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  1. Jan 6, 2014
    Fun game for about an hour, then you realize you're not going to level up or get any better without dropping real money on this "free to play" game. Missions seem very repetitive.
  2. Dec 9, 2013
    This is pretty bad to be honest. Poor graphics, levels all look similar, pay to win, poorly thought out controls. I love the idea of the Warframes but I'm not paying. They'd have been better off just selling this and removing the in game purchases.
  3. Feb 16, 2014
    The only thing that DE managed to work properly on PS4 port is micro-transactions. The rest of the game is a giant mess with unplayable framerate that dips below 25fps A LOT and it looks like a slideshow.
  4. Nov 21, 2013
    I made it to Ch 4 in Killzone. I was kind of bored, so I tried Warframe. I haven't booted up Killzone since that. Warframe just scratches that itch for me. It's fun. The co-op matches are varied. Sometimes you have to defend an object, sometimes just survive, sometimes capture, or sometimes kill a target.

    A big part of the fun is leveling up your gear and swapping out mods to suit
    your playstyle. It might feel like farming/grinding to some, but the maps are different every time. The set pieces are numerous enough that it hasn't felt overly repetitive for me. I'm many hours in and still having fun. Expand
  5. Dec 10, 2013
    This game is potential. I mean the characters are cool, the system is ok, the plot can be well extended and the world setting is fashionable. Now, it is far from mature. The graphic is awful, the gameplay is extremely boring. No wonder it is free, I have remembered the game.

    SONY, invest your money into it!! I may back.
  6. Feb 16, 2014
    Warframe is a mess, but it's a free mess. Unfortunately as a "Free to Play / Pay to Win" game, you'll soon get bored of the limited free weapons & equipment. The levels are all the same, go from A to B, then leave, occasionally looting ammunition on the way.

    The designs of the armour are excellent, based on Manga character "The Guyver", but the game menus are confusing to navigate, and
    the crafting section is baffling. If you manage to get into a game, you are rewarded with a nice simple third person shooter, with some solid mechanics, and some fun cyber-ninja action. This all lasts for a few levels before you realise that every level feels the same, then you get bored, and move on.

    If you hop into a game a few friends, its a good excuse to use party chat, and play something for free until some more AAA games like Destiny come out. As for paying for anything in the game, no, not worth it. If you've done one level, you've done them all.
  7. Dec 23, 2013
    Absolutely one of the top 3 if not 1# of all F2P games i have ever played. 300+ Hours of enjoyment speak for themselves. If you have seen this game grow into what it is now you just have to be proud of the developers. But ATTENTION: This game will change very often! Weekly updates and major updates almost monthly. Some people might be upset about the fundamental changes of the game that come pretty quick but in my opinion this makes the game pretty alive and i don´t mind that the developers sometimes test new things or take a step into the wrong direction because they learn from their mistakes and listen to the community. So if there´s an update that destroys content you liked before be sure to have a hotfix inbound the same week in most cases! Expand
  8. Dec 4, 2013
    Reminds me of mass effect 3 multiplayer mixed with mgs rising, only alot more indept (customizations are more complex will need time to get used too) gameplay is like free flow flawless mechanics, for a free to play game Warframe is pretty dam good!
  9. Nov 16, 2013
    PC PLAYERS ON PS4 READ: Don't forget you can skip that tutorial

    I played Warframe on the PC and all I can say is what the hell DE? What did you do to the Braton and the Lato; made em into nerf guns lol. Anyway, my PC sucks so when I played it on the PS4 I immedeatly noticed the fidelity of the game's graphics and FPS making it a great F2P title for the PS4. The gameplay is sound however
    I must warn all PS4 players that you should probably check the sensitivity and do not worry about your weapon sucking because they will get much better *Cough* *Cough* get the Boltor.

    I must warn all of you PS4 newbies though that if you haven't played Warframe on the PC, then you'll probably notice the Microtransactions of the game. You will either love it or hate but more than likely hate the weapons slots and Warframe slots. It isn't Pay to Win but it is annoying nevertheless.

