Resistance: Burning Skies PlayStation Vita

  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: May 29, 2012

Mixed or average reviews - based on 63 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 63
  2. Negative: 10 out of 63
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  1. May 28, 2012
    The story here is forgettable, the action is formulaic, and the multiplayer is simplistic.
  2. May 29, 2012
    Burning Skies leaves little doubt that the Vita is a comfortable home for first-person shooters, but the platform's first FPS is disappointingly dated. Toothless enemies and simplistic level design make for tepid campaign action, and the solid multiplayer suite is too limited to be a big draw.
  3. May 30, 2012
    Burning Skies isn't a failure by any means. While the visuals won't sell you on the console's power like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the campaign is filled with the big boss fights and unique weaponry you expect from the series. As long as you're not hoping for a console-quality multiplayer experience, Burning Skies should satisfy fans.
  4. May 29, 2012
    For a portable shooter, it's really quite good but for a Resistance entry, one finds it somewhat lacking. Still, it's well worth a look.
  5. Jun 7, 2012
    Resistance: Burning Skies should have been a must-have PlayStation Vita title, but in the rush to get the system's first dual analogue FPS out onto the market, Sony missed the Chimera's head with Riley's axe and chopped the legs right out from under it instead. It's discouraging to see, especially when Vita could greatly benefit from a solid first party release. The only thing burning in these Chimeran-infested skies here is a whole lot of wasted potential.
  6. May 29, 2012
    It not only becomes increasingly repetitive as it nears the climax but also puts a significant strain on players' patience as Nihilistic injects enemies with a higher HP and more powerful weapons, rather than finding a more engaging way to challenge players. It's a jarring difficulty spike that almost undermines everything the game has so far accomplished as it impressively leaps from one set-piece to the next.
  7. May 29, 2012
    The shooting is top notch, but poor pacing and bland environments ensure you never engage with what's going on, and technical hiccups and formulaic game modes sour the multiplayer. This game proves the potential power of the genre on its device, but not the potential excellence of its own franchise.
  8. Jun 12, 2012
    A game especially oriented for hardcore gamers, with frantic action and a good multiplayer mode that will offer fun for hours, although we expected some more.
  9. Jun 4, 2012
    In the end, Resistance: Burning Skies Review is a good first person shooter title for the PS Vita that although won't win any awards for originality, it still provides the player with a fun game with decent controls.
  10. May 31, 2012
    Nihilistic proves that ego-action finally can work rather well on mobile platforms – in theory. But as part of the Resistance franchise Burning Skies is rather disappointing. The formula has been boiled down to run of the mill action with unbelievable characters in rather bland surroundings and forced touch controls that will distract you more than they will help.
  11. May 30, 2012
    The pitch-perfect controls and delightfully old-school multiplayer mode justify this game's existence beyond novelty.
  12. May 29, 2012
    There is potential here, some moments that show the capability of Vita to present a really good FPS experience, but those moments are undermined by important graphical glicthes, poor AI, bland story and and a too short campaign with basic multiplayer.
  13. Jun 13, 2012
    As for the overall environments themselves, they definitely had some great ideas, but in the end they just don't seem to have the oomph to push you over the edge and be wowed by them.
  14. Jun 4, 2012
    Resistance : Burning Skies doesn't surprise in any way but its excellent playability and arsenal. The rest is basic, ordinary, and uninspired.
  15. Jun 3, 2012
    Resistance:Burning Skies offers decent controls and pretty cool weapons. Although that's an accomplishment in itself, the game does nothing further to set itself apart and merely offers a mediocre experience.
  16. Jun 2, 2012
    Resistance: Burning Skies brings the series' strong points to a handheld with a good arsenal of weapons and lots of action. Other than that, the game achieves little.
  17. 50
    As a singleplayer experience, Burning Skies only manages to be mediocre with occasional surprises and fun. Flaws like overly relying on touch doesn't help either.
  18. May 31, 2012
    Resistance: Burning Skies is an excellent proof of concept. It is the tech demo that shows third-party publishers that first-person shooters can be achieved on the Vita hardware. It is by no means a crowning achievement. Instead, Nihilistic have opened the door for other, more accomplished developers to step through.
