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  1. Nov 14, 2012
    People need to stop inflating the score for this game.

    I get it, you are trying to justify the purchase of your new handheld and want to see it, and Sony, succeed. You don't do that by lying to the consumer, trying to get them to buy the system and a lackluster game simply to support Sony.

    The truth is, the system is just too expensive at the moment, with a games catalogue too
    insignificant to justify grabbing one at this time. For the game itself, it is CoD. The gameplay, for the most part is there. However, with this release, almost anything meaty that the series has to offer has been stripped away. The singleplayer content is astonishingly brief, the multiplayer is stripped down with small maps and a reduced player count, and the visuals themselves are simply par for the course, as far as the system goes.

    It is not a game worth owning. Not at full price, anyway. If you are a die-hard CoD fan, it might be worth your while. For everyone else, wait on this, and certainly don't buy the system for it. It's a sub-par game, nothing more.
  2. Nov 13, 2012
    Wow, well my first thought is I'm relieved and pleasantly surprised...the trailer they previously released did not do what the finish product has done: Impress. This is a true Call of Duty for a handheld for the first time ever. It feels like the console versions with Perks, Killstreaks, lots of weapons and customizations; only more compact and tighter. So far I've barely touched the campaign, I've played hostiles somewhat, and I've been rocking multiplayer A LOT (which matters the most, right?), and I'm thoroughly impressed. After playing Nihilistic's last effort Resistance: Burning Skies and trying really hard to like it, it just felt half-assed and unfinished. This doesn't feel that way (maybe R:BS was half-assed because they were working on this?), it feels much more polished, the movements, animations feel very much like a console COD. For any FPS fan and Vita owner I consider this a must buy. By the way, I don't play COD on consoles, hate them (I'm a BF3 player), but for the Vita it feels great. Good job, Nihilistic! Expand
  3. Nov 13, 2012
    Wow this game is actually good. took about 7 hours to complete. fun, addictive like the console version. as of now this is the Vita game to own(beside liberation and uncharted) If you love long hours online than get this game. Single player? Like all COD games you'll put that to rest after one try. grab this game now, now!!!
  4. Nov 13, 2012
    I've picked this game today along with the Black ops 2 itself for pc, I do not want to compare this game to Black Ops 2 since its simply a sequel to Black Ops I. Well No one ever forced sony to give this franchise to Nihilistic ! sony could buy themselves a huge score with these games....unfortunately that is only a dream. Its shame to see the single player is completed over 3-4 hours on veteran diffuclty, there is not much a story there as well....the gameplay is only limited only walking toward different alleys where the design of all of em looks quiet similar and just like resistance very dead and killing some enemies which are positioned behinde the boxed around ...
    Multiplayer experience is much better than it was on resistance although it has nth to be compared with black ops 1 itself....
    graphics are as bad as they were in Resistance, just the frame rate is more stable .... in generall its not in a same level with Uncharted, AC, NFS at all....
    well dun waste money for this game since there are much more better choices such as NFS and perhaps AC and of corz awesome choices like Zero Escape, Persona 4, LBP
  5. Nov 13, 2012
    My thoughts with about an hour of play as nobody else has reviewed yet: This game will sell Vitas. I've just hit level 3 on both mission and multi, and this is loads of fun. Perks, streaks etc is all there, fast network with very little lag on WiFi, its exactly what you think it could/hoped it would be. Sure its smaller maps, and watered down graphically from ps3, but this is a handheld unit, and I think too many already draw that comparison with all console game conversions. It feels slick to play, and my first impressions are all very positive. Campaign obviously isn't going to be as immersive as a console, but again I think they've done the franchise proud in representing the king of fps on a handheld. Must buy game IMO. Expand
  6. Nov 13, 2012
    I like many vita owners was worried when, I saw those first few clips of cod vita, I was upset, and gave up hope before the game even had any proper gameplay footage!, Also terrible websites like ign, was putting me off with their terrible reviews.. I've learnt go to lots of web sites not just one, because one person suger is another persons salt!, its an opinion ask for more.

    also the
    devs who made this game also made rburning sky.. which was..turd!

    however, they have redeemed them selves, in making a brilliant shooter, im so happy after doing homework watching a few clips on youtube!.. yes youtube, the game had me interested!, so I took the risk, and so happy I did

    the ingame gameplay, isn't like the black ops 2 to for console which I also own, and loving, but its more bite sized, but great fun, very addictive!, every thing else is the same fast paces addictive, and best looking shooter on handheld ever it looks like black ops 1 on console, brilliant!

    multiplayer is where this game is at, and dont be fooled just because its 4 v 4 don't think you wont be in a gun fight, it has the feel of a console multiplayer you will love it!, controls are great only after 3 or 4 goes it became natural!

    I now feel bad about the things i wrote on forums about the game, this is cod at its best! buy it!!!

    A bit of advice to who ever does advertising for vita, more gameplay less bs adverts, people on youtube did all the hard work, and help me buy this game!

    BUY IT... I also bought need for speed another must have for vita owners, I think the vita will be fine, after a year of uncertainty I now know its capable of bringing great games like the console big brothers!.

  7. Nov 13, 2012
    I'm very disappointed with this game. All over scripted rail shooter. This fps has one of the stupidest stories I have ever come across in a game,the characters are boring. The graphics are mediocore at best and bad at worst. This game is very short also,you can complete it in about 5 hours,definataly not worth your time and money.Horrible map design, horrible game design in general. The MP is quite entertaining though... 5,5 Expand
  8. Nov 13, 2012
    Surprised by the quality after all the doom and gloom!
    It's excellent hope it helps sell some vitas!! Looks better graphically than the old trailers which nearly killed this game