    This game gets an 8/10 for maintaining the great gampelay of Warframe from PC and instead giving us low end PC players a chance to experience 60 FPS on the PS4.
  10. Nov 21, 2013
    The game is downright amazing. Even better than many paid games on the PS4's launch. Why people would rate it poorly, is beyond comprehension. There's a nearly endless amount of levels, tons of customization and weapons (and warframe suits), and most importantly endless fun online with 3 other people. When you have more FUN than CoD and Killzone combined, you know they did this right.

    On top of that? It's free. That's right... doesn't cost a nickel. Have I given them money? Sure, about 20 dollars. But everything other than color options for your warframe can be earned without paying by grinding through the game to find items to forge your new acquisitions.

    So even if you're cheap and refuse to pay a penny, you get a fully realized, addicting, and most importantly FUN game. Rating it anything less than a 10 honestly doesn't make a lick of sense..
  11. Feb 15, 2014
    review update since there are more updates and stuff.

    a lot of the lag is fixed, they added some new warframes. the game once you understand it is pretty great. there is lots of value in getting better gear, getting orokin void keys and running those levels, farming bosses for warframe part drops.

    the game is fun. but many levels involve annoying platforming elements which suck.
    other than that it isn't bad though.

    overall, one of the best ps4 games out right now, and best of all it's free. 9/10 easily especially for the price, can't wait for more updates.
  12. Mar 3, 2014
    Love this game. Free to play with endless variety and replayability. The frame rate for me has been perfectly solid. Never seen any choppiness or lag. The big drawback for this game is of course the lack of story and the tutorial doesn't help you out at all. Be prepared to have the wiki ready. It also gets pretty repetitive. But, it's a free beta with microtransactions. I was happy to pay $10 for an extra warframe and some arsenal slots. Expand
  13. Dec 12, 2013
    For what you pay for this game is Great...Wait You pay NOTHING. the graphics could be a bit better but they are still good. the game-play is fun and even funner if you have a friend to play with. and its nice that you can build just about anything for your character or if you wand you can get them through micro transactions. the combat somewhat reminds me of Mass Effect but without the cover system. If you don't have this game you should at least try it out whats it going to cost you? NOTHING Expand
  14. Jan 10, 2014
    Let me start by saying "wow, this is free?". Its rare these days to find a game with so much content, let alone a free game with this much content. Considering you can pay $49.99 for angry birds on ps4, this is a no-brainer.

    I think we've gotten too used to having games you can wrap in a day or even a week, and this game could potentially take you more than a year to fully master if you
    have, you know, a life beyond gaming. Its extiemely refreshing to see a publisher make a game that can't be finished in a weekend. Not since the days of diablo 2, and possibly world of warcraft have you seen a game that takes this long. And in my opinion, thats what sets it apart from a lot of other games these days.

    The gameplay has a decent learning curve that, while difficult, brings an appropriate degree of difficulty to the table. I don't want a game thats mindlessly easy, I need something that will take a while to get really good at. The gunplay is suitably challenging, likewise for the swordplay. Though the swordplay can be a little counter productive at times. I question wether a melee targeting system would be beneficial though, as I feel it would take away the challenge, and thus the satisfaction of cutting baddies in half with a well-timed strike.

    The crafting system reflects my earlier statement of this game takes a while. Getting all the mats needed to make a gun or sword or warframe can definitely take a while, but again, it adds to the replay value. I personally view the microtransaction aspect as a bonus, the game itself IS free after all. And while some have said the prices are a little steep, I again think its appropriate, given that $60 is not enough to unlock every single item, and thus remove the incentive to spend the time it takes to play this properly.

    The modifications you can make to your gear are also near infinite. With the ability to not only upgrade your weaponry AND abilities, but to upgrade the UPGRADES is something new to me, at least in its implementation. You can spend more time customizing than it takes to wrap call of duty: ghosts. Even down to the color scheme of your whole gear set. Oh, did I mention this game is free?

