• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Feb 15, 2012
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 613 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 98 out of 613

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  1. Feb 17, 2012
    Unlike the majority of people reviewing this game, I've actually played it. Just finished my first run through on normal and enjoyed every minute of it. It is on par with the first, second, and third games, no joke. As an Uncharted fan this means it gets a solid 10 so I'll compare it to them to keep my personal bias out. Graphics are about 1.8, almost as good as the second. Story is almost the same as Uncharted 1, as in type. Actual events are more similar to the second. One thing I love are all the comments while playing. Very similar to the second, even better. Also I like the characters more, well a few at least. And now I'm to the gimmicks. First off they aren't! Everything feels intuitive and natural. And most are optional, so everybody stop complaining! I love cleaning artifacts and the such using the touch screen. Also the gyroscopic aiming works great! I have got so many head shots because of it. And that brings me to bonus stuff not in the other games. As well as a bunch of treasures their are charcoal drawings and photos. They add so much replay value. I don't just recommend this game, I recommend buying a Vita just for this game. Expand
  2. Feb 15, 2012
    The graphics are simply phenominal for a handheld, however, the gameplay aspects really fall short of my expectations. True, maybe I had high expectatioons, but this i sUNCHARTED, on eof the best series on the playstation. The touchscreen was sloppy, and the story did not seem to have a lot of work put into it.
  3. Feb 22, 2012
    Only just started it but it's AMAZING so far. True attention to detail and their is a lot of story, which surprised me! When playing this I have the same awe factor when I played Uncharted Drake's Fortune for the first time, enjoy!
  4. Feb 15, 2012
    Wow. It looks like a couple of Nintendo fanboys are jealous of the Vita. Your immature posts make you look like ignorant fools. If it was called the 'Nintendo Vita' you would be gushing over this game. Now go and buy that ugly 'Circle Pad Pro' attachment to make your 3DS feel more like a Vita.

    This is more of a first impression than a review. But the 10/10 score is to counteract the

    I've only played the game for 20 minutes but I loved every second of it. The graphics are beautiful and vibrant and the game makes great use of the 'touch' features. Climbing ledges by chaining together swipes on the touch screen is very satisfying. It felt like playing Uncharted 1 more so than 2 and 3 but considering it's one of the first games on a new console you can tell Naughty Dog are just testing the water here, a bit like they did with the first Uncharted on the PS3. The inevitable sequel will no doubt feel more on par with the 2 PS2 sequels.Maybe even with multiplayer modes...hopefully.

    The device fits lovely into your hands and the button placement is perfect. For me anyway.
    The introduction of a second analog stick makes a whole world of difference when playing this game and is surely the one thing that is will bring home console gaming to the handheld world. Spinning the camera and aiming your gun feels just as natural as it would on a Playstation controller.

    The console is sooo pretty and the power this handheld holds is very exciting. The extra thumb stick and huge 5inch OLED multi-touch screen makes the Vita a true next gen handheld console. Unlike the 3DS which feels like a DSi with 3D tacked on. Casual smartphone gaming will no doubt be the Vita's biggest rival but both platforms provide a uniquely different gaming experience. As much as I love whipping out my phone to have a quick bash on Angry Birds, some games are just a pain in the arse and would benefit from physical buttons. A great example is GTA 3 on the iPhone and iPad. I often find myself missing the on-screen controls and trying to aim a gun is a fiddly nightmare. Sony's new console would play this gaming beautifully. So in my mind, there's no reason why both cannot coexist side by side.

    I can't wait to pick up the Playstation Vita on launch day along with Uncharted, Lumines and WipeOut.
  5. Feb 15, 2012
    It nowhere near as good as the last two entries but then again, I wasn't expecting it to be. The fact is that Naughty Dog isn't the one who developed Golden Abyss and it clearly shows. The writing is worse, the characters uninteresting stock characters, the settings are all the same, the puzzles lack scale and wonder, and the set-piece moments are rare. But even with all these flaws, it doesn't change the fact that this is an astonishingly similar experience to Naughty Dog's works on the PS3. If this is Sony Bend's first contribution to the PS Vita, then my hopes for the future are bright indeed. This game is fantastic. Expand
  6. Feb 16, 2012
    The graphics look just like the first Uncharted game, Uncharted Drake's Fortune. The game has some good voice acting and Sully is just great to listen too. The aiming and firing is tight and responsive. Although the game didn't need to have the back touch to zoom in on the sniper rifle. They put it in to see what the Vita can do and to try something different. Of course though the story isn't going to be as good as the others because it isn't a Naughty Dog game. Bend tried to do Uncharted, a game series that Naughty Dog made one of the best third person games for PS3 ever. For what they did the game is very good. I would recommend this to anyone who is getting a PSVITA. Expand
  7. Feb 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Uncharted Golden Abyss looks great on screen OLED PS Vita, the graphics are amazing and looks like between Uncharted 1 and 2 , the gameplay is pretty good especially in the shootings and the action scenes, the one of the best launch games.
    This game uses good tactile skills, a very good game in general talking about a game launch. The game retains the essence of Uncharted, presentation, sound, graphics, gameplay everything is very good. the game has a duration of approximately 10 hours, but has many elements re-playable: difficulty, collectibles etc.
    Enjoy this game
  8. Feb 15, 2012
    Yikes @butthurt nintendo fan girls
  9. Feb 16, 2012
    Very enjoyable, plays more like the first uncharted than numbers 2 and 3 and although I prefer 2 and 3 I still came away very impressed. Graphics were stunning, platforming gameplay was as good as ever, combat was very good with the 2 sticks but the touch screen for hand-to-hand combat felt a little gimmicky, voice acting was as brilliant as ever and the story still seemed fairly interesting. Despite the lack of multiplayer there is plenty to collect and the game has 34 chapters so is every bit as long as previous entries in the series. Overall a great effort from Sony Bend. Expand
  10. Feb 16, 2012
    This game is great! I've never played in such a good game on the handheld (or on the smartphone). However, compared to the PS3 version the game is a little worse :/ does not change the fact that we spend money on this game.
  11. Feb 28, 2012
    I didn't like this game at all. Not only does it seem seriously toned down from the console versions, it's also VERY short, and it's NOT as great looking as promised. I never really liked the "playable cutscene" aspect of the console experience, so I hoped they would leave that out because it would't work well on a portable anyway. However they didn't, and it just makes me feel like Sony doesn't know what handheld gaming is about. Expand
  12. Apr 3, 2012
    I finished the game yesterday on normal and my feelings are very mixed about this game. I like the story very much and the characters too but thats about it. The parts where you are actually playing are mind numbingly repetitive. Either you climb up predetermined paths with the occasional QTE to check if you are still awake or you cover and shoot. Both parts are executed poorly. I even think the playing parts destroy part of the believability of the story. When you control Drake yourself you can literally jump 30 metres and are an unstoppable killing machine. It goes against everything you experience in the cutscenes and dialogues. Its like experiencing two different scenarios of one franchise. The cutscenes are Uncharted, the adventure movie, Nathan Drake being a nice guy, an adventurer and a scholar, an homage to Indiana Jones movies. And then there is Uncharted: First Blood, with cover shooting, grenade tossing, bullets soaking Nathan Drake, one man army, Rambos Mentor.
    I haven't played any other Uncharted yet but this game feels like it would have been a way better movie than a game. I liked the story so much that I found myself literally fighting through this poor game to see the conclusion.
  13. Feb 19, 2012
    I've been playing this a few days now and gotta say. Its easy to find flaws in any game, but I gotta hand it to Bend, they did a good job. If you are a fan of the franchise, you'll probably like it. I personally would have loved a version that required almost no touch screen interaction (the last 3 drakes did fine without it, why shove it down my throat now?) But I get it, its a launch title and sonys probably on developers shoulders saying "make sure they see this shiny thing" so we gotta swipe all over the place. Its my only gripe, to be honest there were a couple swipe things I thought "hey, thats kinda funky". Other than that Its a solid game and a solid launch title. I did notice some artifacts here and there, but mostly Im drooling at the crazy niceness of the Vita screen anyone thats really played it for a while knows for a handheld, its gorgeous, just disgusting. (oh you Vita screen)