    Thanks god it's good!!!
  9. Nov 15, 2012
    Campaign is short but gives you a standard shooting experience. Enemy AI is my biggest complaint from the campaign as it can be like shooting targets that either stand and wait or just pop in and out of cover. Hostile mode is fun mindless shooting experience, definitely good practice for the multiplayer...which I bought the game for. Maps are small even for 4v4. They look okay but not up to the Vita's power. The main problem comes when trying to get into a match. You get into a lobby, things look like they are going good, about to start...main menu. This can go on and on for a while before actually getting into a match and even sometimes while in a match, you'll get booted from that. I give a six because, if there was seamless starting of matches, I would actually enjoy this game because it is a mini COD for the Vita. Expand
  10. Dop
    Nov 13, 2012
    Ok i cant believe that i pay 50$ for this crap, all the 10 must be , nihilistic crew or the first wave of COD fanboys, maps are small, AI is stupid, and the single campaign is a joke. if u want to waste 50$ then throw it on the street u are going to feel a lot better.
  11. Nov 20, 2012
    I just don't understand why professional reviewers are giving this game such low marks. The characters play smoothly, shooting is great (with some aim assist), the multiplayer is the usual cod experience, with minor differences. The graphics are not as good as in Uncharted, but they're nice - much better than Resistance: Burning Skies, for example, which deserved all the bad marks it received. I'm glad I didn't pay too much attention to reviewers with this game. I'm giving it a 9 to compensate for the really bad reviews it had; I think the correct grade would be 8, actually. I think most people will enjoy this game. Expand
  12. Nov 13, 2012
    No wonder nihlistic made resistance burning skies so poorly. It was because they had to spend time working on this. This game passed my poor expectations and this game has awesome graphics for a handheld COD game, a good Unit 13-like story, great frame-rate, and good multiplayer, but it's only 4 vs 4. The adaptation to that was good by making smaller maps. Overall, the first good COD game i've played in a long time. Expand
  13. Nov 13, 2012
    So surprised by this game. I've just finished AC3:Liberation and Ragnarok Odyssey so decided to pick this up despite the absolute lack of trailers, screenshots, etc. Previews from several gaming sites like IGN weren't too hot either. However, after booting it up and spending some time on multiplayer, I have to give it a 10. It's practically, a downsized, compacted version of the home console multiplayer. 4V4 only but combined with the small maps, it makes for frantic, fun gameplay. It's also pretty much lag and bug free.A good analogy for this would be that Black Ops liberation compared to Black Ops 2 is like the Ipad mini vs the Ipad 4th gen, its smaller, less graphically impressive, yet holds all the joy of the larger version in a smaller package you can bring anywhere you want. Extremely impressed and very pleasantly surprised by Nihilistic. Great job!!! Expand
  14. Nov 13, 2012
    I regret that I bought this game. It is so horrible. Play just not interested. The levels are boring and monotonous, as weapons. AI is awful and nothing can take, so bad. Multiplayer is boring and dull, but the schedule is awful as the levels from the artistic point of view.
  15. Nov 13, 2012
    To be honest it's a very good game. Of course some people expected a real console version, but from a Handheld view, this game is very good. I like the Unit13 kind of single player mode, this because it's a handheld version of COD and therefore it should give you a short entertainment. It's addictive. @Azinot, I think you have never really played Black ops or other FPS games from the Franchise? Because the maps etc are pretty much in-line with the Franchise so I have a feeling that you try to troll the score! Expand
  16. Nov 14, 2012
    I must say I'm a bit surprised how good COD Declassified actually is! Considering Nihilistic was the developer and I was a little disappointed with Resistance Burning Skies, COD Declassified definitely has a much more refined feel to just about everything in the game from gameplay to graphic. I can already tell with just 3+ hours time spent playing that the survival mode is pretty addicting and will make Call Of Duty Declassified my most played Vita game even after I've 3 stared all the campaign mission. Expand
  17. Nov 13, 2012
    Call of Duty Declassified is a must have for any Vita own, the game-play is really impressive and you can take a lot of joy out the maps. the visuals are crisp and the controls are sweet, but sometimes i tend to struggle when throwing a stun lol. The only thing i would like to see included is zombies and a few more game modes such as domination and search and destroy. Qverall, brilliant game, i just about put the game down so i can write this review, anyway back to playing for another 6 hours. Expand
  18. Nov 13, 2012
    if you consider that the cost of this portable title is almost equal the PC/360 counterparts you should be expecting the same amount of content and depth in the game. Instead you get 10 missions without any story that you can play through in an hour and multi player which is more like baby multiplayer with handful of maps/weapons etc.. Playing the game is very similar to hugely unsuccessful Resistance for Vita from the same developer - it isn't bad, and the multiplayer works better this time around - but it's just lacking on all fronts. If this game cost £5 like games on Appstore it would be great value for money - for £34.99 we should expect much more than this.. SONY should really reconsider how much they are charging us for Vita games... Expand
  19. Nov 15, 2012
    I'll just start off by saying that the biggest problem with this game, is that there is simply not enough content, especially if you are not interested in replaying the same missions over again to beat it on the highest difficulty and beat your friends. There are ten single player missions, each of which can roughly be completed in about 4-5 minutes, so if you do the math, thats right timmy, the game can be beat in under an hour. However, the game is refreshingly challenging, so in reality, especially if you play it on higher difficulties, you could easily double your time with the single player operations mode, but then again, that's still only two hours. Thankfully though, the single player doesn't stop there. There are time trials to complete with cardboard targets too shoot, which was a lot of fun, and hostiles mode, which is effectively a somewhat stripped down version of the MW3 survival mode. I am a huge fan of survival modes so I got a big kick out of hostiles, especially since it was also quite challenging. I would have liked to see some more weapon customization and more strategizing between waves (between each wave all you can do is pick up a dropped care package) but still, fans of survival based gameplay should enjoy it, however, keep in mind that hostiles is not cooperative, which is a downside. Ofcourse, single player is only half of the game, or if you have the attitude of the majority of COD players, 10% of the game. Multiplayer in BOD is surprisingly well fleshed out, and although it does have some omissions, (killcams, no in game voice chat, no weapon camo) it does a fantastic job of translating and replicating the intense fast paced combat of its console brothers with killstreaks, tons of gun customizations, perks, custom loadouts and the like. Just like COD on consoles, its far too easy to get sucked in to the multiplayer and refuse to put the game down. But, unfortunatley, there are some key problems that detract from the multiplayer, and one of these issues is common to the problems I had with singleplayer: lack of content. There are only six maps, and most of them are very tiny and somewhat cramped. Nukehouse is basically nuketown cut in half, which gets really crazy really fast, which you will either love or hate. Personally, I would have preffered if they had just left nuketown untouched. Ultimately, it makes sense that the maps in this game are so small, since the game has a limit of 8 players, and the smaller maps do do a pretty adequate job of hiding this fact, but its brings spawning and other issues to the forefront. Even though one of the maps is a nearly exact replica of COD4's shipment (awesome!) I would have preffered more maps with a larger variety of game modes. Multiplayer also only has four game modes (team DM, kill confirmed, free for all, and a mode called drop zone) much fewer weapons, very few perks, some of which aren't even that useful, and a small amount of kill streaks that are somewhat unbalanced. The 10 kill streak attack chopper can be shot down with 1 quick shot of a rocket launcher, which makes the final and most difficult killstreak to achieve not very rewarding. However the most annoying problem with the multiplayer is the gliches and connection problems. Very frequently I would wait to load a match only to have it instantly revert back to the main menu, a few times I was abruptly disconnected from a match with no notice or pop up that said why this happened. I will say however that when connecting to a match did work, it was very quick. Glitches were also unfortunatley common. Expect to see attack choppers and spy planes stuck in the ground, among other things. All in all though, the multiplayer can be a blast if your able to work around some of the issues I have discussed. If there one thing I cant say about BOD, its that it plays poorly. This is the exact gameplay you know and love wonderfully translated to the vita. The framerate is generally very smooth, and the controls work extremely well. These are bar none the best controls I have ever experienced for a handheld shooter, even if throwing grenades can be a little cumbersome at times. Graphics are also surprisingly decent, there are some uglies at time but looks good on the whole. Sound is also good.

    Even with all the problems I have discussed, this game still gets a 7 because this game plays nearly as good on the vita as it does on consoles, which is a huge feat. When your zipping around the multiplayer maps shooting up your enemies with all the speed and precision you'd expect from a COD title, or pushing through hostiles to show your friends whose boss, its easy to forget the numerous shortcomings of this game. This game has the potential to be great, but unfortunatley Activision gave Nihilistic the shaft with a low budget, no advertising and a ridiculously short development period. BOD declassified is better than it could've been, but not as good as it should've been.
  20. Nov 13, 2012
    Nihilistic goes out with a bang! Declassified has everything one would want from a portable CoD effort: Bite-sized campaign missions, AI waves (but not zombies), and fantastic 4v4 online multiplayer. I'm blown away by how fluid the multiplayer action is, too - especially considering how poor Resistance Burning Skies was. I digress. If you're looking for Call of Duty on the go, look no further than Declassified. It may just be the best portable FPS of all time. Expand
  21. Nov 13, 2012
    Without a shred of doubt the closest anyone has ever come to getting a full fledged FPS onto a portable console. Certainly not perfect but really commendable. Good job nihilistic, you're forgiven for Resistance: Burning Skies
  22. Nov 13, 2012
    Its really simple, this game has had effectively no exposure prior to launch which is really shocking for what could have been a system seller. After playing it for like 10 hours, have to say, its a 10/10 for a handheld. Fun singleplayer, relatively bug free and smooth multiplayer and a very authentic FPS/COD experience on the go. Get it!
  23. Nov 13, 2012
    Pure COD in yours hand, if you want more buy the x360/PS3 version. It´s reduced, next version maybe will be best, has a very short campaign... but the feeling playing is like all the COD.
  24. Nov 13, 2012
    Picked this up today and was a bit sceptic due to the fact that no reviews could be found anywhere before this game came out but the gamble paid off as this is actually really good! A couple of the multiplayer maps are too small but the actual gameplay is solid COD. Rank system is as in-depth as ever and I found myself constantly playing just one more game to try and unlock that extra attachment. Despite the appalling rip off that was Fifa 13 and a few unplayable games, this looks to be a good year for Vita overall with the likes of LBP, NFSMW, AC, and finally this. Would recommend. Expand
  25. Nov 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Black Ops Declassified is truly one of the most disappointing games I've bought in a while. While the graphics, guns and framerate are good, everything else is just awful. The single player campaign consists of 10 missions that last 5-10 minutes each, and there really isn't a story. The cutscenes are just pieces of declassified papers flying around with someone talking. You play as woods and Mason, but they aren't in any rendered cutscenes, because there are none. So the single player campaign is very linear, one dimensional and truly feels like a watered down port of black ops 1. Another problem I have is that the maps are very bland and boring. They all have an urban feel to them, there's no natural levels to be found. Also nuketown comes back as a map, but its been cut in half for some reason. Then there's hostiles mode, a mode where you face off against waves of soldiers similar to MW3. It was honestly the only mode I enjoyed. Then there's multiplayer, the problem isn't 4v4, the problem is the layout. I don't know why but all the times I've played online there were less than 8 people. It also takes awhile to load and you get dropped alot. Also nukehouse is very laggy online. The multiplayer is really disappointing for me. As for the game as a whole it just feels limited compared to black ops 2, even black open 1. The graphics are good but there are alot of jagged edges indicating that the game is not running at native resolution and is intact upscaled(seriously, why are all vital games upscaled?).