    All that being said, my main gripe comes from the lack of instructions. Upgrading, even the gameplay is not very well explained, and thats where it loses a point. Overall, the game makes up for it with sheer content volume, and frequent updates. Also, do NOT come into this game with a run-of-the-mill shooter mindset. This is definitely a form of action rpg in my opinion, with the grinding and itemization. It just happens to also be a shooter. If you've come this far in my review and are still on the fence, let me hammer this home for you. This. Game. Is. Free. It won't cost you a dime unless you get greedy and decide you want fancy gadgets with minimal effort. Even then, theres plenty of game here. Absolutely %100 worth a spin. Just don't come expecting call of duty... see you in the void!
  15. Apr 16, 2014
    An extremely promising and interesting early access with a free to play demo that is masqueraded as the full experience. In a rather literal sense, you get what you pay for in warframe, so long as you're smart about how you pay for what.

    there is an importand distinction to be made between pay to win and pay to progress. Warframe's nature as a co-op shooter prevents it from falling into
    the P2W trap on the basis that if players with vastly superior gear to yours blitz through a mission, you will still receive XP and thus level up. In similar manner you will also still receive the mission rewards upon said mission's conclusion. However this is where the pay to progress comes in and.

    I have put a good amount of time and money into the game so both the buying and earning parts have been amply used. Now let's be clear here, you will not get better weapons or warframes as a starting player without buying them, period. Warframe can be considered free as a demo, but to properly experience the game requires that you at least purchase a $20 Platinum pack and use it very judiciously.

    The main argument that is always made is that you can earn everything that can be bought in the game, thus never having to pay anything. What you are not told however is that the materials, components and blueprints required cannot even be obtained until you have progressed so significantly in the game to the point where you can no longer be called a new player. You cannot progress in the game without better gear, thus we have a vicious cycle that forces spending to be able to even use the 'free' option.

    You will have to be extremely careful with your spending as well, $20 will get you a single warframe if you aren't careful or not even a single warframe. Prices range from 75p for the excellent volt to 375p for the abysmal Ash. weapons tend to fall into a range of 100-275p. You must also purchase warframe and weapon slots and special orokin components to improve your warframes and weapons. be aware that all store bought gear comes pre-installed with these components which will run you about 20p a piece.

    If you do get the materials required then you can craft the item in the foundry. the shortest wait time for the sweet, sweet reward to all your efforts is 12 hours....the longest wait is can pay up to 60p to rush the process. Most of the things you can buy as new player are crap, you need to be at least mastery rank 2 before you are even 'allowed' to purchase anything of reasonable strength. You can buy a booster pack that will make the grind for ranking up go twice as fast. You can only try the rank up test once every 24 hours, you cannot pay platinum to speed it up if you fail.

    Coming back to the pay to progress part, certain weapons and warframes have unreasonable resource requirements that no sane person will want to have to deal with. The Zephyr warframe for example demands 600 oxium, which drops in sets of 1 or 2 from a relatively rare specific enemy that is heavily armoured and will suicide if you get in its general proximity. you can buy oxium 30p for 300 on PC, not on PS4. Zephyr is 275p in the store. In case it weren't obvious by now, Digital Extremes wants your money, they want it really bad and are not ashamed to make this abundantly clear in as blatant a manner as possible. The store prices are horrifically inflated and you will build a high end gaming PC for the money it would cost to buy everything from their in game store....

    But what happens when you do give them your money? well...For one thing the customization and art direction in warframe are nothing short of stellar. premium warframes like Rhino Prime or Zephyr not only look stunning and exquisitely detailed but the 75p colour packs allow you to perfectly tailor a warframe to your tastes. The same applies to weapons and the little sentinel pets that go for 75p a piece. Also, bisecting a dozen enemies with a single swing of your Galatine greatsword is sweet.

    If you join a good, active clan you will be rewarded with a very enthralling social dynamic. the camaraderie and bromance an display in a good clan kind of approximates Monster Hunter in the whole, bonding over a quest to get parts for a desired item, kind of way. You do need a clan to provide you with interesting and meaningful goals is, warframe's gameplay is both generic and repetitive. it comes closest to Mass effect 3 multiplayer in that you have a character with 4 powers, a primary weapon, secondary weapon and in warframe's case a melee weapon. The thing is that the enemy variety is very, very low and they are all exceedingly dumb (though some have stellar marksmanship) the game is at its best during its imitation of horde mode.

