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  1. Oct 19, 2012
    Though it captures the tone of the series well, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is an otherwise lifeless title with little in it to recommend.
  2. Oct 17, 2012
    With so many bugs and flaws in level design, Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is an awful and frustrating game even for the most loyal fans of Doctor's adventures.
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  1. Jan 7, 2013
    First of all this game does NOT deserve the crappy reviews it's gotten. I'll admit it's got flaws but it's not a bad game. So the story isFirst of all this game does NOT deserve the crappy reviews it's gotten. I'll admit it's got flaws but it's not a bad game. So the story is typical Doctor Who, the universe is in trouble and the Doctor must find pieces of the Eternity Clock and put the clock back together to save the Universe. So this game has you running around different time periods in London solving puzzles to get the piece to the clock and put it together so you can save the universe. I am a major Whovian and i found this game to be a great time waster on the bus or at the airport to play. It includes voice acting from Alex Kingston (River Song) and Matt Smith (the Doctor) it is a 2d sidescroller similar to games like Castlevania. The only issue i had with this game on the Vita was the unneccesary use of the touch screen to solve puzzles. For example there are a few puzzled that involve putting these pieces to create a trail that touch each other so you can open a door or move an elevator, well in order to finish these puzzles you have to use the touch screen to twist turn and move the puzzle pieces which did get very annoying when all you have to do on the PS3 version is use the analog sticks and back buttons. I think they thought they needed to use the touchscreen since they designed the game for the vita but the segments that require the touch screens (these puzzles are mandatory on the touch screen) felt very very forced and unneccesary I really didn't like that at all. But for a whovian like myself and a Die hard Doctor who fan like myself this game is a fun timewaster that only costs you 10 bucks and it isn't meant to be taken seriously. For 10 bucks you get to feel like The Doctor and get a great story and great voice acting from Matt Smith and Alex Kingston. With the few glitches and a couple of annoyances with the touch screen i give this game an 8 for great story Docto Who gameplay,old school 2 d sidescrolling,and a fun Whovian timewaster Full Review »