    Overall this game was a huge disappointment. Obviously its not good if you can't even find reveiws on it. You can trust mine because I have the game and just finished it. The thing that bugged me the most was the price. This game is 49.99$ both retail and in the PlayStation Store. Why? 50$ for the retail version is a ripoff, but the digital version costs the same? For 10$ more you can get black ops 2 which is better in every single way. But this game was just a huge waste of money and makes me want to sell my vital, it's that bad. Heck, I enjoyed modern combat 2 on my android phone more than this game. Its just a very big letdown and you should just stick to consoles because its cheap, greedy stunts like this that really hurts the vital. In fact I don't think Sony cares for it, they release NOTHING for it. The latest vita app was the YouTube one they released 5 months ago. Overall do not get this game, if the price ever drops to 20$ then it would be worthwhile to me.
  26. Nov 13, 2012
    Very suprised by the game, the Multiplayer is brilliant! The most time i've ever spent playing my vita! I sat on the sofa for 3 hours straight. No connection issues like R:BS had, no lag. Matchmaking is quick and they just patched in Ad-Hoc play! Great effort Nihilistic!
  27. Nov 14, 2012
    Terrible game. Only given good reviews by people desperate to justify spending their money on this bomb. Save your money and go and buy something else, ANYTHING else.
  28. Nov 13, 2012
    Just like everyone else so far, I am completely surprised at how well this game actually came out after playing the mediocre Resistance: Burning Skies by Nihilistic earlier this year. Definitely the best FPS to come to handheld hands down.
  29. Nov 15, 2012
    This game is a terrible mess. it's just to painful an experience to write any more about it.

    And lol @ anyone giving this game a 10 ,I don't think many people will ever take your user reviews serious again....
  30. Nov 15, 2012
    Call of Duty Declassified was overall a disappointment. At £35 for a portable game it seemed expensive, however, the single-player campaign which was only 45 minutes was lackluster. The multi-player is 4 vs 4 on tiny maps where you spawn next to the enemy was awful. A complete embarrassment to the Call of Duty series. Note: Most of the user reviews giving it undeserved praise are PS3 fanboys who want to defend any exclusive game, however terrible it is. Expand
  31. Nov 13, 2012
    Very disappointing, to say the least. Declassified should've been a polished and impressive FPS debut for the franchise, however, sadly, it's anything but. Featuring very rough graphics, such as textures that are poorly done, as well as an inconsistent framerate, Declassified shows the bare minimum effort in making a functional game and then stopping there. So it's even worse than the game often doesn't work. The online has been having issues, including random disconnects, not very smooth online play once you get into a match, etc. So at least you have a good single player, right? Wrong. There's less than an hour of single player in Declassified. This is, quite frankly, the worst Vita game I've played. Expand
  32. Nov 13, 2012
    DUmb Ai , awful graphics, soldiers giving a pose before shooting, tiny tiny maps, made by nihilistic what can u expect nothing really , dont buy this crap.
  33. Nov 15, 2012
    Wow this is bad. After playing Black Ops 2 on Xbox 360, I thought it couldn't get any worse. But then I played this. The campaign is very short and on rails. Definitely not worth even close to $50.
  34. IBY
    Nov 13, 2012
    Ok, let me start by saying that Activition has made a faithful attempt to give Cod fanatics a enthralling and fast-paced FPS as we all know and respect it to be. After a few hours gameplay, i'm yet to find any glitches so the smoothness of the game took me by surprise, the game is impressive graphically but obviously toned down to suit its capabilities. The main killsteaks are included but i would of preferred a few more options when choosing. Aiming down the site is beautiful not to mention doing a 360 sniper kill! All the guns from the previous black ops are included as you would expect . My only dissapointment about the game was that Search & Destroy and Domination was not included in the game modes, with these game modes the game would of easily been a PS Vita legend. overall, i reccommend this to any Call of Duty fan as this Action-packed beauty will keep you occupied daily. Expand
  35. Nov 13, 2012
    bought this game last night, all i can say is it plays and looks AWESOME! maybe not exactly like the console version but the multiplayer is wonderfull. call of duty multiplayer in the palm of ur hand! :) ENJOY!
  36. Nov 13, 2012
    This is the first handheld true cod experience and in that way it succeeds. The graphics are allot better than expected and so is the game play. It is very fun to play and does feels like cod without question. I highly recommend this game. However on the minus sides its only 4 x 4 multilayer but I heard it was due to the vitals party limitations, it has not got enough maps (although downloads hopefully will add more). Nihlistic has done a fabulous job at the same. It is allot better than every expected and hopefully it will help vita success. Buy this game now. Expand
  37. Nov 13, 2012
    I'll preface this by saying that I have barely played the game, just picked it up while grabbing coffee this morning and snuck in the tutorial and first singleplayer OP. Thus far, it does feel much more like a CoD game than Burning Skies felt like a Resistance game...
    However, it seems like some of the sound effects are indeed lifted directly from that other Nihilistic title. I'm not
    playing with headphones on currently, but yeah, gunfire sounds similarly lackluster. However, the visuals and the feel of the game are right in line with your average CoD experience on a console. Big dumb Michael Bay style action movie sequences, breaching doors and taking people out in slow-mo, plenty of explosions.
    The enemy AI is a little retarded, just like in Burning Skies. They just suddenly spawn on the map once you get to certain points. And sometimes they just immediately know where you are and start taking potshots at you.
    Overall the singleplayer "campaign" appears to be more fun than Burning Skies was. Will chime in with more comments when I've had some time to play with headphones for full sound immersion, but this game isn't as terrible as we feared. Still not sure the price was warranted...
    But for perspective, let's take a look at a screenshot from the NDS version of Black Ops I. Going to go out on a limb and say that Declassified is the best handheld CoD ever.
    I'd love to post some screenshots of my playthrough, but apparently screenshots are disabled in Declassified. Which is annoying... like they did not want people with press copies posting their own screens??
  38. Nov 13, 2012
    Much better than I expected. Very much a genuine COD experience on a handheld. Recommend to any FPS fan. Only thing i wish for is ZOMBIES!! ( could be introduced in DLC).
  39. Nov 16, 2012
    OK big up one of the other reviews that starts with "never played this game but" LOL... So Nihilistic basically ate a bullet with the 8 months to get this ready on time for Sony which is why they are making the move to phone games. Activision hasn't been there at all and it isn't likely they will do very much after they take over the updates past patch 1.02. The good news is that if you just want the best FPS ever on a handheld this IS it and lots of people are having a great time with this game. The scoring for this is rediculous and in an alternate dimension this same game under a different name having nothing to do with Resistance Burning Skies or CoD would get more appreciation. Thanks for the effort Nihilistic and for using what resources you had to focus on the most important aspects of the game - that being the game control, steady framerate, and the multiplayer component... As far as I'm concerned I am enjoying this game as well as can be expected. I ride the bus for 3 hours a day which is the only time I play video games and this is THE BEST shooter available on the go. I realize my score is a bit higher than I feel this game is "worth" for the pricetag (not that that should be a scoring factor IMO) but this Metacritic page has basically turned into a food fight with about half of the reviews being completely unrealistic. If anything this will keep any more Vita games from being $49.99 so :) Collapse
  40. Nov 15, 2012
    I feel like expectations are different for different people on this game. I was expecting a game where I could play a short mission on the go, as well as get a multiplayer experience similar to the console versions. I got exactly what I was expecting! Graphics are good, but not mind blowing. I think smooth gameplay is more important and the game plays extremely smooth. Controls are great after adjusting sensitivity. Multiplayer is very fun! Small maps means less camping, which makes this the go to CoD multiplayer of choice for me. Yes the campaign levels are short but they are meant to be replayed on different difficulties. I think the AI is not as smart as it could be but works well enough. Overall 7, since the game is fun, with some things that could improve for a later version. Please be open minded about the mixed reviews here. Low ratings seem to be the people that sit home playing their vita like its a game console. Portable games are not meant to have 30 minute campaign levels! This game was made with the idea that you will play your portable system in places other than your couch with black ops 2 sitting in your home console. Expand
  41. Nov 14, 2012
    Honestly, it's about what I expected a Call of Duty game on the Vita to be. It's nothing amazing, but it's not horrible either. The controls are very rough and take a long time to get used to. The story is disjointed and takes place across small bite sized missions which last about 5-10 minutes each (maybe 10-12 in total, forgot to count) and the visuals are muddy at best. But, at the end of the day, it's a Call of Duty game on the Vita and if you are a big fan, you'll look past a lot to have that. This should only be for the hardest of the hardcore CoD fans as the online is troublesome to find games, but the games are decent fun on the go. Expand
  42. Nov 15, 2012
    Many of you may be enjoying this game for what it is, but the reality is, it's a shadow of what it could and should have been. It was stunted by a short deadline and a poor developer, but that's fixable.
    Now I'm not sure in nStigate is still responsible for the patches or if Activision has fully taken over, but here are some of the things I believe could revive the name of portable CoD
    and maybe even sell more Vitas. ADD AIM ACCELLERATION. One of the staples of the CoD experience is the aim accleration. This helps fine aiming and allows for quick movement at the same time. BOD does not have this, turning is done at a fixed rate of speed. The introduction of aim acceleration like its console brothers would really enhance the experience. SHORTEN GRENADE FUSES AND THROW ANIMATION TIMES. They are way too slow. It's very important to be able to chuck out a flash as you retreat, and if my character is stuck fumbling with the pin and trying to remember how to throw, I can't use flashes to their full capability. Also, grenade timers are too long. Match grenade timers and throw times with the console versions. FIX AUTO-SPRINT This is a broken feature, whoever designed it should be shot. It never works for more than a consecutive second or two without glitching in and out of sprint, and if I turn it off, I can no longer sprint. Bring back Resistance's feature of double-tapping the rear touchpad. That was perfect. MAKE HOSTILES MODE MULTIPLAYER. Good Lord, what were you thinking? Taking out Zombies and then making the survival mode you replaced it with single player? Please, please fix this.
    INCREASE AI DIFFICULTY BY 100 IQ POINTS. They see through walls, but don't seem to care that there is a wall there as they shoot at it, and throw grenades at it. AI needs a complete redo, TBH. MORE MAPS. I will gladly pay for them. But please, make them a little bigger. Spwaning in front of the enemy is no fun. ADD S&D, Domination, and Headquarters. These are staples of the CoD experience. Please put them back in. Also, Sony, you need to fix the input lag times for the analog sticks. It's very noticeable, especially in FPS games.
  43. Nov 13, 2012
    After all the stories on the that this was going to be really bad, I find myself not that surprised that it is no where near the horror story people believed it would be.

