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  3. Negative: 14 out of 14
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  1. Dec 4, 2017
    The repetition and painfully irritable audio had me moving onto my next title that much quicker. If I were to give a few pointers to the team in the hopes to reclaim my attention, I would say a bigger diversity in mission types and more content, perhaps, no, definitely a better sound team on hand for the future. I don’t normally give bad reviews, normally I can find a little something to keep me going, sadly however not this time. It was a shame too, I’ve been so looking forward to the potential new Road Rash, maybe I just need to try more of the game but it’s just not winning me over.
  2. Jan 10, 2018
    Road Rage isn’t half the game that it wants to be, and it’s hard to understand how it was released in its current state. There are plenty of places where I was able to drive through level geometry and out into a blank void, causing a crash. Likewise, I frequently found myself clipping off of courses into walled-off areas, and because the developers neglected to include a method for resetting my bike onto the track, I’d be forced to restart. Racing superbikes in a crowded city with narrow streets is a terrible concept to build a game around, and Road Rage marries that terrible concept with awful execution to create something that’s far less than the sum of its questionable parts.
  3. 30
    Road Rage is a lemon. Execution is poor at almost every step with only the bike handling coming out with any positives. Even for the budget price tag, I can't recommend this faltering, frustrating ride.
  4. Nov 19, 2017
    Nostalgia can't save this title. We appreciate the effort to bring a classic series, but the execution has too many flaws.
  5. Nov 19, 2017
    Unfortunately Road Rage is a disaster in all its elements. It is a badly designed game, very broken and unplayable in many cases. It tries to cover an alleged open map and a certain freedom of action that is fictitious, when its technical section does not allow it. It is surprising that such a game has managed to go on sale. He does not remember, in anything, the classic that is supposed to pay tribute.
  6. Nov 19, 2017
    Road Rage takes the Road Rash formula and fails to live up to any single entry in that series despite great advances in technology since its last entry — let alone its heyday. The racing action struggles due to poor controls, while the combat rings hollow with poor weapon selection and sub-par sound effects. Glitches and other technical problems muddy the experience further, while a lack of polish on everything makes the game feel like a cash-in on a minor “Road Rash revival” sub-genre.
  7. Nov 27, 2017
    With a game that constantly breaks, unstable controls, a pointless map, flat story, and repetitive rock music riffs for audio, Road Rage might incite rage in the gamer, but for all the wrong reasons. This is a game best reserved for feeling like you need to empty your digital wallet and have no other options.
  8. Nov 28, 2017
    In this game, just about everything feels wrong. The story isn't interesting, the missions are frustrating, the graphics are extremely mediocre and the soundtrack's boring. There are a lot of customization options, yes... but if that's the only good thing about your game, it becomes rather difficult to recommend it.
  9. Nov 23, 2017
    Quotation forthcoming.
  10. Mar 21, 2018
    There's no dancing around it: Road Rage is terrible. From the gameplay mechanics to the presentation, nothing is done right, and every moment spent in the game makes you question why you have it in the first place. Unless you're Trophy-hunting, there are much better PS4 titles that are worthy of your time.
  11. Dec 13, 2017
    So, Road Rage is crap. It’s not broken as it’s still somewhat playable, despite its all rage-inducing qualities. It just feels like there’s no effort put into it anywhere. Except for the music. The soundtrack is quite good and trashy, though I’m sure I have heard some of it before. Anyway, if any effort was put to the rest of the game, we could at least have an okay biker action at hands. As it is though, Road Rage can only be recommended for the collectors of really bad games. I know you are out there! Everyone else, steer clear!
  12. 20
    Road Rage feels very, very much like a bad Steam game that was plucked from obscurity by an overly-optimistic publisher. It fails on every single level and in the end, it isn’t even so bad that it’s funny. It’s just bad.
  13. Nov 21, 2017
    The easily outrun and overly simplistic combat is a major blow that Road Rage never manages to recover from. The basic open world design, ugly visuals, and various bugs become harder to tolerate knowing just how deeply unfulfilling the core gameplay is, even when you factor in the budget price tag.
  14. Nov 16, 2017
    Road Rage is an open world motorcycle combat game that is so shoddy in every single facet of its being that it could function as parody without actually changing a thing. A game of this dubious merit is so rare that it belongs in a museum, destined to be studied by the gaming scholars of the future in How Not To Make a Video Game 101. The list of offences that Road Rage perpetrates are so heinous in nature and so humorous in quantity that the strict 1,000 word limit imposed upon the humble reviewers here by the Push Square overlords can't possibly do it justice. So let's just say it's a broken, bewildering, shambolic mess, and never speak of it again.
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 17 Ratings

