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  • Summary: Killzone: Mercenary proides a new perspective on the Killzone Universe. You’re not simply an Army grunt folling orders - you’re freelance gun for hire, a merc - a soldier of fortune - someone who doesn't play by the rules or fight for any particular flag. They’re in it for the cheddar. The client might enumerate the objective, but he won't tell you how to do your job. You formulate your own tactics and choose your own weapons; so long as you get the job done. The game provides a full single player Campaign, spread over 9 missions. In addition to the primary missions, there is a new Contracts mode, offering an additional 27 sets of objectives. You select from three difficulty settings; Recruit Trooper and Veteran. The harder the difficulty selected the higher the rewards earned. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 86
  2. Negative: 0 out of 86
  1. Sep 4, 2013
    After the disappointing Resistance: Burning Skies and the truly abysmal Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified, the Vita finally has a top shooter, which listens to the name of Killzone: Mercenary. Guerrilla Cambridge hit it out of the park with this fantastic handheld experience. It looks and plays great, its levels are varied and challenging, and the online multiplayer is hugely entertaining. If you own a Vita, you should own this game.
  2. Sep 4, 2013
    This may be the biggest production in the entire history of portable console games. Impressive technical aspects and a very polished AI, as well as lots of playability and a long playtime, both in single player mode and multiplayer mode.
  3. Sep 6, 2013
    The stunning graphics along with a decent single player campaign and a great multiplayer mode make Mercenary the best Vita game for this autumn.
  4. Sep 4, 2013
    Graphically astounding and packing some serious online firepower, this is the high-budget handheld hit that you’ve been waiting for.
  5. Sep 4, 2013
    Mercenary is a truly great shooter, one that was crafted with the hardcore shooter fan in mind. There’s a lot to love here -- even if its campaign is woefully short – from its deep Contracts mode to its engaging multiplayer functionality.
  6. Mercenary is a big budget FPS on a handheld, done as right as it can be, but it’s still not quite good enough. [November 2013, p80]
  7. Sep 4, 2013
    At its most basic, shooting guys in the face in Killzone: Mercenary can be enjoyable but never gives the player any credit in any other facet of the game. Not to mention a repetitive, uninspired mission structure and pocketfuls of missed opportunities, the campaign length coming in at just under four hours.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 2 out of 104
  1. Sep 10, 2013
    Once again some of the critics are slating this game. One giving it a pathetic 55! What a moron. This game is epic reviews like that destroy the games chance and sales. I have finished the campaign except for the extra side missions and have been playing the multiplayer daily. The campaign is great just wish it was a bit longer but with the covert side missions adds extra playability. The graphics are superb the best on the vita by far it comes close to ps3 quality the multiplayer is great and addictive and I have not experienced any lag. All in all this is the best vita game and first person shooter on a handheld. Don't listen to some of these so called critics who probably aren't true gamers that are giving it ridiculously low scores. If your after great graphics controls gameplay and lots of replay you won't be disappointed. Expand
  2. Sep 23, 2013
    Must Buy. Low review scores are people hopeful that better may one day be made, or people not understanding what they have...
    To see a game
    like this running on about 4watts of power (screen included) is a technical marvel. Due to the Killzone Engine being ported very cleverly to Vita, and excellent use of hardware sound, and cleverly rewriting some tricks to the video chip (as well as the low level APIs allowing the defered tile based renderer of the video chip to function..) we can see here a game that looks like second gen titles usually do, really well polished at utilysing the Vita to its fullest. 4-5 hours main campaign! PFFT! I am 24hrs into the main campaign and have only half played it. It only counts the hours in completed games, and never any of the players runs that end in death. The reality is I have put 50hrs plus into this game, and have started to scratch the surface. I do not usually add net reviews except when exceptional efforts go unoticed. The AI in this game has NEVER been done on a handheld. "Missions" are a nice way to get the player to 'redo' levels, but the play style varies totally by loadout, so I have been having an absolute blast replaying a very dynamic game. The AI is where the compliments belong for the addictiveness of this game. The AI plays like good human players do. And the enjoyment from a new death is awesome, this game keeps me on my toes. The online is brilliant. The load times hidden by (cancellable) level intros is a Vita win. An oh the sound!! This game has well recorded sound effects that appear to be occluded and possibly even source traced. Something that sound cards in PCs did around the year 2000 (A3D 2.0), and then died with Windows destroying hardware sound. To my knowledge this is the first time we have had non software sound cards in a console that is doing these advanced features (part of using the vita to the max) Richard Leadbetters interview with the team revealed all sorts of tricks used in this game. My only criticisms have been the hit zone on switches not being overly relaxed, forcing me to realign my camera and breaking the immersion a little. In fairness this is because I turned *off* all screen feedbacks leaving only the map. The game is nice as it tells you to reload before you completely empty, and the fun of knowing that the soldier you are fighting might just go down before a clip swapout keeps the action and intensity at full. I am not a game junkie. I buy many games, have most platforms, and have had since the Atari 2600. I understand the tech inside my boxes, and this game thrills me as much as a ninja PC running Battlefield III etc. Apart of this is the no lag OLED screen. For the first time in a decade an action game feels like an action game. I cannot stress enough how MUST BUY this game is even for casuals. Be aware it is worthy of its R18 violence rating, and we might not see another game to push a platform so hard for a long while. The joy of playing a game like this for four hours off a battery is insane. Since getting this game I am playing/charging+ playing/playing and for the first time ever been getting a 'craw' handcramp (after 10-12 hours solid play). This makes Persona seem unaddictive. Please, ignoring the graphics and sound, the fun/well presented story, and the addictive collectiveness of Valour Cards and ranks/loadouts; the immensly replayable nature of missions due to the diverse AI, and alternate routes/methods to clear areas is enough to just keep coming back. Oh and 8 player online is brilliant due to very clever map designs and weapon options. And it looks slick,plays slick, and nails the reason why people bought their Vitas. OLED brilliance (with a game at native resolution antialiasing), the Wolfson sound chip rendering hardware sound effects, this game is doing something nothing else in the world presently is. This is the cutting edge of video games, and it is in your pocket, playable on the bus/train, and does what iPads won't do anytime soon. I would rate this game 9.5, but the one graphical glitch on average every 1.5hrs and the few nit picks I have, I have a solid belief that patches will fix. Oh Yeah, the 1200MB day one patch is a two edged sword... makes the game unplayable on 4GB cards and should have been downloaded at the same time as the game (in my eyes- as it was a preorder and I was meant to be playing it DAY 1 Sept 3rd, in AUstralia). So whilst that patch is good incentive and shows the devs care. It was inconvenient and locked out a few people, so that would scratch a half point from the ten,.. but as it is this game is 10 worthy. it blows away the past and sets standard for the future. I hope we get more like this!!! Expand
  3. Apr 25, 2014
    After playing both Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified and Resistance: Burning Skies, this game is a god send from Guerrilla Cambridge. Not only is the story interwoven between Killzone and Killzone 2, but it is also unqiue and thrilling in all aspects from quality to depth. The Multiplayer is also a great addition to the Killzone franchsie with 4v4 action and a variety of weapons to choose from. The Single player also has quite a lot ore-playability with Contracts to do for each mission and Intel to collect.

