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  • Summary: NBA 2K14 promises to raise the bar yet again, providing the best basketball gaming experience for legions of sports fans and gamers around the world.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. Nov 22, 2013
    Quotation forthcoming.
  2. Needless to say, NBA 2K14 has set the bar extremely high for sports games on PS4. It plays just as well as its PS3 underling, and even if you’re not a super hardcore sports fan we’d recommend a purchase simply to use it as a visual showcase for your new PS4. It never fails to put a jaw on the floor. [Christmas 2013, p83]
  3. Dec 6, 2013
    In this next gen' era filled with crappy ports, NBA 2K14 is an exception, a great example with brand new graphics engine allowing impressive graphics. Visual Concepts's Basketball sim delivers graphics never seen in a sport games, and gives a meaning to the term next gen' on par with Killzone : Shadow fall and Battlefield 4. But beyond impressive graphics NBA 2K14 keeps touching perfection in terms of gameplay, still as precise as ever, with a game experience still more satisfying due to the very well done AI. You still don't know what game to buy for your PS4 or your Xbox One? Think again.
  4. Dec 6, 2013
    While EAs next gen basketball is embarrassing, 2K shows them how it’s done. It plays authentic, it looks fantastic, which makes watching the games a lot of fun. If you like Basketball you’ll be entertained for months – even if the online games are a little bumpy and you don’t get all the modes you are used to.
  5. Dec 6, 2013
    NBA 2K14 has the ‘wow’ factor. With dribbling and scoring three pointers, NBA promises and delivers. Still, 2K promised us a complete new game on the next-gen consoles, but it can’t keep its promise, because the next-gen version is literally the same on the current-gen.
  6. Dec 5, 2013
    Even if you already bought the last-gen edition, the stunning visuals and accompanying glimpse into where this series is headed are worth the upgrade.
  7. Dec 11, 2013
    The inclusion of microtransactions and the need for an internet connection have a major impact on how easy it is to recommend this game. Still, it’s the best basketball game on the market.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 60
  2. Negative: 26 out of 60
  1. Nov 17, 2013
    Honestly NBA 2k14 is the BEST BASKETBALL SIMULATION EVER!!! However, if I was being a severe critic of realism I could say that the old school days of arcade NBA Jam style are still alive & well in this version of 2k. This, for Me, makes this My ATF (All-Time Fav) hoops game, & on the PS4 it's just absolutely gorgeous. The only gripe for true purists will be the over-the-top WWEish MyCareer mode which includes cheesy cut-scenes & the innately annoying knack for your counterpart to always be catching fire & carrying his team to an unrealistic degree. Having said that, when you're dropping 20 & 10 in your rookie showcase game you can understand the developers pushing your competition. For those who enjoyed catching fire in the heyday of NBA Jam you'll LOVE 2k14's varying levels of getting "ON FIRE!!", including defensively if you make a few good plays on D (steals, blocks, etc). The visuals are stunning, presentation is as realistic as I've ever seen & they even use the Real Voice feature to have real coaches & players during interviews. The online is a different twist on park hoops which allows you to watch & join games going on live by calling "next". There's more modes than you'll even have time for which makes for an overwhelmingly awesome full package. NBA 2k14 is the Best Basketball Game Ever. Good luck NBA Live!!! lol Expand
  2. Jun 4, 2014
    NBA2k14 is a noticeable improvement from the previous versions of the series. The players look real and the effort put into this is amazing. The gameplay has a few bugs but generally feels smooth and is really fun. The downside is the MyCareer mode that is horribly cheesy and is too embarrassing to play. If you're an nba fan you must buy this game. Collapse
  3. Jan 1, 2014
    Phenomenal graphics, somewhat dumb AI while playing quick games. Same game as you would expect with minor tweaks. The online however is unplayable at the moment but 2k servers have always been terrible leaving 2pt or for a 8 out of 10 Expand
  4. Dec 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While it might be the best Basketball game out atm, it is still lacking in some departments.

    - Player control, atm I am playing the mycareer, and I can get so extremely frustrated when my player moves opposite to my controls, or doesn't respond. I have lost plays to backcourt violations a couple of times due to my player spassing out and moving back, when my sticker was clearly pointed forwards.
    - AI. While in general it is pretty good, it can get very frustrating. Say I am defending the ball, if I get screened then usually the defender who is covering the player screening me would take my man. In this game? No no, they won't change mark, and if the one your defending against happen to score from the screen, you also get negative points from that (goes into your overall score and affects your VC earnings which are essentially experience points to develop your player)
    - Animations, this ties in to player control aswell, sometimes the animations ends up doing something completely unexpected, or they glitch or etc. can become very annoying.
    - Loading times, I am playing the downloaded version, and even so (it cannot load from disc and hdd) the loading times are atrocious. This, more than anything, can get me riled up if I sit down to player for an hour or two.
    - Cutscenes galore... WOW! Ok... I understand that the game is trying to simulate the real world, where, at least in america, there are commercials, and reports, and live journalism, and whatnots... But please, let me skip all of that if I do not WANT it. Sprint halftime report presented by spring is quickly becoming my least favorite title of anything, ever. Also, sometimes you get to skip, but it is extremely slow. Like the introduction to the game will move ahead for 30sec before you get to skip it, and some small cutscenes will not let you cut through at all. This is for MyCareer, since that is what I play mostly, cannot say for the other parts yet.
    - Story... I mean, fine, try it, see if you can make it work... But this one is atrocious, and silly. You will hear the same exact sentences over, and over and over again. I guess it is Bob the windowman's birthday several times a year, and BBQ's with the GM happens every week too =)