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  3. Negative: 14 out of 17
  1. Nov 14, 2017
    This game looks like the PS2 threw up on the PS4. Terrible outdated graphics with a 1080p sticker. Open world is barebone. I want the sameThis game looks like the PS2 threw up on the PS4. Terrible outdated graphics with a 1080p sticker. Open world is barebone. I want the same drugs that the pulishers and creators were on. I love the original Road Rash's up until Jailbreak. Such a terrible turnaround. This seem to just spin off of that cesspool that it was. Should be just a free never pay to win to play game. Full Review »
  2. Dec 2, 2017
    You know what’s more fun this game here? Wiping your buttocks with shards of glass. Grew up playing road rash almost on the daily. CurrentlyYou know what’s more fun this game here? Wiping your buttocks with shards of glass. Grew up playing road rash almost on the daily. Currently deployed and said hey! This is Fackin sweet I’m going to buy it. 10 minutes and 30 dollars later I’m using it to play frisbee. Sooo, moral of the story if you like frisbee I recommend this game to anyone it’s got great aerodynamics. If your looking for your childhood, break some glass put it in a paper towel and start wiping. Full Review »
  3. Nov 18, 2017
    The game is an open world racer in the vein of the most recent Forza Horizon games, but looks more like a GTA San Andreas clone, albeit one inThe game is an open world racer in the vein of the most recent Forza Horizon games, but looks more like a GTA San Andreas clone, albeit one in which you can’t leave your motorcycle. Like any open world game, the world is divided up into districts. Sadly, it’s not open for much exploration off the rip; if you leave the area your current objectives are on, you’ll immediately gain the attention of the law enforcement in the area and they will try and likely succeed at making you eat the pavement. These pesky officers of the law will also show up later in the game to add some additional mechanics to the often stale and repetitive game.

    You’ll spend your time driving from point A to point B, occasionally picking up packages, assassinating other riders, picking up on circuit races, and performing style challenges. This is the bulk of the game, which does tend to get boring fairly quickly, as the title is very reliant on grinding. As you progress through the story missions, new districts will open up, which will lead to side objectives that can be completed for money. The earnings will be used to purchase new bikes, upgrades for said bikes, as well as weapons and items. Unfortunately, you have to unlock a certain number of extras to proceed, and the map does not show you the requirements until you drive to the marker to start the mission. This lead me on a wild goose chase multiple times looking for the next mission so I could move on with my current build.

    The game is quite buggy, and I was subject to a large number of glitches ranging from invisible walls to being catapulted for no reason. The game often seemed to forget that I had died and left me to watch my rider lay on the pavement, forcing me to restart the event. Respawns are also an issue at times, as the game will drop you into the world from a highly elevated point, at which point you explode; this happened repeatedly in some instances.

    The game’s visuals are on par with most late PS2/early PS3 games, and do not take advantage of the current-gen hardware in any obvious way. With a lot of texture popping and clipping, as well as a grey tone that’s washed over everything, Road Rage is kind of ugly to look at. Additionally, the character models are very static. You’ll sit on your bike with your weapon always at your side, and even when taking sharp turns, your rider never moves, almost like it’s an action figure stuck to an RC toy. The only exception to this is when you collide with certain obstacles in the game, which is weird because some that would result in certain death are ignored (if not driven through), and others that shouldn’t cause issue send you flying, as if you’re playing the Insurance Fraud mini-game from Saint’s Row.

    The sound design isn’t much better, featuring a synch rock techno-ish soundtrack from the 90’s as well as boorish, poorly acted voice overs. Since the text pushing the story forward is displayed in a group text chat format (yeah, that annoying thing your mother or most annoying friend does), I found myself cranking my own heavy metal music and skipping the sound all together fairly early into my time with the title.

    The controls and AI don’t fare much better, as the other riders will regularly veer off and slam into buildings for no good reason, which makes losing pretty difficult. Your worst adversary is going to be the controls, which most of the time feel as if you pushed the button to turn or brake 5+ seconds before the game reacts. This is less of an issue when you are the only racer on the screen; however, when 6 or so racers are present, with the open world atmosphere, the game barely runs at 30FPS and the aforementioned issue becomes more of a serious problem. The only remedy I found for this was to get ahead and stay there, which actually makes for a decent racing experience.

    The combat, which you’d think would be at the forefront of the game, is also awkward. When you get within range of another racer, you’ll hit a button that will enter combat mode, which serves as an auto-aim like feature that conveniently pulls you closer to the racer and allows you to take a few swings at them. Due to the nature of the poor physics engine, this is a mess as well, since you or the racer you want to attack will likely hit another racer, invisible wall, or something from the game world, ending the battle before it even started. The sheer chaos this brings when in a large group is good for a laugh, but not much else.

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