    woulda liked: online Multiplayer, less swipes, more/better looking girls (why not), did I mention I'd like a non swipe version/patch?
  14. Feb 16, 2012
    I love it. The features like the gyro motion for sniping is awesome. Also the graphics are beautiful. The environments are full of details & the physics are great.
  15. wrh
    Feb 24, 2012
    First time I play a game in the Uncharted series, so I can only compare with other third-person adventures in the console arena. I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of it - its not only a perfect, triple-A showcase for the Vita but also a lot of fun in its own right. The controls are amazing - this is where the Vita really shines. Loved it!
  16. Feb 15, 2012
    This game is awesome...its a prequel to the ps3 versions, so if youre like me and havnt played any of the titles yet, you wont be lost in terms of story. No reason not to pick this up.
  17. Feb 16, 2012
    Gimmicky touch controls+no online(uncharted 3 had online why not golden abyss)+bad story+10 hour length=a really dissapointing game. Gets a 2 because it has good graphics and a lot of collectibles
  18. Feb 18, 2012
    I have never played Uncharted before this and I must admit it's a very good title. Especially for a launch title the one problem I did have was with the platforming part sometimes the girl would get in the way and no multi-player other then that a vey good game
  19. Mar 6, 2012
    I'm really not liking it so far. I'm on chapter 7 playing on hard difficulty and so far it takes forever to bring down enemies, it's ridiculous. I've run into so many annoying situations where I jump to places and just hang there and the game doesn't allow you to press O to drop like Uncharted on the ps3. There's nothing terrible about per say but it just doesn't live up to the Uncharted standards. Expand
  20. Dec 2, 2012
    Great start, for being one of the first games released to the VITA.
    Good graphics, sufficient performance, good gameplay (although I don't like 2-weapons-based videogames and I hate "playing the cutscenes") and good sound. Compared to Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation and Unit 13, this is an excellent game.
  21. Feb 25, 2012
    First, as for many gamers, the Vita game.
    Excellent gameplay and graphics. An interesting story with a little bit of "wow" moments.
    Gyroscopes help perfect aim with a sniper rifle.
    You can enjoy playing with the touchscreen, or you can use only the classic joysticks.

    10 of 10 for me.
  22. Feb 28, 2012

    I cant believe the nintendo fanboy giving this AMAZING game low scores! This game has better than some PS3/Xbox 360 games, Uncharted:Golden Abyss is an AMAZING game added to the AMAZING Uncharted franchise.. I recommend EVERYONE with a PS Vita to buy it
  23. Mar 6, 2012
    besides the aiming, movement and coversystem is totaly messed up and nearly frustrating, the "riddles" and story is fun. but thats all. its just an average game with poor controls (and thats not a vita problem)
  24. Mar 31, 2012
    As a launch title for the PS Vita, Uncharted Golden Abyss is a delight. Whilst the frenetic pacing nor the general production values are as strong in this Vita title, it's a commendable first impression for Nathan Drake. The biggest downside to Golden Abyss is the story. Not that it's bad at all, but Nathan Drake lacks the character development that made Drake's fortune (its canonised sequel) had in spades. For example Drake doesn't show his obnoxious attitude in the adventure like he did in Drake's Fortune. The graphics display jaw dropping detail for a handheld, which only just falls short of the genuine article. The touch controls are reasonable if predictable, using the system in some unexpected ways. Overall Golden Abyss is a great adventure as a launch title, and shows a promising signs of things to come if Drake reappears on the Vita. However, if it does- then the story must prove worthy, and the gimmicks take a back seat. Expand
  25. Mar 27, 2012
    It's Drake and the gang on a portable... for the most part. Needless to say, the visuals aren't quite on par with Drake's Deception and a lot of its big brother's tight pacing has been lost in the transition to a smaller screen. However, Golden Abyss finds itself sitting comfortably between the first game and the latter 2 entries on the quality chart. Not a bad accomplishment for a Vita launch title. Expand
  26. Feb 28, 2012
    Uncharted Golden Abyss was the first game I played on my Vita, and I'm glad it was. Golden Abyss, although not developed by Naughty Dog, is very similar to past Uncharted games. I won't go into the specifics, (any gamer knows what Uncharted is) but it holds it's own against the PS3 games. Although I only own four Vita games, Golden Abyss certainly has the best graphics, and almost rivals the PS3's graphical capabilities. The controls are generally very slick too, with the added bonus of touch screen controls used for fighting, where you will have to execute swipes to apprehend your opponent. The only slight problem was the under-responsiveness of the analog sticks during aiming, however, the sensitivity can be adjusted in the main menu. The music won't win any awards, but there is some great scene-setting and lovely pieces. The gameplay is your standard Uncharted stuff, although Golden Abyss is overloaded with gimmicks. Gyro controls to balance on logs/beams just feel very unnecessary, and are also very fiddly. I also never used the touch controls for climbing, however, thankfully these are optional. There are a total of 34 chapters to play through; the main story lasting just shy of 10 hours, and there are plenty of cinematics and awesome voice acting. You can also adjust the difficulty setting (Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard) to suit your liking, and there's plenty of replayabilty value, mainly due to the 50+ trophies available to unlock. Although Uncharted Golden Abyss is gimmicky, it's fun, and it's the game you should be buying the Vita for. Expand
  27. Mar 12, 2012
    BOOOOOOOORIIING.... ok it has nice actions, controls etc but still boooooriiiing... also Chase is annoying. oh, the graphics and music are awesome. I have nothing to rant about them. That's why it gets a 5. It's just a over rated game.
  28. Mar 14, 2012
    although i was very impressed with the presentation of this game on a handheld, i was immediately disappointed that there was no competitive multiplayer. i enjoyed the multiplayer of uncharted 2 and 3 and thought it would be a given that this uncharted title would include a multiplayer mode similar to those featured in those games.

    also, every time i was forced to use the new touch
    controls it infuriated me, especially when you have to balance the vita to keep from falling off a narrow beam. it's ridiculous and obvious that the sole reason they implemented this was to make use of the vita's capabilities- the problem is it is annoying and kills the game's momentum.

    considering the high bar this franchise repeatedly sets, this game was a disappointment for me, although i still respect and appreciate the great combat and beautiful presentation.
  29. Feb 22, 2012
    Let me first say that, unlike most reviewers, I have not played any game of the Uncharted series before, so therefore, I have nothing to compare Golden Abyss to. But from what I can tell, this is an excellent launch title for the Vita. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this game utilized every single feature or gimmick of the handheld system (from the touch pad, and touch screen, to the motion sensor functions, and the duel joysticks) in such an innovative way. You can climb walls by touching your next grapple point on screen, and when you climb ropes, you can do so in a realistic manner, by sliding your fingers in a repelling motion on the rear touch pad. The aiming system uses the motion sensor feature, which allows players to fine tune their aim after aiming the crosshairs in the general direction of the enemy with the right thumbstick. The overall quality of the game is great. The sounds and music are excellent, and the voice acting is very believable. The graphics are phenomenal. I would say that if it's not identical to the graphics of the PS3, then it is very damn close. The only reason I didn't score this game with a perfect 10, is because of the lack of multiplayer. It just seems odd that with today's gaming standards, a multiplayer option isn't included in a shooter/adventure game such as this. But overall, this game is AMAZING, and I would recommend everyone to get it as your first game for the VITA. Expand
  30. Jul 8, 2012
    Campaign - Repetitive and dull. The campaign will probably take you atleast 10 or 11 hours to complete. The game is set before the events of Uncharted: Drake's Deception. I will still never know where Drake got his skills from. Does he have a military background? Was he trained? Anyway, it's like you run, climb, jump and shoot and it's gets so boring after awhile you'll have to ask yourself, ''why did I buy this crap?'' Only fans of the PS3 versions will be entertained by this garbage. Honestly, I don't like the Uncharted series. The only reason I played this crap was because I thought I would like it better on the Vita because I liked the demo. Your partner is some girl, I forgot her name. How does she fit in again? I can't tell you. The story tried my intelligence. The main character is playing Sherlock Holmes by trying to uncover a expedition massacre that happened years ago. Not only is Drake a treasure hunter, he's a detective. He gets help from characters later in the story. There's parts in the campaign you have to complete puzzles for some dumb addition reason and they can be so frustrating. I am just not impressed with one bit of this campaign, except for the voice acting. 5/100(F)

    Graphics - The graphics don't look as good as Uncharted 3, but I say it's on par between Uncharted and Uncharted 2. The framerate drops a lot on this game. If you don't notice, get your eyes checked. Please. The game is a bit rough around the edges. The grain is noticeable. Even around the characters. 70/100(C-)

    Gameplay - The AI sucks and headshots still don't work unless your using a sniper or a pistol close up. The gameplay is very repetitive. All you do is platform, run and shoot the same guys. All the areas have that same jungle look to it which I feel makes the game dull and makes the game feel repetitive. This is what I don't like about all the Uncharteds gameplay. At least the game doesn't play itself like Uncharted 2 and 3. 35/100(F)

    Multiplayer - None. $50 for a PS Vita game and it has no multiplayer. Even though Uncharted 2 and 3 has it. The Vita can handle it. I won't rate this part of my review.