    Warframe is a potentially fantastic, evolving game, crippled by an identity crisis. It wants the ease of spending and the player count of free to play's, but prices single items as full games,whilst actively sabotaging free players at every turn
  16. Mar 14, 2014
    For a free to play game on the PS4 Warframe is a thoroughly in depth game, the only real problem i have is that you can only get to a certain point then you have to spend money (which i am not willing to do) but exploring for mods and blue prints and building warframes / weapons is a fun alternative way of playing this game. i have spent more time on this than the majority of full games such as Killzone Expand
  17. Feb 23, 2014
    This is a F2P game that you don't have to spend any money on to enjoy. That's the most important part. I like it so much that I will probably spend something like $10 on it along the way, but there is no need. It would be purely aesthetic.
    The interface is hard to understand at first, but that's just because it was new to me. I did some searches online to find out how to make parts, etc.
    This dropped it a bit in score for me. The online play is fun, adding friends is easy, and you can play however you want, up to a point.
    Stealth is a viable option for the first 10-15 levels or so, but then it is not an easy option without the right Warframe. This is not upsetting, but not something that I expected.
    Lastly, playing on a four player team with good teammates is exciting, fun, and addicting. The only problem I have run into is that sometimes there is too much going on at a time and the frame rate dips. This does take away from the enjoyment of the game and I wish they would fix this. This and the stealth drop it another point.
    I would recommend this game to my friends if they like playing online only games with an RPG element. The fact that you can farm in order to make weapons is a plus for me. This is an option instead of purchasing the weapons with real money. One last thing. They have "daily" challenges that are up for limited amounts of time, giving you the opportunity to get some rare items you would otherwise have to work real hard for. I put "daily" in quotes because the challenges stay up for various amounts of time. Sometimes it is an hour, other times it is days. Either way, if you take advantage of these, you will enjoy that game a lot more because it adds variety to the missions. Hope this helps!
  18. Apr 15, 2014
    Warframe is a good and fun free to play game. The combat is pretty solid. It does third person shooting and melee well. It also throws in wall running and sliding across the ground ( though you'll not use either of these two that much to be honest ) You have a primary weapon, secondary weapon and a melee weapon that you can change, upgrade as well as your warframe ( armor ) It also looks pretty decent graphically and runs well. It being a free to play game of course means there are microtransactions and although it's not pay to win there is a lot of grinding in the game. The best warframes, weapons and mods will either take you forever to achieve through pure gamplay or you'll have to buy them with real money. It's also an online co op game that pits four players against A.I in various maps and missions. You can also play it against the A.I by yourself but with friends is much more fun and it's easier to do so. The missions can be repetitive with either being rescue, eliminate, spy, defend or verses. There are some good maps the outdoors maps are the best while the indoors maps can be very much the same.

    Seeing as it costs you nothing to give it a go I highly recommend you play it for at least an hour or two and see what you think. I have enjoyed it a lot. It can be repetitive and it does have a lot of grinding but the combat is so fun and progressing in level, upgrades, warframes and weapons keeps me coming back for more.
  19. Mar 15, 2014
    The core gameplay of this game is good, but the missions and enivronments can get repetitive, the interface is poor and the game is pretty boring if you don't do co-op. I recommend to those that are in between games and like co-op games like this.
  20. Dec 6, 2013
    This is really fun, fast paced, 3rd person shooter. There is a ton of variety in loadouts as a result of it being an MMORPG styled shooter. Consequently however, the story is severely lacking any depth at all and the menus are VERY unintuitive to the point of being downright awful. For a free-to-play game however, it's hard to fault it at all.
  21. Jan 1, 2014
    WARFRAME is a very enjoyable game, but it takes a lot to get into it. I like to think of it as the Diablo of FPS games. The game is an over-the-shoulder shooter, and although you may play missions solo, it is designed to be played online multiplayer with up to 4 people per mission.

    The game is VERY Japanese: artwork, narration, animation, etc.

    What makes the game most enjoyable
    for me is it's rapid pace. Although it is possible to sneak through missions largely undetected, this doesn't produce a very satisfying experience for me. It takes far too long with far too much patience required for groups of enemies to present themselves in such a manner as to allow for assassinations or sneaking. With 4 rough-and-tumble players in a mission, any mission can be completed in 5 minutes or under.

