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  1. May 27, 2014
    I'n shocked at how there'd are so many haters for this game. IMO opinion this game is wayyy better than gta 5 and here is why. First off the city of Chicago feels way more real than anything rockstar has crafted. Don't get me wrong rockstar can craft some great live open world games but nothing comes close to matching watchdogs living breathing city. Random crimes happen, fights, and some nova will even call the cops on you. It just feels so real even in how the npcs interact with you and others. It's simply amazing. The animation and graphics are excellent even though there is a noticeable graphics downgrade. The shooting and hacking in the game is fun and opens up endless possibilities on how to complete missions, stop crimes, or evade the cops. There is just so much content in this game from the aforementioned random crimes to activities like chess, drinking games, races, and even my favorite trips. There is so much more this game offers but explaining it would take a while and I'd rather get back to playing this amazing piece of work. It is well worth the money don't believe the hate. It ain't perfect but it sure as hell is close to it 9.5/10 Expand
  2. May 27, 2014
    I hoped that game was the GOTY, but unfortunately Watch Dogs has so many problems that you cant avoid or lie to your self.

    1- Yes, the game dont have the E3 graphics. They downgraded the game. I dont have problem with the current graphics, but I have with lies!
    2- The game was delayed for what? I hoped that time waiting was used to make the game better, not worse.
    3- Every where I
    look, here on Brazil, Watch Dogs is the most expense game of all time! At Steam, or PSN. I complained to ubisoft, and for my surprise they answered "the game worth this price". Cool, dont it?
    4- Watch dogs is a GTA clone, with a small city, promissing the best graphics of all time, but even Infamous Seceond Son has a better look!

    Sorry Ubisoft, you lied for us. And Im very disappointed with you.
  3. May 27, 2014
    Watch Dogs delivers so little of what it originally promised. Now i have the game in my hands i can fully understand why it was delayed. It was clearly delayed because of GTAV. Watch Dogs is a next gen game that doesn't really look next gen. It's graphics are on par with last years GTAV. And as we all know, GTAV is running on last gen consoles. The controls are clunkier, slower and not as smooth as GTAV. The car handling is also very poor. The whole thing is a watered down GTA with clunkier controls and less to do. The only fun part is the hacking, but then you will soon get bored of that. The hacking is very easy to do and feels very gimmicky. But it at least provides you with a few hours of entertainment. The side missions are awful and feel like there merely thrown in their just to shoehorn in some extra content. Another thing this has in common with GTAV is the story....both of them are poop! The story is a straight forward one of revenge and is very predictable and boring. To be brutally honest i'm surprised that this game came from Ubisoft. I'm usually a huge of their work. It's not that i'm not a fan of open world crime games, as i am. It's just that this game is a very average one that doesn't deliver half of what it promised. Remember, they claimed that this game would be the first "next gen defining game". If you must play it then i'd say wait for a price drop, or rent it. It's not a game that has a lot of replayability like GTA. You won't find yourself returning for another play through. Expand
  4. May 27, 2014
    Graphics is nice, gameplay is good though gets boring after 4-5 hours of playing. I would give it 7/10 if it wasn't that overhyped. Ubisoft, calm down your marketers.
  5. May 27, 2014
    This game did not survive the hype, not only because Ubisoft's scam when they showed a graphic level they were never going to achieve, but also the whole premise of open gameplay and hacking almost everything.

    After a couple of hours of gameplay, you'll notice how rough this games is in almost every aspect and the reason they delayed it to not smash itself and lose against GTA V.

    Really, really disappointed on this one, this is what excessive advertising, false promises and biased reviews have created; an ugly, soul-less monster.
  6. May 27, 2014
    I was really looking towards this game, mainly due to rockstar don't giving a crap about PCs, so maybe that's also why I'm so disappointed with it. (This is about the PC version)
    Like the story is ok, but the rest just screams CONSOLE-PORT. I mean, if I want to play with a controller, I will play on my console, but when I play a PC game I expect it to be playable with keyboard and mouse.
    In this case, it's a pain. There is some really weird mouse acceleration that is different in menu's (too fast) and in the game (too slow) and it seems that is not possible to turn it off. But the major pain is driving a car which is unfortunately a major part of this game and therefore it's ruining it from my perspective - driving a car feels like you are driving on an ice. Not to mention that if you adjust the view while driving the game will change it back again after few seconds (another obvious console inheritance). Fighting is mediocre at best - again strange control - you have to press c to get in cover, but you have to press v to get out of it.
    The major gimmick of this game is hacking - this should have had made this game special. Well, to be honest it stopped in the middle again, some parts are ok (but those are mostly prescripted), rest feels like you don't even have to use it. Not to mention that hacking while driving (eg. traffic lights) is again a pain on keyboard (well, until you will remap the keys) - you drive with aswd and to hack you have to HOLD q - that means that you either won't be able to turn left or accelerate for the time needed to hack - add to that above mentioned crappy driving model and you have the image.
    The graphics is okish, nothing spectacular on the PC, but not bad. What IS bad is optimalization - there is almost none, just just the web and you will see cry of the users playing it. For a game that requires 3GB VRAM, 6GB RAM and Core I7 to run on full I would expect something spectacular, but this is not the case.
    Overall I rate this at 4, as there is nothing else for the PC at the moment, otherwise it would be a 3. If the manage (but I'm skeptical about this) to improve the controls and mainly driving model in the following patches (there is already a day 0 patch but it's fixing only AI and something else - oh, this reminds me about AI - it SUCKS. Like enemies don't care that you are killing them with unsilenced weapons or explosions as long as they won't see you. Like guy will walk to the dead body, look at it and after a while he will walk away. Really? in 2014?) it may be 6-7, but in current state it's a nobuy advice from me.
  7. May 27, 2014
    Realmente pobre, los coches no se deforman, no interactuan con el entorno bien, lastexturas les falta fondo y encima las sombras practicamente no existen, mejor recomendar jugar de nuevo el GTA IV que se lo come con patatas.
  8. May 27, 2014
    Ahh Watch_Dogs, you can tell it means business by its stylized title font! Yes the game that has had so many nerds and losers bickering over graphical fidelity since it's premier almost a light year ago. I'm not going to get into the brainless banter over 'consoles vs. PC' because A) I'm not 13. and B) The more I type the longer I go without beer. To start off, Aiden is the most obvious looking criminal. Complete with his cartoonish gritty voice and a fashion sense that would make even the 'trench coat mafia' proud, Aiden sticks out like a sore thumb and from you hear him speak it's all downhill from there. If I was a cop and was told to look for a hacker I'd grab the guy in the trench coat plodding along with his hands in his pockets like a pedophile. This game is so silly, yeah it's an interesting twist on Open world game genre but interesting doesn't make it good. Forget the graphics. Nothing can fix the cliche story line, repetitive side quests, irritating driving and hackneyed dialogue that would only be considered 'tense' and 'gripping' by either 13 year old boys and adults who consider The Dark Knight, the 'greatest film of all time'. The driving is terrible and pretty much ruins the game, since the lack of physics and damage make it almost impossible to get invested in chases or driving at breakneck speeds. Characters are poorly written, with each becoming just a one dimensional caricature who spouts platitudes about corruption and secrets and blah blah. Please. The side quests, which while prove to be interesting distractions end up being just that 'distractions' from the 'god awful' hackneyed revenge story line. Sure It has its fun moments but what game doesn't? Disappointing on all fronts. A game that takes itself too seriously and unfortunately just can't seem to knock GTA down even a little off its pedestal. GTA isn't a perfect game by any means but it works because it combines hilarious elements of pop culture satire, memorable characters and doesn't take itself seriously at all! It's fun! Watch Dogs just wastes a lot of time to say very little about a lot of things and without an interesting story and mundane characters, there just isn't enough to warrant a replay let alone a positive review. Expand
  9. May 27, 2014
    Dont belive the hype. Watch Dogs brought absolutely nothing "new" or remarkable to the table. It plays like an uninspired GTA clone. Do yourself a favor and save your money for something else.
  10. May 27, 2014
    After playing GTA this game really sucks. Why ? - Lame physics when driving a car or motocyrcle - Hacking is fun the first hour, after that you easIly get bored ( the same happens with the multiplayer ) - Pc version has worst graphics than GTA IV ( a game of 2008 ). They tried to fool us with the 2012 trailer and this is not the quality they showed back them. - 52 DLC content ... Shame on you Ubisoft
    - Every 15 minutes you'll get a bug ... Believe me or try it yourself

  11. May 27, 2014
    This game is a lackluster and such a big disappointment. Supposedly Ubisoft delayed the game to further polish it but none of that happened. The game is still buggy, graphics is not next-gen (nothing like infamous), and the characters are crap. Just youtube "watch dog bugs" or "watch dog vs gta iv" you'll see what I mean. This isn't next gen worthy game.
  12. May 27, 2014
    Overall, very disappointing game. The world is generic and fails to invoke the atmosphere of Chicago. Graphics were extremely downgraded compared to the vertical slices shown earlier at E3, with muddy textures, terrible lighting, no dynamic shadows, poor frame rate and resolution. Be prepared to explore a very dull, grey world, because Ubisoft Montreal can't be bothered to understand how to create and follow through a unique artistic direction.

    The game is very glitchy with numerous bugs, and a physics engine that would make more sense in a Harry Potter game on ps1. The driving mechanics are very poor, with vehicles being a pain to control. Walking around is just as painful with floaty controls and unneeded acceleration.

    The story and characters have had no thought put into them and it shows, they are extremely generic and boring. As a player I had no desire to associate with anybody in the game. My daughter died so now I am going to kill a bunch of people is a terrible, illogical premise for any game and it especially shows here.

    Hacking in this game utilizes a long range use button. For example, you see that streetlight over there? Good, now turn it off by 'hacking it' (pressing square). Great! Mission complete, continue to you next objective/streetlight. You may think that that was an exaggeration of the story missions in the game but it was not, the main missions are so devoid of creativity that you will find yourself performing tasks that a sick 3rd grader could do.