    Playing Time/Content: There's no multiplayer, so don't expect it. I sure wish there was because I enjoy Uncharted 2 and 3's multiplayer. $50 without multiplayer sucks. Good thing I didn't buy, just borrowed. Your playing time should be at least 11 hours if you complete everything in the campaign. You'll probably get tired of it real fast. Although your campaign time will be lenghty, the lack of multiplayer comes off lazy. 50/100(F)

    Overall Score: 40/100(F)

    + Campaign is lenghty
    - No multiplayer
    - Graphical issues
    - Repetitive gameplay
    - $50 instead of the general $40 for PS Vita games.
    - Dull story
  31. Feb 21, 2012
    I think it's a solid game, not just because it's a launch title. Challenging enough, lots of goodies to find (I've read some require replaying through...that's cool), better than good-enough graphics.
  32. Feb 26, 2012
    Aside from the lackluster graphics and gimmicky controls, Uncharted : Golden Abyss tells a decent story and has incredible voice acting... but the controls... terrible, just terrible.
  33. Mar 8, 2012
    Buen juego por parte de bend studios, al principio me negué a comprarlo por el precio pero luego de jugarlo puedo decir que vale el dinero solo si quieres seguir la serie de uncharted y te gustan los gráficos. Como todo juego de esta generacion tiene sus partes con gráficos buenos y otras con gráficos blandos o de baja resolución o textura. El juego es casi igual en duración que los demás en su serie pero carece de emoción en las partes que se supone que sean de acción intensa y la historia no es del todo mala. Como tal este juego en la franquicia de uncharted no esta demás pero pudieron haber hecho muchísimo mas, ojalá y le den bueno soporte mediante updates futuros. Expand
  34. Apr 3, 2012
    My critic is based on the "hardcore gaming" mode like very hard and crushing... very bad gameplay! The grenades not respond well. The final combat is painfull. No fun, it's poor. A word for Sony; the touch screen is for Angry Bird, you know? Not for Uncharted, Resistance etc... I hope that you understand me! Stupid!
  35. Apr 5, 2012
    This game is a must buy for anyone who owns a VITA, not only that its a reason to buy a VITA. I have l played Xbox for the last 5 years and after playing this im wondering why ive been wasting my time on it and not playing the Uncharted trilogy on PS3!
  36. Jun 21, 2012
    Having not played any of the uncharted series, I decided to go for this title as my first game for the Vita purely after seeing the prerelease tech demo in 2011. Now having completed the game I can say that I haven't been disappointed, the game play is rich and varied and utilizes the optional controls of the system very nicely. I'm a PC FPS guy at heart who's seen and completed most of them from Wolf 3D in 1992 to Battlefield 3 PC. The varied type of gameplay delivered in Golden Abyss feels totally refreshing, Shooting/Cover system, Exploration/Plat forming, Hand combat/Sniping, Balancing/Rowing, Puzzles/Rubbings, Collectables/Photos etc. If you like games as I do go in open minded as I did and enjoy yourself, Golden Abyss is a unique experience that you can't get on any other system at the moment. Expand
  37. Jun 30, 2012
    I just completed Uncharted GA, I give it a 7/10 or so.
    I've only completed the original Uncharted so I'm not particularly well invested in the series, some thoughts;
    +It looks awesome, along with Gravity Rush it really shows the Vita's capabilities, it bodes very well for the graphical benchmark we can expect on the handheld throughout it's lifetime
    +The animation is excellent, on par
    with the console games as far as I'm concerned
    + The gyro controls are really perfect, the gunplay feels pretty awesome, sniping with the gyro is so much more satisfying than using an analog stick
    + The voice acting and the music is stellar
    + The overall pacing and cinematic nature is very compelling
    + I liked some of the other interactive elements such as the charcoal rubbings and flipping through the pages of Drake's notebook
    - I feel like the interesting aspects of the story (including the mythos behind the gods and all of the treasure and whatnot) are lost within the cluttered pages of the notebook, a lot of it's hard to comprehend, I couldn't even pronounce half of the names of the Gods and in general I feel like the game does an injustice to these elements by not expanding on it more
    - The villains and overall plot are largely predictable or uninteresting
    - The combat, while fun, is very formulaic, much like the other Uncharted title I played, it tends to bog down the pacing somewhat - though there is much more platforming here for those who prefer that
    - The 'sticky' style platforming which Uncharted has brought into this generation is quite shallow - though it does work well within the game
    - I came across a variety of bugs, including Drake constantly walking towards the camera when the sticks are in their default position, enemy encounters randomly not triggering, being unable to pick up certain weapons (and thus not being able to proceed) and the touch screen functionality becoming completely unresponsive. They were all resolved relatively quickly but it was frustrating at the time

    I only paid half of the RRP for the game, and for that price it was well worth the money, I'd only recommend it at a higher price for fans of the series - though I will say Golden Abyss is definitely as good as, if not better, than the original Uncharted.
  38. Dec 5, 2012
    One of the best titles for the PSVITA so far. Despite the unnecessary use of the console's touchscreen, for example the excessive swipes, this title is a perfect demonstration of the Vita's capabilities. Very nice story, though not as great as the PS3's games. Drake's journal and collectibles makes this title enjoyable to play more than once, as there are many pictures to take and objects to pick up. It's a little big too easy compared to the PS3 titles, but I assume this is because the portable's gaming experience isn't as comfortable as the dualshock is. Expand
  39. Jan 10, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After finishing Uncharted Golden Abyss, I felt a slight sadness. A sadness that I'd finished one of the best Handheld games ever devised. The game started pretty slowly for me, and felt fairly dull at the beginning, lacking the excitement of previous Uncharted games. The story felt unclear, and I hadn't come across one Assault rifle, however, as the game built up, it became far more exciting. I had no use for the Assault rifles, as the gun combat was pretty awful, and the battles were very stealth-friendly. Stealth is very satisfying in this game. Graphically, it was stunning also. plenty of beautiful places to discover, in a true Uncharted style. Everything felt polished (graphically anyway) and had a lot of effort put into it. The story also became very exciting, and only got better towards the end, and the characters were very detailed and interesting. Any battles that didn't allow stealth were pretty fun and challenging, and just the gameplay in general, while linear, was very tense and enjoyable. The only things I disliked was the constant lag throughout the game, the slow start, the boss-fights being Touchscreen QTEs, and the game showing things I had to climb on in gold was very immersion breaking, but all in all the game was pretty damn good, and don't worry, sully appears later on.

    - An Uncharted fan.
  40. Oct 16, 2013
    Short, buggy, more cutscene then gameplay, bad controls... THAT'S Uncharted: GA. This game is just not good. Gayest boss fights in gaming history, 5 minute chapters, bad and predictable story... Don't waste your money on this garbage. All Uncharted game are good, but this one... 2 hours wasted of my life. And the fact that some cutscenes counts as 1 chapter makes me pissed off.
  41. Dec 26, 2013
    Graphics: Somewhat lacking environments, good character models, amazing water, great lighting. 9.

    Sound: Classic Uncharted themes, and professional voice actors. 10.

    Gameplay: For an Uncharted game it does a good job utilizing the Vita, and adding new gameplay mechanics such as touch, and motion camera controls. The puzzles are a highlight in this Vita title. The gun-play gets
    boring throughout the beginning but the game picks up at the middle to end, making it an enjoyable Uncharted game (even though this isn't as great as the console titles). 9.