  19. May 30, 2012
    Burning Skies does a decent job in terms of experimentation, thanks to the "hybrid" controls, but the graphics are worse than expected and the single player campaign does nothing new for the series.
  20. May 30, 2012
    Developer Nihilistic seems settled on the idea that bringing Resistance to the Vita is an inherently bold and innovative move, and that doing anything truly interesting beyond that is unnecessary. It's not a strictly bad FPS, but it's so damn perfunctory, so set on ticking the absolute minimum number of boxes and moving on, it's largely boring and forgettable.
  21. May 30, 2012
    It's the little things that add up, one by one, to an often hypnotically bland, slapdash campaign. The core is sound enough, but Burning Skies is far too shabby in places for what is supposed to be the flagship first-party shooter on the Vita - indeed, the flagship shooter on handhelds, full stop.
  22. May 29, 2012
    Resistance: Burning Skies can be linear and its mission objectives predictable, but it has the look and feel of a fully-fledged shooter, and that's something you won't find elsewhere. The visuals look almost on par with its PS3 forebears on the smaller screen and the gameplay endeavours match them in scope and intensity. In theory, it should be a classic, but a weak story and straightforward missions makes it only surface-deep.
  23. May 29, 2012
    Resistance: Burning Skies is a competent game that simply falls flat in just about every category. The shooting is mechanically sound, but never really interesting. The presentation is simply broken at times, and the cut scenes are downright embarrassingly low-resolution. The online is dismissive and the campaign is short and flat. It really feels like this is more of an example of what can be done with a shooter on the Vita, than a thought-out experience.
  24. May 29, 2012
    A conventional, by-the-numbers shooter that just about stands out for its enjoyable firefights, in both single and multiplayer, and for being the first handheld FPS to really work.
  25. May 29, 2012
    Resistance Burning Skies made us angry: expectations were high, and not all were disappointed, but the general impression is that with greater care and attention to detail, it could have easily become a must buy, bolstered by a well-designed control system, a large arsenal and a funny multiplayer. As it stands, however, is only recommended for fans of the genre or of the Resistance brand.
  26. May 29, 2012
    Burning Skies has many flaws, make no mistake about it. But despite all these flaws I've had quite a lot of fun with the game and I'll probably return to it many times, especially for the multiplayer.
  27. May 29, 2012
    What happened? Boring graphics, too short a campaign and bad level design. Too bad.
  28. May 29, 2012
    The FPS doesn't launch with much of a bang on the Vita. Resistance is a decidedly average game with major control and graphics issues that make it a chore more often that you'd like. The promise of competitive online is mostly squandered.
  29. May 28, 2012
    Hardcore Resistance fans will no doubt like what Nihilistic have managed to get the Vita to do, but for everyone else this is little more than a competent, hard working game that ticks the right boxes but never really pushes the boat out. The graphics are hit and miss, the sound generally terrible and the controls need some work. But it's not a bad game.
  30. Aug 10, 2012
    Resistance: Burning Skies is an admirable effort but ends of leaving a lot to be desired. The game may carry the popular Resistance name, but the experience certainly doesn't mimic the standard(s) set by that previous entries in the series. Still, this is solid proof that the FPS-genre can succeed on a handheld system.
  31. Aug 3, 2012
    Proof that first person shooters can work perfectly on portable consoles. The arsenal is as good as ever in the Resistance-series, but the campaign is quite short and forgettable.
  32. Hyper Magazine
    Jul 19, 2012
    Worthwhile for fans, but it's not up there with the rest of the series. [Aug 2012, p.70]
  33. Jul 9, 2012
    While Burning Skies in fact proves that the Vita is capable of handling the First Person Shooter genre, the game in itself leaves much to be desired. A weak story, an uninteresting online multiplayer and an overall lack of polish keep it from reaching the lofty heights the franchise deserves.