    Now this review may be voted down due to marketers at Ubisoft, but understand this, I tried to warn you. If you do end up believing the paid and sarcastic perfect scores this game has received and end up purchasing this game, don't be too disappointed. You should at least get a few good laughs out of how bad it is.
  13. May 27, 2014
    Ubisofts most recent attempt to make a game combining assansins creed and gta. Failed horribly. Cashcrab involving "Funny internet memes" and hacking.

    We are not twelve.

    Also the car physics seem to be coded by a incompetent developer.
  14. May 27, 2014
    I've been very excited for this since the reveal, and I can safely say that most of the stuff shown off is in the game, more or less.

    The problem is that's really it. The game working the best is there in the trailers, far away from your own control. Except for the scripted instances, the actual open world element to Watch_Dogs is a full lackluster.

    Instead of investing so much into
    advertising the game as whatever it is supposed to be, a lot more money should have instead been invested into making Watch_Dogs actually what Ubisoft is trying to make us believe what it is. I'm not saying it's false advertisement, but it seems pretty clear that they went all the way hyping up a very mediocre game while being perfectly aware of that.

    PS: Also, considering this was advertised as "true next-gen experience", it's a joke that this game is running on the lowest resolution/framerate combo yet on PS4. Battlefield 4, while 900p, at least ran on 60 frames per second.
  15. May 27, 2014
    Over-hyped trash. Give me back my 60 dollars, Ubisoft! It's a buggy mess, with a generic map - bad, flat undeveloped characters, unstable frame-rate (even on my PC), HORRIBLE graphics and they're not even close to what was shown in E3 2012 - which is impressive because it's been 2 years and they still had to downgrade them (and lie about it). To add more, the gameplay is pretty generic and the story is just bad. Buy this game at your own risk! Ubisoft is now that one company that hypes games and then milks them off. I wouldn't be impressed if this is the next Assassin's Creed cash-grab (although they're probably going to keep AC even if they milk off this franchise a lot - they can't let go of their little gold mines). Anyway, I give it a 0 and that's my honest opinion. Just a little review here with some humble criticism. Expand
  16. May 27, 2014
    I was hyped when Ubisoft announced the game back in 2012, the graphics were gorgeous and the atmosphere had me in awe. Fast forward to today, the graphics are nothing to what was advertised back then and the game itself is lame, the car physics are pathetic, even GTA IV a game from 08 obliterates this garbage in terms of physics for both peds and cars. The city is empty and no activities occur around you which makes Chicago seem dead. The gameplay is subpar at best with the one button hacking getting too repetitive and old quick. Do your selves a favor and do not buy this junk, this game does not define next gen, and it certainly does not look impressive nor were there any moments were I was amazed. I will be returning this game after lunch today. Expand
  17. May 27, 2014
    GTA has set the bar too high. Not only is the story boring but the graphics are nothing like that we saw a year ago at E3. The driving in this game is awful, just awful. The hacking gets boring after 30 minutes. All I can think while playing this game is...I feel like playing GTA.
  18. May 30, 2014
    Another example of the typical media hype. The graphics aren't close to the level shown in those famous previews. Add to that the generally mediocre quality of the game, which doesn't keep many promises of the publishers, the game isn't worth the original price. Wait until it drops significantly or ignore the game, and you won't miss anything essential.
  19. May 27, 2014
    If you are looking for an awesome game to hold you over until fall, I would say get Wolfenstein. I was extremely stoked about watchdogs before playing it, and was extremely let down. People say that it is the first installment so give it a break. I completely disagree with that statement. They have seen what a polished open world sand box game with lots of detail is like, and in no doubt played their competitors game.

    1: Driving is horrible.
    2: Detail is simply left out (you run over a fire hydrant and sit over the spout and the water goes through your car, like it's not even there).
    3: Customization is lame. Do you want your trench coat in black or red/several other colors?
    4: Hacking doesn't feel innovative at all, it's actually pretty boring. Tired of looking at people through cameras already.
    5: You can't drive and shoot!!
  20. May 27, 2014
    I decided to give this game an oportunity even if i wasn´t impressed by the trailers. So today i bought the game and oh god what a shame. This game is boring, mediocre, with nothing new. You think the hack stuff is new? Nop, Deus Ex does something similar and in much better ways.
  21. May 29, 2014
    I was unlucky to get escape-from-police mission right in the beginning of the game and experienced so stupidly difficult pursuit because of driving model is so bad. I don't know how it is on a PC, but with gamepad it next to impossible escape w/o destroying a car. Car handling is so bad that is it basically a torture playing car/pursuit missions, not at all enjoyable game experience.
    would mention PS3 level graphics and fake E3 2012 demo as well - that was mentioned many times already. In short - I would ask for money back, there is no even close great game experience they advertised. Expand
  22. May 29, 2014
    Just **** on a stick, not a game. Don't spend money simply. We were fooled again, leading by the nose of his advertising and stuff. Don't believe the gaming magazines and websites, gras generally dreadful and quite interesting. World empty and monotonous, boring gameplay, graphics bad.
  23. May 28, 2014
    The game look amazing, it has very good graphic don't get me wrong. The problem is the game play (scripted event, control, stealth etc) and even the story isn't so good.

    -Scripted event.
    This game is really SCRIPTED ex: you doing a mission ( and like me you like to play stealthy) so you look around and find a ZOMG way to finish the mission like a boss : black out (destroy a
    transformer) and run (nobody seen you), you leave the red circle so it should be DONE... NO, 5 cars pop out of nowhere and charge you, you try to escape them, 2 thing can happen:
    -1 They chase you like they know where you are (you constantly break line of sight but they keep finding you no matter what).
    -2 You manage to almost escape then new car pop in the map and go straight for you.

    I had a hard time aiming at the enemy in a gun fight but the enemy never miss and kill you in like 3-4 second at normal... (coming from a guy that completed bf4 at hard with gold medal everywhere). Sometime you are behind cover and you try to neutralize an enemy, well the button to neutralize enemy is the same button that break cover end up dead. It is really hard to drive in this game.

    They said that you could do mission the way YOU want in this game... NOT TRUE. The stealth aspect get destroy by the scripted event. So if you are like me try to be stealthy hacker to avoid gun fight, you end up dying and start over REALLY often and even when you succeed you will really often find yourself facing a scripted event (car popping out of nowhere, chasing you).

    It fail to captivate: you have to go somewhere (often very far away from where you are) then cut scene (somewhat good but not really appealing) rinse and repeat. Some event doesn't even make any sense at all, I don't want to spoil anything but sometime I was like (NO WAY SOMEONE CAN DO THIS KIND OF THING).

    I'm 20 hours or so into the game and so far the most fun thing I have done was the Spider-tank mini game. Sorry for my spelling, English isn't my native language.
  24. May 30, 2014
    Forget complains about graphics. The game looks decent and you can imagine yourself in it. That part is fine. The problem is the actual content of the game, not graphics. The plot is simply sucks ass. It's so naive it can be an entertainment only for a 10 years old. After GTA V, I'm wondering how come this game gets so high score in press. And don't even get me started about side quests - a Tetris game would have done a better job. Forget this game forever, play GTA V instead. Expand
  25. May 27, 2014
    Bait and switch tactics aside, the game is just average at best. Nothing like the "next gen starts' here experience that was promised. Very very poorly optimised on PC. And mandatory uplay drm. What is disturbing is that there are 5 different collectors editions of the game. Thus no was to experience the complete game. Probably better to wait for the inevitable goty/ definitive edition.

    The game itself isn't as bad as most think, but definitely no where near what it was portrayed to be.
    Misleading, anti consumer policies seem to be more rampant than ever.
    Gone are the days where you could get value with any and every game you bought.
    It is this sort of practice that is killing the credibility of the industry
  26. May 27, 2014
    This game pales in comparison to GTAV in almost all aspects. Even though it was delayed 6 months the game is still plagued with glitches and the graphics could greatly be improved. During gameplay many NPCs can be seen walking in to walls or other characters. The story has almost no point besides avenging your relatives death and Aiden Pearce has no personality unlike Trevor, Franklin, and Michael in GTA. The missions are mundane and pointless. At one point you were expected to find a suspected criminal using your smartphone and it turns out the person was invisible and only appeared after scanning every possible suspect twice. Another frustrating glitch was when you were supposed to chase down a guy. I shot him in the back, but the game skipped to a cutscene saying he got away. On the opposite note I had to chase somebody in a car. He got away and a timer showed up stating how much time I had left to find him. the timer depleted and the guy got away,but the game skipped ahead to a scene after the car chase where I had to chase the man down on foot. The game feels very unpolished and has many other minor glitches besides the ones I mentioned. The controls of the game are also frustrating because there is not a button to jump freely. You can only jump by pressing circle when you are close to a climbable object and often have to wait for a prompt to show up before you can do it. The driving controls are also terrible. Hacking is a frustrating experience. Since there is only one button responsible for hacking the game often misreads what you want to hack. This would not be that bad if the game didn't end up blowing up explosives right next to you that lead to your death when you are trying to infiltrate a camera. The shooting mechanics are not great, but may be the best part of the game considering how terrible the entire thing is. Unlike in GTA free roaming is boring. The games fails to make a lively and exciting city. The police make driving a complete nuisance because they chase you for the slightest driving infractions,like speeding. GTA V is very smart to make the police somewhat slack in there enforcing. GTA allows you to fastly move from one location to another without the entire police department on your tail, but watch dogs turns these moments in to a high speed and hectic chase. I also found hacking while in the car useless. The only way to escape the police while in a car is to drive into water and swim far away.. The game is packed to the brim with useless add ons that are completely unnecesarry and prevent the game from focusing on the main story. For a next-gen game the graphics are bad. INfamous Second Son has much better graphics and actually puts the PS4's abilities to use. GTA V looks better then the PS4 version of Watch Dogs and managed to create these graphics on the PS3. The only interesting part of the game is the hacking which turns out to be a cheap gimick and is nothing but a frustration in an already frustrating game. Watch Dogs is terrible game that lacks innovation, Graphics, an interesting story, and polished gameplay. If you are looking for a fun open world game I suggest you buy GTA V which outperforms watch dogs in every way. I highly suggest you do not waste sixty dollars on this game like I did. Expand
  27. May 27, 2014
    I usually don't write reviews but after playing this game for a few hours I feel as if I owe it to my fellow gamers….I am just unimpressed. As others have stated the driving physics are just poor and the controls rather clunky. Furthermore the visuals of this game just didn't impress. Many are comparing it to GTAV from last generation…I say GTAV might even look better at times. Some of the effects are good and do spruce up the experience a little but the game is still lacking overall. I know graphics are not everything but I do think it would make this game a lot more enthralling and immersive if they had polished it quit a bit more. The map is large but more of a quantity thing than quality. I feel Ubisoft really shot itself in the foot with this one with all the marketing hype which made my expectations high which is probably why I am being so critical in my review. It just doesn't live up to the hype. An "A" for Ubisofts marketing department though! Expand
  28. May 28, 2014
    if u have come here for a review b4 buying then let me make this easy= if u thought ass creed was good and actually fell for this shallow,bargain-bin-in-a-weekend game and its sequels then watchdogs is for u,have fun this weekend and see u in the trade in's Monday morning -those of u who know what to expect from ubisoft then there's no surprise,avoid as expected=shallow and totally scripted moments pretending to have variety and possibilities.they've paid off critics once again and the casuals behind the counter in gamestores wont know any better! to all those who would say this beats gta(I would like to slap u hard)ask these same dummies why they wont even b still playing it next week. I would give this a 4 but since ubisoft continue to do these ploys where they lie to the player and hint at massive depth in the 1st hour of gameplay,only to realise you've been had by the 2nd hour,because of this I give it a 2 -every game critic should be ashamed of themselves and should of called ubisoft out for this behaviour a long time ago -actually im giving this a 0,now that I think about it,its criminal theft Expand
  29. May 28, 2014
    Let me tell you something you already know about this game: - Driving is **** - The IA is gonna make you laugh, they are all retarded - Hacking is only about pressing a button on your magic phone XD - The cars are nearly undestructible - Graphically poor (I own a good PC and I run it on high-ultra) - Secundary missions get repetitive after 15 minutes and you will complete the story in 10 hours, the multiplayer is worthless
    - Ubisoft is gonna give us 5421 ****ty DLC
    - Get into the car and look at your driving mirror XD it is a piece of **** plastic XD !!!