    Story: The story is interesting in some ways but it’s not the best in the Uncharted series. Although I was surprised to see a character in the game I never expected to see. It’s also a great origins story to the Uncharted series. 9.

    Replay Value: The game lasts about 8 or more hours with collectibles, the game is free for plus, and if you own a Vita I highly recommend this game. 10.

    Overall Score: 9.4 out of 10.
  42. Mar 1, 2012
    is an excelente game,the best of Vita,graphics,story,gameplay,enviroment,vita touch features,a great experience from start to finish buy it now,yes you too nintendo fanboys
  43. Nov 25, 2012
    I'm surprised about the 6.6 user score on Metacritic. This game is amazing, no doubt, it's kind of haunting me and I can't put my VITA down. HOWEVER, it cannot be rated 10/10 either (you got to be kidding me). Golden Abyss is great but it is plagued with stupid design decision such as forced touch/gyroscopic events (not all the time fortunately, but still too much to my tastes) and AWFUL PUZZLES. Forcing people to manipulate items with the rear pad was the worst idea ever, the VITA's Dual Sticks would have been more precise. Using the rear pad & touch-screen to 'clean' dirt from random items in the game is a CHORE. Same complaint about puzzles where you have to assemble 20 pieces of paper. You're in a great mood, expecting some action when suddenly a stupid "casual" puzzle is forced upon you, without warning, thus hurting the rhythm of the game. I can't believe experienced game designers were behind this... One of the worst moments was when the game suddenly asked me to expose a parchment to a light source, no joke; I had to put my VITA in front of a real light source!!! Only problem is, it was late at night and I was playing in bed and my girlfriend was sleeping. My light isn't even strong enough...I had to stop playing the game, it would not let me play further - there was this blank parchment displaying on screen, and I couldn't get past this sequence with normal controls. Wtf? But this was not enough to break this game, it has many frustrating moments, but it's far from broken. I love it and I just can't believe they could achieve this on handheld. I'd advise people to play this game with headphones and immerse themselves completely in the story... Voice acting is brilliant, Drake sounds awesome (as usual) and Dante is hilarious. One of my best 'handheld' experiences, ever. BUT please no more FORCED GIMMICK crap in the future!!!!!! (The tilt mini-game is getting old - why do it 100 times? I know each time I'm going to cross something, Drake will automatically loose balance and the tilt sequence will start - it's nice 1 time but 12, really?) I wish NO MORE STUDIOS will force these stupid things onto players...That being said, buy this great game! Or sub to PS+ (best thing you can do, you'll have access to this game, together with tons of other PS3 & VITA titles.). Have fun! Expand
  44. Mar 4, 2012
    I love this game. I thought that the feel of Uncharted would be diluted by the fact that Naughty Dog didn't make it, but I'm presently surprised by the game. The graphics are almost on par with the first Uncharted which is pretty damn good.
  45. Feb 27, 2012
    Fantastic game.............I was a little unsure at first, but having now played through for the first time the game certainly stands up to the PS3 version. Some nice little touches, which you will not find on the PS3 version, that makes it a different and enjoyable experience.

    Maybe a little overpriced, hence only 9 out of 10.
  46. Mar 3, 2012
    Golden Abyss provides a surprisingly competent experience that doesn't feel like a dumbed down handheld game at all. It's got everything you would expect from an Uncharted title. It's biggest mistake however is something that far too many system launch titles make: trying too hard to sell you on the system's features. The puzzles and optional input methods frequently have you rubbing various parts of the PSV and tilting things. Sometimes it can come as a surprised and you can get screwed over fore merely holding the system "wrong". The climbing portion of the game is made way too easy with the touch screen. Luckily using the touch screen for climbing is optional and you can use the regular controls just like a real Uncharted game, but it's always there in the back of my mind saying tempting me that there's and easier faster way out. As soon as any climbing portion stops being satisfying I just say "F it!" and wildly rub my fingers across the screen and Nathan seems to figure it out quickly monkeying his way to the objective. Expand
  47. Dec 25, 2013
    Sony Bend proved to me with "Resistance: Retribution" that they know how to make an excellent handheld title. With the help of Naughty Dog they managed to bring gamers another fantastic portable game in the form of a new Uncharted game. "Golden Abyss" manages to bring everything I love about the series onto the Vita with fantastic results.

    The new story that takes place before the first
    game introduces some exclusive characters that I enjoyed just as much as the cast of the first three games. It's also has the same humorous moments and memorable set pieces. From a technical standpoint this game is great. The graphics look better than the first game and even looks as good as the second at times. It never reaches the graphical heights of the third game, but these are some of the best graphics you'll find on a portable gaming system. As always with this series the soundtrack is fantastic.

    Gameplay is what you would expect from an Uncharted game. The shoot outs and platforming sections are as good as ever, and these are some of the best puzzles in the series. The only real issue I have with this game is the constant shoehorning of the Vita touch screen mechanics into the game. Things like drawing a path on the touch screen for Drake to climb or leaning the system to help you jump feel like unnecessary additions, so I never used them in favor of playing the game like I typically play Uncharted games. However things like tilting the system in order to keep balance on a beam or drawing a path on screen to throw a grenade are clunky and you aren't allowed to neglect these options. However not all of the Vita specific controls are bad. Things like swiping the screen in order to dodge attacks or do charcoal drawings are great. Piecing together maps with touch screen is awesome and is a really cool way to take advantage of the Vita hardware. So while some of the Vita specific controls are lackluster, some are excellent.

    So "Golden Abyss" is another excellent Uncharted game. It's very impressive to see one of Sony's best console franchises make it's way to a handheld system relatively unscathed. So if you are an Uncharted fan, or just someone looking for an awesome portable game, if you own a Vita then this is a must play. Sony Bend once again proves that they can take another companies game series and put it onto a portable system without sacrificing what makes that series so fantastic. I highly recommend that you play this.
  48. Apr 4, 2012
    Uncharted in your hand. That sentence really does sum up most of what you need to know about this review. Yes it has its problems, and it isn't uncharted 3, but it is damn good and a lot of fun for anyone with time to kill on the go. Some of the motion and touch additions are pointless, like the machete slashing at curtains that are blocking your way. I would say one positive addition is the gyro aiming and gyro camera use. They really work quite well and are something legitimately unique. Other than that it is Uncharted lite, which is exactly what I was looking for. Expand
  49. Dec 1, 2012
    Even though I got Golden Abyss free with PS Plus, I definitely think it's worth the $45 price tag. The graphics look absolutely phenomenal to start off. If this is the Vita's first generation of games, I can't wait to see where things will go from here. The gameplay is downright amazing! The shooting, running and climbing are just a beautiful blast to play. The campaign is at least 10 hours, and it's one heck of a ride! Now don't expect UC3 quality going into this seeing as UC3 is already pushing the limits of the ps3 and that just wouldn't be fair. Even though Golden Abyss doesn't have any amazing set pieces, it's hectic firefights, amazing climbing and its absolutely breathtaking visuals more than compensate for that, especially since it fits in the palm of your f**king hand! If you love Uncharted for its great visuals, intriguing stories, witty banter, and fun climbing and puzzle solving, then you will love this game. Expand
  50. Feb 26, 2013
    Uncharted was a great idea for a game and therefore I believe the series deserves its multiple awards. However, I believe the game reminds me more of a Tomb Raider game from the original PlayStation but with a male protagonist. The gameplay mechanics for shooting were very well done for a 3rd person shooter but I felt like you could traverse the entire game by just hitting the action button over and over again while jumping around. The game also included a couple puzzles but I thought they were too easy and a waste of 5 minutes. The story started out great but by the end I really didn't care that much anymore even though the game doesn't take that long to beat. The series deserves respect for what it tried to do but I would rather spend my time playing a longer more interesting game. Expand
  51. Gaz
    May 18, 2012
    Uncharted Golden Abyss might not pack the exact same punch as it's console brethren, but is still a deep and exciting game that any Uncharted fan will enjoy. When compared graphically to the console games, it's fairly similar. The game has a wide variety of textures and graphic effects, from flowing water, to the leaves on the trees. You'll hardly notice a difference between the console and Vita character models, as Nathan Drake looks just as good as ever on the 5 inch OLED screen. When it comes to gameplay, Uncharted Golden Abyss makes an impressive display of itself in terms of climbing and combat. If you loved scaling rocky cliffs and parkouring your way to the top of buildings in the other Uncharted games, you'll feel right at home in Golden Abyss. You can even drag your finger across the touch screen and make Drake climb walls, which is really cool! When it comes to combat, the gunplay holds up well, but the melee combat suffers from the forced touch controls. Fights are slowed down at close-range to allow you to touch your enemies to punch them instead of hitting square. This takes away from the experience. Not to mention, when you go to finish them off, you are forced to perform a swipe across the touch screen. This also goes for countering. Also, there are certain sections of the game when you walk across a narrow log or beam and Drake slips up and you have to annoyingly tilt your Vita to keep him from falling. It always goes the same way, too: Go 2/3 of the way across, slip up, balance for 5 seconds, then continue on your way. Ironically, the only surprising part of this sequence is when it occasionally doesn't happen. I don't object to the use of touch controls, but they should have either made them better, or optional. The story is also hard to follow. The character interaction is simple enough, but the historical aspect is hard to grasp. But once you get it, whether you figure it out or wiki it like I did, it turns out to be a fairly interesting concept. The length of the story isn't surprising for an Uncharted game. With 32 shortened chapters and tons of treasures, you'll replay this game quite a few times. All in all, Uncharted Golden Abyss proves itself as a successful, if not gimmicky, entry in the series. And as the first on a handheld, hopefully it's paved the way for many more to come. Expand
  52. Feb 28, 2012
    I got it as my first game on PS Vita and I love it. Impressive graphics, wonderful game play, nice-to-hear voice acting. It's actually one of the best games I've ever played in my life. If you have PS Vita then you must try this game - I promise you won't regret.
  53. May 29, 2012
    This is a stunning game. Yesterday I got a Vita with Burning Skies and this. I played that game for a little over 3 hours, and then I opened this game. Man I couldn't stop playing! This game, I played it for 4 hours straight. The graphics were incredible, I mean wayyyy better than Burning Skies. Gameplay is awesome, though the forced touchscreen swipes can get in the way. I obviously couldn't finish the game in such a short time, but from what I have played, I really enjoyed it. The shooting, though great, isn't on par with Burning Skies, though that's an fps to begin with. But the voice acting and narrative really makes me care about the character Nathan Drake. Mind you, this is my first Uncharted game. And now I'm an Uncharted fan. I mean, this is a gem of a game. Expand
  54. Feb 28, 2012

