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  1. Jan 6, 2013
    I was an **** to Knytt Underground in my first review and realized after playing it some more that its just me being harsh. Knytt Underground is a beautiful game with great platforming. While the story bonding it is poor, its not poor enough to slate it to **** I like this game and hope it is on of many to come.
  2. Feb 14, 2013
    While there's undoubtedly an awful lot to like about Knytt Underground, a couple of unsavoury aspects of the game really tarnished the whole experience for me. First of which is the characters, and moreover, the graphical design of them. I'm so sorry, but they look plain ugly. Freakishly so, leading me to frantically skip past segments of dialogue far too often. Meanwhile the second issue surrounds exactly that the rubbish that spewed out of their mouths. Extended conversations with NPC's began to grate, and it just smacked of someone trying far too hard to be funny. And as a result, succeeding only in coming across as wholly immature. Thankfully however, the fabulous metroidvania-style, secret hunting, exploration, and wonderfully moody backdrop saved the day for Nifflas Co. All things considered, I'd still recommend Knytt Underground, particularly so to existing fans of the Knytt series, but with a caveat of proceeding with caution for everyone else. Expand
  3. Jan 23, 2014
    An atmospheric platformer based on exploration is an idea that seems like something I'd really enjoy, but I did not like it. The game was fun for about an hour but after the initial wow factor for the visuals wore off, there was just a below average platformer. It was kind of just walking from room to room. There's just something about it that didn't make it that special and I didn't want to keep going after a little bit of player. Expand
  4. Feb 21, 2013
    Now I gave this game a solid 8 not because it's bad or because gameplay is sucky. It's because that the price point of 15$ is too hard for me too swallow for a game of this kind. The game was on offer for PS+ in which I seised the moment to get it. If this game was for 10$ I would recommend it to anyone, so peace out everyone.
  5. Jan 15, 2013
    This game is a solid indie platformer, but a huge step back compared to a original Knytt. I am a big fan of Knytt Stories, in fact I think it is best indie platformer of all times along with a Cave Story. Saira was a first huge disappointment for me both in terms of graphic style and changed gameplay. And I HATE see Nifflas used same extremely boring black-silhouette design. The pseudo-realistic background is not very good aesthetically in my opinion, but it certainly does not looks ugly. But the fact that 80% of the game screen is black is freaking annoying. I am making such a big accent on a graphic aesthetics since the visuals are like 80% of the previous games charming nature. After 15 minutes in a Knytt Underground EVERY FREAKING SCREEN LOOKS THE SAME. The fact that game design is now much more linear in nature that may bore you to death.You are literally walking the hand-drawn line in a black landscapes and that does not look fun or original, in fact this looks sinister. Newly introduced NPC's are very annoying, dialogs are rude, quest looks very forced and repetitive. Basically it's always "hit a wall, go back, collect some whatever, return to an NPC".

    TL;DR: Due to the constantly same level styles, same design, same repetitive process game is EXTREMELY BORING. Gameplay may look like a solid well-designed platformer, but it is lifeless, forced, there is literally no exploration.
    This game is nothing compared to Knytt / Knytt Stories or even a Deep Forest.
  6. Jul 27, 2013
    Gets really repetitive and boring after a while...still can be fun to play for about 10 hours. Since I got it free from PS+, then I can't complain....or can I? Ummm...just checked and no, I can't complain.