    This game supposed to be THE NEW GEN GAME, instead is a bad GTA with worst physics, worst graphics, worst story , less posibilities ....
  30. Jun 5, 2014
    So let me get this straight.. They have been making this game for over 4+ years, having several massive delays to "bring it up to quality standards" while boasting some of the most intrusive and annoying DRM (with outages at release like SimCity) there is just to have pirates crack the game a whopping week before release? I mean, holy f*ck Ubisoft, you screwed up big time with this one.

    As this game is a colossal failure beyond my abilties to write in the form of sentences, I'm simply going to list all the problems in this "Sandbox" game:

    Watch_Dogs automatically tries to force you into the "Good Karma" route as doing literally any actual "random" event on the world map is just "DURRR, EYM A CRIME SOLVUR, I LISTEN IN ON YUR PHOON N DEN GO 2 SUM PLEYC 2 WITNES SHET LOL". Playing as a bad guy? Well, you'll have no opportunity to say, take advantage of a situation but the worst crime here is the system itself. You need to stay close enough before & when the crime is being commited and If you step in just a little when the game deems it to be 99% close to a crime being commited (as symbolized by the PROBABILITY OF BEING A VICTIM TO A CRIME PERCENTAGE METER above a person's head), both parties (the robber and the one getting robbed, for example) will both fitz into a seizure, ignore eachother and start to casually powerwalk away from the location, and the game saying "HAHA, YOU FAILED TO PREVENT A CRIME, THE CRIMINAL SAW YOU THROUGH THE EYE IN HIS NECK AND NOW HE WILL GO AND COMMIT A CRIME ANOTHER DAY XD". It's just development stupidity beyond my imagination. What did I do subsequently? I shot the criminal in the back of his head and went away smiling. But shame that I got no reward stopping a future crime, nor did I get the opportunity to loot his corpse as the only thing I gained was a "MURDERER!!!!" popup at the top right of my screen.

    The police in this game has to be some of the worst I've seen in a while. They are either ignorant, deaf and dumb clutz when you are sneaking around, taking them out loudly with a baton or they're all super-cops, unloading a 100% accuracy barrage of bullets from all directions after rushing to a scene at 160 km/h because they got a report that someone got bumped by a car. I even had the audacity to try and lose them by driving in reversed traffic at full speed in a sports-car. Nope nope nope, said Ubisoft, they have cybernetic implants along with a 600% boost to their handling and breaking capabilities when chasing you, Ubisoft states while jerking off. Don't ask why, our game is perfect and completely justifiles a 60€ pricetag that will drop faster than my libido after orgasm once people start reading reviews for our rubbish. Another police problem would be that patrol cars don't react to traffic laws being broken whatsoever. Drive in opposite lane? No problem. Bump and scratch into people? No problem. Be inches away from driving over a dozen pedestrians? No problem.

    Another huge immersive problem would be the people themselves in the city. Apart from a few heavily scripted instances, the personality and overall consistency of the inhabitants are completely off. I've seen dozens of hobos playing virtual reality videogames on their high-end phones while listening in on people that "recently had a panic attack" talk in very deep, collective and calm voices about casually commiting illegal activity. And when that Isn't blatantly obvious, there's also the fact that ALL pedestrians are capable of literally pouncing away from your car If you approach them at even miniscule speeds. This includes eldery people and while seeing an old lady in her 80-90's spasm 4 feet away from my car's hood within the blink of an eye, It's not very realistic while also concreting in the "Good Karma" ideals that the developers have in mind, not letting you do mass murders so easily or realize the absurdly bad car physics to hitting a human body. The cutscenes also look abyssmal with every single NPC set of teeth resembling the detail with that of carved bricks of limestone.

    Cars and every aspect of the driving element in this game is copypasted from Sleeping Dogs. While functional, It's FAR from what people expect in this kind of game and more importantly, it's way different from what was advertised as the only "dynamic" thing about cars in this game is that a few plastic covers will fall off after enough damage. The fact that some cars will THROW themselves on the horn 0.0000001 seconds if you slightly bump their rear end is also another example of horrid game design when combined with the constantly occuring scenario where I'd be driving through an intersection, have a truck drive past, I speed up, and the truck suddenly slams on his breaks as he's 85% done crossing the intersection, causing me to crash into his backside because the turd AI in this game told him "SCARY SCARY SITUATION, HE CLOSE, U SLAM BREAKS NOW OK?" It's cheap, It's false advertising and It's Watch Dogs. Stay away.
  31. May 27, 2014
    I was hyped for this game following E3 2012, but feel Ubisoft sold me a lie. From the moment they hyped the graphics, not telling people that it was on a top spec PC and Next-Gen consoles would be a big downgrade, they set themselves up to fall.

    Somebody has put a lot of effort into the game, but let down by the marketing department.

    Fortunately I waited until somebody else spend £65
    on this then tried first. I am a graphics whore, so felt so let down that my money will stay in my pocket.

    Next Gen is not really feeling like it at the moment.
  32. May 31, 2014
    There are so many game breaking glitches in this game that at this point it deserves a 0. I cannot even load my game anymore because it gets stuck at 90% loaded when I click on continue. Other people have lost all their weapons, abilities, clothes, and more after being killed online. I haven't been able to play my game I payed 60$ for 3 days now. Who knows when a patch will be released that will allow me to actually PLAY the game instead of staring at a loading screen forever.

    WARNING this problem WILL affect you eventually especially if you redeem any in-game awards from UPLAY which may be the cause of this glitch.
  33. May 27, 2014
    A veneer of originality can't hide the fact that this game is a horrible stinker, that proves the tried and tested adage of embargoes up until launch day mean it's a dud.

    The one button hacking is great for the first hour, but it quickly becomes apparent that the game is a one trick pony with a rinse and repeat formula - seemingly every mission is a 'get in, hack stuff with one button,
    get out stealthily' affair.

    Of course, there's the usual back story and first mission hand-holding, only this back story is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Then it's on to the driving missions where you'll instantly be ripped out of the next-gen console gaming and thrown back to a time where Saints Row 1 was a current title. It's some of the worst driving physics I've ever known. I mean, GTA was always a bit quirky, but this is plain terrible by comparison - making GTA look real.

    It's not all bad though, the game offers some genuinely original touches, the hacking and profiling, while a one button affair are interesting, just not sufficiently so to drag the rest of its blandness up a few points. I will admit that putting the blockers up or hacking the traffic lights makes me giggle every time at the resulting chaos, but then my moments of levity are replaced with 'meh' once I realize I've another mission to do.

    The city is pretty bland, the graphics are pretty average, certainly not testing the limits of the next gen consoles, and the audio mixing is woeful. The dialogue is fun though, we'll when it's not related to the main story or the utterly uninteresting protagonist within it.

    It could have been brilliant, but for me it falls very wide of the mark, and further proof that whenever a developer maintains an embargo right up to launch day the game is a dud.

    In summary, Ubisoft can ram it if they think I'm preordering anything they make in future - a marketing triumph that puts hype in place of substance.
  34. May 28, 2014
    Yes, I played this game.
    1. The whole game is like GTA 3.5 - ok, not a BIG problem.
    2. Bugs? Ok, it's 'normal' ...
    3. Camera - where is dynamic camera?
    4. Collision system.. really?
    5. Crowd system control - I thought after all ACs this would be mastered to perfection.
    6. Physics?
    7. Mechanics?

    and so many other 'little' things...
  35. Jun 3, 2014
    The short version: Anyone saying that Ubisoft vastly under-delivered on what they promised is telling you the truth.

    Everything else you need to know: The engine and the framework of the game is perfectly fun, but the entire experience is washed over by the insultingly bad writing and character development. By the end of the play through you start to realize that there are entire
    sections of game that you expected by watching all of the previews and yet never got to experience.

