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  • Summary: Sly Cooper Thieves in Time continues to chronicle the adventures of the Sly Cooper gang from where Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves concluded. After completing their latest heist, Sly carries on with a case of alleged amnesia and dances off with gal pal Carmelita, leaving Bentley as the keeper of the treasured Thievius Raccoonus, The Cooper family’s ancient book of master thievery. When Bentley discovers that pages of the book have begun to disappear in front of his eyes, he must round up the gang and save the Cooper Clan legacy from being destroyed forever. Expand
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  1. Mar 1, 2013
    In a Call of Duty world, Sly Cooper is 2013's first unexpected breath of fresh, universally appealing air.
  2. Apr 1, 2013
    Sly's return to mainstream platforming action is a welcome one. It's a wise-cracking charm-offensive specifically designed to juxtapose the words 'madcap' and 'romp' in the same sentence.
  3. Basically, the same great PS3 title we reviewed a while back, but portable and with exemplary CrossPlay functionality. Being able to whip out your Vita and pick up from where you left off (by downloading a Cloud save) is an absolute godsend and the synching process is flawless. [June 2013, p80]
  4. 77
    With colourful visuals, a neat little story, and some great voice acting, the game is only hampered by its simplicity, a few minor camera issues, and some long load times. Sure, it doesn’t bring anything radically new to the genre, but it is a good game nonetheless.
  5. Mar 25, 2013
    Sly Cooper Thieves In Time is a well made action/platform that effectively recovers the formula that belonged to the saga at the time of PS2.
  6. Mar 24, 2013
    Thieves in Time resembles a mini game collection made for PlayStation 2. The rough graphics, ridiculously long loading times and at times tedious platforming moments are justified by a well told story and lovingly created mini games.
  7. Mar 26, 2013
    On one hand, it’s a fun, colorful, hearty little game that employs throwback platforming and collect-a-thon elements to good effect. On the other hand, it features a jarring mishmash of gameplay styles, lacks challenge and suffers from enthusiasm-sapping load times.

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  1. Feb 6, 2013
    Easily the best game for the Vita yet; an immersive, nostalgic 3-D platformer that'll leave Sly Cooper fans and noobs engaged alike. The graphics are gorgeous, the game play is intuitive, the script is witty, funny and not super cheesy like similar titles might be. Collapse
  2. Jun 15, 2013
    On the PS3, this game was nothing more than a new Sly game and as great as that is for a fan, IDK I just found it verry easy to drop... So I put it on my vita and man I have to say, the game SHINES on the vita, Its beautiful, its runs verry well and the missions are perfect for both on the go gaming and if you want that console experiance on a handheld. i found myslef running around finding every collectible and doing everything i could. Its my favorite game so far on the vita. Expand
  3. Sep 1, 2013
    I've never played a Sly Cooper game before, I thought a platformed on the vita would be fun, although I was a little worried the stealth elements would be a huge pain, because I just don't have the patience for that, but thankfully it is just plain fun. It's got a quirky sense of humour with fun over the top characters. The controls can be a bit tricky at first but once you remember a few button combos you'll be just fine. You are forced to use Vita specific features like the accelerometer a few times but it never gets too heavy handed. It has plenty of unlockables and areas to explore so if you want to squeeze every hour out of this game you should have dozens of hours of fun. The fact that is cross saves with the PS3 is a nice feature as well. I think k this is a solid and fun game any Vita owner should pick up. Expand
  4. Jan 25, 2014
    A great, family-friendly 3D platformer that you can take with you on the go. I've never played a game in the series before, but I instantly loved the story and the characters. The gameplay is topnotch and features tons of variety. Repetition is barely an issue here as you are rarely doing the same thing twice. With multiple playable characters, a lengthy main story, and numerous side-content to complete, you can spend a lot of time with this game and not be bored.

    The Vita is a great way to experience this game. It's not the best way to experience the story because not all of the cutscenes feature subtitles, which can cause problems in areas where you can't have the volume up. That being said headphones correct this issue. The only other complaint I have is the occasional shoe-horning in of the Vita's tilt controls during some hacking sections. These issues don't detract from what makes this game so much fun, but they are noticeable. Overall though everything feels great on the Vita, and the cross-save function is going to be incredibly useful to those who want to take their PS3 save on the go.

    It is very impressive to see a console caliber 3D platformer on a handheld gaming system. With it's wealth of content, family-friendly nature, and excellently designed gameplay this is a game I highly recommend. This is one of those rare games that will appeal to gamers both young and old. So if you're looking for an excellent 3D platformer to take with you on the go, "Thieves in Time" is sure to please.
  5. Aug 16, 2013
    This was a great game and a true entry into the series. It has the usual issues with the series in the camera angles and jumping controls at times just don't like to work together, but the mechanics for all the other characters worked really well. The story fit well and was told with the great balance of humor and seriousness that has characterized the series for me. Over all I had a great time with this game. Expand
  6. Apr 23, 2013
    Sly Cooper has been given another solid piece to add to the already beloved franchise, but players looking for innovation will be disappointed. The strengths still lie in the platform gameplay, quirky characters and fun story. The cross buy and save features at a $40 price tag leaves no excuse for fans of the series. Expand
  7. Mar 13, 2013
    Ok let me start off by saying I am a big fan of Sly cooper. I've had all the original games for ps2 (still have them btw) and I also own the hd collection on ps3 so to be expected I would love the latest one to come out. However, the vita version, the one i played was absolutely mediocre and wayy to buggy. I havent played the ps3 version so i expect that to be more enjoyable, but the vita version sadly is not. It feels like an unfinished unpolished port. There were even some missions that i couldnt complete as a result of a glitch. If you plan on getting this game i definitely recommend it for the ps3 because the vita version is a disappointing unfinished waste of time and a waste of your money. Do yourself a favor and pick up the ps3 version instead besides it has a code for the vita version if you are interested. Expand

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