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Summary: Can you help save the people of Spira? Join Tidus and Yuna on an adventure to rid the world of Sin and bring about the Calm in one of the most popular FINAL FANTASY stories of all time. FINAL FANTASY X HD Remaster is a remastered edition of the game in HD, so if you’ve been wanting to relive your adventures (or experience the story for the first time) now’s your chance.
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Rating: T
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Developer: Virtuos
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
Cast Credit
Matt Miller Voice: Clasko
Greg Finley Voice: Additional Voices
Vernon Scott Voice: Additional Voices
Roger Jackson Voice: Wes Kinoc, Ixion's Fayth
Matt Mckenzie Voice: Auron
Paula Tiso Voice: Lulu
David Arnott Voice: Additional Voices
Judy Durand Voice: Additional Voices
Julia Fletcher Voice: Elma, Yunalesca
Richard Penn Voice: Additional Voices
Andy Philpot Voice: Braska (X)
Paige Pollack Voice: Additional Voices
David Randolph Voice: Additional Voices
David Rasner Voice: Brother, Trema
Noreen Reardon Voice: Additional Voices
Andre Sojliuzzo Voice: Zuke
Andreana Weiner Voice: Additional Voices
Ruth Zalduondo Voice: Additional Voices
Jack Fletcher Voice: Garik Ronso
Josh Gomez Voice: Baralai
Sarge Voice: Ormi
Scott Mosenson Voice: Additional Voices
Masasa Moyo Voice: Leblanc
Ogie Banks Voice: Buddy
Kath Soucie Voice: Taro
Tom Kenny Voice: Rin, Wantz, Bobba
Cree Summer Voice: Belgemine, Lenna, Calli, Young Tidus
Corey Burton Voice: Tromell Guado, Kelk Ronso
S. Scott Bullock Voice: Logos
Scott Menville Voice: Yaibal
Dwight Schultz Voice: Maechen, O'aka, Mika
Dee Bradley Baker Voice: Braska (X-2), Benzo, Ayde Ronso
Quinton Flynn Voice: Isaaru, Bickson
Gwendoline Yeo Voice: Paine
Gregg Berger Voice: Jecht
Alex Fernandez Voice: Seymour Guado
Phil Proctor Voice: Bayra, Donga
Tara Strong Voice: Rikku
Jill Talley Voice: Additional Voices
Grey Delisle Voice: Pukutak
Candi Milo Voice: Dona, Lucil, Pacce
Daisy Torme Voice: Nhadala
James Arnold Taylor Voice: Tidus, Shuyin
Robbie Rist Voice: Maroda, Ifrit's Fayth
Sherry Lynn Voice: Shelinda, Shiva's Fayth
Debi Derryberry Voice: Bahamut's Fayth
John Demita Voice: Luzzu, Barthello, Hypello, Graav, Barkeep
Catherine Cavadini Voice: Additional Voices
John Dimaggio Voice: Wakka, Kimahri Ronso
Rob Paulsen Voice: Tobli, Lian Ronso
Michael Mcshane Voice: Cid
Hedy Burress Voice: Yuna, Anima's Fayth
Olivia Hack Voice: Hana
Pamela Adlon Voice: Shinra
George Newbern Voice: Nooj
Rick Gomez Voice: Gippal
Adam Paul Voice: Gatta, Beclem
Vicki Davis Voice: Additional Voices
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