    This game has better graphics than some PS3/Xbox 360 games, Uncharted:Golden Abyss is an AMAZING game added to the AMAZING Uncharted franchise.. GO BUY IT NOW!
  55. May 24, 2012
    Not as good as the PS3 versions but wasn't expecting it to be. Love climbing using the touch screens, hate it for combat and machete sequences. Occasionally they really stretch to incorporate Vita features (holding it up to a bright light...come on) All in all, if you are a fan of the series or looking for a solid Vita game with levels that make it easy to jump into its a must. Would have loved to see multiplayer but... Expand
  56. Apr 7, 2013
    A good edition to the Uncharted series, but suffers from control issues. The graphics are great, storyline is up there with other uncharted games, but sadly the controls are very touchy which make it hard to play. I would frequently go for melee combat after trying to shoot enemies for over a minute without any luck due to the touchy controls, and small enemies making it hard to target them.
  57. Nov 14, 2012
    This game is everything I like in handheld. It's extremely ambitious but knows just when to compromise when it has to. This game has beautiful vistas that are more beautiful than what has been seen in all of the uncharted's. However, this is a handheld so you won't see things like watching a bus crumple apart as it fall apart off of a mountain. The game does have it's fair share of set pieces and it also has some very creative ways of killing enemies and mechanics and physics that were clearly developed alongside uncharted 3 such as the way buildings burn. In uncharted golden abyss you can slide mountains while shooting and much your enemies plummet to the ground. Basically, what this uncharted does is it attempts to make up for it's portability by making it the best fps of all the uncharted's and it constantly puts you in creative situations which use the power of the handheld. The only downside is although the game is beautiful most of the game looks the same, in fact a very action packed segment is even repeated twice pulp fiction style to cleverly push the game to the very end despite having no space left for the game. Uncharted Golden Abyss is a great game which manages to take a game that is really around 30 gbs and with some clever tricks 3.5 gbs. They're are longer games for the ps vita that don't quite as many risks like rayman origins which are recommended over this. However, golden abyss takes full advantage of the handheld and although it's a great game to pick up alongside this. It would be a shame if more games didn't follow in Golden Abyss ambitious footsteps.

    *kingdom hearts chain of memories and ratchet and clank size matters are around 1.8 gbs)
  58. Feb 26, 2012
    Because its a launch game you cant criticize it to much, its very much below quality compared to the ps3 version (graphics, voice acting, audio) the graphics are pretty good for a handheld but they are inconsistent, they can look amazing at some points and then pretty awful in some other...i feel its been rushed just so it could be a launch title, the tedious touch screen interactions are there throughout the game, i enjoyed the puzzles and the platforming but the shooting doesn't feel right..perhaps if the developers had enough time they would of tweaked them but they it feels awkward to use the sticks and shoot a target. Overall i think its a good game but dont judge the vita by the launch titles the developers will be still getting used to the new platform. Expand
  59. Mar 3, 2012
    I'm about to finish this game and I've really enjoyed! A bit apprehensive that not being done by ND and some of the touch screen functions affecting the flow of the game, but I didn't really need to be worried, the story is strong and the touch screen functions don't hinder too much, albeit the hand to hand combat dodge swip is the one thing that affected the play adversely! I love the ability to 'map' my movements by touch whilst climbing etc! The graphics are great for the vita and the acting is once again great from Nolan north! Chase I enjoyed as character, not so much Dante, but not to any detrimental point! I love all the extras to find and photos to take, great use of vita for charcoal etchings, ND should incorporate some of these extras in the next uncharted, obviously probably non of them touch screen! All in all a really enjoyable adventure, great story and acting, good collectibles make this an excellent first outing for Nate on the ps vita! Go get it! Expand
  60. Feb 25, 2012
    This game is awesome, i really don't understand why they gave the game an 8!!! , its not perfect but it is an amazing experience, the story is cool and very interesting, the action is very good and the platforming is great, the only bad thing i found is that the developers force you to use all the functions of the vita, but the game is long enough, took me like 11 hours, to be your first vita game and a killer app, the game is on par with the first uncharted, and that is saying a lot, because this is a launch game, you should definitely pick this up if you buy a vita. Expand
  61. Feb 26, 2012
    It's a good game but the stupid gimmick controls and having to "clean" off artifacts really slows the pace of the game down and makes simple things like climbing up and down a rope into a chore. The game is great though and easily one of the best Vita launch titles. Would have been a 10 in my book if it got rid of those stupid gimmick controls for everything.
  62. Apr 9, 2012
    I really enjoyed Uncharted Golden Abyss I just think I played it too close to Uncharted 3 so I expected more of a console experience. The ending was fantastic and fast paced so shame the rest of the game was medium at best for me. I'd have loved to have visited more locations accross the globe in true uncharted fashion although saying that the quality of the visuals in the jungles was unbelievable for a console. The targetting system is massively improved from the console versions, Using the gryo to fine touch your headshots was perfect. Expand
  63. Jun 29, 2012
    Absolutely incredible game for a handheld console! The graphics are almost identical to the PS3 counter parts, the story is gripping, the game play is awesome and the game will take 10+ hours to complete!

    What more can you want!?
  64. Feb 19, 2012
    Touch controls were overly done invading every aspect of the game, if they had been done where they would add to the game instead of everywhere it would have been better. Touch in combat detracted from the game play, as you had to juggle the vita to get your hand in the correct place when the arrows appeared on screen.

    Graphics where sub par, better than the PSP Slim, not as good as
    the PS3 and not as good as current gen dual core android phones, by mid this year the vita will look really dated with the next gen of quad core phones. In some places the graphics where really poor, the firs level for example had a halo of distorted graphics all around drake.

