestimated game mode in Fifa 14, and because EA doesn't make money on micro transactions, the mode never gets to reach its potential. Problems are still the same here tough, as for any online mode.

    - Headers are too easy. Every time a cross comes you can only pray to whatever you worship that the scripting is on your side in this match, or this moment of the game, because the little peanut of a striker your opponent is heading with, is gonna head the ball thought your defenders head, and into the goal if the script wants it so. I'm sounding like i have my tinfoil hat on here, talking about the script as if its predetermined whats is going to happen. Well, to an extent it is just so.

    - Right backs and Left backs are retarded. Combine headers being overpowered to backs not being interested in stopping wingers, and you have a deadly combination. You can only hope not to meet a team that doesn't want to ruin football by abusing poor programming. If you wanted to, you could just spring on the wing and send a ball in the box. A relatively tall center striker, and a fast winger is all you need. Backs wont stop you anyway, so the winger doesn't have to be that fast. Oh, and the central striker doesn't have to be that tall, as it doesn't really matter anymore.

    - Ball control is a joke. Have you tried stopping and shifting your players weight to change direction? It takes a mans age in FIFA 14, and 99% of the time, it ends up with you loosing the ball because you lost control of it and the defender can just walk towards you and take it. If you want to quickly change direction on the run, you have to do something fancy and hope that works in order to fool the defender (who you aren't fooling, since you have no control when changing your weight).

    - Magnetics. Are totally messed up. This is what keeps you on the ball, all of you know what this is if you have played MP. Its the magnetic force that drags you one way or the other as a "helper". If you run along with the ball in attack, and come close to another player, the magnetics drop as if you passed the ball to this player and he will take over magnetics and either ruin your run, or ruin it for both of you by running into you. Usually this is a helpful AI member on your team, who for some reason is in front of you, in the box, and in the way.

    - Keepers throw them selves after the ball has gone into goal. Oh my god, how many times ive touched the roof over this. Needs no more explaining, its the script again. One time you have an insane keeper, the next time, he doesn't understand football at all, and you wonder how the hell he became a keeper on your team.

    - Scripting. Yes, it is there. Ever noticed how thing suddenly turn to **** when you get to a decisive game? Even in 9th division we have had tremendous problems winning the division, even if we have destroyed everything in our path earlier. With 5 games remaining the we can loose maybe 3 of them. And the commentator actually tells you that this is scripted "They all look nervous", "Nerves", etc. Its hard to spot exactly what goes wrong when you are in the **** because anger clouds your mind, but easier when you are playing against someone else that is experiencing it and you are winning. The AI just gives up. They fall inn deep, loosing all pressure and all aggression in the defense, and they are slow, my god they are slow. What is the end result of this? The opponent rage quits. Now that is football huh?

    - Lack of management options. The game mode has the same options since 2010, with the exclusion of a few features such as "I dont want to oppose someone playing any, or have a keeper". What about making it so that AI players get better. Introducing a budget, possibility to improve staff and players, earning money on bigger stadiums but spending money on it to build it and maintain it (if your team is **** less people come, and maintenance will kill the club because you lack revenue from ticket sales). The possibilities are soooo damn many, but this will never come true with fifa, as there are no micro transactions like in arcade modes like FUT.
  30. Jul 15, 2014
    Let's start with the good. Graphics are very good..... Er, that's about it! There's something different with FIFA 14 compared to all the previous titles, and thats the stupid, at times unbelievable scripting. I remember pro evo, the first one, there was scripting there too, but not this bad. Ron Vlaar vs loic Remy in a foot race? Remy would win right? Nooooo! Super Ron! Give any player with superior speed stat to a defender 5 yards, the defender will catch you up quick, it's like you running in treacle! goalkeepers do stupid things, tackle the opposition at least 3 times before you get the ball. CPU mostly has ~90% pass acc at the end of the game, come on I was playing against Crawley! Most of my goals are scored with crosses/headers, most of the oppositions goals are chipped through balls that you cannot defend against! Gets boring very very quickly. Don't waste your time or money! Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 26 Critics

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  1. Jan 10, 2014
    Next-gen FIFA is a step in a good direction, although it’s not that different from the FIFA 14 released for PC, X360 and PS3. New animations are visible throughout the whole match and the veterans will also appreciate new, more realistic ball physics. [01/2014, p.48]
  2. Jan 7, 2014
    FIFA 14 shows off what lies ahead for the series on the PlayStation 4. While it's first effort on the next gen consoles falls short in several areas, it still makes a great first impression and leaves me excited for the next iteration of the series.
  3. Dec 30, 2013
    Compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 release, FIFA on the PlayStation 4 is a whole new ball game and even though EA have tweaked some of the gameplay modes, it is for the better and this version is definitely superior in terms of gameplay, controls and graphics.