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Generally favorable reviews- based on 41 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 4 out of 41

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  1. Mar 14, 2012
    I thought this game deserved a mention seeing as nobody has made a review. I bought this last night and have played through some of the levels. The game is pretty much the same as the PC version which I've had and played a fair amount of over the years. The Vita version is actually a better version as the touch screen features have made the game more "twitchy" and you can react a lot quicker than with a mouse. It also makes use of the Vita's Gyroscope meaning you can do things like collect suns and coins just by slightly tilting the console..... For £8.99 it might seem a bit steep and I feel that the game would've been better priced and more supported by Vita users if it was around the £4.99 region, especially as it is competing with titles such as MotorStorm RC and Mutant Blobs attack which are both priced under a fiver and are unique games and not a rehash. Expand
  2. Mar 29, 2012
    I'm giving this a 5 because though I find it to be an amazing and timeless game, I think it's price is WAY too high. I bought this game on my ipad/iphone long ago at $0.99 and it is basically the same game. Not to mention for $0.99 on the ipad it is still very portable but is easier to play on a 9.7' screen. They need to lower the price because this game was only worth $15 when it released on the PC years ago. Expand
  3. Jul 31, 2012
    An amazing game that rightfully deserved to be ported for the Vita, and has been done so superbly probably making it the best version due to its many extras and features (tilt to collect suns and coins). The problem is the inexcusable price which is downright ridiculous when it is available on most other platforms for a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, the features that make this the definitive version just aren't enough to warrant the hefty price tag. You will be better of waiting for a price drop before picking this one up, but when you do, I can promise you the game will not disappoint. Expand
  4. Nov 20, 2012
    The same excellent game it has always been,but at a very high price.The touch screen works fine with this version but if you've played it on any other system,then you don't need this.
  5. Jun 18, 2012
    PvsZ its an interesting choice for PS Vita users , and its better when you haven't played any of the other versions of the game in the other systems . While the Vita version has a nice gimmick , for example , tilting adds a little of flexible game-play and little bit easier . Consider the game a worthy one but ignoring the price tag of $14.99.
  6. Apr 3, 2013
    As of this review I haven't quite yet finished the game but I think I pretty much get the gist. It's a decent game but a bit over hyped in my opinion. As a tower defense game it's pretty good. It's set up like a board game and the plants/zombies are the 'pieces', and each provides a unique dynamic to the power struggle. There is definitely strategy involved here but for the most part all you really need to do to win is set up pea shooters and wait for them to mow down the zombies, and pick off any that are virtually immune to the pea shooters with anything else you have. That can get a bit tedious after a while but I guess this game is more meant for short bursts anyway. The night levels provide more challenge but they manage to be more boring than the day levels at the same time, since it takes so much longer to build up your line of defense. On the other hand the game is packed full of content. Besides the story mode itself, there are 20 unique minigames and a section of puzzle games as well so you're definitely getting some replay value for your money. Expand
  7. Jul 27, 2012
    The somewhat over-used Plants vs. Zombies on everything ever has a nearly perfect formula; a fun game, plants that kill things, stupid zombies, a house, a upgrade system, excellent gameplay, repetitive gameplay... oh... Plants vs. Zombies knows that its amazing. It knows it so much it becomes a bit lazy when it comes to level design in the story. That is my only problem with Plants vs. Zombies. Pop-cap games have clearly put their heart and soul into this game. They've thought of every possible feature possible for the game. Everything has a story, even the plants, and its amazing to see it. All of this fits perfectly on the Vita's screen. A solid game that will always be worthy of some credit. Expand
  8. Jul 17, 2012
    While the price tag is a bit too high for my tastes, the game is still fun and exciting. It looks sharp and runs admirably and controls relatively nice, tilting the Vita to gather sun and coins is a fantastic feature that's never forced on you. There are a few control hiccups but nothing that got in my way of enjoying the game.
  9. Dec 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My suggestions for picking levels are:

    It should be a level you feel comfortable clearing. There’s no point in making this hard on yourself. Personally, I suck at the “memory” game with the zombie camels in Ancient Egypt if you’re good at this minigame, you can kill a lot of zombies quickly, though.
    Try to find levels where there are lots of zombies quickly. For instance, levels that use the conveyor belt to give you plants instead of buying them for sun tend to ramp up quicker. Normal levels tend to take a couple of minutes before you’re killing zombies at any appreciable rate.
    Pick a level in the same era that you need keys in. As I said before, keys only work in the era you win them in, so don’t make the silly mistake of grinding in Ancient Egypt when you need keys in Pirate Seas.

    Again, keys are relatively rare, so plan to spend a good amount of playtime earning each one.
    Fastest Keys for Casual Players

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Generally favorable reviews - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
  1. Apr 16, 2012
    A great version of the now-ubiquitous game, this is definitely worth a bite, so long as you can stomach the price.
  2. Players in it for the Trophies may find the price worth it, but most will be satisfied with the version they probably already own. [May 2012, p.77]
  3. Anyone who has already played this tower defense game on the iPad will agree that it's one the most addicting downloadable games ever. The setup is simple: protect your home from vast hordes of zombies using all different kinds of veggies, plants and weeds plucked straight from your garden. [April 2012, p.101]