    If you are on the fence on getting the Vita/ Unchated. Don't get a smart phone and try some of the games on there that make uncharted look last gen.
  65. Feb 24, 2012
    Pretty epic for a handheld. The graphics are tremendous and the lighting is simply breathtaking. There are times when you just want to stand on the edge of a cliff, look out on the vistas and take it all in. While you're playing you really appreciate the effort that's gone in to creating such visual slendour. If I have one minor niggle with the game, it's that there aren't quite the 'WOW!' blockbuster sequences we've come to expect from the Uncharted series. The storyline ticks along at a good pace though, without losing your interest, and the voice acting, as ever, is first-class. No online play but there is the Black Market feature - which allows players to trade their wares - and the hundreds of collectables within the game will keep you popping back to replay and complete levels.

    All in all, I'd say it's a brilliant game that's well worth anybody's money.
  66. Feb 29, 2012
    I have been playing this game for a few days and I have to say that it is pretty amazing. I really love the way they integrate the touch panels (both front and back). The graphics are better than some PS3 games and the storyline is pretty good as well. Personally, this game alone fortifies my purchase of the Vita. The replay value is very high due to the inclusion of trophies and I hope they make a sequel. Expand
  67. Oct 29, 2012
    Best handheld game of all-time, i'm sorry, but anyone giving this game less than an 8 is obviously a butthurt Nintendo fanboys, it's sad really, i like Nintendo.
  68. Mar 7, 2012
    Being a massive fan of the Uncharted series since the beginning, I was delighted to get the chance to play Golden Abyss at launch. And I wasn't disappointed, unlike with the slightly underwhelming ending of Uncharted 3.

    The characters felt real, the plot was understandable and immersive and the gameplay matched exploration together with combat perfectly. Although some touch controls were
    unnecessary, they didn't impair the quality of the game. The ability to clean objects and piece together puzzles, jump to ledges with a touch and even climb a rope with the rear touch panel made the game the most enjoyable handheld title I have played in the past 6 months.

    This game is a must buy on any single player fan's list. If you have a Vita, grab it now. :)
  69. Mar 8, 2012
    if you buy uncharted for the story and the great performance from the actors then this is a must buy for you... the handheld entry retains its ability to suck you in.

    the length is fairly impressive aswell. it is similar to the first uncharted and because it centers around jungle envieroments and has no multiplayer it feels a lot like it.

    the sheer production values are quite impressive
    for a handheld too. the setpieces wont wow you like UC3 did, but for a handheld this is the most jawdropping title on the market.

    but the problem with it being so impressive and so similar to the ps3 version is that you cant stop to compare and simply judge it by its own merits... all along while i played it i felt that the game would be much better suited for your ps3. if you do buy a vita,, then this is a no brainer for a must buy, but you shouldnt buy the vita for this game only.
  70. Mar 11, 2012
    I just got Uncharted : Golden Abyss's Platinum Trophy today, so it's time to give some feedback about it. For the record, I only played Uncharted 1 and 2 for the PS3 so far, I haven't tried Uncharted 3 yet.

    First of all, this Uncharted looks good and moves well. It may not be nearly as impressive as its PS3 counterparts, and it does lack those "WTF?"moments like the ones in Uncharted 2
    for example (with Tanks and Helicopters...), but it really looks great for a portable game system, even though the environments lack variety. When you see such graphics in the first wave of games of the machine, you can expect some pure graphical awesomeness in the games that will arrive in a couple of years, when the Vita beast is fully tamed by the developers.

    Enough with the technical aspects anyway, let's talk about the gameplay. Players who played an Uncharted game before won't be lost, since the game system is the same as on the PS3. However, since Uncharted is a "1st party" game released with the Vita, it had to make use of all the special features of the Vita : the Touch Screens (front and rear), the gyroscope, etc. Some of the ideas they found were interesting, others were pretty lame. Some features can be disabled (for example, aiming with the gyroscope), but some of them are mandatory, and they quickly get old and annoying. The Charcoal Rubbings and the action of cleaning objects for example (both are done by rubbing the Touch screen) are nice ideas, but you do it so many times during the game that it seriously gets on your nerves. Same thing with the Touch Screen Quick Time Events (QTE), I found them more annoying than fun, especially during the boss fights on Crushing difficulty, they're really frustrating.

    As for the story, it's a typical Uncharted story, with the usual twists. Nothing really surprising there, but it's still pretty good and interesting. The background is developed further through the millions of collectible things scattered throughout the levels, each of them giving you some information.