    The Joseph DeMarco scene could specifically be called out as a prime example of what the Ubisoft team promised, however, that scene was almost entirely cut out and what was left was hastily re-used and written over for some completely left-field mouse character that holds zero relevance to the plot and serves only to distract and confuse the entire story.

    A pure example of flimsy character development would be Aiden Pearce's original motivation, which is to pursue someone in anger after they made threats about a family member. Aiden Pearce's first move, then, is instantly to threaten that character's family members without ever caring that that was the very kind of action that had driven him to action in the first place.

    The other characters are reduced to worn out stereotypes and tropes, and the Ubisoft team was apparently not afraid to seem racist or sexist in their characters. I can only count one female character who isn't brutalized by violence, and she is in the game for maybe 60 seconds. She's supposed to be a psychiatrist, but she's used only as a babysitter. There are zero black or otherwise non-white characters who aren't portrayed as uneducated violent thugs.

    In the end this game boils down to the hardcore repressed teenage white male power fantasies that Hollywood has been shamelessly spitting out for ages. At the end of the game all of the heroes are white and all of the women and minorities are dead or forgotten.

    Also I'm apparently supposed to be angry about the reduced graphics quality, but all in all that seems like the smallest broken promise from Ubisoft.
  36. Jun 1, 2014
    This game is a good way to kill 20 hours but that's all I can say about it. It doesn't do anything new and the graphics are not impressive for this generation of consoles.
  37. May 28, 2014
    Absolute **** how Ubisoft completely reduced all visual graphics and effects to cater to the underpowered console market. F*ck their marketing and completely capitalist money hungering f*ckery.
  38. May 31, 2014
    I usually do not post comments or reviews but this game is so poor and so over marketed that I had to share my feedbacks:

    - the hacking system is really poor, all you have to do is to hold X: absolutely boring, no challenge, and it´s so easy that it´s become ridiculous: the hero is hacking the town with a kind of magic phone.

    - the driver system is broken: the physic engine is
    terrible and driving a car is like driving a block of iron on rails. Then each mission involving car driving is just a pain.

    - the hero is just another stereotype of the guy who loose his son/niece/teddy bear/whatever and who now wants to clean the world from the über vilains.

    Anyway, this game has been over marketed but it´s very weak, and it does not deserve its rating : it looks good, it smells good but in fact that´s just an empty shell.
  39. May 31, 2014
    The game was terrible. Not only was it a rushed port on PC, but it's not that good of a quality game. This isn't the advertised product from E3. The driving is also terrible. This is why you don't rush games. The game could have been amazing, but the thirst for $ ruined it. This game deserved a late 2014 or a 2015 release date. Never again will I buy another Ubisoft product, for they just rush things out and don't care if the product is even good quality, or as advertised. Expand
  40. May 27, 2014
    Just an absolute joke hype hype hype all I heard the game is just dull so many others trying different things , sandbox hell as far as I am concerned you have played this before I thought this is just more boring.
  41. Jun 3, 2014
    one of the worst games i've ever played , crappy gameplay , the cars are horrible , controls are awful , everything is bad what a waste of time and money , if u still wanna buy it show yourself to a doctor
  42. Jun 20, 2014
    This game is a ****fest. Unfinished, riddled with bugs and glitches, has unforgivably bad optimization, forced mouse acceleration, dead enemies respawning when you reload the game to a state which they were already dead and the list goes on. The graphics are not even good! It can't come close to deserve the hype it got. The reasons this game is getting 80 something from reviews are reviewers are probably bought out and the hype makes people think this game is good. Couple hours of potential fun can't make this messed up game deserve its asking price and the place it has among gaming community. Do spend your 60 dollars on this. You deserve better. Expand
  43. Jun 13, 2014
    It's freaking unfinished. This is why AAA games can never be trusted. Sometimes I get so disappointed with mainstream games that it forces me to post on this retarded site. Stop paying reviewers off Ubisoft and actually make a decent game.
  44. Jun 3, 2014
    This game has lied to me. I don't know if I just got the wrong game, but there was some weird smartphone/hacking stuff going on. All I wanted to do was watch dogs! There aren't any dogs to watch so 0/10.
  45. Jun 16, 2014
    Had amazing potential. Was to be my game of the year choice for 2014. Instead we got a graphically watered down version from the one shown at E3. The release date was pushed back 6 months for "polish" and fine tuning.

    I played about 20 hours mostly doing side missions and events working the story up to the 2nd chapter. Good writing, good motion capture and gameplay mechanics.

    slow motion or "focus" function becomes lost in the controller and you frequently rediscover it by accidentally activating it from time to time but never actually use it.

    The game is an unfinished product with multi platform game breaking bugs. Such as the loading screen bug that prevents me from continuing my game (corrupted save files) Ubisoft has been very sneaky and has avoided the pressure from thousands of players unable to continue playing the game. Others load into the game to find they cannot hack or have their inventories wiped (no guns etc) along with many performance issues with the PC version of the game.

    If it weren't for the deplorable customer service and game breaking bugs I would rate the game an 8.5 but in its current state of disrepair with no patch ETA the game is useless to anyone experiencing these issues. Hopefully Ubisoft reads the critic reviews and the 300 Page Official Ubisoft forum thread dedicated to the loading issues and realizes it has angered thousands of people who are now rethinking ever buying another Ubisoft title.
  46. Jun 18, 2014
    The Good

    -A rich and vibrant world
    -Some good level design
    -Enjoyed the hacking element

    The Bad

    -Vehicle handling is poor
    -Sound design is woeful, cars and guns in particular sound awful
    -Side quests can become repetitive
    -Doesn't look great for a supposedly "next gen" game

    Overall, an
    ok game but definitely not the game we we're promised when announced.
  47. Jun 19, 2014
    Alright, I bought this game less than a week ago. Everyone was all horned up about this game, and to be honest it sounded and looked kinda promising.
    I was reluctant at first since Ubisoft has always disappointed me in almost any game they released - except for "stick of truth" of course but then that wasn't really Ubisoft that deserves the credits for that game.
    I am returning
    WATCH_DOGS tomorrow since it may very well be the worst game that I have ever bought. I will NEVER again buy a Ubisoft game!
    True, it ain't exactly N64 graphics but heck this is 2014 and I just expect a little more than what this game offers.

    And to add to all this is the usual flaws of an Ubisoft game, and I think most gamers understand what that means...
  48. May 27, 2014
    I did not expected ths game to be perfect. But at least average. Ou man, how I was dissapointed. It feels like PS2 game in early PS3 graphics (just running on PS4). The hacking missions itself are fine. But everything else is so unpolished and rushed. I would almost say unfinished. Driving model is joke. The damage and physics engine too. Each time I drive Im reminded of Deadly Premonitions. :-) That is not good in game with many car chases and hack causing mass crashes on intersections.
    I they made it just about hacking missions (structure like Hitman or Splinter cell - semilinear levels in linear story) it could be fun 8/10 game. But they burried this part in so much mess, that I can not recomend this game for full price to anybody.
  49. May 27, 2014
    I picked up midnight release and already traded at walmart for 35$. For me it should have never been released. It's not fun or interesting and looks dated. But graphics don't matter if it's fun and it is not . Some interesting ideas in concept. Poor AI, boring hacking, repetitive game play and simple graphics. I bought ps4 version due to ubisoft and invidia deals blocking AMD. No reasons to waste your money. Expand
  50. Jun 18, 2014
    PC players. If you have this game already, do yourself a favor and get the correction done on Guru3D. Some want to call it a mod, but a mod modifies the game. The visuals were already there, just not enabled by Ubisoft. Which brings me to the score they receive. This is either the most gross of incompetent stupidity or a deliberate gimp for parity on the next gen platforms. While it still has many issues, the correction goes a LONG way to correcting this.

    If you don't have this game yet, do yourself a favor and avoid this until it is the bargain bin and all the patches have been done. Hopefully Ubisoft will unlock the visuals, but if not, Guru3D will still have it and have made many strides by then. This game would have normally received a 6 or 7, but the gimp is inexcusable.
  51. May 27, 2014
    At the 2012 E3 reveal Watch Dogs was a promise of the future. It looked amazing, everything was clean. physics were unprecedented: vehicles acted believably upon collision. In the following years as the game was displayed more and more that original vision was put into question. Now the game is out for the final judgment on how it stacks up to that original vision.

    The version I played
    was on PS4 and can't speak to the PC version, however, the first thing you notice is how bad the game looks. I usually don't complain about aliasing but it's a big problem here. The shadows have an ugly dithering effect on their edges. Texture quality is all over the place. Items, vehicles, pedestrians, textures, will pop-up all the time in one of the worst immersion breaking aspects of the game. Overall the image quality is inconsistent and nowhere near what was shown at E3 2012.

    While the game was sold on it's beautiful immersing world eventually graphics can be forgiven if the gameplay is good. That's not the case here. Gameplay is as equally bad as the visuals.

    As soon as you notice how bad the game looks you'll notice how bad it feels. You start off in a small area and it feels cramped. The camera at maximum sensitivity is too slow with heavy acceleration layered on. This contradicts and hinders the playability of some of the arcadier distractions. By itself that's bad enough but upon any movement of Aidens body the camera wobbles around like an inebriated infant. The end result feels like you're wrestling with your avatar instead of being him.

    Vehicle handling is just as bad. Even smaller sports cars feel wobbly and unresponsive. It's not a proper feeling of the weight of a vehicle. It just feels like trying to make a lump of play dough go straight in mud with a tooth pick. Vehicle collisions is another major letdown. Maybe the intent was to make the game forgiving but the result is that there is no sense of impact or inertia to collisions. If you hit a vehicle in any way but with dead center of your grill the non-player cars will just fly away and you'll keep going as if nothing happened. If you played the True Crime games this is exactly how it feels.

    There are four different camera modes when driving. From behind, a more top down camera that give you a better view of the road ahead, hood cam, and most interestingly the cockpit cam. Unfortunately, the cockpit cam is useless since there's a very small allowable viewing angle and the camera is too slow to look around anyway. You can't even look to the left of the wheel.