  7. Dec 27, 2012
    So I decided to download this game when I saw it on the PS Store, so I came in with no expectations and no idea what the game would play like bar a quick watch on youtube. It's an adventure platformer with some of the most unique and visceral level design I've been lucky enough to play. You can run around in this game endlessly and take in each area as the soothing soundtrack quietly serenades you in the background. Unfortunately it's let down by the story in my opinion with d the dialogue lacking when moving through chapters it can become a chore completing quests, the characters depend on you but you feel no motivation to get the job done for their well being instead it's just you on an adventure filling out the map as you go through undiscovered area's and find as many collectibles as you can, during the process you'll complete most of the game (how I did it) and with it hours will have gone by. It's one of those strange games where the story is seriously put on the back burner to the experience you get from just taking in the unique aspects of this game. It the story had more to it this game would have most likely been an 8 I'll give it a 7 as I really enjoyed the exploring and soundtrack. It's let down by a lack of variety in gameplay with limited control but made up for by the gorgeous graphics and scenery. Definitely worth a try at least and you'll find yourself getting sucked in. Expand
  8. Dec 28, 2012
    Frente a los numerosos "New" que, no nos engañemos, acaban ofreciendo básicamente lo mismo en el género de las plataformas, Nifflas vuelve a la carga con el Knytt más grande y transgresor que ha programado hasta la fecha. Los amantes de los dos anteriores títulos tal vez echemos en falta el amoroso pixelado de Juni o muy especialmente la posibilidad de cargar niveles de los usuarios, pero este Knytt Underground es todo lo que un aficionado de las plataformas, de la exploración y de los retos puede esperar: "bigger, better and more badass". Llevo jugándolo toda una semana y aún me quedan muchos rincones del mapeado por descubrir. Recomiendo a cualquier jugador que evite los perjuicios hacia los gráficos de ciertos personajes: los fondos, el diseño de niveles y la música son sencillamente maravillosos, transmitiendo una atmósfera de melancolía y surrealismo que se apoya en el trasfondo de las muchas historias que pueblan este mundo subterráneo. En el aspecto netamente jugable es para mí el mejor metroidvania en años, pero es que además, como todo buen vino, está lleno de matices. Expand
  9. Dec 28, 2012
    I gave Knytt Underground a go on the PS Vita because it was offered as part of the PS Plus membership. I have been really enjoying the experience so far. Knytt Underground is a fairly atmospheric 2d platformer/rpg. The graphical style is in a sense lo fi but has quite a unique feel to it and it suits the game well and looks great on the Vita. The main draw is exploring and exploring in abundance as the game map is really quite big. I found the plot and setting of the game to be quite interesting and well defined. Knytt Underground is extremely atmospheric. The game play reminded me a lot of the early 2d super metroid games and something about the sound track reminds me of parts of final fantasy 7. I would recommend this game as it is enjoyable, compelling and overall very well designed, although the size of the game map can be a little overwhelming at times. Knytt Underground feels refreshing and like a throw back to a previous era of video games. Had this of been released on the SNES I'm sure that it would still be fondly remembered. It would be an injustice if too many people pass thing game by. Expand
  10. Jan 11, 2013
    One of the best games I've played in a long time. There's some story if you want it but its more about exploration. The first to chapters are short and more tutorial than anything but once you unlock the final chapter the map expands to an enormous side and just makes running around that much more fun. You can do quests and side missions( or not). Your main focus is to ring these six bells to " stop something from happening". But that's not it there are an incredible amount of secret areas from the main menu to inside the campaign area. And if you can find em you'll get trophies, mini games, and other mini stories. This game has a lot of bang for your buck! Expand
  11. Feb 8, 2013
    I bought this game with minimal background knowledge or expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised by how deeply I was drawn in. I've been gaming for 30 years, and I'm about as jaded as they come most games put me to sleep these days. Knytt Underground for some reason pulled me in and I couldn't stop playing. The graphics are simple but beautiful, and the atmosphere is great. Essentially the game is a puzzle platformer with heavy emphasis on exploration. Lots of secret rooms and platform challenges to work out. There's also a surprisingly funny and smart story pulling it all together. I can see that this game isn't for everyone, as it's a bit slower-paced and "arty". I'd imagine the CoD shooter-bro meatheads would hate it, but I for one think it's one of the best games I've played in the past few years. Expand
  12. Apr 27, 2013
    This game is awful. Not completely bad, but still really, really awful.
    Let's talk about the good parts first. The graphics are gorgeous for the most part. The music is beautiful, the sound design is wondrous. Seriously, the whole atmosphere is just what you'd expect from a Nifflas game: Calm and enchanting.
    The game-play isn't bad. There's a huge world to explore. Sometimes it's a
    little annoying to have to go to the other side of the world along paths you have taken a dozen times to get some item, but otherwise navigation is fun and exciting.

    Too bad the fun stops here. The character design is HORRID. These characters look so bad, it made me want to punch whoever designed them. They look like somebody was too lazy to properly draw them and instead chose to make pre-rendered (and ugly) parts to mix and match to make characters.
    Then there's the story and characters and these are awful, as well. The game is preachy as heck, constantly trying to force some kind of discussion about religion, fanaticism and rationality down our throats. While I personally find that topic very interesting, I found it incredibly out-of-place and forced in this game.
    The main character travels around the world with two fairies for most of the game. Each of them represents one side of the argument: You have a fairy that is into science logic and rationality and you have fairy devoted to spirituality and stuff. And since the main character's mute, the fairies do the talking for her. And they are both stupid!