    Where WARFRAME fails to achieve a higher score is in a few aspects:

    1. Load times on the PS4 are fairly atrocious, particularly when compared to the PC version.
    2. The tutorial is basically worthless. Much of my learning was done "on-the-job" by fooling around with various menus and figuring things out on my own; and taking much time to do so.
    3. Although the game is free-to-play, the game tries to make it as inconvenient as possible to do so. You can acquire most items in the game without paying for platinum (ie, the game's pay-currency), but it takes long hours of resource farming and construction; most weapons take 24 hours to construct once you have all of the resources, and additional warframes (ie, characters) take 72 hours to construct. This is further hampered by the limited number of item/warframe slots available to the non-paying player.
    4. It takes several missions before the game gets difficult and therefore interesting.

    This is currently an open-beta version (I believe), and hopefully these aspects get alleviated on final release; but I doubt this will happen, as apparently the game is already experiencing much success as is.
  22. Jan 28, 2014
    First of all its not pay to win. When you play this game the 1 time its hard to understand what ur objective is. I played it on the pc and i dindt like it my first impression and the controlls on pc sux. When i bought my ps 4 i give it a try again. This game is allot of fun if you a little patience. The basics of the game u need to learn by yourself or wikipedia. If u want to get fast stuff u can buy platinium but i advice u dont do that at start. Later in the game you will understand that u can find stuff very easy without the paying. Play this game with friends and you will have a very good time. If u like organization this game is fun to u can make ur CLAN the way u want it (STRUCTURES) Expand
  23. Dec 30, 2013
    Warfarme is an exceptional game by Canadian video game developers: Digital Extremes. The game has quite good graphics and is a really fast paced TPS(Third Person Shooter). The game is about an alien named Tenna saving the universe that was captured by some bad aliens. This is a players co-op game. The missions are all fairly simple but take a very long time and get very boring because all the missions are very similar. The game might keep you busy for one or two hours and then you will realise "man, this is Its a shame for this game because it could have been very good. The game is well constructed but the missions are that ruin it. They are all fairly the same: kill the bad guys and destroy the mines.....However the game realises massive updates quite often so they game still has a chance. Its a nice fast paced game that can keep you going for a while. Expand
  24. Feb 22, 2014
    I'm quite indifferent to this game. It's isn't bad, nor is it great. It just kind

    The first mis-step this game makes is proclaiming that the Tenno are 'Space Ninja's'. One might think then that the game has stealth, and while it does have stealth it's just horrible...boring really. The best part is that there are no advantages to using stealth, only disadvantages. The best way
    to play the game is to chop off the self-proclaimed 'ninja' tag and throw on a 'Mercenary' tag. At least that way you'll get a better sense of what your doing and how to do it.

    The game does run smoothly overall, aside from the overtly blinding Bloom effects...seriously Warframe dev's, chill out with the Bloom.

    The gameplay is rather clunky. You'll usually have to press a button multiple times because the Tenno move so sluggishly. The game also has a neat 'parkour' function in which you can run and jump off of walls, and slide on the ground. This is fun, but serves no real advantage to dispatching enemies, it's simply way more effective to shoot them. The game's AI is also fairly stupid, assuming the traditional "hide behind cover and pop out every X seconds" model. The problem is that the gameplay gets boring...quick. The seamless switching between shooting and melee is nice and well executed, but the guns offer no dynamic challenge, they're just like recoil or spread, just boring all around. The melee is, while fun, almost useless later in the game and quickly becomes obsolete.

    The game has an upgrade system in which you gain XP with your individual Frame and weapons, advancing to the cap of level 30, leaving you with 30 mod points. These mods can do things such as decrease reload time, increase bullet damage, add elemental damage, and much more for the guns. And things such as health increases, shield increases, run speed increases, and much more for the Frames. The problem however is that due to the nature of the game, almost every mod besides the "essentials" is rendered not-usable or ineffective due to the limited number of mod slots per weapon/frame. This type of bottle-necking as it's called also occurs with the weapons themselves. If the weapon doesn't innately have Armor Pierce or Armor Ignore, then it's essentially useless in the long run due to the enemies ridiculous armor scaling (it scales to the point where you literally cannot damage the enemy at a certain point).