    One of the game's main selling points was the hacking. You could do some neat things with it like check most pedestrians backgrounds, steal their money, or predict whether they'll be a victim or criminal. However, in practical gaming terms it just acts as a long distance interact button. It's nice but by itself it won't carry the game. Also, the effects and indicators associated with
    hacking look bad and don't blend well with the world.

    Overall, this is a game that fails on all of it's promises. It doesn't look good nor does it play well. The game was more than five years in the making with half a year delay and it still ended up feeling like a bad GTA clone from two generations ago. It's one standout feature doesn't do anything to change that. People like to quote Shiguru Miyomoto's, "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." If that's the case this game needed another five and a half years of development.
  52. May 27, 2014
    Meh is how I feel about this game.

    Perhaps it was my own fault, however I feel this game was massively over hyped and as such it has not come close to my expectations. Within a few hits of playing I was bored. The story is okay, the tasks that lead it forward however are all different variations of the same things. It just lacks the wow factor of stepping into similar open world games.

    Car handling is horrid, 'hacking' is dull, using your hacking skills in the game is only ever good it scripted events, when free roaming its all completely pointless. Graphics are acceptable, but not 'next gen' that's for sure.

    All in all - meh.
  53. May 27, 2014
    I played in the creation of a new Ubisoft - do not know what 's so grand - engine - clean AC: BF can be seen with the naked eye with the 90% trimmed parkour . Physics in the game - the whole campaign she left a cloak protagonists. Machines behave inappropriately - simple details tkakih traces of burnt rubber - no. Physics destruction cars - about anything. In passable signified miracle play combined joystick ( for cars ) + keyboard + mouse ( for everything else ) . Puzzle empty and monotonous . Side missions did not want to pass because of wet and empty plot. And fantasy writers have really not as such - a good idea - the result - a complete PE. Less than at the end of the second chapter is becoming clear that there will be at the end of the fifth .
    Ubisoft is a failure . Trying to keep up with the GTA V - not successful . Absent any fan . Empty city and live their lives. Size 13 or 22 gig , it does not justify itself . 8 gigs ceiling.
    But what's really there - in Assassin Creed and that was fun to play - even though the story was surreal .
  54. May 27, 2014
    20 horas de juego - 30 horas de misiones secundarias. ¿Realmente espere todo este tiempo solo para eso? Ademas el contenido grafico expuesto en la E3 fue solamente una farsa, me siento realmente descepcionad.
  55. May 28, 2014
    Does not live up to hype. (this is a parody review). Just because a game doesn't live up to your high expectations doesn't make it instantly bad.
  56. May 28, 2014
    What a disappointment.

    The graphics are above average but not nearly what we expect in next-gen. The gameplay is repetitive and ridiculous. There is no way to physically engage pedestrians to cause mayhem. Either hit them with your car (assuming they don't magically dive out of the way) or start a gunfight which ruins the fun anyways. The vehicle handling is a joke. The cop abilities
    and response time and the entire chase sequences are complete failures. The hacking feature is silly - there is an object, hit the button and it will magically be hacked and will do one specific thing for you. Tada! The characters are completely forgettable.

    This game is best described as Assassins Creed without the heart and soul put into it.
  57. Jun 7, 2014
    No one seems to mention the story, and,,the main character,,,,is idiotic...nothing he says, or does, makes any sense at all...he robs people ,kills them, commits murders..but then get upset if he sees a purse snatching or other crime...and must go stop it....he commits all kinds of crimes but suddenly doesn't want to kill a witness and goes way out of his way to not kill him....of course,,killing all kinds of people along the way,,,,,.it's all so very very,,,stupid...there's a game in here somewhere, good luck finding it. Expand
  58. May 29, 2014
    After how hard people continue to be bent over and **** by companies like EA and Ubisoft it's amazing to me that there are people so impulsive and stupid that they're still buying games day one, let alone week one. Well, for better or worse, my friend's disdain for this game gave me the opportunity to play it. What can really be said? Aside from, "I've played this game before. It was called Grand Theft Auto... III". The driving and physics are on par with a PS2 game, and even San Andreas had more to do than Watch Dogs does a decade later, and I am NOT a huge GTA fan, in fact I think the games are pretty much just shock value, and Rockstar's consistent marketing strategy of creating some kind of media controversy to hype the games makes that an undeniable fact. These kinds of games have never really had any kind of great gameplay to them, but the thing that really turns me off about Watch Dogs is the same thing that turns me off about most games nowadays, and that is their predictability. When a company goes to make a game nowadays, they design their game in the spitting image of whatever game sells best in the same genre (for MMOs it's WoW, for FPS it's CoD, ect), gives it a different character/environment, and add a gimmick. The gimmick in this case obviously being the hacking. It's all very predictable and boring, and Watch Dogs does nothing but continue this trend of homogenization. Ubisoft never wanted Watch Dogs to be it's own game. Watch Dogs wants to be GTA V, it wants to be GTA V so badly yet misses the mark by such a colossal distance that they landed back in the PS2 era. Expand
  59. May 28, 2014
    This game is very familiar in many ways. The world is almost a replica of Grand Theft Auto's Liberty City, the missions all feel very much like Assassin's Creed and the gameplay like any third person shooter. Units oft have started this cycle of familiarity, because they know it sells, look at Assassin's Creed. Even though by 3, people were still buying the game, despite the awful forced stealth missions, horribly underdeveloped characters and story, terrible dialogue and most of all, repetitive missions. People still bought it and said "wow best game ever." Watch_Dogs is Ubisoft's way of molesting their customers, except it's more like date rape because they all agreed to it, including me.

    First off, the main character is a cardboard cut out of any third person action game. He's boring and at times unbearably tiring. This character's design is almost exactly the same as an Assassin from the later Assassin's Creed games. Moving onto missions, the prospect of hacking becomes old quite quick as missions degrade into go here, hack that, do some running, or sneak. He game claims to have a busy open world, by busy it means terrible AI and the same one man trying to mug a lady 100 times over. Random events don't become random after about half an hour because they're all the same and it's more fun to try and avoid getting involved.

    Hacking something is quite interesting he first time, although, becomes quite ordinary after the tenth time. You're limited to hacking only a number of special highlighted objects in the world. In the end I wasted money on this, you don't have to as well.
  60. May 28, 2014
    The good:
    So far it is a fun game with good graphics and entertaining open environment. The story line is top notch and one of the best story driven games this year. From bouncing off cameras to causing black outs this game is definitely open to different ways to attack a situation.

    The bad:
    So far its nothing but camera angle, control scheme, AI, and driving hell. Every time you get
    into a car music is on annoyingly loud, it also doesn’t recall the camera mode you had it in. Driving the car is next to impossible, the Q button is used to hack when driving so you have to take your hand off the A button on a already impossible to control car. If you’re in a building and your next to a door pulling your gun this is meet with a wall or a horrid camera angle, so that you can’t see what your shooting at. In one mission your attack a heavily armed gang, if the police are called they completely ignore the heavily armed gunmen, hop over or on a wall, and shoot you in the face. This is an extremely bad game so far and not something I expected out of Ubisoft.

    The ugly:
    Along with the above, I don’t like to be lied too. This game doesn’t have any of the stuff we saw at E3 even with my PC maxing out the settings with a R9 295. This game is not what it was marketed as, a next gen game. It’s missing all the stuff it was supposed to have. Now, I looked at it as a last gen game with stating good graphics but as a next gen I expected much more. Never over market your game Ubisoft I’m disappointed.
  61. May 27, 2014
    This is getting zeroes? Seriously? Yeah, it's not quite as good as expected but a zero is just laughable. A zero is basically saying it's the worst game you've ever played which is just nonsense.
  62. May 27, 2014
    The people scoring this game a "0" my opinion....proof of just how socially retarded and petty a lot of folks in the gaming "community" have become.

    Watch Dogs is a very well made game that's a lot of fun to play. It's quite polished. It doesn't break the mold. It takes a developed concept (open, sandbox world you can explore however long you want) and adds a few new ideas.
    Maybe Ubisoft didn't introduce all the innovation gamers were looking for. But take the thing on its own merits and it is definitely worth the purchase. I don't CARE about GTA V. I don't care if basement dwellers feel they were misled regarding the graphics. The graphics are solid. And I can't understand giving a game a "0" out of some sense of socially inept, acne driven rage. Or how people can actually root for companies providing them with games to FAIL. Lame. All you've done is convinced me to stop looking at game site forums or metacritic user reviews. You have nothing constructive to say. You got nothing HONEST to say. And you're coming across as hateful to people who have done NOTHING to you. You don't want a product, then don't buy it. For the rest of ya, it's worthy of addition to your game library. Expand
  63. May 27, 2014
    Like my username says, I'm going to give my honest opinion of the game. No one has to agree, but I felt that I had to get this out of my system.
    I really don't like Watch Dogs and here's why:
    1. Hacking- I do love the hacking in this game, don't get me wrong. I love when I'm in a speed chase and the car behind me gets slammed because I switched the traffic light. However, the hacking is
    mundane after using it to escape. Using hacking in stealth is a bit of a chore and not as much fun as during a high speed chase.
    2. You don't really get to choose what you want to do- Hear me out: I started the game and couldn't play chess with a guy in a coffee shop. Seriously? I have to unlock chess? What's worse is the guy in the shop said point blank, "Care for a game?" while the "NOT AVAILABLE" Sign lingered over his head. This was only a taste however. Whenever the player is trying to do something, say go to the next story way point, there will ALWAYS be something that the game tries to force on you. All criminal missions are randomized and appear on your phone usually when you are focused on something else. Do you want to catch criminals? Too bad, you actually have to wait for one to pop up. Don't want to catch criminals? Here's the next way point to where they are! The worst instance of this is the online multiplayer. TWICE I have gone to activate an activity or mission only to be invaded and forced to interact with someone trying to hack me. Do you want to turn off online? OH SORRY, YOU LOOSE A S*** TON OF PROGRESS POINTS! Seriously annoying.
    3. Boring- Sorry to say, but the characters have nothing going for them. I tried to get into the story, but it's lackluster and stale. There is no real drive or emotion portrayed by anyone.
    4.Failure- Maybe I'm not too good at the game, but whenever I tried to do something new that the game tried to teach me, I died instantly without getting a lesson completed. The only notification system of what you need to do is a bar in the upper left of the H.U.D. and if there are people shooting at you, you aren't going to look there.
    So that's a basic run through of why I don't like the game. For all of you guys posting 0 just because it didn't live up to hype, screw you, give a reason you don't like the game that doesn't involve marketing designed to get you to buy the game in the first game. To all of you posting 10 scores, If you liked it I really appreciate that. I couldn't like this game but you guys found parts to enjoy so congrats. But seriously, if it is a 10 for YOU give it a 10 and support why, don't just post random **** saying "BEST GAME EVER 10/10"
  64. May 30, 2014
    Depth of a puddle and an erratic story line make it one of the most disappointing games of the year. The majority of the game stays true to the Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed model, lots of filler, little depth. Spend more time looking for puzzle pieces and collecting worthless items in order to fill your time. Stop comparing it to GTA V, fan boys are delusional.
  65. Jun 8, 2014
    I was not expecting anything out of this game, I bought a PS4 just recently and decided this would be the first game I tried. I was highly disapointed with it.