    This is a very enjoyable game, that while not my personal favourite cuppa...I am finding it to be a nice beverage after all the hype.

    I would give it a 9 when it reaches the £25 mark in the shops I usually
    like to spend on games.

    I mark this as a Vita game and for the purpose I use my Vita....I am not comparing it with any of the PS3 games.
  44. Nov 13, 2012
    I was really surprised by how good this game is, They did a awesome job on single player and multiplayer. I think the developer should be pleased and this will definately sell Vitas.
  45. Nov 13, 2012
    It´s very good. It´s a good game. Graphics looks perfect. Control is very good. It´s COD in a great state. Campaing is 2 hours, but is funny of turn play. Online goes perfect
  46. Nov 13, 2012
    Well down Nihilistic! A big step up from Resistence Burning Skies. Its not perfect but it sets the basis for future Call of Dutys on the vita. Multiplayer is very entertaining and will have longevity. Must have for vita owners.
  47. Nov 13, 2012
    Black ops:Declassified is one last effort from now extinct company, Nihilistic. In interviews I have heard the developers' COD finaticism, upon playing the game this shone through the usual COD-aesthetics because unlike BO2; this game has been finely tuned for the Vita apart from the dash controls of which appear to be a minor flaw and are picked up after time is spent with this gem.
    Goodbye Nihilistic and thankyou! It's a shame you can't make one next year!
  48. Nov 13, 2012
    I had seen some trailers and pictures but it had ugly grafics, low frame... Finally it seams to be solved because the game is pretty good, grafics, smooth... online it's amazing and even you might forget you'r playing on a handheld console, i have to say that i got a trigger grip and it makes feel like a dualshock controller
  49. Nov 13, 2012
    Short game, bad graphics, not a real COD, a waste of money. Please ignore this game and move forward. The ones who say this is a good game are clearly its developers. None else feels like that.
  50. Nov 14, 2012
    This game is just a bad joke, its absolutely horrible, single player ridiculous, just ten very tiny mission (keeps about 5 min each to complete), there is no story, the multiplayer is awful, it tooks me about 5 hours for play just 2 session, and also in the second one my system freeze with a nice pop up error message, people dont buy this game, dont waste money like me, this game is an abomination under a franchise name just for stole your money from your pocket, just one word to the developers, you should be ashamed of yourself for sell this kind of product for 50 bucks!!! Expand
  51. Nov 15, 2012
    I think people are forgetting to review this game for what it is, a portable version of cod with campaign for on the go, hostiles for a different challenge then online multiplayer for home/on the move. After playing this game I think they have a done a good job, the graphics are good, the gameplay is good and it's what I want on my vita. No doubt if ACtivision grow some b**ls they could produce better, but they didnt and I think nihilistic have done well after resistance and have produced this to my surprise, good job. Expand
  52. Nov 16, 2012
    Ok so this game dissappointed me very much. I was expecting a way better job from the franchise. There are too many glitches and bugs. The game causes my vita to crash at all times. Sometimes im stuck on a frozen screen, sometimes im playing multiplayer and out of no where i get booted back to the menu screen. The story mode or campaign is extremely short and easy. Overall i think they have alot of work to do. I have seriously considered getting rid of my vita. I was one of the first to get my vita and i have been waiting since for call of duty. I am very upset at the lack of effort put into this game. Not worth getting as a christmas gift at all. Expand
  53. Nov 15, 2012
    the best way to review this game for me is to describe you my experience with it and it went thus.

    I visited my cousin and he has the game so I asked him to lend it to me while I'm there, so I started playing the single player like I always do and after an hour or so, done, story over, you've finished the game... Then when the shock had passed and I started to believe than a developer
    had the balls to charge 45 dollars for a game than I can finish quicker than a pie I went to the multiplayer in hopes that I would get something worth of the game, then I gave it back to my cousin telling him "boy I hope you're renting this". let's be honest not even the multiplayer justifies this sad excuse for even a Spunkgargleweewee. save yourself the money a get a PS Plus account Expand
  54. Nov 15, 2012
    It amazes me just how many ignorant consumers are content with settling for less. "Call of Duty in the palms of your hands!" says one clown. "Surprised by the quality!" says another. This title fails in every possible way. The single-player campaign is incredibly short. Multiplayer is limited to simplistic 4-on-4 action. There is absolutely no Zombies mode -- a crime of unspeakable severity. This is absolutely not the "Call of Duty" experience on a handheld system. Instead, it's just another sloppy, half-hearted effort from the goons at Nihilistic. Much like their previous failure, Resistance: Burning Skies, Call of Duty lacks polish and content. The Playstation Vita is capable of oh-so-much more, but if developers like this continue to be handed the rights to create titles for such large, successful, and important franchises as Call of Duty and even Resistance, I often wonder if we'll ever see it. Killzone and perhaps BioShock remain the two "last hopes" on the shooter scene, and who knows how those will fare. It's just a crying shame knowing that we could have had so much more on this system and that Nihilistic, once again, has delivered a title that's embarrassing not only to the franchise it represents, but the platform on which it's available. Expand
  55. Nov 15, 2012
    I've long since lost love with the Call of Duty franchise, but even by my own checked expectations this is absolutely diabolical. It's an absolute unflattering slap to the face of anyone who purchased the Vita in confidence of developer's taking it seriously. Nihilistic have appropriately closed their doors and sworn off ever developing for retail again, as they should. This is an absolute joke, the Vita is more than capable of delivering something worth standing alongside the rest of the franchise and deserved much better than this pathetic effort. Looks dates, feels dated and the absolute absence of character or identity makes Declassified feel like one of those pointless mobile download games. Nothing but a name and a couple of, barely, recognisable pixel collections. I seriously can't believe this piece of **** managed to slip on to the market. How didn't ANYONE at Nihilistic realise - oh forget it. Just avoid, avoid, avoid, avoid! Expand
  56. Nov 15, 2012
    No suprise..To me it just seems a bit rushed this game, and it does not look interesting overall. And since the devs is the same as Resistance Burning **** lol

    Anyway,This game is just another overhyped COD title, sad see gamers hyped this type game in this days...
  57. Nov 15, 2012
    This game was sentenced to die. Sony and Activision gave the game to Nihilistic Software, who was already working on Resistance Burning Skies. Both games suffered from this decision, because neither game had enough development time to make them anything better than mediocre. Most of the positive reviews are people trying to justify their purchase. Not worth your time or money. Do not support this game otherwise more crappy games will come. Vote with your wallet. Expand
  58. Nov 15, 2012
    I went to my neighbor's house because they are the only ones with a Vita nearby. Asked to try this game. Beat it during the time I was at their house (In about an hour).