    I'll conclude saying that this Uncharted is a very solid game. Not the best of the series, but I definitely don't regret buying it and playing it, in spite of a few bad design choices.
  71. Mar 19, 2012
    uncharted golden abyss is a good game but it falls short of its "big-brother" the uncharted series on consoles. the lack of set piece moments along with other things make it obvious that this uncharted game was not made by naughty dog. uncharted golden abyss was made by bend studios and suffers from trying to use all over the PS vita's features. every time drake has to walk over a beam he will automatically stumble and the game will make you use the PS vita motion control to retain drakes balance so he can carry on walking. things like these features are great the first time but not the tenth time round as they become really boring. one of the cool things that uncharted golden abyss does with the vita's touch screen is the puzzles. some of the puzzles are pieces of a broken up picture and you have to use the touch screen to rotate them and put them back in there place. overall uncharted golden abyss is an enjoyable experience with a few minor flaws so i give it an 8/10 Expand
  72. Sep 13, 2012
    This is the first Uncharted game that I have played. Its one of the only games i have for my vita. When I first started playing it i was unsure,i didnt know what the series is about. Luckily if your new to the series like me dont worry because this game does a good job of giving you insite on what the series is about. This is a good game,a really good game. But its just shy of being a "great" game. One of the things that hooked me is the platforming,it feels just like assasins creed,another thing is the combat which isnt bad at all. The story is also very good and will probably keep you hooked until the end and this game is a lot longer than i expected it to be,as soon as i thought i was about to beat the game a new plot twist had playing for a few more hours. A few things arent perfect like the touch screen combat,which is just frustrating. Over all this is a good game,and one of the only vita games at the moment that takes it self seriously as an action adventure game Expand
  73. Jul 26, 2012
    Well.. its a portable Uncharted, what can be more awesome than that?. It plays exactly like its console counterparts & the set pieces while not as grandeur are certainly spectacular especially for a handheld. The game has around 200 treasures split into sets including Bounties which are based on luck & are a pain in the arse to obtain! ^^. Nevertheless they certainly add replay value & u get to learn about the history behind the Spanish Crusade, tribes & various artifacts. Its the most complete Uncharted as an adventurer & as an explorer. The reason why it doesn't get a 9 is simply because the boss challenges are extremely gay & will leave u very frustrated, particularly because they're touch based & unresponsive. Oh & it lacks that vintage Naughty dog asthetic just about). I'd give it a 10 but I don't bs. However if u own a Vita u really shouldn't miss out on this game. Expand
  74. Sep 2, 2013
    Uncharted Golden Abyss is actually a miracle, I dont know how it did it, I dont care how it did it but it is the reason to buy a PS Vita.
    Golden Abyss sets itself before Drakes Fortune, but not a prequel to it, and tells the story of Nathan drake searching for one of 7 fabled cities of gold. Expect double crosses, romance, explosions...a lot of explosions come to think of it and
    everything that makes Uncharted awesome, but in a way that you can carry it round in your pocket.
    Pretty much everything from Uncharted 3 is in here in terms of gameplay and it uses some of the Vita's exclusive features such as touch controls to its advantage (even if they do seem a little cheesy at times). The game looks fantastic too, at least on par with Drakes Fortune if not slightly better.
    Golden Abyss is an essential part of the Uncharted series, something every platforming fan, every action game fan and every Vita owner should own. Shame there is no multiplayer though
  75. Apr 2, 2012
    Really enjoyed this game. It was fun and the storyline was good. Parts of it could be cheesy at times, but overall, it was a good game. The graphics on this game alone is worth playing as it displays what the vita is capable of.
  76. Apr 26, 2012
    This game is fantastic. I've played the other 3 on PS3. I like this story, theres no monsters, like in 1 and 2, which makes this story far more believable. I love the way they incorporated the touch features, and being able to turn off. I played it on Hard level, as it felt too easy on Normal. I actually have finished the game 7 times, once normal, six on Hard, Crushing level seems just that. Great story of course. Great controls, its THE game to have for Vita. Should be rated 92+. Expand
  77. Sep 1, 2013
    Any time you can get more Uncharted you can't go wrong. More good story more tight gun play,more Nathan Drake humor.Vita with ps+ and golden abyss is just good times in a box.
  78. May 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The portable tale of Nathan Drake was better than I had expected. The game design is solid and fully realized. The story was good but not great. Playability was rarely an issue, but at some points ridiculously frustrating ie playing the game on crushing and using the touch screen inputs for the scripted fights with Dante and Guero. The other feature missing was multiplayer. If that could have been implemented it would have given this release so much more longevity. One last thing is the Bounties. I have personally unlock all trophies except for the 5 bounty related. I've tried to use Near to no avail to trade and I've played through the game 5 times now and I still don't have all of them! Please Bend studios, don't make impossible trophies next time! In conclusion, I really enjoyed this game despite its flaws. Highly recommended. Expand
  79. May 11, 2012
    This is a gorgeous example of what the PS Vita can do. That being said, it is pretty repetitive. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it enough to get my platinum trophy, but there was a lot of frustration and farming that took place. The gameplay is solid, third person, over the shoulder action. I would call the mini games cute. The bounty system in this game is ridiculous. If anyone was on NEAR, it would have worked better, instead I had to farm for bounties as mentioned earlier. I considered dropping this to a 6 or 7 score but overall it is a positive, good game, and I scored it 8/10. Expand
  80. Mar 16, 2014
    Don't really play handheld games, so I'm happy to say I'm pleasantly suprised by this game. A solid game, that duplicates the gameplay of uncharted very nicely on the vita. Gamplay was fun, the story was alright and anyone who played uncharted before will find the story similar to other uncharted games. The touchscreen brang a whole new dimension of gameplay to uncharted which I enjoyed also. The only downside was that being a fan of uncharted series, this game has nothing you haven't seen before in a uncharted game, it's seems like it's more of vita sending a message saying it can deliver quality games rather than innovating the uncharted series. I will be honest, if this game wasn't on a handheld, and was a console game it would've recieved lower scores (ok story, lack of new gameplay); but basically a very good game for any handheld system. Expand
  81. May 14, 2012
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss truly shows what the Vita offers. And it will only get better from here. The graphics in this game look stunning for a portable gaming device, though not on par with Uncharted 3 for the Playstation 3. But the graphics are as good and maybe even better sometimes than Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the first game in the franchise. The story in this game is the most realistic in the series which was really good. The core gameplay is the same in this game, L to aim, R to shoot, arrow keys to select weapons, etc. Except now there are touch features which I was afraid of in the beginning when the game was announced but I have grown really fond of them now. The voice acting was superb like usual, and overall, this is a definite must-buy for Vita owners. Though this game isn't as great as Uncharted 2 & 3, it is definitely on par with the original game, and that just means there is a lot of room for improvement and hopefully Bend Studio will deliver even better next time. Expand
  82. May 25, 2012
    Uncharted Golden Abyss is one of the best looking handheld games I have ever played and should be part of any Vita owners collection. The story isn't going to win any awards but the characters, script and voice acting are all brilliant. the graphics are unbelievable for a handheld and any videos you see of this game do not do it justice. The touch screens features are all implemented fairly well and moving the VIta to aim the sniper rifle works perfectly. All in all this is a must buy for any Vita owner Expand
  83. May 30, 2012
    I didn't really know what to expect coming into this game because I'd never played anything in the series before (no ps3) and found myself enjoying it and comprehending the story for the most part. The graphics, while good, do make me question how powerful the vita really is because there is no antialiasing. The game is basically what it would look like if you played a high end PC game on low graphical settings. But that aside, it's still one of the better looking titles for the vita, uses the motion sensors to great advantage, and the characters are well fleshed out and likable. Expand
  84. Jun 13, 2012
    Phenomenal game to play from the very start of the Vita era. Story is very well made and the cutscenes are punching you forward in the game like no-other uncharted did. great great game
  85. Jun 16, 2012
    great as a standalone title, but isnt anywhere as good as the PS3 trilogy. picks up more towards the end.

    i do not like the forced touch controls. and i hate.. hate.. HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE the melee. i love the fighting in uncharted 2/3 and is just perfect. i hate the horrid quicktime events. my play style on PS3 (no particular reason why) I will always go for the stealthy route if
    possible, then melee and when i have too shoot i always go for the headshots. 3/4 of the way through the game i once again mastered the head shots technique. which is great.

    i also dislike the way the whole trophy system relates around stupid puzzles and things. also the whole touch scheme SHOULD optional. and as i made apparent earlier, i seriously dislike the fighting and how slow it is. when stealth was included, it worked the same as it did on console, which was a great addition.

    the story was fantastic, on par with the trilogy. however dante was horribly confusing throughout.. that may have been on purpose though.

    the graphics are beautiful. truly stunning. no, they are not on par with the console version. (which shouldn't be shunned) but for a handheld can only be rivalled by gravity rush. i know its an entirely different art scheme, but you know where i am coming for. People do not seem too understand why its not the same graphics as the console version...

    Take a second next time you pick up your vita, too look at the size of the machine, and analyse it. If you own a PS3 (or next time you go too your local video game shop/store) look at the size of the PS3, and then there is your explanation. What Sony have accomplished graphically with the vita truly is something amazing.
  86. Jul 4, 2012
    Bend studios did a fantastic job making a game which clearly has the "uncharted" charm but has some room to be able to also show of the amazing features which are now available thanks to the PSVITA. Its graphics aren't the best on the console by quite abit off and the shooting is abit fiddly, but as a package you'd be daft to doubt this being anything less than a good game.
  87. Jul 21, 2012
    I have played and beaten all three previous Uncharted titles on the PS3. I was hoping this new outing would live up to the reputation of the previous titles in the series, and I was not disappointed. The gameplay is stellar and should be familiar to fans of the original games. The story is phenomenal and is extremely immersive. There are also different items to collect and find besides the normal treasures. The touch controls on the Vita do work well, but if you do not want to use them, you don't have to. I actually find myself using some and not using others. I cannot recommend this game enough. If you own a PS Vita you must own this game. If you do not own a PS Vita, grab one and grab this game as well. You will not be disappointed. Expand
  88. Aug 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. My initial reaction to this game was disappointment. Uncharted 2 and 3 are honestly two of my favorite games of all time with both being in my top 5, so you can say i went into this game with pretty high hopes, and unfortunately they were never met. But this does not mean that Uncharted Golden Abyss is a bad game, heck no, it is good, but it just had the potential to be so much more. Its definitely the worst uncharted game out of the four, but considering that this is the series first portable outing, and it plays almost as good and looks almost as good the original Drake's Fortune, I can tell you that I still came away a tad impressed. The story though was my absolute least favorite of the series and i would almost go as far as to say it sucked but then sully came in about two thirds of the way through and saved the games story from being a complete bore to being ok, not to mention the games final third is the most intersesting and best part of the game. ANd while I'm **** i'd like to say that 95 percent of all the vitas touch and gyroscope controls sucked and made the gameplay and what could have been pretty awesome set pieces suck. The only good things i can say about those controls are that the charcoal rubbings and the puzzles where you fit pieces together are actually fun to play with the touch screen and make it much easier. Ok, I feel like i have said enough negatives about this game, now let me fill you in on why I'm going to give it an 8 instead of say a 7, which at points i was seriously considering giving it. Even though this game starts out slow, after the first 3 or 4 chapters, the game starts to pick up speed and much of the reason for that is, is that you by now have gotten used to the controls and everything starts to work well together. The gunplay, once you turn off that gyro crap which really was screwing up my aiming for the first few chapters because i didn't know it was even on, is freaking awesome. Its the best shooting mechanics I've ever played on a hand held and it mad me really look forward to each shootout. There are a lot of shootouts too, probably id say the most out of all the 3 games prior. It really does feel really good and makes me wish that the developers had added multiplayer so i could do more of it. My fingers are crossed for next time! The platforming, which is what you do almost as much as shooting is almost as good as it is on the consoles minus a few buggy parts here and there, but was otherwise just as much fun on the vita as it was in among thieves and drakes deception which is pretty awesome. There are also a ton more puzzles in Golden abyss than any of the other ones which i found myself to really enjoy since i found them all very entertaining. I would also go as far as to say that this may be the longest of the series of just as long as among thieves with the game having 34 chapters. And god i cannot forget the graphics which to say are just good is an understatement, i seriously never thought id see a portable game look this good. Not to say there are not a few ruff spots because there are, but they are easily forgiven for the sole fact that this is a handheld game and it seriously looks a tad better than most ps3 and 360 launch titles did. To say my excitement was through the roof to play an uncharted that looked almost as good as its console brethren is an understatement, and to say i was just a little disappointed is one to, but i can honestly say i don't regret buying this since i still had a pretty fun time playing it. I def recommend people to buy this for there vitas because it is a good game and one of the few out there right now for the platform. Also if they can find the game for 40 bucks or less i would recommend only getting the game then because i feel 50 dollars is a little too steep and even though there are a butt ton of collectibles to get on replays, i don't find this game very replay-able which is weird to me bc I've replayed each uncharted game previously to this well over 10 times.... ya i know I'm a bit sad but those 3 are just so good . But all in all Uncharted Golden Abyss was a decently good game just shy of greatness which is not much unlike Uncharted Drakes Fortune and we all know how the sequel to that turned out! So i have very high hopes for SCE Bend Studio to dish out an awesome sequel. So you could say that I'm ready as hell to see if they can pull off the same kind of improvements in the sequel that naughty dog did, i definitely have faith and i can't wait! (BUY) Expand
  89. Aug 22, 2012
    Really disappointed with this game. The only plus side to this game is the graphics (Which are really good) and the story. But the gameplay is boring and repetitive, the boss fights are QUICK TIME EVENTS ARGHGH!! What is this!?!? Heavy Rain!?!?!??!?!?????? And the puzzles are super easy!!! I honestly think the game should've been a movie. I don't think it's worth your money.