  34. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Jul 4, 2012
    Familiar foes and even familiar ideas await to present a paint-by-numbers challenge. Despite occasional clipping, frequent atmosphere-breaking occurrences of bodies blinking out of existence, and an ally who literally warps to your next objective point, Burning Skies isn't a terrible game – it's just horribly average. Admirable ideas are matched by disappointing decisions. [July 2012, p80]
  35. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Jun 29, 2012
    As a portable game, Burning Skies is adequate. But as the Vita's first true FPS and a member of the Resistance family, it's a conventional, predictable disappointment. [Aug 2012, p.84]
  36. Jun 28, 2012
    After the wonderful Resistance 3, this FPS franchise takes a nosedive. Yes, it's the "first true FPS on a handheld device", but that doesn't say much actually.
  37. Jun 26, 2012
    The hype machine put a lot on the shoulders of Resistance: Burning Skies and the initial multiplayer snags didn't help matters. Still, I have enjoyed it and I think anyone who likes the series will too.
  38. Jun 22, 2012
    Resistance: Burning Skies had every right to be an excellent product from nihilistic, but the lack of innovation makes it feel like chewing gum.
  39. Jun 19, 2012
    A campaign ruined by the lack of a poor level design and a multiplayer unable to surprise gamers make Burning Skies a decent FPS and nothing more.
  40. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jun 18, 2012
    At first glance, a Great shooter with catchy story and interesting weapons and upgrades. Its cons are unveiled during play – AI, touch controls and "too narrow" level design. [June 2012]
  41. Play UK
    Jun 17, 2012
    Forgettable at best and a massive step backwards for a series that recently impressed so much. [Issue#219, p.70]
  42. Jun 15, 2012
    Resistance: Burning Skies is a good first person shooter title for the PS Vita.
  43. Official PlayStation Magazine Benelux
    Jun 14, 2012
    Saying Burning Skies is a bit too linear for its own good would be a little bit unfair since the FPS genre has become synonymous with heavily scripted and action packed events. But that's exactly what is missing in Burning Skies: the action. [June 2012, p.84]
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 249 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 61 out of 113
  2. Negative: 13 out of 113
  1. May 29, 2012
    After playing through the single player campaign, I can safely say it's a very enjoyable experience. :) Not sure what the reviewers wereAfter playing through the single player campaign, I can safely say it's a very enjoyable experience. :) Not sure what the reviewers were playing, but it's a good story with pitch-perfect game play mechanics. It is anywhere from 5 to 8 hours, depending on which difficulty you choose. There is some replay value here, specifically with gun upgrades. This will keep me busy for weeks, at least.

    Then, there is the multi-player. THIS is where the game got addicting. I absolutely LOVE the multi-player. You get into the matches very quickly, also...unlike any PSP game. Lol. If you pick it up for nothing else, get it for this. I highly recommend the game to any Vita owner. idea why anyone would give it a low review. The graphics aren't terrible either. They're fairly good for a handheld title. It may not look AS good as Uncharted: Golden Abyss or Wipeout 2048, but it's pretty close. It's a must-buy!
    Full Review »
  2. May 29, 2012
    The first dual analog first person shooter, and apart from a little bit of clunky controls and lacking the insomniac polish, this game is alotThe first dual analog first person shooter, and apart from a little bit of clunky controls and lacking the insomniac polish, this game is alot better than some people are making out. So don't cancel your pre-orders to soon. Sure the game isn't evolutionary but it is robust and offers alot to resistance fans. The campaign is well set out with five main missions which are exactly the right length. The Story is put together with sharp and well presentable cut scenes with better than average audio. With the high level of games on the PlayStation people have come to expect alot from video games with skyrim ranking up over 100 hours. So fans maybe annoyed with the short length to the campaign which at best makes 8+ hours but the fun will carry on in the multiplayer which is fun for short periods of drop in fun, sure the depth is missing but is a foot in the door for the future titles like call of duty to flourish on this evolutionary device. To finish this game shows the bright future ahead for vita and the idea that there is better to come is mouthwatering to say the least. Full Review »
  3. May 29, 2012
    Playing this now - it's a great FPS and by far the most fun multiplayer on any hand-held. Serves as a taste of what Killzone and Call of DutyPlaying this now - it's a great FPS and by far the most fun multiplayer on any hand-held. Serves as a taste of what Killzone and Call of Duty will build on to deliver a truly superb bundle of shooting fun!! Full Review »