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  • Summary: Dungeon Bandit is a huge 2D dungeon crawler game. Explore a fantasy world full of castles, tombs, pyramids, arenas, mazes and forests. Dungeon Bandit features fully interactive environments with puzzles, and large levels with secret areas. GAME FEATURES:• Universal app works on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch• Supports iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch resolutions• 16-20 hours of gameplay • 3 difficulty levels • 25 minutes of mood setting music • 3D immersive sound • Amazing dynamic lighting. Light torches to see better in the dungeons. • Unlock new areas and level up your hero! • Variety of weapons including pistol, shotguns, grenades, rocket launcher, flame thrower, fireballs, blades. • Avoid fireballs, blades, and spike traps, and crush enemies with sliding blocks. • Nonlinear gameplay lets you pick which locations you want to play first. • 64 progressively difficult levels spread across 8 unique locations. • Your goal is to collect keys and treasures while defending yourself from the neverending hordes of Ancient keepers. Find the exit and make it out alive to advance. • The more you play, the bigger and badder the world gets! • Combination of environmental puzzles and combat, with emphasis on combat JOIN THE FAN COMMUNITY -On Facebook at www.facebook.com/RockingPocketGames -On Twitter at twitter.com/RockingPocket Collapse
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