    Go buy Gravity Rush. (I wish I had)
  90. Mar 8, 2013
    BOOOOOOOORIIING.... ok it has nice actions, controls etc but still boooooriiiing... also Chase is annoying. oh, the graphics and music are awesome. I have nothing to rant about them. That's why it gets a 5. It's just a over rated game
  91. Aug 25, 2013
    This game sucked. I THINK I liked it after I finished it the first time, but the more I played it to get platinum, the more I hated it.

    The Vita controls are overused, not used well, and are annoying and irritating, and detract from the gameplay instead of adding to it. Every log or plank you cross brings up the balance feature, and every leap needs a reaction event to make sure you
    don't die. Every door or gate you open, and every time you boost a friend you need to swipe to do it. You can't melee enemies (unless it's for stealth or steel fist) without getting a reaction sequence, and the two reaction command battles are infuriating. This wouldn't be so bad, but the game doesn't even register your fingers swipes properly.

    The controls themselves are either clunky, overly sensitive or completely unresponsive. The cover system is completely broken; it's so difficult to get in and out of cover, and you have to hit the jump button every time when hanging, instead of being able to push up on the joystick and have Nate pull himself up. I also found the grenade throwing to be tedious, time consuming, and completely inaccurate anyway.

    Friendly AI is a pain in the @ss. When they're not dying (yes, they can actually die, causing you to restart the checkpoint), they are blocking you from climbing, blocking your shots, stopping you from getting into cover and just being all around useless. The enemy AI isn't bad, except that if you don't know how to manually reload (I don't know if the game ever tells you) the automatic reload is so damn slow that you'll die before you can start shooting again.
    It's a small thing, but I also found it ridiculous infuriating, that I couldn't just jump or drop down a small distance. You HAVE to climb down using the hand and foot holds.

    There is WAY too many 'your buddy is in trouble defend them' segments (particularly with Chase) and WAY to many 'kill all these people while hanging/climbing while your buddy stops you from moving away' segments. There is WAY to few checkpoints, and even when there is a checkpoint, the game puts you in the worst place and forces you to stay there.

    The story itself was weak, and the characters, especially the villians, were cliche and irritating. They were your standard "let's do this simply because we can' types. I found Chase to be one of the most irritating, annoying and inane video game characters I've ever come across. I hated her so much that my favourite thing about this game was the fact that just about every cutscene could be skipped so I didn't have to put up with her. For most of the game she was completely useless, and was always getting into trouble. I also wondered why they bothered adding the romance element towards the ends because we all know it goes nowhere anyway. I would have been much happier with the character of Chase if she'd ended up being a villain all along.

    While Nate and Sully were great, they were just missing that extra something, which makes their characters so likeable. I guess that's what happens when it wasn't written by the same people as the console games.

    The graphics were pretty bad. While the environments were good, the detail on the people was shocking. They all had a pixelly white outline, faces were smooshed in parts, and don't even get me started on what the hell happened to Nate's nose. I found that Chase had these claw hands that kinda just sat there, and when Nate ran with a long-gun, it looked like he was suffering from the broken neck glitch from Uncharted 3 multiplayer.

    This game could have been awesome, and showcased the talents of the developers. Instead, it failed on every level and ended up being one of the worst games I've played.
  92. Oct 11, 2012
    I will start by saying that the ps vita is an awesome gaming system and Uncharted: Golden Abyss in an excellent game. It has great graphics, the shooting feels right, I really enjoyed the story and if you like the Uncharted games on the ps3, then you defiantly will enjoy it.
  93. Oct 11, 2012
    Alright well this is the first Vita game I have finished and I can't help but feel that I have been absolutely spoiled! Visually it was on par with all the other uncharted games I have played to date. It felt like drake wasn't quite the same character as in the console games but everything else was just as good. The exploration was awesome and just when you thought you hit a boring level you are slapped in the face with some amazing visuals. It was difficult getting used to the controls but once I figured out the gyroscope for shooting mechanism I was all set. The touch screen was really nice when it came to climbing; however, I was extremely annoyed by the whole "swipe in the direction of this orange arrow to lift someone/cut this/grab on". I understand that this was the flagship example of how this hardware can be included in the game but I felt like it diluted Uncharted. Beyond that I really liked the plot and the dynamics between characters. It felt a lot like an uncharted game in that sense, especially after having played the second one. I could definitely see myself revisiting this one as I broke it up into 30 minutes trips on a subway which was limiting in immersing myself. Bottom line, it was another Uncharted game, it was just as awesome and its siblings, and I sincerely hope another one comes out for the Vita. Expand
  94. Nov 15, 2012
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the first game i played on my PS Vita, and also a first Uncharted game i
  95. Aug 2, 2014
    So bad that it doesn't deserve to be called uncharted. Too much cutscenes and stupid enemies. I dont like those touchscreen controls where is arrow in the middle of the screen. Boring.
  96. Dec 4, 2012
    I absolutely love this game. The visuals have really set the standard for what handhelds should be producing. This is the first uncharted game I have played. I have always been an xbox user but after playing this I am seriously considering purchasing a ps3 to play the other uncharted titles. Well done Bend Studios and hopefully there will be a sequel in the near future. 10/10
  97. Jul 13, 2013
    Great game, from finding hidden treasure to finding yourself hanging on a rope shooting down enemy forces. Golden Abyss brings the Vita's front and rear touch to its a high standard. The story line was great and at many times you felt yourself racing your heart to not get shot while climbing a slippery building.
  98. Nov 21, 2012
    If you are an Uncharted fan, there is no way you can give this game a bad review. It sets the standard for what all Vita games could and should be. It amazes me how well the game play held up, definitely Drake through and through.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 80 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 64 out of 80
  2. Negative: 0 out of 80
  1. Aug 7, 2012
    So overall Uncharted: Golden Abyss is not without faults, but nothing glaring enough to prevent recommending it, firstly as a very enjoyable game and secondly as an example of what the Vita can do.
  2. Apr 17, 2012
    A very pretty action-adventure, which shows nicely, what Vita can do. There's too much generic shooting at the end, though. [Apr 2012]
  3. Apr 8, 2012
    At its core, it's the same Uncharted game we've all played before, but it's bolstered by sterling presentation, a bevy of secrets, and straightforward tomb-raiding gameplay that feels like a love ode to the series' adventure forebears.