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Mixed or average reviews- based on 84 Ratings

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  1. Oct 30, 2013
    I have to say, I really like this game. It's fun to play and the fighting and movement mechanics work very well on the Vita. Graphics are very good, especially given that this is running on a handheld platform, and I find the story to be well done and interesting. The game runs well and is stable. There is definitely replay value in the game and you'll get many hours of playtime as you move around the prison finding objects, gathering collectibles and upgrades, etc.

    Not really sure why so many of the industry critics gave the game average scores, but perhaps they were spending too much time focusing on what the game isn't rather than what it is. I'd personally recommend the game to any Arkham fan with a Vita.
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  2. Oct 30, 2013
    Arkham Origins is a fresh take on Arkham Asylum universe, and it successfully translates the console game world into a handheld experience.

    I've played it on Vita, and the graphics and textures are solid. Voice acting is strong, and despite many critics I found the plot decent enough to keep me interested throughout the game. The drawn cutscenes are beautiful on Vitas screen and add personality to the handheld version

    Fighting is lots of fun, with some depht to it even though they are usually not very challenging. Gameplay wise, I guess the biggest critic the game is receiving is about exploration.

    Yes, navigating in a 2,5 map with a 3D map requires some getting used to, but gamers are smart and they figure it out. The pace of the navigation is slower due to its complexity (comparing to, say, Metroid), but I like it like that. I think its more fitting to Batman Universe.

    The requirement to constantly use Detective Mode can be confusing at times, but I'd say the same about the console Batman games (specially Arkham City). Being a fan of the series, for me its more a characteristic of Arkham games than a problem of the handheld version.

    Detective mode requirement comes down to taste. I like to know that the prison is full of secrets, but it might have been better to keep this necessity out of the main path (sometimes you won't progress in the game unless you are thorough and detect well hidden passages).

    I had lots of fun with the game: advancing trough the environment while discovering new gadgets made it one of those games that its hard to put down.

    The game could benefit from a streamlined navigation system, but overall it is the kind of experience that I expect to find more on Vita rather than ports.

    I give it a 8 out of 10.
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  3. Oct 25, 2013
    Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate is the continue of the console version. Blackgate is a 2.5D game (2D plan with 3D elements). Also, Blackgate is working to be a compelling portable experience. The game lasts 10 hours with the villains be taken from the console version, it introduces two characters who are familiar to us from Arkham City, Solomon Grandy and Catwoman and one totally new two Arkhamverse, Bronze Tiger.
    The game is an "exploration" game (along with action/stealth game), so Batman escapes from the main path until he find the gadget that he need to proceed. At this point, I have to say that it isn't understandable how he went in Blackgate without gadgets(except from Batarang), I assume that the developers made it that way to add more gameplay hours and more exploration hours!
    In exploration part can't miss the Detective Mode, which is a basic part of the game. With Detective Mode you can see enemies, vantage points, find hidden things, armor, Wayne Tech crates among other things. In general, you do the two-thirds with Detective Mode!
    The gameplay of the game is solid, with all features of the console's version. Free flow combat adjusted very well in Blackgate, with minor problems. The combat system works like this: Two planes, the one you fight and the other that can only the enemies use, with the enemies coming from the background to the foreground. Furthermore, the silent takedown have been adapted in limited grade and the takedowns sometimes can't be so stealthy, as you can in rest Arkham games. The whole animation system look and work like charm.
    The game yet has graphic novel cinematic which partly it's proper for handheld, but on the other hand, the connection between cutscenes and gameplay isn't the best. Another pro for the game is the great voice acting. The decoration, the enviroments and the game assets that been used, look poor and blur.
    To conclude, the Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate hold the sense of the successful Arkham series. I think that the game isn't what exactly PSV deserve, but everything need a chance and a point to start (I really want to see next year/or a year after, a way better Batman game than Blackgate.)
    I score it with 7.5 It's a realy pretty good effort
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