    The science fairy is an arrogant, hateful dick, constantly insulting people and sometimes even threatening them with horrible violence. There is even one part where she suggests killing a whole bunch of people. Seriously!
    The Religion Fairy is a complete dimwit and sometimes it seems that she will believe in freaking anything anybody says. Instead of making both sides of the argument look valid and important to consider, Nifflas makes both sides look terrible.
    Now, the two fairies DID grow on me a little over the game, to a point where I didn't loathe their guts any more. They have back-stories and even a bit of character growth and the game actually manages to be surprisingly inclusive here and there, but it's all too little too late. And none of it feels natural. The whole game looks like an interesting post-apocalyptic setting which someone violently beat an religion-conflict into. Fanatical fairy parents who don't approve of their fairy daughter becoming a scientist is just very, very silly and doesn't do the topic justice.
    Play something else.
  13. Jan 7, 2013
    Having played through both Within A Deep Forest and Knytt/Knytt Stories and other Nifflas games, Knytt Underground was a game I've been waiting for for a long time. The three original games, to which Underground is a continuation, were extraordinarily atmospheric games with very minimalistic plot, graphics, music and (in a way) gameplay. Yet the simplicity of all the constituent parts combined into magically immersive experiences. Knytt series had a more open and exploratory gameplay, while WADF also had some inventive puzzles and Metroid-like progression system. Both series also had expansive and open worlds to explore.
    Knytt Underground attempts to combine the two series. You play as a sprite, with gameplay similar to Knytt, but you can transform your character into a ball at any moment, which turns the gameplay into WADF. Many puzzles are built around shifting between the two forms at the right moment. The ball also has a sort of energy lasso thing, which allows it to swing off some special objects. The game has three formal chapters with some extra levels (interludes, demo, etc)
    Now, in terms of gameplay and atmosphere, it's the same good old Knytt, only with more focus on progression and less freedom. You will quite often encounter closed doors which will require you to solve a puzzle or complete a fetch quest (which are, by the way, consciously criticised both by the main characters and the quest-providing NPCs as being boring and unnecessary). The quests aren't boring though, as they involve lots of interesting exploration and puzzle solving. The controls feel sharp and the switches between the sprite and ball form are seamless and immensely satisfying.
    A big change to the formula is the plot. Unlike the previous Nifflas games, Underground has a lot of dialogue, and the premise itself is quite detailed in comparison to Knytt/Knytt Stories. There are lots of NPCs which will give you quests or information. The dialogue can be really goofy at times, like when one of the main characters starts swearing like a drunk stevedore and acts like a typical edgy teenager IN ALL CAPS. The plot examines themes of religion, ambition, faith, technology, metafiction and all sorts of other things. It even tries to be philosophical at times. In all, the addition of a detailed story put me off at first, as it seemed to brake the atmosphere, but then it got more interesting and engaging.
    The graphics are gorgeous. The style is borrowed from Saira, one of Nifflas previous games. It incorporates phototextures with vector graphics and pretty nice particle FX. The colors are vivid and there's a lot of that fine detail and movement for which Nifflas is famous. The characters look pretty cheap though, like they were taken from some facebook or iPhone flash game. Seriously. Also, sometimes its way too dark. But overall, the graphics are great, especially considering the amount of unique content that was created pretty much by hand.
    The world map is HUGE. It's the kind of game that you won't be able to finish in one evening. And, considering all the secrets and extra contents, alternative paths and hidden rooms, you'll spend quite a lot of time finding all that. It doesn't get old though. You'll want to come back for more and more.
    Overall, I enjoyed Knytt Underground a lot. The addition of an RPG-like storytelling is a bit controversial, but it works fairly good. And the atmosphere is as immersive as ever.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 5 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 5
  2. Negative: 0 out of 5
  1. Jan 19, 2013
    Knytt Underground relies on exploration and on the charme of the environments, giving to the player the possibility to discover a gigantic subterranean world.
  2. Jan 11, 2013
    Knytt Underground is sure to be one of the most controversial games of the year. It's daring in all the right ways, poking at hot topics and digging into the origins of religion. Even if you ignore the deeply personal narrative, you'll find that Knytt Underground offers one of the most elaborate game worlds ever created. It's a marvel that will keep you going for dozens of hours!
  3. Jan 7, 2013
    Knytt Underground is a sensory journey to live. The gameplay is well built, but the real strength of this game lies in the plot and in the effectiveness of graphics and sound.