Road Not Taken PlayStation 4


Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Aug 5, 2014
    A wonderful Roguelike puzzle game that feel unique.
  2. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Sep 29, 2014
    An entertaining oddity that never panders, enriching through tasteful adult gags and a truly earned sense of progression. [Oct 2014, p.90]
  3. 80
    Road Not Taken proved to be a very unique game for its genre, or genres actually. The interesting marriage of what could feel like a mobile title, with the punishing difficulty and creative narrative of a console indie makes Road Not Taken a great game to have in your PS4 library.
  4. Aug 10, 2014
    A really deep and powerfully hitting game. On the surface you have a rogue like puzzler, with simple pick and throw mechanics. But give it a few hours and you soon realise that it’s more than that; it explores the concept of loss, fear and self-preservation.
  5. Aug 8, 2014
    Road Not Taken might not have too much in common with the Frost-written poem with which it shares a name, but it does manage to deliver a meditation on the value of choices and the importance of making the right ones, while also offering the player a complex layer of actual game mechanics to explore.
  6. Aug 10, 2014
    It’s tough and sometimes even unforgiving, and I should add that it’s not entirely stable. I came across several bugs in the game and it crashed on me twice, so that should be mentioned. However, the procedurally generated puzzles and areas really boost the replay potential, and the overall charm and originality can’t be ignored or understated.
  7. Aug 27, 2014
    Classic puzzle adventure with interesting characters and fun gameplay. Not for every gamer, though.
  8. Aug 22, 2014
    Road Not Taken is a good game, puzzle game fans will definitely appreciate it. We loved the procedurally-generated levels and the great variety of enemies, but the management of the difficulty is not perfect. Spry Fox is certainly a brilliant developer.
  9. Aug 5, 2014
    The more I played Road Not Taken, the more my hesitations mounted. Mixing rogue-like restarts with puzzle mechanics is an intriguing concept, and I like the opportunity to see new puzzles on each playthrough. However, the resulting problems and sense of repetition on similar (even if not identical) puzzles isn’t worth the trade-off.
  10. Dec 8, 2014
    Spry Fox does a solid job in presenting a polished, attractive-looking package, even if the gameplay doesn't quite meet the same standard.
  11. Aug 15, 2014
    Randomly generated puzzles results in increased replayability, but it also means a lack of variety – and that forms the ultimate demise of Road Not Taken when it is so clear there is a direction, an end goal, a climax. Original and novel it is, but there just simply isn’t enough reward to keep you going against the odds.
  12. Aug 12, 2014
    It’s amazing how sometimes the simplest of puzzle ideas can turn chaotically complex.
  13. Aug 11, 2014
    When I first started playing Road Not Taken, I was completely enamored by its premise, style, and world. Slowly, bit by bit, I became more annoyed and started having a little less fun as the levels progressed and as the game's initial intrigue wore off a little more.
  14. Aug 11, 2014
    A well built puzzle game for PlayStation 4 with beautiful visuals. However, it's quite a short game. It's best asset is the absolutely random system of maps creation.
  15. Aug 7, 2014
    It's an acquired taste, though, despite its popular ingredients.
  16. Aug 6, 2014
    An interesting puzzle game, but the roguelike elements does not perfectly match with the gameplay mechanics and the overall structure.
  17. Aug 5, 2014
    Niggling performance issues aside, it’s hard not to enjoy being the star of your very own fairy tale world – even if that fictional realm has a particularly odd approach to infant safety.
  18. Aug 21, 2014
    Road Not Taken has its charms, but it's ultimately a very harsh and unforgiving roguelike puzzler that only ultra-hardcore players might enjoy.
  19. Games Master UK
    Sep 19, 2014
    The cute stylings hide the deceptively difficult and overly complicated gameplay mechanics. [Nov 2014, p.76]
  20. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Sep 19, 2014
    Artistic, and absorbing for a time. But the whimsy gives way to shallowness. [October 2014, p83]
  21. Aug 20, 2014
    Developer Spry Fox' first few steps into the console market definitely has its charms, but doesn't hold up in the long run. While the combination of match three game and roguelike games sounds like a good idea on paper it doesn't really work in practice.
  22. Aug 6, 2014
    Road Not Taken, ironically, feels like it’s stuck between two ideals. It can offer very interesting puzzle mechanics, but gets bogged down by over-complicating matters with enemy types that add frustration.
  23. Sep 1, 2014
    As good as this fairy tale themed game seemed to be, Road Not Taken didn’t feel quite right.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 83 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 10
  2. Negative: 5 out of 10
  1. Aug 13, 2014
    Got this free with playstation plus and really didn't enjoy it. Nothing drew me in and the controls were really clunky.

    This game would not
    Got this free with playstation plus and really didn't enjoy it. Nothing drew me in and the controls were really clunky.

    This game would not sell if it wasn't on playstation plus
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  2. Aug 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. After putting in a few more hours of gameplay, I have to lower my score and edit my review. The framework of the game is initially so appealing, as I previously described: ...rogue gameplay where your exploration and strategy take on a real sense of weight, minor RPG inventory and npc relationship building, simple play control, a snowy Grimms fairy tale mixed with Robert Frost story-feel, checkerboard gameplay of challenges and surprises, nothing earth shattering, no beautiful cutscenes or glorious graphics... Which is all well and good but unfortunately the difficulty level is just way too high for sustained enjoyment. It becomes tedious and repetitious, very much to a fault, which causes it to lose its humor and whimsy. And what really solidified this for me was a bug I experienced where I wasn't given credit for a kid I saved, and when that most essential aspect of the game glitched, it really felt like the program was against me. I could forgive a bug that caused me more difficulty if it wasn't already so difficult. If there was more variety or a greater sense of reward then it might feel more worthwhile. A shame because it had such a promising start. Full Review »
  3. Nov 19, 2014
    Had to completely start over when I accidentally skipped a level because I couldn't find a way to go back. Game is seriously lacking inHad to completely start over when I accidentally skipped a level because I couldn't find a way to go back. Game is seriously lacking in direction and after stumbling around for 3 levels I gave up. Full Review »