Colony Wars PlayStation


Universal acclaim - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
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  1. 100
    The kind of high-quality game that's worth buying the day it's released.
  2. You simply won't find a better space-shooter/sim on the market. This game's got it all: great plot, great missions, great sound and great fun! Psygnosis has got my vote for best PSX developer for 1997!
  3. Using graphics that are (pardon the pun) light years ahead of the competition, Colony Wars has the best graphics ever seen on the Playstation to date. Graphics aren't all, however, and Colony Wars is not just another pretty boy. With gameplay as fun and addictive as any other good game, Colony Wars is the brightest star in the galaxy.
  4. The sense of actually taking part in the various missions is second to none and is what truly separates Colony Wars from the rest of the so-called competition... It's easily the best shooting game available on the PlayStation so far.
  5. Clearly the best space shooter ever.
  6. Despite a few imperfections, a work of art. And like the best that Psygnosis has brought us, it is a title that every PlayStation owner should acquire and cherish.
  7. 93
    The game has an incredible sense of scale and space, so that you really feel like you're out there, right in the middle of a series of incredible battles... Brilliant. Awesome. Spectacular. Trouser-creamingly good... Best PlayStation action game yet.
  8. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Only Psygnosis could bring a sci-fi flight sim to the consoles and make it fun. [Jan 2004, p.188]
  9. These breakthrough graphics also add to the enjoyment of the Colony Wars experience in terms of gameplay, because the stunning attention to detail throws you into the battle like you wouldn't believe.
  10. The sound on this game is rad, it has that THX thing going on, too bad the music itself is cheesy (there is just something about symphony music that makes me itch).
  11. Graphically speaking, this game is an excellent bit of "eye-candy"... The only real problem with the game is that it is occasionally hard to understand what is required to complete some missions.
  12. Plotline aside, Colony Wars delivers the real experience with its spectacular cinematic graphics.

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#10 Most Discussed PS1 Game of 1997
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  1. LarrymoeC.
    Jun 20, 2007
    This game was really really really good. That's all I have to say. From the story branches, the graphics, the controls, there is next to This game was really really really good. That's all I have to say. From the story branches, the graphics, the controls, there is next to nothing wrong with this game. Full Review »