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Mixed or average reviews- based on 62 Ratings

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  • Summary: Join the party and discover all that PS Vita has to offer.
    -Enter Frobisher's colourful world and prepare to face one of the weirdest, funniest and most addictive gaming experiences around.
    -Try out the full range of the PS Vita system's features in a series of fast-paced mini-games.

    -Poke otters with sticks, deliver puddings, draw on eggs or smile at ladies as you respond to Frobisher's commands.
    -Pass the PS Vita system around up to seven of your friends for hilarious multiplayer sessions.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
  1. Apr 3, 2012
    It is not a perfect game and we don't think it will become a classic, but if you enjoy this sort of games, Frobisher Says! will offer you plenty of hours of fun while you are discovering what PSVITA is capable of. A game worth a chance.
  2. As a means of getting both your head and hands around Vita and its multitude of interfaces, there's nothing better. Forget the pre-loaded Welcome Park – within a few minutes of loading Frobisher Says, you feel at home stabbing, smudging and shaking away at the handheld.
  3. Mar 5, 2012
    A compelling mini-game compilation with the right dose of funny things to do. More than this it uses all the features of the PlayStation Vita and it's completely free.
  4. Feb 23, 2012
    Frobisher Says is an essential PS Vita download that perfectly shows off the console's various functionality.
  5. Mar 4, 2012
    Everything gets a laugh at least first time, followed by the satisfaction of figuring out how to do whatever you've been tasked with. The really stupid thing? This brilliant piece of idiocy is a freebie, available as a launch title for the pre-order crowd and then to everyone (for nothing) come May.
  6. Feb 28, 2012
    Visually striking, hilarious, heart-warming and, most importantly, fun to play, we still can't believe that Frobisher Says is a free download. It may not have the substance or longevity of Uncharted or WipEout, but manages to maintain equal, if not better, replay value, ideal for short five minute bursts or social gatherings.
  7. Mar 13, 2012
    As a free download, Frobisher Says may not be a waste of your money, but there are many better diversions on Vita to occupy your time.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 17
  2. Negative: 3 out of 17
  1. Feb 25, 2012
    Extremely fun must-have game for Vita. You just feel the excitement to follow all opt-out instructions what the character Frobisher says. Fun game and highly recommended especially for this cheap price Expand
  2. Sep 13, 2014
    Very funny, quirky and overall entertaining experience. You can play this game with up to 6 friends on one Vita. So it's something like best vita party game ever. It's free so... you should try it and then buy both dlc for only few bucks. It's basically a steal. :) Expand
  3. Mar 24, 2012
    Very funny game with interesting gameplay and different quests. Game gives an adrenalinic charge of cheerfulness at some o'clock. Being remembered Graphic style and Forbrisher's monologues do game unique! Expand
  4. Nov 29, 2012
    Don't be confused, this is a PSV tech demo, but it's a fun psv tech demo. Miles better than the welcome park pack in, this game delivers an enjoyable experience while showing you what that vita can do. Frobisher Says is also free, and for that reason alone it is a must own for any Vita owner. Expand
  5. Dec 26, 2013
    Very simple but very fun. The collection of mini-games (most of which are very weird and make very little sense) are actually quite entertaining, and the game is especially fun when played with a friend Expand
  6. Oct 24, 2012
    Even though it pissed me very much when I was playing lying in bed and it wanted me to find some specific color with the camera, 'Frobisher Says' is a very fun game and does a good job trying to be Sony's 'Wario Ware' (although shorter and repetitious). Its voice over is very funny and offers lots of language options. The rear pad minigames can be quite tricky (if not annoying) and I wish, as an entire game, it would offer more mini games and more variety. But, hey, it's free! Expand
  7. Mar 2, 2012
    Frobisher Says! is the Vita's vision of Nintendo's WarioWare. But The game forget the most important thing: bringing fun to the player. Frobisher is Boring and uninspired, and the controls are sometime broken. The back touchpad is not responding well, the cameras cant's see well when lit by artificial lights.
    Frobisher Says! don't cost anything, so you can test it if you dare, but don't complain, you've been advertised.

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