    I think thats a nuff said. The online may be decent, but this doesn't live up to the COD name and it doesn't help that this isn't a true reflection of Vita's capabilities.
  59. Nov 17, 2012
    im really desapointed about this game, the campaing is ridiculous short, dont buy this game just for the name or because you are looking for a fps in vita, its not a right choice....
  60. Nov 14, 2012
    So they can port Mortal Kombat, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Ratchet & Clank, Playstation All Stars, Persona 4. Make decent games such as AC:Liberation and LBP... SO WHY ON EARTH DID THEY NOT PORT THE MULTI STRAIGHT TO THE VITA AND HAVE CROSS PLAY! Avoid this game like the plague.
  61. Nov 14, 2012
    Even if you like the run and gun playstyle of Call of Duty this game will leave you wanting your $50 back. The controls are not very good since they use the rear touch and touchscreen for actions like trowing grenades . The campaign missions are only minutes long with no checkpoints. The enemy AI is atrocious, just standing there waiting for you to waste a bullet on them. Multiplayer maps are tiny. If you hated being killed every 10 seconds in multiplayer and bad spawn points (some of them spawn you right in your enemy's reticule sights), then you can not even imagine the chaos formed in Nukehouse, a recycled, half a map of nuke town. All maps are tiny. Call of Duty deserves better. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Expand
  62. Nov 13, 2012
    every one who give this game a high score is really play it not like all the battlefield fan boys who give it a low score and they even not try the game but want to harm the score and they must now that the most favorite shooter game is cod
  63. Nov 13, 2012
    i think this is a must buy game for any vita owners do not miss all the fun in this game the multiplayer is a blast wow i love you call of duty black ops declassified
  64. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is the must have vita title. Graphics are much improved over resistance: burning skies as well as controls. Sounds are much better but still slightly compressed. it has almost everything the console version has. Which is a huge plus considering it shouldnt be compared. Many maps are small which make for a great free for all match of up to 8 players or 4 vs 4 team games. Anyone giving this game low scores is just doing it to lower the metacritic score. I have AC3, Uncharted: GOlden Abyss, NFS: Most Wanted, MGS3 HD, Resistance, and more games for my vita but this is by far the very best available. A Short single player campaign but its made for portable playing dont expect the usual CoD campaign. The multiplayer is unmatched by any other game available on a portable. vitas game of the year. Expand
  65. Nov 13, 2012
    Way better than I expected, graphics, multiplayer, low on maps and only 4x4 but it plays great and really feels like COD. Singleplayer is too short, but I never played it anyway in console, I will be playing this game for months since I travel a lot. It's a bit expensive but well worth it, well done Niihilistic, incredible but true.
  66. Nov 13, 2012
    I gave the game an 8.5 because of how fluid it ran, how well the controls work, and how closely it resembles the call of duty formula. Everyones been talking about what this game could have been, but unlike resistance, this game keeps the cod formula intact, and is a great stepping stone. If the next iteration is too similar, then knock it points for what it could have been. But this is a great portable title for on-the-go gaming Expand
  67. Nov 13, 2012
    This game is like the earliest formula of this gens call of duty like world at war or modernwarfare which is not a bad thing at all, im not going to compare it graphically gameplay wise with its console counterparts because it's an entirely different game and is tailored to portable gaming for what this game offers its really good it is the call of duty experience in your hands on the move its great fun im sick and tired of seeing g reviews comparing it to consoles and giving it crap scores just because it's not black ops 2, this game has abetted user score than black ops. But seriously buy this game it's worth it lots of replay value great visuals for a handheld can only get better in time when optimisation of the software starts to kick in you won't regret have fun and PS pardon my bad wording etc using my phone Expand
  68. Nov 13, 2012
    This is a great handheld version of Call of Duty. You cannot compare this to the console version. That is unfair. This game is great on the Vita and will keep you addicted to the Vita for the holidays at least. The campaign is fine, but the meat is in the multiplayer and hostile modes. The graphics are amazing. My only complaint is that the campaign is short, but there is a lot of replay value if you want to play all the difficulty levels. I highly recommend this game. Do not listen to naysayers. Expand
  69. Nov 13, 2012
    I'm not a call of duty fan boy but I do like most of the console releases. This game feels like real cod. The only thing its missing is zombies. But for what it is its awesome. Lots of fun. Add me and let's play. Psn:lowlifemalakye
  70. Nov 13, 2012
    It definitely is a Call of Duty in your pocket. Period. Even more: it is probably the best portable FPS on any platform and the closest experience that you can have of a console. I am not a CoD fanboy and this was a game that I had zero interest when it was announced. The trailer and the screenshots were just too bad. Everything has changed when I started to see some players footage of the finished game, before the launch. What I saw really amazed me, so I decided to buy this game on day one. I am so glad that I have made that decision. It is a solid FPS, with great graphics and gameplay. Everything that we have seen and are used to in CoD games are there (obviously, some things are compressed), even the sound resembles his big brothers. I see a lot of people complaining about the single player... well, first, Nihilistic was very clear about that: Black Ops Declassified is focused on the multiplayer. And, personally, I play shooters in general for the multiplayer. I never played a single campaign in CoD games or Battlefield. So I cannot tell you about the single player experience, but one thing I guarantee: the multiplayer is awesome. I played for hours and hours, I just stopped because my battery was too low. So, if you are looking for a solid single player experience in your Vita, maybe this is not for you. But if you are looking for a great multiplayer experience, probably the best so far on Vita, this is a must buy. Congratulations Nihilistic for the great job on Black Ops Declassified. That was a beautiful surprise for all of us, PS Vita owners. Expand
  71. Nov 14, 2012
    I just loving this CoD, the single player modes are equilibrated and very cool, but the great thing about this game is the multiplayer. This, so far, the best multiplayer game for PS Vita until now [maybe Killzone Mercenaries take the 1st place]. The game has a little bugs, but, in general, dont mess with the game play.
  72. Nov 14, 2012
    i have just spent £42.99 on this game..... absolute wast of my money! the operations are poor, the a.i is unfair to shockingly poor, the graphics for a handheld game are fine... not brilliant, the gameplay is mediocre and the online is not great, do not buy this game....

    I've had my vita since launch and really want to love it... it is a great piece of kit but the software is
    average there are 1 or 2 great games but the last 2 that i have spent (quite a lot) of money on have been big name games, assassins creed and cod... neither of which are great come on sony! sort it out please! Expand
  73. Nov 16, 2012
    This game is by no means perfect, but it is fun. It is not broken and it works well for what it is. There is a lot of negativity around this game, unwarranted IMO. If you are expecting an exact port of the console version, you will be disappointed. However, this is by far the best portable FPS, ever, period. It is too expensive @ 49.99. I used my $20 credit on the PSN that I got this month, so I feel it was worth it @ $29.99.
    The campaign is short, but sweet, addictive for completionists. Hostiles is fun and just as addictive, but no replacement for Zombies. The gameplay works. The dual sticks are great. I had to tweek the sensitivity way down. The touch screen stuff takes some time to get used to , but is fine. My experience with the multi-player has been good. Always connect, very little lag. However, the map variation is weak and there aren't enough differnt modes. I would have liked to see domination here. Kill confirmed works well here and is my go-to. The graphics are decent, for a portable. Everything looks good and the framerate rarely breaks down.
    The sounds was pretty terrible out of the box, however a recent patch has brought it up to serviceable. The gunfire sounds on-point and the echo effect is cool in the earphones. Prior to the patch I was able to play my Vita play list in the background, even on-line, which was super cool. After the patch that stopped working.


