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  1. Oct 23, 2013
    To say that this is the worst game of all time is a little bit of an exaggeration. I hear there might be games where you are able to repeatedly attack a wall of broken glass with your face and this game is slightly better than that. This is a Lego game in name only. Gone are the collection of studs, the familiar "True Hero/Adventurer/Wizard" mechanics in favor of, well, nothing. There are a few challenges per level that must be completed in order to gain gold bricks and unlock characters. These challenges might be entertaining if the controls did not send you in random directions. You will walk left to escape an enemy's attack only to be thrown in another direction and right into the path of the enemy. Remember permanent death in Lego games? Me neither!! At least until this game. If you lose enough hearts, you die and start the level over. Of course, the levels are so short that there are "Challenges" to complete the level in under 90 seconds. Yep. No exploration. No encouraging you to find every little nook and cranny. There is one minikit per level that is not even well hidden. It is like an elephant behind a lightpole. Do you want to use different characters per level, switching between favorites on the fly, you know...the Free Play mode in every Lego game? Forget it you greedy person you! No Free Play here! Sure, the sound and graphics are good but they can only take it so far. This game is a blight and should be stricken from our memory. Full Review »
  2. Nov 18, 2013
    I so wanted to give this a minus score or at best a zero, but I have to acknowledge the effort that some people have put into it, so for the artwork and cellophane wrapping I award an extra point. The game is dreadful, gone is free roam, gone is the long levels of previous releases, hell gone is pretty much everything, whats left is a growth on the side of the good lego name, the game has 15 levels each level (which corresponds to the consoles levels) is split into sections each with its own set of challenges which net you 10 gold blocks each (30 gold blocks per level) these mini levels can all be completed in about 2 mins or under, in fact thats one gold brick right there, its all very simple, to complete the challenges you will have to go back through each of the sections multiple times after your initial play through unlocks free play, and im guessing it would be supreme boredom, I say guess because honestly I have not even played through two complete levels so gutted and p****d off was I at this excuse for a game, people say its a 3DS port, but even the 3DS can run a full lego game, I cannot take it back and its trade in price is a full £16 lower than purchase only 2 days after launch, in the name of all that is holy do not buy this, buy the console version its much better in fact that has an awesome campaign, anyway I digress, upon starting the game you cannot swap characters fly or anything like that, your taken on a tutorial mission that teaches you to control everything via touch screen, in one horrendous moment I thought they had changed lego to point and click! Needless to say you have to figure out the controls yourself as the touchscreen controls are mostly fubar, and trying to sort out what does what is trial and error, anyway ...oh hell ive lost the will to go on with this it really is that bad, its sucking the soul out of me, something lego should never do... Full Review »
  3. Oct 25, 2013
    This is not the old handheld lego games, this is not a port of the console games, but with that said this game is very good! It may not be worth the 39.99, if it was 29.99 it would be better, but if you take the time to play the game, and play with the characters, and submerge yourself into this game, it is a lot of fun. Don't have an image of what this game should be, and just go in with what the game is, and I guarantee you will like this game. Full Review »