    The game is fun as a casual pick-up. It's not hard to master and once mastered, doesn't really serve up anything difficult or new. For a free game however, the dev's did a pretty great job steering clear of the "Play To Win" model of Free games, which is nice, and kudos to them for that. If you're bored with the usual upchuck that AAA titles offer, give Warframe a try, you can't go wrong with a non-P2W F2P game.
  25. May 13, 2014
    This game literally is the true definition of F2P as it doesn't make you pay for a single thing, where as everything can made in the foundry. Only things the game makes you pay is Visual Effects such as colors and scarfs, but the kicker is the Micro Transaction Money can be traded for in game property such as mods or Parts. If you don't have PS Plus and want a game that doesn't nickle and dime you for anything i truly recommend this game. One thing that that set me from giving this a ten was that it doesn't have much of a story , but it makes up with it by its expansive lore on its official Wiki page. This is a highly underrated game that needs to be discovered. Most people that called it pay to win haven't truly played it to the point where everything is available. Another thing that doesn't stick to well is the frame rate issues it can have due to crazy moments where a lot is going on or the host doesn't have good connection. Expand
  26. Sep 20, 2014
    I will start with a detailed description, but if you don't want to read it skip down to the pros and cons.

    Warframe is one of those games that is a lot of fun, but your going to want the wiki page sitting next to you at all times. As your progress though the game you can customize your characters, weapons, and sentinels with mods. You can add heat or electricity to your weapon igniting
    or electrifying your foes. You can also add heat and electricity creating radiation damage turning affected enemies against each other. As of update 14 (basically warframe 2.0) you have a choice of 3 warframes (choose volt) melee, side arms, and primary weapons. The part that throws a lot of people off is the market. The market sells weapons, frames and such for platinum. Platinum cannot be earned in game and is very expensive costing real world currency. The market also sells blueprints for weapons, equipment, and such for in game earned credits. Blueprints can also be dropped by enemies and found by other means in game. Once you have a blueprint you need to farm materials needed to build the parts needed. To build a frame you will need to construct the helm, chassis, and systems. This is really what the game is about: unlocking planets farming materials and building new warframes or items to make your warframes better. The problem with building is that each part takes an insultingly long amount of time to build. To build a new warframe the three parts take 12 hours and once they're built turning them into a warframe takes 3 days (the timer will continue ticking if your logged of). You can build parts simultaneously so the three parts won't take 36 hours, but it feels like a slap in the face. The gameplay is fast passed and fun, but can get repetitive. If you have a team of 3 players coordinating it adds depth, but the majority of public squads will just get from point a to point b as fast as possible turning an experience into a chore. The variety in the frames weapons and skills is impressive to say the least. I could go on for hours, but I need to wrap this up.

    -Free to play so you have nothing to loose in trying this game out
    -Your a wall running parkouring space ninja
    -4 player coop
    -Vary wide variety of warframes and weapons
    -The mod system adds to that variety in ways I don't have time to put into text
    -Every item you can buy can also be acquired in game
    -Great balancing; there's really no "best weapon or warframe" each is unique
    -Fast paced gameplay
    -Beautiful visuals
    -Consistent updates adding new levels environments weapons and warframes
    -Can be played with keyboard and mouse

    -Slow start; the game really opens up after the 30% mark
    -The tutorial does not explain a lot (you will need to reference the wiki constantly)
    -Crazy expensive market
    -Majority of random created squads will have you racing through most missions as quickly as possible(make friends)
    -The time it takes to build items is a bad joke
    -Although it's not required you will most likely end up spending $10-20 (not bad for a game, but you need to be wise with what you spend it on)
    -A fair share of bugs
    -Updates cannot be preformed in the background (you may be able to watch Netflix or other apps that don't require a lot of ram, but you cannot play games)
  27. Sep 8, 2014
    Ninjas play free and in this case you ARE a ninja. The multiplayer feel is better when you know people because people aren't always taking your kills, and if you don't spend money your armour just feels out dated and weak. free game so it's worth a try.
  28. Aug 3, 2014
    I don't usually play console games, I'm a PC gamer kind of guy but my computer can't run warframe on max settings on my laptop, but on the ps4 I can get the full graphics and the controls are nice, inky complaint is you have to buy platinum so i can't buy a sentinel or new guns but I'm learning to adjust
  29. Jul 21, 2014
    For a free game this experience is truly amazing , especially considering that , if you grind enough, there isnt a single thing in the game you cant fet with ingame rewards.
    Its developers are really listening to its community and updates come at a steady pace as well as new weapons , enemies , missions, etc.
    That being said, when the initial wonder passes you have an insanely repetitive
    game with Ai issues, uninspired color palet, lack of tutorial, an obvious pc-layout, etc..
    If you like to grind , you'll find this game enjoyable, if not , you'll leave it pretty quickly.
    Playing the game with friends is mandatory, imo.
  30. Aug 6, 2014
    I'm not a huge fan of in game purchases, but it doesn't make this any worse for having them. You might need to rely on those who do from time to time, but overall this is quite a fun game. Only things that let it down is that you can sometimes get lost and it's not too clear where to go, and if a player gets lost and can't find the exit, you can be stood around waiting for a while.