    -The story is very predictible and dull, straight out of a B class movie.
    -The gameplay is ok, but there is little to no challenge.
    -Cars are literaly unbreakable, car takedowns are terrible, if you create an accident with a
    traffic light you get no takedown, but if you press the button when it asks you to, you automaticaly take down the car. Note: I took down a fire truck with an aveo of some sort.

    Played the game for about 4-5 hours, never finished the story line, I simply sold it for 50$, I guess its not too bad for testing the ps4.

    On a general note, I am a bit disapointed of the lack of game after 8 months of the ps4 being out.
  66. Jun 9, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have to say I was heavily disappointed by this game. Personally, I had been looking forward to this for a long time, as soon as the concept was announced I was on board and was excited when things geared up to the release date...this quickly changed after a few hours of Gameplay.
    My main issues include:
    1.) Generic/repetitive gameplay
    I was initially impressed and enjoyed the hacking abilities provided to us in the game as they were new and unique to gameplay in general on such a large format but after a couple of missions the couple of distraction/explosion options became very repetitive, you can only trip a car alarm or raise a forklift to grasp the attention of enemies so many times before it becomes a bore. I know there's only so much that could be done but surely Ubisoft could have held back on some stuff or added more as the game progressed for a bit of variety. In the end it dwindled down to 3 types of gameplay 1.) Sneak/stealth through an area to hack a box; 2.) Escape from or destroy police/fixers who are chasing after you; 3.) Shoot out/kill a bunch of people. Doing the same 3 things with slight variety over and over really does take its toll.
    2.) Very poorly written storyline
    Incredibly generic and boring, a white guy with stuble seeks revenge on the death of family member? Come on Ubisoft, how cliche can you get? The plot for the game really just revolves getting revenge on the people who killed your niece/kidnapped your sister/or (spoilers) killed Clara to some degree. I think a companies writing is very poor when they have to rely on the deaths/suffering of female characters to create drama/plot. I thought this was 2014, can we not get some decent writing that doesn't follow the damsel in distress story-line?
    The areas of plot I was interested in were completely brushed over. The Human Trafficking storyline was only relevant for a couple of missions and was never heard from again (even though that's what Ubisoft marketed the game about) which was disappointing as I think it's such a powerful issue in our society today, especially one that's not very well known about, I think exposing this issues in Watch Dogs could have opened up some new boundaries.
    3.) Poorly done characterisation
    Aiden was a rather bland and unlikable main character, there was nothing notable or unique about him that could make him stand out. He's just another generic white guy with stuble, there's nothing wrong with white male characters but mixing things up now and then really doesn't hurt.
    Characters that were completely brushed aside (i.e. Default) without any reasoning. For example, there's a massive build up and hunt down for the character Default but it all ends in you hitting him over the head in the street and walking away? It just felt so weak, we know nothing about that character, hell we don't even know what he looks like.
    All in all most characters just weren't fleshed out, they had no depth and therefore I felt nothing for them when they went through hardships/died/betrayed/etc. I thought the writing for pretty much all the characters was done to a low standard, AC2 proves Ubisoft can create interesting characters/characters of diversity/strong female characters so I'm not very tolerant to their standard in Watch Dogs.
    4.) Rubbish side missions
    Extremely repetitive, definitely a case of quantity over quality. Even side missions I found really interesting/liked doing initially got boring because of the sheer amount of them (i.e. Crimes detected and Gang Hideouts) and ones that weren't repetitive and were actually interesting ended up having a poor execution (I.e. Missing Persons mission).
    5.) Bad/clumsy controls
    I know people will always agree/disagree on this concept when it came to games but personally I found the handling, especially with driving, to be very poorly done. I found the controls to be very clumsy in some areas which made some missions/gameplay a bit frustrating.

    This is by no means the worst game I've ever played, Watch Dogs did have some unique concepts and enjoyable moments but overall I found myself bored/frustrated while playing this game rather than excited/interested, which really says something for all the hype surrounding it prior to release. I'm actually glad I got this game as a gift because if I'd paid for it myself I would have felt like I lost out on a bit of money.
  67. Jun 10, 2014
    This game has it all! --Excessive hand-holding: Such as icons literally all over the screen that you cannot turn off, not even in the laughable "realistic" mode. --Driving physics... there are none. Total failure. --Open world? pffft. Not really. More like.... Open City. --Horrible AI. Too many examples to even expound upon. --Main character is a joke. As is the story.
    --Customization? Gimme a break. Choose colors of your laughable hat/halfmask/jacket. And the levelups are merely unlocks to some more boring abilities to PRESS X HERE. PRESS X THERE.
    --Camera and control: No options here either. Deal with it.
    --Cover system/stealth: is fine, but not at the level one would expect. You mostly cower behind stuff and click the appropriate X HERE... blah blah blah. Until the blind AI walks a few feet in a different direction.
    --Graphics: meh.
    --Sound: Fail. Conversations have no baring on distance/location.
    --Weapons decent to good, but they really don't seem to want you to use them much.

    Overall, an innovative idea in the sandbox genre that just fails to live up to the hype.
  68. Jun 14, 2014
    I was super excited for this game but I am dissapointed. Story? I could write story like that, it is so average and boring. I don't feel like fighting with Aiden, in fact, he I don't care about him at all. Graphics is nice but there are so many mistakes. The city is very small. It would be ok around when GTA 4 was released, but now it is just not enough. Not for watch dogs. I am not going to buy watch dogs 2. Expand
  69. May 29, 2014
    Complete crap. Not sure why they delayed it. Clunkiest, clumsiest driving controls I have ever experienced. General character mechanics are terrible. Gets boring really fast. Very repetitive side mission structure.

    On the plus, it is not bad graphically. I have seen better, but I feel like I'm playing a PS3 game and that I'm not looking at next-gen graphics. The game concept is great.
    Would be interested in the game if the character and driving mechanics were more on par with Rockstar, or Assassins Creed. Expand
  70. May 30, 2014
    When Ubisoft brought out the first preview for this game at e3 2012, I was blown away by the hacking mechanic in the game. Sad to say this but after playing for more than 10 hours, this game is boring...Ubisoft advertised the game by putting "Hacking is your weapon", well in the game..guns are the strongest weapon. Plus the developers decided to downgraded the graphics thanks to the current consoles...sigh. Most overrated and overhyped game of this year. Expand
  71. May 29, 2014
    Foremost, before you buy this game I would like to warn you of the terrible car handling, as with most of these type of games from GTA, Just Cause 2 and Sleeping dogs the driving is one of the main part of the game. GTA driving mechanics weren't great, but Watch Dog are just awful, bordering unplayable.

    The cars slip and slid around like that the ice part in Zelda: ocarina of time, -
    Don't turn enough and the car doesn't turn, turn too much and its slips'n'slids and fish tails around like crazy, hitting every, lamp post, car, fence, wall, pedestrian and building, which makes those - Chase guy mission frustrating, or tail that guy and invade the goons are just plan unenjoyable. And there are loads of these, the main campaign is mostly tail this guy, chase those guys oh and the terrible sneak into the build or sneak out without been seen, and if they catch you it's right back to the beginning again.

    It take all the worst and annoying elements from other open world games, the parts that are just filling to add more packing to the game, Watch_Dogs is that, filler.

    This is a god awful game, and a nasty little PC port..

