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  • Summary: Join five new characters as they struggle to survive in The Walking Dead: 400 Days


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  1. Aug 26, 2013
    If the technical issues can be ironed out, the Vita version of The Walking Dead could indeed be awarded as the definitive one. But even in its current state, this version of the lauded title can stand proudly beside the rest.
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  1. Sep 17, 2013
    This is just a 1 hour teaser game to tie you over till season 2. Game play and style is exactly the same as season 1. The story is so shortThis is just a 1 hour teaser game to tie you over till season 2. Game play and style is exactly the same as season 1. The story is so short it's tough to get attached to any character. Collapse
  2. Dec 18, 2013
    It's another great episode of Telltale's "The Walking Dead". The tough decisions, tense moments, and excellent writing are still in top form.It's another great episode of Telltale's "The Walking Dead". The tough decisions, tense moments, and excellent writing are still in top form. You'll jump around between several different characters, each of whom have their own unique and short stories. The key gameplay mechanic of making choices is used excellently here, often leading to no win scenarios that will have you struggling to pick an option. Most impressive is how of these mini-stories connect to one a other in subtle ways. I can't wait to see how the decisions made in 400 Days will effect what happens in season 2. In closing it's a other great episode designed to make the wait for the game's second season easier. If you're a fan of the previous episodes then this is a must play. Expand
  3. Oct 31, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So, heads up for anyone looking for the PS Vita port of telltale's (quite excellent) the walking dead,
    you don't have to buy 400 days on the store! It comes WITH the package!
    So, passing that by quickly, shortly after beating the walking dead season 1 (which came with my PS Vita),
    it was looking forward to playing the extra episode included: 400 Days. Now, at the time, I had no clue on what 400 Days had to offer until I started to read the reviews. I have beat the walking dead 3 times now, out of that 3, I only beat 400 days 2 times.
    Things start off with a blast... a literal blast to the knee! (That was a joke, by the way).
    As ... (damn it I forgot his name), some prisoner headed to jail, you are on a bus with 2 prisoners ... talking. And because it's the walking dead, walkers are bound to pop in at some point or another.
    Problem with part is that it's mostly dialog, and walkers are only spotted in the LAST part of it.
    Next is Wyatt, who is in a car with his buddy being chased by a driver. Eventually they have to stop due to the fog. However, there is a dead body, and SOMEBODY has to check it out. Hint: if you do rock all three times while whats-his-face and you are playing rock, paper, scissors, whats-his-face steps out of the car and you earn the trophy for it. There are 2 ones that have to do with women, and I forgot which one is in which order, so I'll review both of there segments here. The first one is a women who is in a hideout for survivors. Suddenly, a guy sneaks in who doesn't speak English. He is convicted of trying to steal from them, you can choose to either vote to kill him, or give him mercy and let him go, either way the screen goes completely black, and it cuts to some time later where somebody dies. You are then asked to leave the RV and talk to a guy. The guy says one of your friends is also convicted of stealing,
    and he wants you to kill her. You can choose to either leave the hideout and hope they don't find and kill you later, or execute the friend yourself. Now, to be honest, in both playthroughs of 400 days, I chose to leave the camp. Next is Bonnie, who is traveling around with a man and his ... daughter? I dunno, I actually forgot. Suddenly... BANDITS! Once you hide from the bandits, you hear one coming towards you, and your are forced to kill whoever it is with something near you. After bashing the head of the so-called bandit, it is revealed that it was the man you we're traveling with's daughter or some sh*t like that.
    He then finds her dead and you can either be honest and tell him you killed her by accident or lie and say you don't know WHAT the f*ck just went down. Sadly, Bonnie's segment is one of the WEAKEST parts of 400 days, also being one of the shortest. Then finally there's Russel, a teen traveling to his grandmothers house by foot. He then meets a trucker who offers a ride, heres another tip: hide from his truck and you earn a trophy. The trucker then leads him to the same camp whats-her-face was at (ya know, the person before Bonnie), where they are being attacked. After making way up to the front 2 things are revealed: 1) this was the trucker chasing Wyatt and his buddy in the car, and 2) the only reason why these people attacked is because YOU attacked. You can either stay with him or leave him.
    Either way, the people in the building die. Then theres a finale, where you play as a worker for a camp that supports lost survivors, and depending on your choices throughout this bonus episode, people may come with you, 1 person will always come to the camp, I forgot which though. Also, this is ONLY through dialog, so don't expect a clever puzzle like in the actual game.
    So that's 400 days, a quite interesting addition to telltale's masterpiece, but not exactly necessary, either.
    If you loved the first season of telltale's masterpiece, and still don't have 400 days or season 2 yet, 400 days might be interesting for you, just don't expect it to be as good as season 1, because while 400 days had potential, not all of the final product was satisfactory.
    Overall: 6 out of 10.