    Graphics: 7.0
    Sound: 5.5
    Gameplay: 7.5
    Replay: 7.5
    Overall: 7.0 (not an average)

    If you are looking for a replacement for the console you won't find it here. If you are looking for COD on the go, to play on the bus plane or just when your TV has been taken over this works well. It is not broken, at all! It is fun addictive and can hone your skills while you commute. A little over priced @ $49.99. However, I stand by the statement; this is the best portable FPS ever. PS; I also play Hostiles in between rounds of COD BLOPS 2, but I am a huge nerd so....
  74. Nov 14, 2012
    Playing this and loving it... definitely a step up from Resistance Burning Skies and it certainly has the 'feel' of a real COD game - all it needs now is a nice raft of DLC cough *zombies* cough or some additional missions / modes / challenges. But even if it doesn't get DLC love I'll be playing this addictive shooter for some time to come!!
  75. Nov 13, 2012
    Well surprise, surprise. I was one of the many foolish individuals who wrote off Black Ops: Declassified as a bad game from a bad developer. Before I played a single minute of gameplay I pre-judged this game. But then something interesting happened. People got copies of the game early and started posting gameplay footage and it looked pretty darn good. So I used a $25 Off coupon and traded in an old game to purchase BO:D this morning and it hasn't disappointed. Everything from Campaign, to Hostiles, to Multiplayer plays like classic CoD. It just FEELS right. Disregard the people who are silly enough to give this game a 0 (as well as those who give it a 10). While you're at it, disregard IGN's impending pathetic review in which they will likely give BO:D a much lower score than it deserves. The game is fun and it feels right. Shooting feels right. Perks are in. Killstreaks are in. Multiplayer is great. Is it a 10? No. Not enough maps or Single Player content to make it a 10. But it is classic CoD gameplay in your pocket. Best portable FPS ever. Buy it. Expand
  76. Nov 13, 2012
    I love this game! A big improvement from Resistance Burning Skies! The Online is basically Black Ops on the consoles. The hostiles mode is good and so are the Operation Missions. Great game!
  77. Nov 17, 2012
    Bought the Limited Bundle edition hoping they'd be some sort of unique design to the iteration, like a call of duty logo on the back. It was my first PS Vita so I dropped my money in with the mentality that I was just buying the PS vita on sale and it just so happened to come with the COD game so if it sucked, I wouldn't be at a lost.

    I have to say the game is just the worst game I have
    experienced in such a long time. In fact, Modern Warfare on the iOS tablets have more subsistence than this game.

    People that are justifying the sloppy single player and the worst AI by saying its a MP centric game is clearly in delusion. To say not to expect a console counterpart on a handheld doesn't excuse the national tragedy Nhilistic has brought upon the COD Franchise. They guy that said he took 7 hours to complete.. has to be one of the worst player ever because this game takes around 30minutes to defeat in any difficulty.. I've never seen a game finish that fast, even on a phone .99$ game.
  78. Nov 17, 2012
    The multi-player in this game is a ton of fun. i rarely touch single player on COD games so i can't comment on that part of this game. Even though it is a stripped down version of the console experience, i it is still very easy to let yourself get immersed in the action and realize you've been playing for hours. sometimes the game dumps me back to the main menu or gives an error. but this was more common the first day or two i owned it. the past few days have been fine. the controls are fine with everything but grenades i find. if you hold the grenade with your right hand thumb, you cannot turn your character which can sometimes be necessary. you either have the drag your thumb back to the grenade icon to cancel the throw, or just toss it away. aiming, firing, turning are all fine.

    I never have a problem finding a multiplayer match, regardless of what time of the day or evening it is.

    the only time i feel that a map is cramped is when its more than 2v2 in nuketown. even still, it is still fun - just more hectic, and not very far off, scale wise, from a particular map in one of the modern warfare maps that i cannot think of the name off off hand. The rest of the maps more than big enough for 4v4. I have not experienced any other glitches with graphics or anything else.

    i would not buy the ps vita for this game alone. but i would recommend buying a vita for everything the system has to offer which is a great gaming device with a beautiful screen, that has a collection of games including this one that you will spend a lot of time enjoying.

    -great multiplayer experience in the palm of your hand
    -slimmed down version of the console games

    -price is higher than most vita games
    -some flaws experienced early on with dumping me back to the main menu during multi-player, but those have not happened recently.
  79. Nov 14, 2012
    Do n NOT pay attention to these wanna be hippster review sites low balling this game for hits...if you want a portable CoD that has fun multiplayer, Declassified is your game, period.
  80. Nov 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. O melhor fps que qualquer portatil ja teve, acho que ele deve ser comparado como tal e não como fps de console de mesa apesar de ter como ambição. parabens pelo bom trabalho corrigindo o pessimo trabalho feito no resistance burning skies. Expand
  81. Nov 13, 2012
    We all need to ignore this isn't a console game. The handheld will live up to its console brethren. I don't even care how good a game may be on the PSVITA, games are better on consoles, so its pointless to compare. However, considering what handhelds use to be like with game boys, sega game gears, virtual boys, and psp's, this particular COD game is very impressive. Graphics are not the best, but comparing it to past handhelds and even the PS2 the game looks great. Gameplay... Gameplay is the most important element to a successful game and I personally think they did a good job. The maps are too small, but it's a handheld. Who wants to run around a big map not finding someone to murder? Not me. I want to jump right in. There isn't a story mode, even though its trying to have one. People buying cod on the handheld are more interested in multiplayer anyways so, if you want to play a COD multiplayer game on the go or on the sofa while the wife hogs the television, than this is perfect. Multiplayer has all or most of the perks you'd find on the big brother game. People who are hating it either haven't played the game or they are hell bent on discouraging people from buying this game. The game deserves a solid 8. Expand
  82. Nov 14, 2012
    It is frustrating the lack of official reviews, and its obvious way really..
    No agenda at the end of the day as far as I'm concerned.
    I've been gaming since early 80s.. Know what in talking, clearly the guy reviewing for pocket gamer has no idea or is being slightly hysterical..
    It's a fantastic game, very good graphics, sound, superb gameplay..
    Hostiles= brilliant on the train..
    Campaign is short but lots of fun..
    It is a true hand hold call of duty!!! I don't know why everybody is being so picky..
    Seriously.. It's amazing but it for yourself.. You will be playing it for months to come..
    Online is amazing even though I get my ass kicked a lot..
    An yes it's true, the reason resistance was so poorly put together because obviously all efforts were focused on call of duty declassified!
    But it today and don't listen to silly so called reviewers shooting it down..
    Amazing feat. The king is impressed
  83. Nov 15, 2012
    Call of Duty Black Ops:Declassified was the very first COD on the Vita, but how did it stack up? GRAPHICS: We know that the Vita can handle some amazing graphics,but we're not at that stage in the Vita's lifetime yet.But the the graphics have gradually been improving. I'd say, this is probably the best looking game for the Vita thus far. CONTROLS: Hey, they work. At first, it will feel pretty weird playing the game, but spend a little time and it'll feel just fine.


    Well, that's the thing. There is no story. There is a "Campaign" mode, which isn't really the proper term,
    because it's more like a bunch of missions. 10 missions to be exact. There aren't that many, and it honestly won't take you
    that long. As the name of the game says, "Declassified", The missions are all based on classified missions
    that the characters: Alex Mason and Frank Woods from the original game took part in, aside from the original
    story of the first one. So. No, there really is no story in this one.
    There is also a Hostiles mode, which is similar to the one in MW3. Waves of enemies come at you as you try to survive. Pretty straight-forward.


    Single-Player wise..there really isn't much content, I'd say the main seller for this game, and basically the
    entirety of the bulk of this game is the Multiplayer. 4 v 4 matches honestly aren't that bad. There are 6
    maps and they do feel really crowded, and despite the controls being fine, it just feels awkward sometimes online.
    But I'm not trying to bash the game here. It's definitely fun. VERDICT:

    I've been hearing a lot of negative feedback from this game, and I can understand why. Content wise there isn't alot
    and the price was pretty high. Would you want to pay $50 for a game with a pretty rushed single player experience
    and mostly focused on the multiplayer? Like I said, and I will say it again: What the game lacks in single player, it definitely
    makes up for it in multiplayer. It sure is fun playing it, and let me tell you, when you play this game with friends
    over the Vita Party's just a great time. The multiplayer isn't anything too innovative though, and is classic COD multiplayer but hey. This is literally the 2nd FPS for the we got to be a bit more forgiving. If anything,
    this game feels like a first step. I feel other developers can learn from this game and make better, improved FPS's.