    Do not buy..
  72. Jun 4, 2014
    I would love to give this game a 7 or 8 which is what it was looking like from the first time I got to play it. But after day 1 The game will no longer load. A lot of people are complaining about bugs or game not loading at all like me. I give this game a 1 because that was the amount of days I got to play it since launch. If you are on the fence of buying this game I would say pass because there is a good chance you are flushing your cash down the toilet. Over a week and Ubisoft wont even address the issue. besides a tweet "we are working on it" I will not be supporting any further Ubisoft titles and neither should you. Expand
  73. Jun 8, 2014
    It's obviously not an absolutely horrible game and so doesn't deserve a zero score. But it does deserve a poor score: It is a disappointment in almost every aspect. Little more that I can say that hasn't already been said. Absolutely not what it was marketed to be- if this defines next gen, then best to take a few year gaming hiatus. But we know that advertising ploy is simply not the truth. The marketing was a lie and we know that from playing the game: dull game play, keep holding that button down to hack, worthless plot, last gen graphics, poor driving, awful third person view (how long do you really want to stare at the back of this stereotypical pointless character's dull jacket), lack of freedom/reward/fun... "Fanboys" is such an overused and meaningless insult. Fact of the matter is that yes I would rather be playing GTAV than this every time I try to play this game. I accept the fact that this was a waste of my sixty bucks. Perhaps the fanboys of this game cannot and so they defend it while calling those who compare it to GTAV "fanboys" But the games are very comparable and watch dogs fails against GTAV in almost every regard. Maybe if they hadn't have taken themselves so seriously (if the had taken that cue from GTAV), that the best games combine seriousness and self reflective humor in balance, then this game wouldn't have been such an epic let down. Expand
  74. May 28, 2014
    This game is actually pretty legit it's fun to play and mess around the city of Chicago with the hacking abilities as for the driving it's not as bad as what people say its good not the best but good enough.The story is ok nothing special and the side activities are fun for the most part overall I give an 8/10.
  75. May 28, 2014
    wifi grenades hackable pace makers RFID apartment keys exploding steam pipes "The IP address is coming from that room!" "shoot fired" "don't shot" "an helicopter" "2 on 10, would not bang" criminals talking about their crimes over the phone in an overtly-surveiled city no police Press X to Everything everything is a generic cliched game mechanic redressed in ctOS braindead AI with magic bottomless mags
    barebones cover shooter mechanics
    Press X to make dynamic cover from any one of 35,000 hand-placed forklifts
    PS2-era ragdolls with zero blending
    weak driving physics
    nonexistent destruction
    one crime to stop on foot
    3 ways to end a chase sequence
    undersides of cars are literally a black texture
    world mechanics lifted DIRECTLY from AC1 just like every other open-world ubisoft game
    boring story with inconsistent characters and tone and mediocre voice acting
    casually kill hundreds of sometimes-innocent people in your quest to secure your missing sister
    endless meme references
    ridiculous requirements for downgraded graphics with no optimisation
    horrible, **** soundtrack
    weak licensed radio which is really just a long playlist
    final boss is a QTE
    gunplay sucks
    graphics suck
    souless world
  76. Jun 22, 2014
    This game is mediocre at best. It's extremely repetitive, and it's far from what a "next-gen' game should be.
    One of the first things that stands out is the graphics, which are just absolutely pathetic and awful for a "next-gen" game. It honestly looks like an xbox 360 game.
    Like I mentioned above, the gameplay is mediocre, but repetitive. There are a lot of cool concepts and ideas
    that this game has the potential to build upon, but for the most part, they're pretty undeveloped and pretty shallow.
    Also, "Aiden," the main character, is absolute garbage. He's one of the worst characters in any game I've ever played. His gravelly, monotone voice is annoying, and he really brings nothing to the game. Ubisoft would have been better off having a voiceless, nameless character for their lead, as Aiden just sucks.
    Another horrible aspect of the game is the driving, which is horrendous.

    With all these negatives, it's not to say that "Watch Dogs" is a bad game; it's just not good.
  77. May 28, 2014
    the game is so sh**ty, and already bought it for PS4, i wanna cut my b*lls, since theres no return policy for games in my country. -Can't hit people. -Car driving is like playing a bad racing game on ipad. -People are dumb. no reactions. -If you left your fuc*ing car crossover the street , the traffic will stop there forever, what the f**k is that?? I dont have the GTA syndrome. At least i can hear the voice of Sasha Gray in Saints Row.. but this? Expand
  78. May 29, 2014
    Deceived!!, Slipped a second-rate product! and this is not the 1st time sostorony Frogs

    Обманули!!!!, подсунули второсортный продукт!!! и это уже не 1й раз состорону лягушатников
  79. Jun 2, 2014
    I hate the way this game is masked as a "free roam game" there is almost no point in deviating from the main story line other than to buy craft-ables and weapons. The main character is not cool and is inconsistent in his role. Like a lot of people I also do not like the way you can wipe out the entire gang then have to knock down the leader. Another useless part is the reputation bar. Your actions do not matter. One good thing was how alive they made the city, and hacking traffic lights and watching accidents is about all this game was really good for though. Laughable unoriginal characters (girl with dragon tattoo being one of them.), generic main story missions and repetitive gun fights make this a very mediocre game. Expand
  80. Jun 13, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i can't believe the dishonest **** who would give this average game a 10 or a 100. The game certainly is not the worst thing... but it not really that good. It was marketed as a new experience with amazing graphics and a tight storyline filled with interesting characters... it is not. As far as the new experience thing goes, i would say it sort of fullfills that promise, we have truly never seen an open world game that has this take on the genre, but it is also not THAT unique. The graphics are AWFULL this game was not well optimized and the """"""gameplay""""" trailer from 2 years ago is complete **** since the actual graphics are really not that good. Thes storyline... was there any? i just remember that if the bad guys would have continued doing their thing without interruption would have caused less misery than what the "hero" of the story causes. The characters are mostly bland, especially the hero, but there are 2 who are actually good but underused, the assassin veteran and the hacker tatooed chick. Overall the low score i am issuing is mostly because the marketing for the game lied completely and the game delivered very little compared to what they promised. Its an average game , or maybe even above average, if this game would have comed out without the bs marketing tecniques i might have issued it a 7 or a 6, but as it stands i can't bring myself to do it.

    pd: also Uplay is very annoying and unnesesary.

    i am from argentina please forgive the spelling, puntuation and language mistakes thanks
  81. Jun 17, 2014
    garbage. Overhyped by a lying game company called ubisoft. Boring open world game, with very dumb ai. Stay away if you do not want to get the feeling of wasting your money..
  82. Jun 20, 2014
    Watch_dogs, an incredibly detailed and nice looking world with nothing interesting to do. Controls are bad, story bad, missions lack design and every thing is repeated over and over again. Some missions lacked any consideration of the entertaining value what-so-ever. The required Uplay, which does not allow for shortcuts outside its environment makes it integrate with Windows poorly.
  83. Jun 25, 2014
    A terrible, unfinished mess of a game that, despite its ambition, is simply not fun to play. And why is no one mentioning the insanely long load times?
  84. Jun 4, 2014
    Seeing as how this game was pushed back 6 months just to fix bugs, I feel like I need to critique this game a bit more harshly considering the game was finished back when it was pushed back. Considering that, this game is is almost a complete failure in what it tried to do and what it didn't accomplish.
    Firstly, consider the graphics. Considered the first "truly next gen" experience, as
    it was being billed, this game on the next-gen consoles looks almost exactly like the last gen stuff. There is no way it looks better than InFamous did back in March and, in particular, the facial features were awful. I've seen better facial features on characters in games dating back a year or two. The graphics are a definite let down.
    Next is the gameplay mechanics. The hacking system is the big thing that seperates this game from other GTA-style sandbox games. It doesn't do enough to truly make a name of itself in the genre and that is extremely unfortunate. The genre is in desperate need of an original idea and this didn't quite deliver. The hacking is ok but it's not enough to separate this game from the pack.
    The story is fairly standard but it's passable. The problem I have are with the characters, in particular the main character, Aiden Pierce. They try to bill you as a Vigilante throughout the game but, make no mistake about this, Aiden is a bad guy. He's only got one redeemable trait and that's his love for his family but that doesn't get in the way of him easily killing people for no reason and stealing from people with cancer (yes this is true). They try to make him seem like a poor soul trapped in the world he's living in but the fact of the matter is that he enjoys what he does and he'll never redeem himself because he enjoys it so much. There's so much hypocrisy involved with this character it's astounding and the writers here failed to deliver with him and pretty much everyone else in the game. I certainly won't remember a single character from this game in the next month and that's the sign of bad design
    In the end about the only thing I enjoyed with this game was the online multiplayer stuff, even though that was not handle in the best way, and the fact that there are alot of side missions and distractions to keep you from realizing you're playing a game that, not only doesn't live up to the hype, but isn't even close to the quality of game that InFamous or GTA 5 were. Ubisoft is billing this as a new flagship franchise here and I can only hope that repeat what they did with Assassin's Creed 1 and 2. While 1 is not very good at all, 2 will redeem the franchise just enough to make it a AAA title going forward. Very disappointed by how things turned out here.
  85. Jun 2, 2014
    I was looking for a true NEXT-GEN experience with this game, I looked forward to it highly. I could not have been more disappointed in the final results. This is a half-assed game. The plot is phoned in, the "hacking" is mundane at best, the ONE death animation for shooting someone reeks of laziness. This game is simply BAD. I'm so disappointed that I purchased it, I'm trading it in for as much credit as I can get ASAP. Expand
  86. Jun 3, 2014
    A 30 gigabyte loading screen with nothing of great interest on the other side. It's boring. It's dull. It's not an epic action-hacking game. It's a third person shooter with some "hacking" elements (and by hacking, I mean pressing the 'x' button at an object". The AI is embarrassing, the story is a contrived cliche joke with only 1 or 2 memorable, interesting characters. Some parts are frustrating beyond belief (no, not because they're hard, I'm not afraid of a challenge as long as it's fair). Having to chase a guy in a sports car through busy Chicago streets when the only vehicle they give you is an old station wagon isn't fair. It's bland and boring and I was rooting for it to be over after about 2 hours. It's not awful, it's just offensive because it promised so much and delivered on so little. If you want a fun interesting single-player game, get Wolfenstein. Expand
  87. Jun 19, 2014
    Oh god what happened to this game?! hahaha! I couldn't be more disappointed. Everything about the game is very average, the hacking is unimaginative and bland. The main character and story are deplorably bad. There's this huge world of hacking, yet you're stuck in a very narrow, boring story? Doesn't make sense. I'm usually very flexible with video games, I understand the effort it takes to make a video game and can accept when they're rough around the edges. But this is just a straight up, poor game. Expand
  88. May 31, 2014
    0? 2??4? Which mark should I point? After first 10 minutes i decided to stop and give a second chance to game tomorrow... Next day another 10 minutes and another second chance. Today was the last ten minutes. Why? Graphics is on the 2008 level? - Yes Gameplay is boring, hacking is boring, environment is boring? - yes Characters is unbelievable , missions primitive? - yes Aiden is a family man? - yes

    What s wrong ubi? Why not october 13? Now gtav looks much much better and nobody forget about it.
    How much parts of game u should publish to get a perfect quality? Watch dogs 3? 5? 7?

    Its new line for your assassins team, but this summer you assassinated most part of fans.
    For me better to replay gtav or iv ..

