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  • Summary: Fifteen super-elite students have been locked in the school and they are forced to live in this isolated community. There is a special rule for the students: only murderers can graduate from the school, and this rule turns the prosperous school into the despairing place. The protagonist, however, does not follow this rule. He investigates murders instead of murdering somebody and tries to figure out a way to escape from the school. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 48 out of 55
  2. Negative: 1 out of 55
  1. 100
    At its core, Danganronpa is a melting pot of various philosophical puzzles that pulls together in such a way that it connected with me on a very deep, very real level. Without giving the ending away, the ultimate fate of all the characters (including Monokuma) left me more than a little shaken, and any game that's able to connect with me at that kind of primal level must be worth the investment.
  2. Feb 10, 2014
    Games of this ilk are rarely for everyone, but this is a unique experience that really stands out – even in the Vita’s burgeoning library.
  3. Mar 12, 2014
    Hope and despair, friendship and betrayal, Danganropa plays with those concepts in a superb way, developing a mystery visual novel full of fantastic characters and an intense plot that will glue the Vita to your hands.
  4. Feb 11, 2014
    Danganronpa is an excellent adventure with a story that celebrates the human spirit, even during the darkest times, and that optimistic viewpoint made me smile even when everything seemed to be going wrong.
  5. The niche this mad gun’s aimed at should get this immediately. Everyone else: run. [April 2014, p81]
  6. Feb 20, 2014
    Visual novels do not have a widespread audience, although Danganronpa is one of the most enjoyable we had the chance to play thanks to some well designed minigames which make the experience much more interesting.
  7. Mar 17, 2014
    It's a good idea from NIS America to widen access to visual novels out of Japan, as long as they make good decisions. And they don't. The publisher has maybe chosen something too spooky for the Western players. Only translated in English, DanganRonpa : Trigger Happy Havoc definitely forgets some who don't want to play 30 hours like that. The others could be interested in the crazy story but it's far too slow. Players have to read lines and lines of discussion before reaching, at last, a gameplay scene. And don't expect the visuals, in bad taste, to enhanced this not so good assessment.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. Feb 13, 2014
    I'll admit I wasn't as hyped for this when it got announced I just didn't get it or know what the hell the game was like. I watched the anime which I found out was rushed and after finally playing this game for 4 hours straight I really wish I never watched the anime. This game is just that good and the anime kinda spoiled it. This game is unlike any game you've played before. It's similar to ace attorney and virtues las reward and even has some persona elements such as social links. The game is a mystery psychological horror with so many twists and turns and characters you will come to care about. The story is fantastic as well. The plot revolves around 15 kids all who get accepted into this strange school where the student has to "graduate" by killing someone without being caught. It's a wildly emotional and depressing and even downright sad ride at some points. The gameplay is unique and similar to ace attorney in a way. It's hard to describe and better if you are it for yourself. Now I want to cut this review short because I NEED to get back to the game continue the story just know that this game is well worth your time and is one of the best games for vita....period Expand
  2. Feb 27, 2014
    It's basically a mix between ace attorney, zero escape(999 and VLR) and persona-ish. It's really good, probably the best Vita game around so far. So hyped for the sequel coming in September ! Expand
  3. Feb 12, 2014
    The most unique adventure you'll probably experience, a battle between Hope and Despair like no other, once you start playing it'll be tough to stop. Definitely. one of the Vita's best games! Expand
  4. Mar 6, 2014
    Along with Virtue's Last Reward, Danganronpa is yet another great game for the vita and, most importantly, a sort of new franchise, despite being several years old (it came on psp first). The game is simply amazing on many levels: it has style, it has an identity on its own, it's weird, it's sad, it's intriguing, it's surprising, and it's also very long to beat (the main game is about 20 hours, and after the end you can do some more stuff with the school mode).

    Danganronpa is basically a sort of mix between Ace Attorney (the trials), Virtue's Last Reward (the twists, the character development, etc), and a bit also of Saw if I have to say (the fact that it's a death game). The game is also VERY stylish and very reminiscent of Persona 4 (I seriously thought it was a Persona spin off, from the colors and animation), and very anime-like as well (there's even anime, although I heard it's not as good as the game). In other words, despite taking inspiration from other games, Danganronpa is its own game, and another great game for the vita console.

    However, If I have to be brutally honest, I didn't enjoy this game as much as I anticipated, because of few flaws that really bothered me and made the game a bit of a disappointment: this does NOT mean it's a bad game, but I want to say why It seems flawed.