    7/10 for me. All the single player aspects really could've been improved, they felt rushed, and felt like
    not much thought was put in. The multi player is the bulk of this game, for the 2nd FPS on the Vita, it's still
    pretty fun, not bad at all, but of course there is still much room for improvement.
  84. Nov 13, 2012
    This game has exceeded my expectations. The short missions in campaign mode is great for on the go however there should be more (DLC maybe?). The multiplayer works well and I have had a ball playing. Nihilistic deserve more respect for their effort especially as Resistance was so far off the mark. This is a solid game and I am glad I purchased before being put off by misguided reviews on game websites such as IGN (not out yet but bound to be negative knowing them). The game should probably sit around 8.0 however I see a lot of ratings sitting at 0 which simply cannot be legit therefore I have scored the game a 10 to help balance things up. Expand
  85. Nov 13, 2012
    A very good port... When it works. Half of the games I join I get booted out of immediately. Another good portion of games have terrible lag. The maps are a little small. Spawn points are unintuitive. Good for on-the-go fun, but not a worthy port of the console versions. Also, everyone camps. It's not fun.
  86. Nov 13, 2012
    It's actually pretty good! Probably the most addictive game I've played on the Vita. The best FPS on handheld that there has ever been. It's not 100% as good as the main console version but it's definitely good enough to be enjoyable and it's worth playing. It's in a completely different league to Resistance which I thought was dire. This is actually a quality game!
  87. Nov 13, 2012
    The Game Is Awesome...I Didnt Expect That!!The Graphics Are very good and The multiplayer Awesome too No Lags.....and very quick to join a match no need to wait at all........!!
  88. Nov 13, 2012
    Just hour playing this on the train. Controls are a bit too.sensitive. Fixed in options though. Operations mode only played first mission. Play it on regular and it is a breeze. Hardened though, I can only get 3 minutes in to the level. Hostiles mode is perfect for mobile play. Plus the time trials are short and fun challenges.

    Apart from that it looks, sounds and
    plays like a Call of Duty game. Think this might get unfairly criticised as it is not the full COD game people wanted but it is well suites for formats style of play. Expand
  89. Nov 13, 2012
    Call of duty black ops declassified is not the best game ever, but it does what it was meant to do; bring the call of duty experience to the handheld. People who are giving it tiny scores arent using there heads. this isnt supposed to be the big block buster shooter, that runs at 60fps and has a top-notch score and amazing graphics. This is just a on the go cod that has the staple multi-player. I'll do a pros and cons thing below. PROS
    -Not to bad single-player for a handheld. it feature's small cut scenes at the begining of the levels.
    -A fair amount of weapons and attachments.
    -Pretty good graphics for a hand held. They did some major improvements on whatever engine resistance was running on. -Good amount of replay value with all the different mode's (operations, time trial, wave's)
    -Perfect for on the go
    -The awesome call of duty multi-player for on the go


    -While the frame-rate is good, it tends to dip when multiple things are happening -the animation for your weapon while moving looks strange compared to the regular cod games. (could be fixed in a patch though, same as the framerate)

    -there could be a little more MP levels (mind you there might be DLC for this game)
    -I've encountered some network problems (randomly getting kicked out)
    -the knife button is to close to the grenade button on the touch screen for me (example in level 2 i tried to throw a grenade back at the enemy but instead grazed over the knife button and killed a hostage)

    -running feels is awkward to acomplish as you have to hold the dpad down while moving the joystick forward.

    -No zombies, need i say more -The wave based mode does not have multi-player -some MP are abit to small (nukehouse) Those are my pros and cons, there are probably more for each but i cant remember right now. There are a few things i find strange though and that is in MP there is now capture the flag, or gun game mode. I thought those two would make it in because they could be quick. All in all this game is good, its what the VITA needed. I normally would give it a 7.5 but because some of the people on here are giving it 0 for a un-justified reason, i went a little higher.
  90. Nov 13, 2012
    This is a game we vita owners have been waiting for. Some excited. Some terrified. Me? I was on the fence with this one. I love the cod multiplayer experiance, I would love to have that same experiance on the vita. After playing this game for a good couple hours I do have to say I am impressed, Not as much as I wished though. We all know this is made by the same people who brought us the sub par game resistance Burning skies. I bought this knowing it was low rated. I gave it a shot and ran into so many issues with online games such as freezing when a match ends, other players not dieing when shooting them or stabbing them and my least favorite, getting booted from matches the second its about to start. So far I have seen a couple of these same instances in declassified although this is not even close to the amount of times I had that happen in burning skies. The gun models and sounds stick rather well to what you get in black ops 1 for the big name consoles. The run feature has to be the most confusing choice, in burning skies you could tap the back pad to make them run, in cod declassified, you run after holding the move joystick for a second, this is auto run feature. Some may dig it but I like to control my running. There is a option to change this but to run you press down on the d pad. Not to bad but I can say the back pad would have been a better choice. I also had the impression of single player having a solid story but feels like I am playing hostiles. As I played the story, every enemy who dies will earn you XP. I understand its a seperate thing but the game almost gets sucked away from the story when you see 100xp on your screen for every kill, I maybe nit picking here but thats just me. Hostiles is nice to waste some time on but we all know that zombies was the better choice but for some reason it was left out, it didnt ruin the game for me but it would have been cooler to shoot some undead then some bland character model. Hands down this is the best vita online game that there is to offer. I enjoy being able to play my own music to online matches since the lack of music in this game. Overall, its a good game and will probably be the best FPS shooter for vita until we see killzone get released. So far the experiance has been good but hoping that I dont continue to run into those same online issues that I had with burning skies. Fingers crossed all. Expand
  91. Nov 14, 2012
    Forget about all the bad critics and rumors, this game is really worth the money and a must have for FPS fans. Nihilistic did a good job, CoD Declassified is a fun and entertaining shooter. My expectations were really low because of the bad previews...and now i'm pleasantly surprised!

    The single player is composed of many loosely coupled episodes. They are challenging, fun to play and
    absolutely right designed for playing on the way, in the train or elsewhere away from home. Each episode takes round about 10 minutes and you must repeat them several times, in order to complete all challenges. It's NOT a full-fledged campaign as you know it from the Xbox or PS3, but enough for many hours of single player fun. Most important, of course, is the multiplayer and belive me, this game delivers as expected for a CoD. As a veteran Xbox360 CoD player i can ensure you, the multiplayer really feels like a compact version of the big brother. Perks, killstreaks, customization etc everything is there and the most important fact: It's really fun to play!! Even the often criticized limitation to 4 vs 4 is no problem in reality, the maps are well designed for this constellation. They added an ad-hoc option into the game with the first patch, so even playing on private lan is possible, really nice.

    The graphics are good, not on par with e.g. Uncharted, but very close to it and FPS is very stable. The sound is ok, nothing special. Controls and handling takes some minutes, overall you get used to it pretty fast and besides the concept for throwing grenades it is good (maybe i still need some time for the touch throw for grenades...).

    There is room for improvement, like in every game. Multiplayer is e.g. only available on Wifi. Why not on mobile networks, my connection is pretty fast and good?! Some cooperative missions would have been nice, room for improvement for the next CoD for the Vita ;-)

    Don't believe the stuff written by all these "experts" without any adequate knowledge of the final product. Just give it a try and form an opinion for yourself. For me Declassified is a really great shooter and worth 9/10 points. Good job Nihilistic!
  92. Nov 14, 2012
    Great game. Wasn't expecting much when I heard Nihilistic were developing but they proved everyone wrong. Multi player is very similar to console. Lots of people here giving bad review because of bad presumptions me thinks.
  93. Nov 14, 2012
    Bought it - not impressed. The online is glitchy and the framerate sluggish. Would not recommend. At times it feels like the console version, but many times just falls flat.
  94. Nov 15, 2012
    Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified is not a good game. There is only one metric by which a consumer of this product could deem it good, and that's to be both starved of a worthy first-person shooter on the Vita and desperately attempting to rationalise one's purchase. Declassified is a bad game.

    Lots of games are bad, in lots of creatively bad ways. Many games have curious new ideas
    that are flawed in their premise. Many others are not made to a high enough standard. Some are just developed by those who lack the skill to accomplish what they set out to do. Declassified is painfully, crushingly unambitious. It does very little, possibly because after Resistance: Burning Skies the developer reasoned that the less they make, the less they can make badly. It doesn't work. Declassified is a strangely empty package from a franchise that is known for wringing a great deal of value for the price of a boxed game, and what it brings to the table is positively rotten.

    Single player is dull, plagued by ugly, short levels stuffed with braindead enemies while lacking any of the series' signature set-pieces. It's also very, very short - ten levels that each last five minutes or so to complete and lack any real cohesive plot - and have leaderboards that nobody should worry about bothering with.

    Hostiles is a wave-based coop mode without coop. You take on swarms of soldiers that come your way and, alone, that's about it. The combat isn't dynamic and tactical enough to make it interesting.

    Multiplayer, the franchise's mainstay, is a ghastly approximation of the real thing. Maps are small, game modes sparse and the feel, sound and look of the combat is all unsatisfying. It's plagued by technical issues that make the idea of finding a game upon booting the game an unsavoury and laborious thought. Having played six consecutive years of Call of Duty on consoles and PC, the sudden difficulty and wait in finding a stable match stands as a stark reminder of how un-CoDlike this abomination is.