    Can't complain for a freebie though.
  31. Sep 4, 2014
    One of the few games that actually runs at the 60fps advertised by sony and the ps4, most of the others drop down to 20fps when their is action on the screen, I actually preferred playing blacklight on my pc, but on ps4 it's reversed, this game works flawlessly. Well done.
  32. Sep 12, 2014
    Having played the game since PS4 launch and initial impressions were not all that great I now find myself a big fan and wanted to write a review based on version 14 as I feel a lot of earlier critical reviews whilst accurate at pointing out issues at the time do not reflect the game as it stands today.

    When I first played the game I found it pretty boring. Levels all looked the same,
    seemed too big and empty, single player was too hard and not fun and I had no idea how to progress other than just leveling up naturally. Framerate was highly variable but in some defense missions could crash into single frame territory. Graphics were okay but very flat and loading times were not good. After spending a few hours on Mercury I gave up and moved on to other launch titles.

    A month or so later I threw it on again one day for something different to play. There had been an update. I noticed the levels seemed a little more varied and joining some games with random players I saw new weapons and abilities that seemed interesting even if I didn't have them. I also found you need to play the games with others as the game is not aimed at the single player. I started to read up on how you upgrade your weapons and get better equipment and other warframes. That lead to a bit of grind to unlock more planets to access more resources needed, but I enjoyed the game whilst grinding.

    Over the following months update after update came, introducing new content, extra game modes, and improved graphics. Now on version 14 Warframe loads faster, has much nicer graphics, has much more varied environments, a silky smooth framerate with none of the drops you used to see and for the new player a better set of tutorial levels, free upgrades to get you started and a whole set instructions on how the game works to save you having to trawl the internet.

    Switching between this and recently released Destiny makes me really appreciate how far the game has come, and the first thing you notice is how much smoother the framerate is on Warframe than Destiny. Also how in many ways Warframe appears to offer more of the variety people have complained is absent from Destiny.

    Not to say this game is for everyone mind. You have to endure a bit of grind to unlock stuff, especially earlier in the game but the more you progress the easier it becomes. You don't have to pay any money but having clocked over 160 hours and it being my most played game I have spent around £15 on it to open up slots to keep my new weapons and Warframes and in the close on a year I've been playing I have only spent half the in game platinum that purchased.

    Looking forward I can only imagine that future updates will continue to add more and more to this game which is one of the main reasons I recommend it as it just keeps getting better and offering something new. It is not without fault although many of the technical issues have been addressed. People looking for competitive multiplayer aren't catered for.

    In summary Warframe now is a solid game experience that will continue to grow and improve. It has been dramatically improved over the last year and offers a great experience to those who are willing to put the time in. Im would strongly recommend giving it a try, after all it is free so what have you got to lose.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 25
  2. Negative: 1 out of 25
  1. May 15, 2014
    One year from now, Warframe will be a distant memory, almost completely forgotten. It's one of those games that just doesn't leave a clear mark. Then again, it does offer violence with swords, and it does it for free. What's the worst that could happen?
  2. May 11, 2014
    Warframe is a decent grind-based F2P shooter. [Feb 2014]
  3. May 2, 2014
    Warframe is a good free-to-play TPS, but the action is too repetitive to make it an essential.