    Now it might sound like I really hate the game, but I don't, the game is good enough, fun enough to have me coming back for more... But it would be so much better if the above points were fixed.
  5. Dec 17, 2013
    VERY DISAPPOINTING. NBA 2K13 was decent (relatively), but other than visually, 2K14 is, at best more of the same drivel and probably, more accurately, a big step over and back...or just simply back(wards). No quick passing (instead "flashy passing", which is slower and results in turnovers about 1/3 of the time), convoluted (even more, forget about franchise, you'll spend most of your time tapping X to get through simulated owner conversations...ludicrous, and then trying to "earn" tokens to unlock basic features) interface and menus, player jerseys that dance to the beat for some modern (anti) family related reason (maybe NBA starting squads are actually doing synchronized pec-flexes and I just missed the TNT segment, or maybe it's just a programming glitch, IDK...yeah right!), and complete crap-shoot gameplay..players pass up or miss wide open jumpers, lay-ups, dunks, passes and lanes to the basket about ten times more often than not. How a game can be both so technical and so garbage at the same time makes your brain hurt. I'm looking forward to receiving my copy of LIVE 14, which does look disappointing visually, especially for a game 4 years in development essentially, but if the game play is even 25% better than 2K (or even as good as LIVE 09 or 10...with updated rosters) I won't be disappointed. To me the whole NBA2K vs (or lack of) NBA Live and MADDEN vs (or lack of) NFL2K symbolizes everything that is wrong with our "capitalism won the cold war" society...EA hasn't had to complete with anyone, for going on a decade, with a gridiron football game, and as such Madden hasn't been good, and has gotten consistently worse since about 2005, and 2K hasn't had to compete with anyone for almost half a decade, hence NBA2K is all style and no substance (Humanity has been so hollowed out...over 1 MILLION dead Iraqi civilians or 48 hours from the start of NUCLEAR ARMAGEDDON in Syria last summer can't compete with Janet Jackson's flabby TIT-TAY or Miley Cyrus's flat BOOT-TAY...PATHETIC)...AND almost no one can even see that although the graphics are good (...her face is pretty/she used to have a body, lol...and her brother might not have ever touch a child beyond a hug, and they just tried to assassinate his character and then his life literally, because he tried to tell us what was up...just JFK, MLK, and RFK...when will you wake up, or do you prefer these digital dreams?...don't Imagine Dragons, imagine Jack Kennedy's brain alchemically transformed into red mist and scaled up to 4K courtesy of Sony Corp. and Mr. Zapruder...and the CIA with some old school video editing...or don't bother imagining because they're both real...just like the fact that there was a documented bullet hole on the windshield of Kennedy's limo and a hundred other things proving a second (and probably third, fourth filfth shooter and dragons) are real (and while we're at it, the TWIN TOWERS' neighbor, BUILDING 7, reached 100% of FREEFALL VELOCITY on Sept L-Eventh, proving that, due the fact that it had 84 structural columns and 2 or 3 nearly burnt out fires, it was DEMOLISHED, meaning it was AN INSIDE a little mental experiment on that, and then on the bigger thing...that Kennedy's death and the events on that day about a dozen years ago must have been orchestrated by folks who claim to be "your government" mean for what sort of world you actually find yourself breathing in...for the time being, mean), there is no substance. Furthermore, from what I have read, 2K has basically made their basketball game online only...even for OFFLINE modes with an after the fact patch which conflicts with contractual claims published on the package, this wallows in lameness. As a gamer (though it is just a game, $60+ buys a lot of chicken feed, relatively speaking), I wouldn't mind seeing EA get back 'in the game' with regard to basketball sims and 2K get back in the game of American football...when there's competition, everybody wins (well, at least 99% of us do, lol...puck the one purse scent), better yet, let there be 3 or more major sports game producers (just like political parties), then perhaps the stale (slave) mate would be broken. So puck 2K (for NBA-TOO-GEI), puck EA (for the MADDENING), puck the DUMBOCRATS (for OSAMACARE), and puck the RETARDLICANS (for CORPORATE PERSONHOOD). Viva Humanity and Our Creator, and the Bill of Rights and what and who it was really intended to stand for...Human Beings of any all Tones, and what we can experience and achieve with absolute indivisible individual freedom, vitally voluntary cooperation, and constrained and constructive competition...what I (and a few others, known as "Founding Fathers") hold to be SELF EVIDENT. God bless all free thinking People, and God save all others, Amen. Expand
  6. Dec 29, 2013
    The simple fact is that this game has HORRIBLE SERVERS and EVEN WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. This company couldn't care less about its customers. I've literally invested $50 purchasing VC not including the $128 bucks I coughed up to buy this game for current and next gen. To be honest this game would have been amazing if I didn't constantly have to start from scratch, I have had a claim with them since December 19, and have yet to see a refund or anything close to the sort. If you want my opinion keep your money and just don't play a basketball game this year. (we all know NBA live is horrid). Overall I am disgusted with the lack of effort to fix these errors or return money. This is a million dollar corporation that is simply devouring customers wallets to no end. Expand
  7. Jun 25, 2014
    The game was repetitive, boring, has mediocre graphics, bad character creation, no value in making the game any more difficult, and nothing new is ever added to the table In terms of gameplay. So in my opinion NBA 2K 14 is a dud of all the great games that came out in 2013 showing the lack of respect that 2K sports shows it's fans. Expand

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