    Activision should be careful. The Call of Duty brand is, if anything, thought of providing consistent quality. This travesty of a release could do more damage to that image than sales would offset.

    This game does not justify the price tag, the Call of Duty name or a spot on anyone's Vita. I strongly advise you against purchasing.
  95. Nov 15, 2012
    I don't understand why review sites bash this game - just because they had to buy their copy ?
    Multiplayer is really big fun and has already many users despite the small maps. Yes the grafics could have been better / Campaigns are uninspired. But buy it as a multiplayer game and you will be hooked for many evenings. whoever rates ios fps or resistance higher is not objective or simply unfair!
  96. Nov 15, 2012
    I have the game and its the first time I have bought and enjoyed a game that has received such horrible scores. Seriously, 1,2,3 out of 10 suggests that the game is actually broken (bubsy 3d). At worst this game deserves 5/10 but even that is if youre silly enough to expect a 360 cod on vita. I think reviewers are mad they had to pay for a game and others clearly do not have/have not played the game and its a case of chinese whispers. If this exact game was on 3DS it would have been sang to high heaven! The single player missions may take 50 minutes on easy but I dont recall anyone slating star fox 3d or mario kart where you can see all levels and beat them in an hour (with only harder difficulty to come back for) and the online in those games is no way near as robust as this! Anyway, the graphics are good, the frame rate is rock solid, the controls are good, the sound is good. The missions are fun and OTT as you'd expect - both operations and time trials - which will take hours to beat on 3 star difficulty.

    Hostiles (aka zombies with living enemies) has 11 maps and again to 3 star each will take hours and is very challenging

    Finally the online games connect quick with no lag! I play free for all so am used to 8 players in a game. I have played team deathmatch and its never a case of running around the map just looking for opponents! Small maps = this is not a game for campers or snipers and forcing running and gunning. This, for me, makes the online here more enjoyable than far superior console shooters like battlefield or cod. I would say at the least play the game for yourself.
  97. Nov 15, 2012
    People who are scoring this 0 - 4 need to grow up (including gaming websites) and what's with the 10's and 9's ? it ain't that good people. Review games fair ! Is it perfect ? far from it, but its not the total mess that people are making it out to be either ! Nihilistic have made some improvements to the game since the 1st trailer.

    The graphics have been polished up a bit, and while
    not the best looking Vita game it does its job of looking like COD and I've not noticed any major framerate problems. Controls are standard COD controls with a few things mapped to the touch screen like knife and grenades, they work well enough. The sound is a ok but the weapons sound weak.

    The single play is short and a little disappointing, It feels more like Spec Ops with short missions, instead of a real story. The survival mode is ok if a little basic but the multiplayer is the highlight, and apart from a few connection problems (which should be fixed) it's pretty fun, it feels like mini COD with 4 v 4 matches. Overall it should have been better but its not completely broken, the multiplayer saves it from being a total waste of time. But it shows that a fps can work on the Vita. Judge it on its own, not up against the console version. 7 out of 10
  98. Nov 15, 2012
    The Magic word for this game is 'Alright' just keep that in mind while you read

    You know, when I first heard about Call of Duty coming to the Vita I was actually thinking it could do good on the system. When the first trailer was finally released I thought the other way, looking at how bad the graphics and just the simple look of the game was but judging the game from it's first trailer
    is something no one should do until actually trying the game. I will say this tho, I had a hard time thinking if I should buy this game when it finally came out and so far the game is pretty good but it does have it's issues.

    Black Ops Declassified is the second FPS to hit the vita and so far so good. They did as the developers said they would, quick missions on the go with multiplayer and hey what do you know, there quick and yet fun, but a little to quick if you ask me. When you first boot up the game you got three choice, Single player which will tell you the story of what happened between Black Ops 1 and 2, Hostile which is basically a game where you fight of waves of enemies and Multiplayer with both On and Off-line modes. The first time you hop into the game you can feel the distance the games make from other Call of Duty games, the graphics dimmed down a bit for 60FPS, the sound quality not as well made and small maps, but it does the job well for a Vita game. As a example of what i'm talking about, the Vita version of Mortal Kombat did the same thing, turning down the graphics for frame rate and guess what? You people still loved it, but enough about graphics, it's the gameplay that matters.

    controls is basic and if you don't know what basic controls is for a shooter then smack yourself in the back oft he head right now........ oh i'm not joking, do you know how many FPS games have been released since I'v been born that has the same controls? Way to many. Getting off subject now sorry. Anyway, the touch screen it's self has the side functions like grenades, knife and killstreak's. Simple right? Well, this is one thing that bugs be a little. The touch screen is fine and all but sometimes it doesn't work like you wish it would or it does it when you don't want to use it. I have had this problem time to time and right when i need to use something it does something else but when i need to focus on shooting someone or running away it decides to do what ever it feels like. Touchy in other words. single player is short as said before. The whats interesting tho is the A.I. since they can go either good or bad for no reason. It's hard to explain, the A.I. are dumb and most times but can do some crazy stuff at times. For instance, if an enemy starts to run at you, if you run right at him, not firing at him then stop he might just run pass you and keep going as if he never saw you at all but at the same time if they take a corner thy will slow there approach, surround you and take you out with ease. It's impressive at times but just simply weird at times.

    Multiplayer is fun but not as fun as you wish it would be if it was on console. It's great for on the go quick battles (like it's meant to be made for ) but some times they just seem to stretch on and on with everyone constantly running around missing each other. Unless I was waiting for a movie to start for the next half hour I could see a few games possible but not as often as I like.

    You know what? I'm going to cut to the chase already. Black Ops Declassified is a fun FPS for the Vita but it doesn't live up to the Call of Duty games as we hoped for, specially the price. If yo want a fun time shooting the crap out of each other, go for it but if your looking for a system selling game then you might as well wait just a little bit longer my friends. For that this game gets a 7.
  99. Nov 15, 2012
    I wanted to hate this game, I really did. I was so ready to, what with all the talking heads in gaming setting it up for the fall almost from the beginning. But you know what? It just works. All the little gripes like touch-screen grenade throwing can be easily circumvented. Simply by tapping the gratuitious grenade icon will prime and throw a grenade right to your reticule, just like the console versions. Within minutes, I was angling frags off the walls and having a hell of a time doing it. Thumbstick shooting is tight and concise, and though the campaign is short and not without flaws, the AI was certainly impressive enough. There was definitely some fire-and-maneuver going on as enemies try to outflank you under the cover of (sometimes poorly aimed) machine gun fire. The multiplayer is simply the best shooter experience on a mobile device, and all the customization options are adequately represented. It feels like CoD. It plays like CoD. You'll get out of it what you want from it. Expand
  100. Nov 15, 2012
    This is clearly the best vita game to date. The vita games to choose from were pretty horrible for a while and now us vita owners finally have a nice game to choose from. Good multiplayer, good campaign, its all the call of duty you could ever expect, just its now on vita.
  101. Nov 16, 2012
    OK big up one of the other reviews that starts with "never played this game but" LOL... So Nihilistic basically ate a bullet with the 8 months to get this ready on time for Sony which is why they are making the move to phone games. Activision hasn't been there at all and it isn't likely they will do very much after they take over the updates past patch 1.02. The good news is that if you just want the best FPS ever on a handheld this IS it and lots of people are having a great time with this game. The scoring for this is rediculous and in an alternate dimension this same game under a different name having nothing to do with Resistance Burning Skies or CoD would get more appreciation. Thanks for the effort Nihilistic and for using what resources you had to focus on the most important aspects of the game - that being the game control, steady framerate, and the multiplayer component... As far as I'm concerned I am enjoying this game as well as can be expected. I ride the bus for 3 hours a day which is the only time I play video games and this is THE BEST shooter available on the go. I realize my score is a bit higher than I feel this game is "worth" for the pricetag (not that that should be a scoring factor IMO) but this Metacritic page has basically turned into a food fight with about half of the reviews being completely unrealistic. If anything this will keep any more Vita games from being $49.99 so :) Collapse

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  1. Declassified feels like a disappointing DLC bundle rather than a full release. In its best moments it proves that Call of Duty could work on the console, and it has some good ideas – earning XP across single-player for multiplayer unlocks is particularly neat – but it's exceptionally hard to justify how this ended up with a $70 price tag. The very best PS Vita games have proven that, in the portable market, size can still matter. This lesson has, ironically, been ignored by gaming's biggest franchise. [January 2013, p76]
  2. Jan 23, 2013
    This'll remind you of the very worst PSone FPS games. [Issue#227, p.77]
  3. Jan 14, 2013
    This game should have stayed classified or, at the very least, been redacted.