Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. If you aren't shaken, but stirred by competitive role-playing action in a console game, The World Is Not Enough may be right up your mission alley.
  2. A worthy game for first person shooter fans and joins Alien Resurrection in that second tier of FPS's worth considering.
  3. Even though TWINE is no "GoldenEye," it's still a fun and well-made game in its own right. It's sort of the way I feel about Pierce Brosnan...he'll never replace Sean Connery in my heart, but he still plays a pretty good Bond.
  4. It's got action, adventure and excitement, though the lack of AI is a letdown.
  5. 69
    It's not remotely as good as the Nintendo 64 version, but it's certainly a major improvement over last year's shank-fest. (And it's not even remotely close to "Goldeneye.")
  6. The artificial intelligence of TWINE's enemies is both shaken and stirred.
  7. It's fun for a while, but the problems with the game become a hassle and the game's lack of length and diversity cause it to lose a lot of the entertainment value it should have.
  8. Crippled by graphical glitches, poor control, and incompetent AI, TWINE feels more like a wannabe "GoldenEye" than something that can stand on its own merits. It's not that it's a horribly bad game; it's just not a very good game.
  9. Prolonged exposure to this latest Bond adventure reveals that TWINE is, despite the gorgeous visuals and top-notch presentation, at heart a relatively shallow experience -- decent, but not quite good enough.
  10. If the game was a bit longer, or if even each mission took longer to complete than the 5-10 minutes generally required, maybe we could give the game a higher score - shoddy visuals and all.
  11. The technology is behind the curve, the control is too sensitive and cumbersome, but the variation in gameplay saves the title from the ever-increasing abyss of forgetful games based on movies.

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