    I have waited for a long time for this game to come out and I can say that you will not be disappointed if you purchase this game. Long Live Killzone!
  4. Sep 11, 2013
    Well,what can I say..?Killzone is the game which humilliates CoD:BoD.It makes CoD feel like a joke and at the same time humbling it wOW.
    Killzone Mercenary is the best videogame on PS Vita device.Its weapons,its graphics its way of responding in player's needs make it apparently the best choice for the Vita system.I recommend everyone to buy Killzone Mercenary...Really...ITS THE SOMETHING ELSE!!!
  5. Sep 22, 2013
    Perfectly designed for the handheld in terms of short exciting missions structures. Great story with a couple of twists and excellent gameplay mechanics and graphics. I have no issue with the level design being adapted to short pickup and play game play periods on a handheld and I feel the end result is exactly how the developer envisaged it to be.

    Great replay ability through multiplayer, collectables and specific contract conditions.I don't often return to a game following completion but this is so playable, The only other game getting some time in the midst of my GTA V addiction. Best Vita game for me. That says it all.
  6. Sep 11, 2013
    From the loading screen to the menus to the gameplay and graphics, it's evident that Guerrilla Cambridge really put a lot of effort in to this game. Unlike other PS Vita FPS's that have come out prior, this game has polish in every aspect: graphics, sounds, lighting, shadows, reflections, customization, gameplay, multiplayer and replay-ability. It FEELS like a PS3 game as far as quality and scale.
    So far, I'm only 3 missions in to the campaign having spent most of my time on the multiplayer which I don't see as a negative, multiplayer is addicting and super fun. This is hard feat to accomplish on a handheld, especially in the FPS landscape, but it's been done beautifully by Guerrilla Cambridge. The map design is incredible whether on the multiplayer suite or the singleplayer. The detail is almost hard to believe considering it's on a handheld device.

    This is a must-buy for any PS Vita owner. And if you're on the fence about buying a PS Vita, this game may very well push you over the edge.

    My score:

    Graphics 10 (best I've seen on PS Vita)
    Sound 9
    Controls 9
    Singleplayer 8 (only 3 missions in)
    Multiplayer 10

    Only negative:
    - 1 for occasional connectivity issues and freezing, nothing that can't be patched though.

    Final: 9/10
  7. Apr 12, 2014
    call of duty only much worse. short and frustrating. pretty graphics. bought based on good reviews. those giving it 10 are morons. waste of money. go play uncharted the golden abyss Expand

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