    For one, there are too many characters...and you have no time to develop them properly. The game will give you free times where you can spend to increase relationships with your classmates AND eventually unlock skills for trials and etc. The problem here is simple: you don't have enough time during the main game to develop all of them (heck, not even one) and when the game decides to kill them off...I really felt nothing. No sadness for the most times or regret: I barely knew them, the game wouldn't let me, and when one character was killed off or was found guilty, I just had no idea what to feel; infact I felt more attached to the characters that survived, because they had actual development to the end and I'd feel sad if they died. But only because they had development. I know it's hard to develop 15 characters all together...but VLR had 9 and I felt attached to all of them. I think it required some more attention on this department.

    Second, some cases are "meh" (mostly referring to the first, the second and the fourth): this once again suffers because of the lack of development of the characters AND because some are far too simple, but still the reason is simple: if one character died, I wouldn't care, and while the fourth case was ok, it was pretty disappointing. Maybe it's me, but I just had no real ripercussions when someone died...because I didn't care enough for feel sad for them.

    And for last, the trials are good...but some parts are pretty weird and unnecessary (the rhythm game and few other things were so stupid), but it's probably the best part of the game. Just too bad it wasn't all that hard, but mostly confusing at some points.

    However I have to say, even if the game is flawed, the story is amazing and has one nasty twist at the end that, while I still didn't care much for the deaths, it made me feel a little grim inside....perhaps that was the idea from the start of? To not give us enough time to care, but to care at the end when the twist revealed?
    Still, It's an amazing twist and very depressing, making this game, once again, a must if you loved VLR (even though it's much less puzzle based and more like a visual novel).

    Definitely a good game to check: flawed in some points (IN MY OPINION), but still good enough to try it!
  5. Feb 13, 2014
    so what do you get when you mix the classic novel story "and then there were none" mix it with ace attorney investigating and prosecuting, plus a rhythm game, followed by firing words at people. you get this game danganronpa. it has both translations of japanese and english. voice acting for the english translation is not bad but it could have been better. the graphics look slightly better from the original on psp in japan. soundtrack fits the mood of the game but nothing I would listen to during my work hours. so overall this game is a must buy for ps vita owners or if you want an interesting mystery story. Expand
  6. Aug 22, 2014
    Being stuck in high school does not seem like a good idea. However, lets say if you kill one of your classmates you can leave. Still interested? This is precisely the premise of this game. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is a visual novel for the PS Vita with some additional elements. Namely, this visual novel has 'investigation' and 'trials' gameplay. This is similar to other popular games of this genre such as Phoenix Wright and Zero Escape. With a well written story and diverse cast of characters, Danganronpa is a wonderful introduction to visual novel games and a great addition to any PS Vita library.

    While the subject matter is serious, killing classmates in order to survive or punishing those have killed them, the game is often humorous in a over the top way. The game starts with the main character receiving an acceptance letter to a high school only to find out the high school has been taken over by a bear-like robot which sets out to tell all incoming students that, if they wish to leave, they must kill a classmate and get away with it! This over the top premise is followed with a suiting art style that serves only to intensify the situation the protagonist is put into.

    As it is often true with visual novels, they are only as good as the characters in them. In this regard Danganronpa does not disappoint. It presents a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique feature. However, the characters in this game are hardly believable, there is little development done in the story as no character seems to mature or chance from their starting persona. This is true with a few exceptions. This however does not affect the game too much as it keeps well with the story being as over the top as the characters in it.

    In conclusion, this game holds itself well against other titles of this genre. However, if you are long time player of visual novels you will find the elements here are not new. You can find similar elements in different games but if you are looking for a over the top story with excellent writing you will find Danganronpa to be exactly what you are looking for.

    STORY 9

    Play this game if:
    + You enjoy good writing.
    + You enjoy visual novels

    Avoid if:
    - Reading a lot turns you off to a game.
    - Choices that actually affect the story sounds better to you.

    If you have any question about this game or would like to talk about games follow me on twitter!
  7. Apr 29, 2014
    Spoiler FREE Review: This is my first visual novel game. It started out kind of slow, but picked up after the prologue and first chapter. I found about half of the twists / whodunnits to be predictable, and I had already called them before the trial. The actual trials were very tedious and boring. In the "objection" rounds, some are extremely simple while others will not make sense at all and you'll find yourself just guessing to move the trial forward. In the "Hangman's Gambit", you pick letters like wheel of fortune, it's like a 1st graders game. Then they have a rhythm part, where you punch buttons in rhythm to the beat, and finally you have a picture ending where you have to match the pictures with the order of events that happened. It was a pain to get through these portions of the game. The characters are very flat in the personality department also. 1 dimensional you might say. More than anything, I was interested to see what happened at the end, and when I finally trudged through this game I was sorely disappointed in the wildly imaginative ending they put together.... Expand

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