    No games to play this summer...but no way watchdogs
  89. Jun 16, 2014
    I'm not gonna start blabbing on about how the game is nothing like what they showed us 2 years ago, because let's face it, no game ever looks as good as its E3 demo.
    No, the reason I'm here is because I played the game, and after 40 hours of endless "stop this crime" missions, I have concluded that Watch Dogs is one of the worst open world games to come out in a very long time. My major
    issue with the game is how dead and empty it feels. Every single mission is milked and repeated over and over again. Several times I found myself asking, didn't I kill this guy before? Didn't I stop this crime a couple hours ago? Didn't I chase this car yesterday?
    I struggle just to explain how repetetive the game is. It's the same with the story. Every single story mission finds you hiding behind a dumpster trying to hack SOMETHING.
    Which brings me to the hacking, the main gimmick behind the game. How is it? Well, for an hour or so, it's actually quite fun. But once you realize that every single hack is scripted, the joy ends. You see, the hacking is basically "press 'square' to watch an animation of something happening". Eveything from exploding underground pipes to moving bridges is scripted.
    When the ONLY marketing draw of the game is bad, you know the game is screwed. But no, the mediocrity continues.
    Before I talk about the driving, let me get this out of the way. As a main character, Aiden is worse than AC3's Connor.
    Driving, as you must have heard a thousand times, is awful. There are no propper physics and the car damage belongs to the PS2 era. The only vehicle that was remotely fun to drive is the motorcycle.
    In brief, the game is terrible beyond redemption. The only thing that is actually good is the soundtrack.
    We all know Watch Dogs 2 is coming out in 2015, or if things go south, 2016, because it's Ubisoft. So let's hope WD2 takes the same road AC2 took: Turn a mediocre game into game of the decade.
  90. Jun 6, 2014
    Game gets boring fast, kinda sluggish in some areas and have not seen any dog yet. Why did it sell soo many copies? there is nothing else to play on the PS4.
  91. Jun 6, 2014
    The amount of game breaking glitches in this title is truly a sign of indolence on the part of the designers. You didn't save my last mission I've completed, but saved all of my unlocks and purchases after the mission? You ask me to immobilize target(s) and yet they kill themselves with absolutely 0 intervention? I retry the mission - this time peeking around the corner - and they got themselves into a car accident?

    I attempted to record the mission, just to prove how idiotic the game is, but my Ps4 only recorded the last 2 seconds of gameplay. I tried to start a record session, and the game didn't even record. My Ps4 has had 0 issues with any other game in the topic of recording.

    The Graphics are obviously downgraded. You should not allowed to fabricate gameplay at any press conference just to garner attention. Every model except Aiden looks as if they were made out of clay - especially the cars and environment during the day. Speaking of cars, do the designers have drivers licenses? Have they ever drove more than one car? Most of the cars drive the same - like ****

    Game receives a lowly 3 out of 10 for the innumerable amount of game breaking errors (that example was one of tens) and the impudence the designers treated us with.
  92. May 31, 2014
    Oh Watch Dogs. I remember hoping aboard your hype train when you were first showed off at E3 last year. Then news came out that the PS4 version you showed off at E3 was actually a PC version, using a PS3 controller. Then the delays came, then the announcement of DLC and a Season Pass 5 months before the games actually release killed all of my hopes for you.

    First let me start off by
    saying. I did not waste $60 for this game. I waited patiently and pirated this game along with a crack. I have a strict code of not giving companies money for a game, when they are announcing DLC 5 months before the game even comes out. It just tells me "Yeah! Its already in the game! You just gotta pay for it!" Fun fact, when you actually look into the game and its files, you will see files that once opened and inspected, contains said DLC.

    Onto my review

    Graphics are meh at best. But what do you expect when they are also creating the game for last gen consoles....It sufferers greatly and this game can pretty much be looked at, as a port across the PS4, X1 AND PC platforms. Granted, Ubisoft shoot themselves in the foot by showing off false gameplay that early and wasn't expecting not being able to achieve those graphics without suffering from terrible frame rate issues.

    So...I can shoot anyone at will....but I can punch them unless they are bad? Whats the point of ether being good or bad then, if you are already limited to what you can do. I can do all this crazy parkour...but I can't jump on my own, unless im running and constantly moving? I can just do a little hop? The cars are like rubber bands and they slide all around. I can't tell you how many innocents I killed, just by attempting to make a turn and end up sliding into the pavement and into a crowd of people. This is what its like for all cars mind you. I tried using each brake once separately while not accelerating, didn't help. I even used BOTH at the same time and it made it even worse. He can drive with one hand, while looking at his phone with the other, not paying attention to the road so he can hack....but he can't stick a pistol out the window and do some "blind fire"? C'mon. If my first three hack attempts fail at stopping the cops, due to poor timing, why can't I shoot out their tires? You're pretty much punishing the player. Climbing Towers and hacking into them to open up more networks? HMMMM....Where have I seen THAT before? Surely not in AC 1-4 and Far Cry 3...where you have to climb ontop of something really high, do something and then unlock that part of the map? Hacking is extremely over hyped. You just point at something or someone and hold a button down. Thats it. Its just a gun that doesn't shoot bullets. Frame Rates have dropped for me to the point I had to do a hard reset after the game freezes. Uplay also doesn't help its cause at all. Why do I need online to play Singler Player again? Ohhh. Justa quick money grab and hoping to sell me stuff thats already in the game! Thats why! derp.

    Sound: Soundtrack is decent, nice selection of songs. When it comes to the voice acting...forgettable. The Main Hero is your stereotypical guy who tries to have a deep, grizzly Batman voice but fails. The other characters are also forgettable and extremely cheesy. Then there is T-Bone....A Watered Down, Bootleg version of Trevor Philips from GTA 5.

    Game in general is garbage and to those who are still on the fence about buying it. Do yourselves a favor and wait for it to drop down in price or grab it used when it hits $30.
  93. May 30, 2014
    Another soulless game From Ubisoft. There's absolutely nothing interesting here. Just a copypaste of other games. Supposed to be serious and big but finally is oriented on kids and casual players, tho.

    Seems like Ubi is already not interested in making good games for players(like it was before). Those annoying commercials, PR, marketing and imposes of the game looks more expensive than
    game itself.

    Awful, Ubi. Stop doing that sh*t. You'll never be the best if you chase quantity only. U completely destroyed Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, Prince Of Persia. STOP IT.

    I wish Ubi be like before -_- . When they didn't kill theyr franchises even at the start of theyr existence, indeed, because of stupid audience rush.
  94. May 31, 2014
    We're do I start, very disappointed I want like the but can't seem to, the graphics are not 4th gen at all, I was playing the 2 year old hitman absolution on ps3 and thought this has far superior graphics to watchdogs this can't be right.
    Poor graphics look out for the lack of facial details in the cutscenes especially the one were you meet Aidens sister there bland and not much better
    than some late ps2 games.
    The open world just doesn't seem fun, especially when you compare the bright Gta 5 world.
    Overall we're all falling for the lack of game availability on ps4 if there was more titles to compare then even the mainstream reviews would be poor.
    All in all I am bored after 3 days back to the superior AC5 that at least taps in to some of the PS4 power.
  95. Jun 2, 2014
    I find it interesting that major game review sites are giving this game stellar reviews and a little under half of all the reviews here give it negative or mixed reviews. Clearly, the big game review sites don't want to offend UBI for making yet another crappy game.

    So why do I not like this game? Unskippable cutscenes for starters. Then you got the super laggy vehicle controls.
    Cars handle worse than if I was riding on a drunken, pregnant hippo. Then the "puzzle games." And the story itself. About a guy who steals stuff from other people but on the side he helps the police by stopping bad guys. Sometimes beating the S*** out of them. Sometimes killing them outright. What a freaking mess of a game this is. Expand
  96. Jun 3, 2014
    when this game release it deferent from 2012 a lot it fail
    and physic ingame it bad gun play it bad too

    i can not play untill finish real 555555

    i hope the divition is not same this
  97. Jun 5, 2014
    O jogo é legal mais a mecânica da direção dos veículos é um horror, realmente terrível e como o player passa 60% do game dirigindo a coisa complica e muito...
  98. Jun 23, 2014
    Buying this Game was a bad is totally overhyped.
    Story is insulting my intelligence. Cardboard characters, cars are so stupid and there are always the same missions, Kill a guy or drive a race.
  99. Jun 9, 2014
    Not bad, Ubisoft. BUT! This game looks like first Assassin'sCreed. Sandbox like in Far Cry 3 (not good, not bad), the average quality of the gameplay, but there is no game. And the main story is a simple **** A do not compare this game with GTA V.
  100. May 27, 2014
    Watch Dogs is a game that almost needs no introduction but shouldn't be taken completely lightly at all. From the start it seemed like this game would have to much hype going into its release, but once you get into the game you will start to notice the journey it takes you on isn't what you probably expected but is still breath taking and a fresh idea none the less. Being set in a futuristic city of Chicago I feel the best things going for Watch Dogs has to be the innovative story it has set, along with decent character developments that will keep you wanting more even after the story is over. The only things that truly held this game back from being the best it could be was due to a bit of rushed story plot lines, quality control and a tad of repetitive gameplay. None the less Watch Dogs is truly a next gen experience that you will want to play at some point and that is why I feel this game deserves a 8.5/10! Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 80 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 64 out of 80
  2. Negative: 0 out of 80
  1. Aug 6, 2014
    Watch Dogs is a fun open world experience. However, the repetitive chases and the formulaic gameplay tend to get tedious and boring after a while. As such, you might want to enjoy the different multiplayer experiences and take frequent breaks to just roam around the city.
  2. Jul 25, 2014
    It’s a bold first step on the new terrain for Ubisoft. The game is enjoyable, offers some interesting mechanics and lasts for long enough, but is bland as a whole. The characters lack personalities, the city could use more distinctness and the story is instantly forgettable. [07/2014, p.46]
  3. Jul 18, 2014
    Overall, it is almost without a doubt the best platformer that has popped up on the current generation of consoles and is a bedrock on which Ubisoft could build a brand to remember.