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  • Summary: A failed scientist dies in an accident, only to awaken in a mysterious, alien world. Where is he? How did he get here? And why do the fundamental laws of reality appear broken? Life. Afterlife. Real. Virtual. Dream. Nightmare. It's a thin line. It's Axiom Verge. [Thomas Happ]
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  1. Apr 19, 2016
    Axiom Verge is an artistic triumph with some minor issues that hold the PlayStation Vita version back a little. However, fantastic music, visuals, and truly original gameplay mechanics put it a cut above other games of it's genre.
  2. 80
    Regardless of the occasional technical issues, it's great to be able to have access to this engrossing adventure in your pocket. The game's original shortcomings still stand, but they don't take away from the things that the game gets right, and there are many things that Axiom Verge gets right.
  3. Apr 21, 2016
    Axiom Verge on Vita is the same great game as it was on PS4 and Steam. But it doesn't perform as well or control as well, and for a game as finely tuned as this, those minor hitches make this a less-than-ideal format for experiencing the game. Thankfully, Sony's cross-buy means that anyone who picks up the game on Vita also has access to the PS4 version, but that doesn't make the imperfections of this port any less disappointing. Axiom Verge and Vita should be a marriage made in heaven, but in the end I just found myself wishing mom and dad would stop fighting. The game remains as great as ever, but subtract a point from the score if you're playing on Vita.
  4. Apr 21, 2016
    It spends too much time recreating the genius of Metroid rather than adding to it, but this is still one of the best examples of the genre in recent years.
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